Life Update – Another Baby Break!

Hello again everyone!

It’s been such a long time hasn’t it and in case you were wondering, no I haven’t abandoned this space of mine.

I was suppose to update you all with news of my pregnancy and I already have said entry drafted up sitting in my folders waiting for some pictures to accompany it before I published it but who knew that the little one in me would be so impatient to see the world that he was delivered 10 days before his estimated delivery date!

And yes, it’s a little baby boy this time around!

I’ve always called my first baby girl Baby K because I wasn’t sure about revealing her name online and all, but… since there are 2 Baby Ks now, it’s about time I told you all.

Here’s Baby Keagan!

And another with my baby girl, Khloe (:

Don’t mind Keagan in pink… hand-me-downs from Khloe’s time since he’ll be home for the first month anyway. Heh.

Anyway my point being that I’ve slacked off blogging a bit because a couple of factors picked up in my life towards the end of the pregnancy. I got busy with work, prepping stuff and just meeting a bunch of people before I popped that my blog did go a little (okay fine not a little – very) neglected.

Worst of all it’s going to face a little more neglect as I, once again, adjust towards the needs of a newborn.

Much like with my first kid I am officially going on a little hiatus from this space in the mean time.

I can’t promise how long I will be away, given compared to the first baby break I had I’m handling 2 little kiddos this time around. So when the baby is settled, the toddler would need my attention thus… we’ll see how this goes but I’m hoping to be back on here at least a little next year? If not January then February.

Either ways, so stay tuned for that! This little space isn’t going to get abandoned.

Meanwhile, for quicker updates you can always follow me over at my instagram! It’s a little slower in postings these days but it’s still the fastest way to find me!

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Thank you all so so much for always being around and being supportive, I’ve noticed readers checking back even in the period of my absence and I really appreciate that. It’s so heartening to know.

Thank you for sticking around and for understanding my current priorities. I will see you guys again, maybe sooner than you think! (: