Urban Decay’s New NAKED Skin Powder Foundation & Concealer!

I mean, who wasn’t expecting this, right?

Image credit: The Velvet Undeground

Urban Decay has already nurtured a rather comprehensive and established (establishing?) NAKED range so it was a matter of time before they rolled out a powder foundation and a concealer to seal the deal, no?

Just a quick stock-check on the current NAKED offerings, we have:

  • Naked Liquid Foundation
  • Naked Loose Powder (and the pressed setting variant)
  • Naked Eyeshadow Palettes
  • Naked BASIC Eyeshadow Palettes (that double for brows)
  • Naked Glosses
  • Naked Beauty Balms (glowy bronzey primers of sorts)
  • Naked Illuminated Face & Body Highlighter
  • Naked Flushed Cheek / Face Colors
  • Naked Travel Palette
  • Naked Brushes

Are there more?

I spy some Naked themed 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencils but that really just means brown and beige colored liners that are largely wearable and neutral. Though I don’t believe I’ve seen them around our shores?

Or could it be that I’m just not looking hard or well enough…

Either ways, the point of this entry is to say that if we see another reboot of a Naked On the Run palette, this one might just come embedded with a pan of powder foundation and a travel sized tube of concealer! I think that would be quite exciting, no?

Now all we need is a Naked lipstick range (cause I’m more of a lipstick person, than gloss) and a more compact / travel-friendly palette and we’re all good going Naked!

A girl can wish!

Image credit: The Velvet Undeground


Thus far I’ve heard some pretty promising things about both the powder foundation (Naked Skin Ultra Definition Powder Foundation) and the concealer (Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer)! Given my laziness these days, powder foundation is something I am thinking to go back to so, let’s see how that goes once these hit our shores!

I can’t wait!

In the meanwhile, you can pop by Karen’s feature of the powder foundation, or Musings’ mention of the concealer to find out more.


Thank you for reading!

The Icky Skin Moment…

Another post about absolutely nothing. No, really.

I should get into the swing of things now but I hate to say it, I think the laze of the Holiday period hasn’t quite shaken off me, even at work. Even though I’m dishing out emails and setting up files for print and web etc (I design at work), I still feel this lull about me, like I’m dragging my feet about through the day and all – how annoying.

I wish there was a pill to take to shake off the procrastination and sluggishness and to just get the brain into the full swing of things! Yeah, caffeine hasn’t been able to thus far either.

But anyhoo, this post is about my ailing skin condition right now and I have no darned idea why. My skin is failing on me and frankly, it isn’t that bad. It’s just a couple of spots popping up (like freaking all over…) but thankfully they aren’t scabby or have burst into a hot itchy mess on my skin etc.

They’re just bumpy and a little irritated, some itch when I perspire. Ugh, it’s all just so gross and throwing me off putting makeup on. I mean, I don’t know how I used to do it cause I know my skin used to be less than perfect, bumpy and all but I threw on makeup (crazy thick foundation too, eugh) as per normal.

These few days I’ve been going easy with sunblock and tinted moisturizer. I try to dress my lids up and keep the cheeks and lips natural cause I don’t want to draw attention to my skin and all.

Long story short, I want to do looks for you but I’m just feeling too icky about it. I have some that I had snapped before my sudden skin eruption (that happened over this weekend) so I’ll still post those up in the meanwhile and hope my skin gets better by then!

I think this outbreak is likely due to hormones getting out of hand because I’m not using anything new nor have I eaten anything random enough to cause allergies – and yes hormones but no not pregnant, I checked (tmi, but incase anyone asked).

So yes, I hope it’s my skin purging the bad of 2014 and welcoming 2015 with a new skin or something. Super lame, I know but that’s optimism, right? Heh!

Incase you’re wondering, no pictures obviously because zits aren’t pretty things to show but really, it isn’t that bad either.


Tell me, does anyone have tips on soothing irritated and bumpy skin? To rid the itch or to maybe help dry the spots up? I’m using Ettusais’s spot treatment now but these buggers are tenacious! Which means it’s hormones right?

But it doesn’t stop them from being so annoying :(

On a happier note, I solved one problem and that being the red eye syndrome you’ve seen on the blog (in LOTDs especially). I dropped by the clinic and am referred to see a specialist but until then I’ve got these amazing eye drops that get rid of redness in a *snap*.


