K-Drama Musings… – Pinocchio! The Drama, Not the Cartoon

Wow where do I even start with this drama!

So… for a drama I wasn’t too inclined to watch, for my own denial reasons I think, I fell so hard for this in episode 1 and now at episode 10 I’m still loving every minute of it.

Thus I’m penning my thoughts down at the height of this drama (or so I feel) because I always feel that dramas are the best at the start and mid-point. Usually towards the end a lot of unnecessary and frustrating drama idiocy and conflict happens. Also, once the over-arching plot wraps up, the show usually moves at a slower and less-than-exciting pace so… while it’s still all oohs and aahs, I thought I would quickly share my love for this.

I mean, it’s not to say that this drama will face that usual drama arch decline because so far I’m really liking the pace of the story and apart from the obvious eventual OTP (lead couple pairing), I actually have no idea what’s going to happen next.

That’s a big deal considering drama plots are often so predictable.


So, the reason for the name Pinocchio is because the show is centered around a fictional medical(?) condition where a group of people termed Pinocchios cannot lie else they break into uncontrollable hiccups. How annoying would that be in real life?

Sometimes we have to lie, even a harmless white one, just to get through life, no?

While the concept sounds peculiar and easy for you to frown upon, as I did heh, I think ultimately it reaches deeper roots of self-righteousness (for the lead Pinocchio, mainly) and working through webs of lies with true honesty be it found within yourself or via the inconvenient medical condition.

I’m trying to explain as much as I can of how I like the concept of the show without giving too much away but I think, thus far at least, the continual theme of deceit, lies, unraveling truths and staying true to oneself has been quite carried through across all scenarios and plots within the drama.

It’s not a show where the characters are perfect, they’re largely imperfect actually, but the journey of them learning more about themselves and realizing that sometimes they’re not that far off from becoming the person they hate is quite enjoyable to watch.


Moving on from the plot to the swoon-worthy aspect of the drama.

As many have said Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk have this undeniable amount of chemistry and I think that shows well on screen (and off too actually).

BUT… there’s always a but, I feel that there were some scenes where Park Shin Hye could have emoted better so the scene was more moving but yet it isn’t that she’s bad at acting, she’s generally quite okay but perhaps when it comes to moving scenes, this is simply her style of acting it out.

She can do cute, whacky, funny and all but its only the touching, heart-wrenching bits that felt mildly disconnected sometimes during the emotional or ‘romantic’ scenes, if I were being nitpicky. Or it could be playing alongside Jong Suk and how he’s just more obvious (and hmm, better?) with emoting.

Speaking of Jong Suk, I’ll say I’ve noticed him around many shows (running man even) but never took any interest in him until this show. He really shines through it and did an incredible job at his role, all aspects of it.

From super tacky country bumpkin…

To heart-wrenching sobs…

So yes, anyway I’m rambling too much but yet talking about absolutely nothing at all because while finding a way to describe this show or even finding pictures to plop on here was tough without giving the story away because there was always something going on at every aspect of it.

Really, I love the pace of this drama. More dramas should be like this!

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So yes this sums up my ramble and also part fan-girling. I’m so obsessed with this, I swear not Lee Jong Suk… but okay, maybe a little bit of him, that I really recommend everyone to go see this.

There’s enough story. enough romance, enough heart-strings tugging without the obvious idiocy (okay a bit of idiocy but done quite cool-y), and enough pretty because most scenes are really well-shot. Overall a highly recommended drama in a really long time!

Have you seen Pinocchio yet?

What other dramas are you obsessed about right now?

Thanks for reading!