More About Me

Known as Icyabstract but you can just call me Sara :)

Apart from being a Singapore Beauty Blogger, my other passion is Graphic Design and I hold a Bachelors Degree (HONS) in that field. I currently lead a ‘double life’, doing my day job of dabbling in Social Media/Marketing and some designing while immersing in freelance designing and copywriting at night. Of course not forgetting to draw time for makeup blogging, my little bundle of joy, family and a social life!


About ‘Icyabstract
I share content about beauty-related topics and the occasional dash of lifestyle. I started out with making videos on youtube in mid 2008 and took to blogging in November 2008. Initially a support platform for my photos, I ended up loving blogging as much as making videos – if not more, due to the convenience.

To date my youtube has 1.3million total upload views, 300k channel views with over 13,000 subscribers and still counting. As I rarely upload to youtube now, I am ever grateful to those who are still subscribed and check back!

My blog ( is my current ‘default’ platform, receiving a good amount of traffic monthly. Brands interested to engage me can request for a blogger profile for clearer stats and information.

Blog aside, you can also find me on Twitter and Instagram. Though do be warned that I can be very active and very random on there!

p.s. This wordpress place is a fairly new site of mine so it only dates back to entries from 2014. However, if you are curious to read about my older posts, please visit from Old Onsugar website; that goes till 2008 so knock yourself out!


I am not trained in makeup and certainly don’t claim to be a professional in it. I simply love sharing my thoughts and opinions about things, hoping that these bits of information or mindless ramblings can aid someone or be of entertainment value. Blogging is my hobby and I wish to keep it this way. For me, to be able to share this and connect with people of the same interest through this is very satisfying for me.

I appreciate all little things in the world, from a viewcount to comments and emails. I just want to thank everyone who has been supportive of my blog/youtube and hope that we can keep walking down this path together for as long as it will go!

A big thank you to all my readers/subscribers/followers who have taken time to read my ramblings, it sure means a lot to me.

Love, Sara.

[Find out more through this interview about blogging & design with Pepperconn.]

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