Random ramble aside, I promise more beauty entries soon, here’s a preview of my first 2015 ‘launch / goodies’ post to come!

Okie dokes, I’m gonna go restart my brain for the umpteenth time and hope it’s on the right track this time!

Thanks for reading!

Top 10 Posts on Icyabstract (WordPress) in 2014!

Well, I wasn’t intending to do another ‘Most Popular on Icyabstract’ mention again, like I did last year with Onsugar, because I wasn’t sure if WordPress allowed for access to such statistics and all (since I’m on the free account) but as it turns out the WordPress team had sent out an incredibly cute WordPress ‘Annual Report’ for blogs.

It’s a lowdown of the happenings on your blog for the year (those with WordPress would know!) such as posting habits, the number of hits you get, demographic etc. Interesting stuff with a really cute design to boost so that sort of spurred me into creating this round up entry once more.

Though within the Annual Report, WordPress had only indicated the Top 5 entries so I went ahead to search through the statistical page and come up with a Top 10 instead! Because, 10 is more holistic, no?


The Top 10!

So anyway, here’s the Top 10 (ignore the home page before obviously that’ll garner most hits).

Now since you can’t click from within and you’re probably too lazy to search up said feature posts should you have missed it, I have them all linked below if you’d like to check them out.

  1.  Sephora’s Color Festival Blockbuster Palette For 2014!
  2. Surratt Beauty At Takashimaya! – Swatches & Pics
  3. New: YSL Baby Doll Kiss & Blush (Info)
  4. First Look: Shupette – Shu Uemura x Karl Lagerfeld (Again!) Holiday Collection 2014
  5. The Lowdown – YSL Baby Doll Kiss and Blush (Cheek & Lip Swatches)
  6. New: Shu Uemura Brave Beauty 2014 (Info & Swatches)
  7. Sephora Hols 2014 – Sephora (The House Brand)!
  8. Sephora Hols 2014 – Tarte Cosmetics!
  9. Sephora’s 2014 Holiday Collections Are Upon Us!
  10. A Throwback LOTD – Lancôme Fraîcheur Rosée Eye Palette

If you ask me, I’m actually a little surprised at the results, especially when a couple of the entries mentioned in the rundown are ‘migrated’ entries.

Which means they were brought over from my Onsugar so I didn’t expect them to have many dedicated views (e.g. the Lancôme LOTD and YSL Baby Doll mentions) but I guess these items are popular enough themselves to garner some searches.

That aside, it’s also quite apparent how hot Sephora mentions are as well. I was a little surprised that a couple of entries aren’t on that list but, given how is calculated, it could be because those posts were rather late in the year.

Ah well, nonetheless, I believe I said it last year as well but it’s so interesting to see statistical things like that and uncover things you least expect.


Top Commenters!

That aside, they had also rounded up the Top 5 commenters to the site and I thought that was a really nice gesture.

Given how these days a large percentage of readers prefer to lurk (nothing wrong with that, I do it too actually, heh), comments are all the more precious and to know that you guys have taken time out to actually drop a note and acknowledge my entries truly mean a whole lot to me.

More than you can imagine really when all it takes is a sentence and then hitting the enter button so thank you Genevieve, Sharmaintang, Arielle Tan, doseofrain and mybeautysanctuary!

Do check out their sites as its all about beauty lovin’ too!


That said, have a great New Year everyone! We’ve put one foot in 2015 and now all we’ve got to do is just keep walking or running through it! Onward everyone!

I’ll be back with a proper 2015 entry because that contains said cryptic life update that I’ve been hinting at. I wanted to wait one more day at least, and not disrupt the whole festive holiday mood, before announcing it proper :)

Till then! Happy New Year and thanks for reading!

All I Want For Christmas Is…

More lippies!

Well not exactly, but where makeup is concerned you really can’t go wrong with more lip products, right?

Unlike foundation or eyeshadow even, you don’t (or at least I don’t) feel this sense of guilt when you acquire another, even before you finish up any from the mountain that you currently have.

With the multitude of lip options available, from shades to finishes and textures, I think lip items are things I don’t mind having more, more and moarrrr of because they’re so easy to use, to change up, and to swap around that even having 100 at a go feels justifiable.

