The Touche Eclat Highlighting Pen – YSL’s Icon of Icons

Now, I know a good number of you may be a little baffled about why I’m even doing a post on the Touche Éclat Highlighting Pen given this little number’s iconic status in YSL.

Sure YSL has a whole slew of icons from lip products to scents and more but Touche Éclat is probably what comes to mind for most the minute YSL Beauty is mentioned.


So… that means that a lot of you guys are probably in tuned with or know of this product well enough that this post is somewhat redundant, right?

That’s what I would have thought too but while speaking to YSL’s marketing team, I was surprised to learn that based on a recent brand survey they conducted, a good amount of the participants were actually unaware about Touche Éclat!

It’s not even the kind of, yes I know this product but I had no idea it had this much of a cult following or is this iconic to the brand.

It was a complete – Touche Elcat? Never heard of it, what does it do?


Granted, after learning about this I wouldn’t fault them either be it if they’re new to the YSL brand or new to makeup as a whole since there are so many brands available to us now and they are all launching products / collections so rapidly that it’s almost impossible to keep up!

If it is already so hard to keep up with new stuff, I would believe it is even harder to take time out to understand the old classics that hold some heritage to the brand, right?

Thus, the point of my post is… hello everyone, this is the Touche Eclat!


Be it if you’re new to the brand and may have heard an inkling of it, if you’re completely unfamiliar to this product or if you’re already well versed enough, I hope this entry is an interesting read!

I’m not going to go into nitty gritty details and a whole truckload of info, no, I’m going straight to the point about the product and showcase how you can use it.

Afterall, with makeup the best way to talk about it, is to show it.


So, the Touche Eclat Highlighting Pen, simply said is… a highlighting pen!

It’s most misunderstood as a concealer of sorts and while you could get away with it working as a concealer if you don’t have bad undereye issues. Yes, this product is most recommended for – but not restricted to – undereye highlighting.


For me, I was never quite a fan of Highlighting Pens, Touche Eclat or any other brand that hopped on the undereye highlighting bandwagon along the way, so while these were nice to have in my stash, they weren’t quite of Holy Grail or must-do steps within my routine.

Though that said, I have given the Touche Eclat a fair share of my time and use previously, I owned it in Shade 2 which is a little lighter and more ‘highlighting’ than this 2.5, and did enjoy it for its skin-like brightening and highlighting effect.

The method of operating it is quite straightforward – you click it about a million times if it’s brand new until the product flows to the brush portion then, voila, you’re all set to use it!



It’s got a texture that is lovely, creamy and blendable too without any slip and slide on the skin after setting so that made it enjoyable to use as well.

Some of such highlighting pens that I have used across other brands tend to put a little too much work into the brightening portion that it blends out to leave a white cast or an ashened look on the skin so thankfully, the YSL Touche Eclat doesn’t do that.


Also, I don’t recall the shade range always being this wide (or maybe I just never noticed) but unlike other brand options of varying undertones in the same very fair shade, YSL created Touche Eclat with all skin tones in mind so there’s a good variety of tones available.

Locally, I’m not too sure but I remember seeing quite a number of them from fair to deeper shades. Internationally, it is available in 12 shades.

Again, I’m using and showcasing a 2.5 here which is the most natural and close to my skintone but I would opt for a 2 if I wanted more of a highlighting effect. 1 can be a little bit fair for me but if I wanted that particular look (coupled with some good blending and careful placement), I could probably work that too.

So as you can see, the shades are rather diversed and wearable across most skintones and shades.



Now, with all that product talk of the Highlighting Pen where 1 is sold worldwide every 10 seconds – I kid you not, it’s the product description and I don’t doubt it – here’s a bit of a demo of how it works.

Though I’ll disclaim and say that my usual undereye covering / correcting routine doesn’t consist of a highlighting pen alone.

I usually like to use an undereye concealer first to properly cover up my dark circles followed by Touche Eclat around the premise (blending further out even) to highlight the area but to show you how this illuminates and mildly conceals undereye circles all by itself, here you go:


Touche Eclat On the Undereye –

Based on my own opinion, I think that the more true-to-my-skintone Shade 2.5 does a slightly better job at concealing and covering up my under eye circles (albeit not as good as a concealer of course) though the highlighting effect is a little less prominent than the Shade 2 that I had used prior.




Nonetheless, the obvious difference is a more evened out and freshened under eye look with some slight concealing to the dark circles.


The skin around the area i definitely highlighted and brightened compared to the slight red and dullness in the ‘Before’ picture.


Touche Eclat, All Over! –

This should come as a pretty ‘duh’ thing but did you know that apart from its widely popular use of brightening the undereye region, the Touche Eclat can also be used to brighten all over the face.

Of course not all over but rather the higher points of the face so it gives this ‘reverse contour’ effect.

Sometimes we want that look of dimension to the face but yet we don’t want to go in too much with a darker shade to sculpt because it’s either a little daunting for day to day use or because that tends to darken the complexion a little assuming you want an overall fresh and brightened look and this is where reverse contouring comes in handy!

It’s not as prominent as coupling shading with highlighting but it works well enough and looks fresh enough for a day look!

Here’s a bit of a guide on here I personally like to place a bit of highlight on my face but you can adjust it accordingly to your own features and preferences! These are also the spots that Zona (YSL Makeup Artist) focused on when she did the makeover for me.


P6290001 copy

I will mention that the end result isn’t the most prominent captured on camera because the shade used (Shade 2.5) as I had said is quite close to my skintone, perhaps a tad illuminating, so if you want a stronger or more obvious highlight you can always opt for a lighter Touche Eclat tone!

That’s still suitable for your skintone, of course.



Here’s a half face comparison, which as I said isn’t a world of a difference but you can see the subtly illuminated portions of the face and mildly more sculpted (and naturally so) contour?





And then another with both sides of the face Touche Eclat-ed!


Of course this isn’t a step I care to do every single day because I’m so used to using a deeper contour color to shade the hollows of my cheeks that part comes quite naturally to me.

Though I do fancy using this under my eye, along my nose bridge and also by the sides of my nose just to illuminate the center portion of my face a little more.


Rounding It Up…


So, rounding it up, there isn’t much to review or not review about the Touche Eclat but rather me pointing out its purpose and to what extent it can help you with as well as what are some methods you can use it though whether you feel you need or want it is really up to you.

I feel it’s a nice to have, not a must have but at the same time if you’ve not given this cult beauty product a go then why not, right?

When it comes to nice to have products, I can’t say for sure how much you need it because I could do without but it could be such a perfect additional step in your routine it might just be a Holy Grail so I’ll leave that decision to you!


If you’re not in a huge hurry to get it, it’s always worth waiting for the Collector’s Editions (they usually launch at least one a year) where the Touche Eclat would be dressed up in pretty designs depending on the theme of the collection!

One year they even launched a Rose tinted one (that purple-ish silver tube) due to the huge popularity of Rose Gold at that time.


Thanks for reading!

The Touche Eclat Highlighting Pen is available for S$58 at YSL boutiques as well as TANG’s e-store.

This is permanent and available in 8 shades locally.

Sponsorship disclosure

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