Nourish Your Hair & Scalp at Immortelle Atelier – Moroccan Oil Scalp & Hair Mask Treatment

Oops, this post has been a little long overdue and pushed back due to newer mentions but here I am finally getting it up!

Also, this was from January before all the recent face contour refining, lifting and slight cheek chubs zapping procedures (which I need to talk about soon too) and while editing these pictures I did notice that my face is noticeably fleshier (especially around the jaw) compared to the more recent shots of myself – instagram is a good recent reference.

I knew the recent treatments were doing good to define my jaw for a sharper contour but I never really noticed how much fleshier they used to be when I’m not angling proper for a selfie.

So anyway, back to this!


This trip to Immortelle isn’t the usual facial stuff that I do but rather shifting the focus to my hair and trying out their new Moroccan Oil hair pampering treatment!

As with my first entry about Immortelle Atelier, I have shared that apart from facial treatments, they provide hair treatments, services, and even make overs as well!

It’s a pretty well-rounded boutique where you can come by to get some pampering done and if you happen to have a big event to go to after, why not engage their make over services to show up with immaculately styled hair and an all done up face!


So anyway, about this trip, the hair treatment I was scheduled for – the Moroccan Oil Scalp and Hair Mask Treatment – is a really simple one.

The therapist explained that for the most part this is something you can do in the comfort of your own home though a good reason why you should still come down to Immortelle Atelier to have it done is because it’s definitely more pampering since it includes massages, hair washes and even hair styling after.

He mentioned that doing it at home is an important maintenance since no one is going to visit the salon every other day or every single week (unless you’re got time on your hands then, I envy you!). So while an indulgent (and more thorough) pamper is good, don’t forget that it shouldn’t be the only thing you rely on!

Though I’ll admit that I can hardly find the time to do such upkeep myself at home, heh!

That said, let’s have a look at the quick hair pampering treatment!


The Hair Check –

The first thing the therapist did was to access my hair and scalp conditions to see what needs to be tweaked or done for my hair.


He noted that my scalp was actually pretty average and healthy, no real concerns to it (despite all those bleaching sessions, heh) but he was a little horrified at how bad my hair ends were.


Considering the new growth seemed decent and all was well he was a little taken aback by the split ends and knots there but I did inform him that I had a little stint with bleaching about a year ago so… that’s probably it.


Nourishing the Scalp –

After the assessment we began the session with some scalp nourishing.


To aid this, they used Moroccan Oil and the particular one used was infused with lavender so it lends a soothing waft that thankfully isn’t choking. I’m quite fussy where lavender scents are concerned and I will say this one isn’t too cloying and is relaxing enough.


The oil was carefully dropper-ed to sections of the scalp and gently massaged in first.



After the therapist was done covering all sections and areas, he proceeded to do an incredibly relaxing head / scalp and neck / shoulder massage.


As I had mentioned to him, if the chair were a little more reclined a la a massage chair I would have totally fallen asleep. Nevertheless, it was a very thorough and relaxing massage especially when it comes to scalp massages it’s so hard to find a good and thorough one out there.


After the massage, where the Moroccan Oil would have been properly distributed and massaged in by now, my hair was left to sit for about 10 minutes or so to let it condition my scalp and roots before I was asked to rinse it off.



Hair Masking & More Moroccan Oil! –

After rinsing the oil off, the next step is a hair mask meant to coat and condition your hair so that it repairs itself and feels ultra soft and smooth after.


A little dose of Moroccan Oil is also thrown in there to help give hair that silky finish and brilliant shine. Now I didn’t explain much of Moroccan Oil earlier because its quite a household name where beauty terms are concerned but for those who aren’t that in the loop of it, Moroccan Oil made a buzz in the beauty realm thanks to its light yet very nourishing texture.

It is well loved by stylists and beauticians for the fact that it is versatile and also effective in giving your hair a softer texture, a shinier finish.

The mask that was being used on me is by a brand called Caviar and this specific mask is high in protein (if I remember right) and it helps to repair damaged hair and also replenish the moisture and softness that is lost.

In all, everything is bringing me that one big step closer to having healthy bouncy hair once more! Something I never knew that I missed until I was presented with it once more.


After seeing the dire state of my hair ends, the therapist very generously spammed the Moroccan Oil dosage within the hair treatment and given how lightweight and easily absorbed Moroccan Oil is, I wasn’t worried about my hair feeling too heavy or oily after.


Once the mask was applied, it was left to sit for another 10 minutes before I had to rinse it off.


This time I don’t believe there was any shampoo-ing involved, just a thorough rinse off of the hair mask and I was sent back to the chair.


Finishing Touches & Styling! –

Now for some finishing touches, while my hair was still damp, the therapist attentively dropper-ed on some treatment for my scalp.


The treatment he had used is also by the brand Caviar and this particular treatment is great for fragile hair, in my case, and also for thinning hair since the Red Clover ingredient within boosts hair growth.

I searched up on it while doing this post and apparently it’s quite an intensive hair serum/oil of sorts that feels incredibly lightweight at the same time.


After the finishing touches were added, the therapist proceeded on with styling and asked if I had a recommend style or preferred look in mind.


I mentioned I liked some volume in my hair but otherwise, I want my hair to look effortless and natural – you know curving in all the right places, flowy but yet still bouncy?



The sort of natural that eludes people to thinking you woke up with perfect hair when in truth, a 30 minute blow dry styling session (because my hair is a tough one to blow-dry) was the cause of it.



Styled & Pampered, Rounding It Up –

While I didn’t request for any particular extravagant hairstyle to test his styling ability, I think capturing the right amount of natural and styled especially for hair my length can be a bit tricky – you want it to curl in like a natural wave (which frankly isn’t something that occurs naturally) yet prevent it from looking retro as well.

The therapist managed to nail that natural wavey look for hair my length, and I repeat this because this in-between length isn’t something you can just take a hair curler to else it’ll end up looking dated, and managed to give me that soft fluffy hair look with an effortless bounce.



I loved it and felt a bit of a pity that I’m only grabbing dinner after this session but I made sure to do a hair flip and toss whenever possible because my hair looked, felt and smelt so incredible.


I definitely walked out feeling like a million bucks after and the noticeable improve of texture in my hair was nice as well. Granted everything feels softer and better after a pamper, it’s nice to run my hands through my hair and feel it being silky smooth instead of straw-like and tangled.

Primarily at the ends which always tangles because they were so intensely bleached from before.


So rounding it up, it’s an indulgent treatment and not everyone has the time and thought to indulge yourself in a hair treatment all the time but if you’re looking for that extra pamper be it for a special occasion (like date night, Valentines day or just a fun girls night out) or perhaps doing some last minute prep for Chinese New Year then I think splurging time and moolah on some hair treatments sounds like a pretty valid thing to do!

I think that often times we put a lot of emphasis on our skin (and I’ll admit I’m guilty of it too) with treatments that sometimes we forget that refreshing and pampering your hair can do a lot for your look too!

The Moroccan Oil Scalp & Hair Treatment has a promo now – 3 sessions for S$220 (UP S$360)

If you want to do a scalp treatment ONLY, it is – 3 sessions for S$165 (UP S$225)

Please book an appointment at Immortelle Atelier via their webform.

Immortelle Atelier is located at 101 Thomson Rd #02-08B, United Square Mall

Thanks for reading!

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