Am I the only one who thinks this way?

What’s more these lippies here are miniatures! All the better to finish up and feel good about it, right? Though truth be told I think they’re too darn cute to use!


Long story short my beauty pals (Beauty Anonymous girls, Sophia & Mabel – Eliza, you’re missed!) and I did a gift exchange and somehow the bulk of the gifts ended up being lip products.

Apparently we’re on the same wavelength where makeup usage is concerned, heh! When in doubt, lips.

So anyway, let me digress to a shot of the night with the girls (and the gifts – pre-opening).

Back to this, this post is just a quick look at some of the items we had gift-swapped.

It’s a pointless entry, really, given I didn’t manage the time to swatch them for this or haven’t used many of them so I don’t have thoughts to share but I was shooting these for the fun of documenting it, while they’re still pristine, and thought why not just do a share-post.

In a way it also serves as a bit of an announcement that you’ll be seeing these lip products mentioned in LOTDs to come! Or if I feel so strongly about any of them I’ll dedicate a whole Look Feature / Review to them.

I am so excites, I can’t wait to slather them on! It helps that I haven’t tried any of these lip products prior – not the Melted Kisses (have been meaning too), not the Fresh balms (have been meaning to too), nor the Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks (have been lusting over them).

Let’s have a look!



This miniature set truly is very miniature but even then, each bullet is beautifully done and doesn’t feel cheapy in any way given the smaller size of them.

It’s one of those things that’ll be really cute to hang on a Christmas tree (hence the ribbon) if I had one!



The shades are simple and iconic ones from their Permanent line.


Left to Right: Penelope Pink, So Marilyn, Bitch Please

Next are Fresh lip balms!


Would you believe that I’ve never tried these given the amount of love this has received online?

I don’t know why but I know I’ve been meaning to, just that I never got around to it and I’m glad I can give these minis a go before deciding if I’m in the rave camp or the meh camp.


SuperDry Lip Crayon! I had no idea this brand did makeup, with such cute sporty chic packaging at that, and I love the shade that was picked out for me!

Despite its scary outlook, the product is actually a balmy sheer wash of color that’s great (and easy) to wear naturally or to layer over lip colors to change their hue.

It feels really moisturizing on as well!


This little Too Faced Melted Kisses set makes me so happy!


Mainly because I’ve been considering these myself and the question is always, which color to get without getting them all? So this set perfect answers that!

You have a nude, a soft pink, a vibrant fuchsia and a much needed red. It’s perfecto!



So that’s all the lip loving going around this Christmas from my end (from the girls) and while I don’t know about myself but I will say, for the girls at least, that I think we know each other and each other’s makeup preferences very, very well!


Do share, what are some of your beauty gifts this year? Or what are some beauty gifts you have given?


Thanks for reading!


My Little Makeup Space (A Camera Test-Shot Series)


When I had first moved over to the hubs place (almost 3 years ago, wow) I promised shots of my new makeup space once I got settled but somehow, that didn’t really happen.

Both the entry and me fully settling down to the point of being contented with how my stash was arranged.


My bad, really.

I did feature bits and pieces of the stash once in awhile but never a formal entry about my stash setup and part of that would be because I felt like I never fully did unpack and set up my space to, what I deem as, perfection.

Even to date, as my stash is getting all messed up once more, I still have areas that are still ‘under construction’, so to speak. So they’re empty and housing a whole bunch of random stuff now because I had no idea what to dedicate that drawer to to begin with.

In short, I guess I never found my storage options to be unique and interesting that it would be something to talk about.

While I still feel the same now, this series of stash shots came about from me fiddling around with a new toy that I got my hands on. One shot led to another and what would you know, I’ve got a quick look at my stash!

It’s really brief and hardly indepth but it shows you how I store what and what goes where, in case anyone is interested to know.


It’s embarrassing to say that this is only a small amount of what I have and I mean that in no braggy sense (of course, you guys know me). It’s really more of a reminder for me to get my act together and start packing / sorting everything out.

Apart from these, the rest of the stuff are housed un-glamourously in A4 paper boxes stashed away in another room – out of sight out of mind, right? Heh…


Makeup brushes – the commonly used ones in front and the rest in another ‘stand’ at the back.


The rest of the stuff in easy access on my vanity – stuff I’m making myself use and more brushes stashed there. I don’t use these RT brushes enough.


Lipglosses and lip crayons at the back.


Lipsticks, arranged from the neutral and natural ones in front and the deeper bolder ones after the divider. But clearly it’s overflowing all over.


Eyeliners infront, mascaras inbetween and eye sharpeners / misc brow stuff right at the back.


Eyeshadow and eye palettes!


Blush drawer – this one I’ve really got to pack


Foundations (mainly liquid) and face powders such as setting powder, all over face illuminators etc.


Bigger palettes go into the second last drawer (nails in the last drawer, not pictured).

And look who waltzed into the room while I was snapping my pictures and decided that she wanted to have a go at ‘taking pictures’ too. Kids learn way too fast these days!


p.s. the phone is Hub’s old note that we don’t use anymore (it’s always off). She picked it up from the shelf while coming in, we don’t usually let her play with it.

I’m not one to make resolutions but it’s about time I do something about these overflowing and messy drawers and pack the place up proper.

So, if I’m going to make any resolutions this year, it’s going to be packing this place up, making sure everything sits nicely instead of being randomly chucked into drawers, etc.

I’ve got a mind on how I want some things done so now it all boils down to actually souring the storage options and see if they come together, shifting stuff around and such. It’s going to be a slow process (because I’m a procrastinator, heh) but I will make it happen in 2015!

If anything these pictures here are a reminder and look back, to me mainly, of the mess that my stash is right now and what needs to be done.


So, some may have questions about this so, I’m going to mention it as well.

The camera in question here is the Sony A7R (I know a new one is coming up) with a F1.8 55mm lens on it, hence the delicious depth of field. It’s definitely not going to replace the Olympus EM10 that I have, for many reasons and one of which being the Sony A7R isn’t mine but that aside I do have more options (lens-wise) with my Olympus and it has my preferred settings for eye / face shots etc so… yes.

The Sony A7R is something that makes a guest appearance every now and then but doesn’t replace the ‘regular cast’

It’s a lovely camera, this one, and truly worth it’s insane price tag. I feel.

Purple Divider

So, yes, new year and hopefully a new space (or rather reorganised old space) soon! I’ll see to it that it gets done amidst everything else that I’ll be busy with in 2015.

I’ll speak more about it in life updates to come. I’m feeling particularly nostalgic, reflective and rambly in this time of the year so I’ve got a lot of words and a lot about life coming up soon if you don’t mind all that.

So, wrapping this up, thank you for reading, love you all my beloved readers and as always, thank you for sticking around! <3

Have a great 2015 ahead and hope you wrapped up 2014 on a good note!

Announcing 2015’s Pantone Color Of the Year!

Okay, I hate to break the continuous thread of Naked On the Run articles but this just came in (to me, at least) and I’m too stoked about it to be chill and post it after I’m done with my Naked runs (geddit, hurhur?) so, here you go folks:

2015’s Pantone Color of the Year!

The official name of it is Marsala and it’s a reddish brown tone that I can imagine would look beautiful translated to all commercial aspects of makeup x pantone collaborations.

Ha, well sorry for that note but truth is as a graphic designer my encounters with the Pantone color system go back way to schooling days and my association with Pantones are really more work based than fun or exciting and new – because sifting out a pantone to properly translate CMYK and RGB to can really be quite a pain…

But modern commercialization has made Pantone quite, well, commercial such that the Color Of the Year gets its fair share of collaborations and spotlights and for that I really don’t mind. It’s like introducing the world to the term and idea of Pantones so at least everyone is one step closer to being on the same page of understanding color!


So anyway, back to Marsala. I’m not sure if Sephora still has that contract with Pantone but if so, I’ll be looking forward to all the great things they would be able to launch with this beautiful red-brown.

Red browns are my absolute favorites be it in an eyeshadow form, a blush, or even a lip color. I can totally see myself decked out from head to toe (okay, actually from eyelids to lips) in red-brown and not look over the top.

I think you can tell by now, I’m pretty excited about this color taking the spotlight, what say you?


Thanks for reading!

Meeting Troy Surratt, Plus Surratt Mentions to Come!

Hello everyone!

Hope the weekend was awesome for all! I spent it running a couple of errands and it doesn’t help that end-of-year is bogged with birthday celebrations on top of the already gifting-filled festivities so yes, loads to sort and loads to do!


But before I went into my fairly beauty-free weekend (just the usual slap-and-go weekend face – might want to do an update on this!) I had the honor and privilege of meeting and speaking to a Makeup Maestro – Troy Surratt of Surratt Beauty!

I appreciate the quiet, casual and intimate meet up where I got to speak with Troy 1 one 1 without having to jostle with a crowd or speak over journalists / editors that may have a job to do as opposed to my own conversations spawned of personal interest, not so much because I have an article to put out.

Given that, of course I had to grab a photo with him too right? Who knows, the next time he’s back it could be a full out proper press event whereby it would be almost impossible to speak to him much less grab a picture then, yes?

So anyway, before I proceed I would like to say that the initial plan was to talk about Shupette today but I’ll have that scheduled for tomorrow instead, alright?

Let me bask in the thought of having met Troy Surratt last Friday a little longer because it’s not everyday you meet the founder of an established makeup brand and get to talk makeup and dig out some exclusive information on where the brand is headed in terms of products and direction!

I don’t believe I’m permitted to reveal it all – he did disclose it out of goodwill seeing my interest and excitement – but I guess all I can say is that the brand is truly starting to shape up and it’s so awesome to be able to witness it grow from a (really gifted) baby to now a blooming personality.

It’s amazing, really, and the fact that Troy (despite his brand’s success and coverage) is all humble about it genuinely pleased and appreciative when his products are being praised is really heartwarming to me.

It’s been about a year since the launch of Surratt and the brand has done pretty well, from what I gather at least, yet that doesn’t stop Troy from being constantly curious on ways he can continue to improve and expand the brand to satisfy his own beauty benchmarks and goals for the brand, which in turn turns out to be great for us because what we get here are well thought out products with superb quality and usability in them.

I mean, the brand even has a teeny tiny mascara solely for bottom lashes – complete with a smaller spoolie head and a formula that prevents messiness upon application. If that’s not well thought out I don’t know what is!


I didn’t explicitly mention but for those who may not know, Troy Surratt is actually Kevyn Aucoin’s Protege and they have close relations, working together for a long time. It’s a known fact but one I didn’t think to disclose as I was introducing him because at this point he (Troy) is famed enough to stand on his own without that title constantly attached to him (at the point of intro) but of course it is a good bit of his history to learn after all has been introduced about him.


Upcoming – The Brushes & Spring 2015

Alright, I don’t want to ramble and gush too much about my own excitement in having met Troy, so let me move on to talk but to sum it all up, I guess you could say that after having met and spoken to the founder of a brand like Surratt, I have attained a new level of admiration for both the man and the brand.

So, moving on to something that would interest you all a little more, upcoming stuff!

I can’t say too much really because we weren’t formally introduced to the items that would be coming up and a lot of it is actually hush hush for now, in the works and all so let me kick this off talking about something that is confirmed and already launched in some parts of the world – Surratt Beauty makeup brushes!

At first I wasn’t sure if we will ever get a piece (or a few pieces) of these given, you really never know when a brand is being represented and distributed and not here ‘on their own’ if that makes sense, but turns out, yes we will get them eventually!

Stocks aren’t in yet but if you’re looking to cop a feel of how delicately soft and fluffy these are, there is a tester set available for your feeling pleasure at the Surratt counter over at Takashimaya.

I’ve done my fair share of stroking these beauties and I’m just waiting for them to be out already.

The face brushes are the ones that catch my fancy a little more because that blush brush (2nd from left) and highlighter brush (4th from left) both look so good.

The eyebrushes aren’t too bad but the ones present seemed a little big and fluffy for my eye area though it’s good to note that we don’t have the smallest blending brush (amongst the testers) yet.

No I don’t have Spring visuals, so have some of Surratt’s Fall look instead, heh!


The confirmed aside, I guess Troy wouldn’t mind it too much if I snuck in some Spring mentions because it’s pretty exciting business!

See, I’m sorry, I’m quite horrid at keeping beauty secrets. Heh!

For Spring we’re looking at bases (finally!) and also some lips – mainly the Lip Crayons which I personally prefer. The lipsliques are lovely for that sheer juicy pout but I love me some intense saturation and I can never turn down a vibrant colored matte lip look – très chic.

The one shade I’m eyeing (that’s coming in Spring) is a orange-orange lip color that is endearingly named after Troy’s little pup, Clementine!

Purple Divider

Okay I think I’ve said enough and I really let myself ramble away in this post. My bad!

Apart from the chat and photo, I got to take some pieces back with me add to my humble yet already growing stash of Surratt. Troy selected a couple of bold lip crayon shades for me after learning that I preferred the look that these give to the lipsliques and that bold lips are typically the way I go.

Okay, maybe I’m in a bit of a lazy neutral rut these days but it’s so easy to go back to bold lips when you’re feeling uninspired.

Lips aside, I also marveled at the brow liner when he was talking about it so he placed that into my bag as well.

So this is where my Surratt stash stands at as of now!

I have some snaps and looks done up prior to meeting Troy and acquiring these new items so I’ll probably still put those up as planned and if anything, I may even throw on another look after the mention of these new items!

I mean… I don’t think anyone is opposed to a Surratt spam, right?

If anything, if you’re super eager to read about Surratt first, I do have an overview posted a while ago so check that if you haven’t!


Interestingly, I was told that the counter-space that we have here (at Takashimaya) is more luxuriously spaced than small and cramped counter-top they have in New York. But I suppose that’s a given, since real estate is a lot pricier there – Troy’s joke, not mine!

Though I heard that they are given a fair enough treatment at Liberty in London so, if you’re ever heading there this end of year, it’s probably worth checking their space out there too (and the brushes)!

That said, I’ll leave all this about Surratt here for now and head on over to give Shupette it’s worthy mention before coming back to this.


Given how much there is to mention these days and how much there is within each mention – e.g. the many products within Shupette and such – I feel some sort of orderliness in grouping the mentions together for easier reference and flow, I assume? Rather than hoping about too much and leaving the readers confused about what I could be talking about this time around.

Though of course it’s not like a product will be swept under the carpet once it’s dedicated mention is over. If anything, you all know how it goes on here, I often dig up oldies to rediscover and re-feature even if it means taunting you about Limited Edition goods, heh!


So anyway thank you for reading! We’re on to everyone’s favorite kitty cat tomorrow :)

Available at Beautique, Level 3 Takashimaya or www.beautique.com.sg

Urban Decay IN DA HAUS!

Pardon my excitement but…. LOOK AT THIS:

Tell me that the sight of all these pretties waiting and calling out to you to play with them does not excite you?

I’ll try my very best to give them an individual feature (followed by looks and all) really really soon. As soon as I can, I promise. I can’t wait to dig my brush into those smooth pans and slap those shadows on!

I’m especially thrilled with NAKED 2 Basics because, hello there you cool cool taupe-y browns, you’re totally right up my alley~

So anyway, before I get carried away, I just wanted to flag this up – Urban Decay swatches, mentions and hopefully a spam of it all will be coming to your inboxes (if you’re subscribed to me) or blog feeds real soon.


As I had predicted (which didn’t require much skill really) this week is going to be a tough one and time is going to be tight once more. All this busy-ness while I have so so much to share. Gosh, I wish we had more hours in the day or… less hours to work in a day, ha! Eitherways, hang tight and I’ll keep this spot alive and buzzing with holiday / pampering (because you gotta indulge before the parties!) news as much as I can!

Till then, thank you for reading! ♥

The Temporary Housing Situation Make Up Bag!

Heyo! So if you pop by my space quite regularly – weekly or even daily (woo, I love you then!) – you would know my current housing situation.

If you don’t perhaps this post would serve well to shed some light on that though I’ll still reiterate anyway.

The place I usually stay at (with the hubs at the inlaws) is currently undergoing some renovation works (which turned out to be quite a tiresome process for all no thanks to sloppy and shoddy workers, bah) so Hubs, Baby K and I moved over to my parents place in the meanwhile because it is a much more conducive environment as far as a baby is concerned.

We wouldn’t want her running about a dusty and broken concrete-slab laden floor where there are dangerous tools lying about everywhere. Not to mention, the rowdy and rough workers banging about with their huge buckets of tiles or conrete. A nightmare really and I’m glad I didn’t have to be a part of that.

It’s just the cleaning up after I’m not too keen on but… you can’t have it all.

So anyway, yes, reno works should be wrapping up this week but I did promise to give a little mention to the Makeup Situation at my parents place. Or to put simply, the pieces I brought with me during this 2 week long stay.


Frankly, I didn’t have to bring that much. Just the basics that I rely on daily because as far as cheeks, lips and eyeshadow alternatives, I actually left a good amount back at home-home (what I call my parents place) to sift through and choose from.

But I brought some of my own anyway…

Let’s have a quick look at what I brought okay?


The Face Base

I had some issues breaking down what to shoot within a picture and how to categorize them but I’ll say this is the bigger bottles of face stuff, from moisturizer to liquid foundation and sunscreen.

Left to right now,

  • Biore UV Aqua Rich Whitening SPF50 PA+++
    Pretty straightforwad, this stuff is sunblock that I am trying to use up. I think it’s on its last few squeezes now, the end is near…
  • YSL Youth Liberator Liquid Foundation
    A foundation I quite like for daily use when I want a more luxurious glide to the face with a skin-loving and skin-care loaded foundation. I don’t reach for this on days I want to head out or look fresh and nice post-work because it does wear out by evening. Though I still love it because it is comfortable and enjoyble to wear – almost like skincare when it is actually foundation.
  • Dior Diorskin NUDE Liquid Foundation
    This is another foundation I like to reach for regularly but with different expectations from YSL’s Youth Liberator. Unlike that one, which feels comfortable and skin-care like (I want to say BB Cream but it’s not the same), Diorskin NUDE is very much a liquid foundation that lends a second-skin sort of finish. It is easy to wear, light-weight on and wears relatively well through the day. Overall it’s a really nice foundation to use daily to mimic the look of better skin. Coverage is about a medium bit buildable.
  • Biore UV Aqua Rich BB Cream SPF50 PA+++
    This one is more for weekend purposes where I can quickly slap on my sun coverage and also a little bit of skin coverage at the same time. It goes on fairly lightweight without much stick but I do prefer quickly setting it with powder after. The oil control isn’t fantastic but it’s good enough for my weekend use.
  • VICHY Normaderm Tri-Activ Hydrating Care
    Pretty much, this is a day cream. I like the Vichy Normaderm range when I used it awhile back and I particularly liked the day cream from the entire routine I was sampling at that time and while this is a newly reformulated version, it feels and works just as well if not better. I love the Normaderm range for calming my skin should it get irritated or itchy, which was the reason why I turned to this again during that random bout of skin itch and congestion I got fairly recently.


More Base, Samples & All

  • Sephora Tub – Dior Star Liquid Foundation
    Housed within that little tub is a sample of the Dior Star Liquid Foundation which I have been loving to bits. I have a full sized bottle now (thank you Dior!) so I’m trying to finish up this sample. I brought it along because of my picks above, I don’t have a proper long-lasting foundation so this was handy to bring.
  • Dior Capture Totale Base de Teint Multi-Perfection
    I failed to realise how much Dior base I brought along with me (it’s not a lot but mentioned consecutively, it sure sounds like it) but I had a sample of this base and I just had to bring it. This is a Dior base I had been lusting over ever since I read raving reviews about it a good while ago. It wasn’t till recently that I discovered I had samples of it lying around, which I took to using almost immediately of course. This is a beautiful base and it deserves an entry of its own. Maybe once I buy the full size!
  • Lancôme Teint Miracle Corrector
    I brought this along to give it some use but of late I haven’t been reaching for it too much either. I don’t generally incorporate this into my routine and only use it on days I look completely zombiefied and could use the extra brightening under my eyes.


The Setting & Concealing

  • Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage
    I loveeee this concealer duo and have some hitpan action with the blemish side of it (I don’t always use the undereye corrector side cause it’s pretty heavy duty). It’s really high coverage so a little goes a long way and I know I’m always covered with this (hurhur)
  • Urban Decay NAKED Skin Loose Powder
    The one loose powder to set them all (erhem, see reference)
  • MAC Select Moisturecover Concealer
    This little guy is for the undereyes and I’ve got a review / mention of it coming up soon so I’ll elaborate more on there!
  • MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Natural in Medium
    The weekend dusting for quickly refined and illuminated skin. I don’t use this daily because the shade is a tiny bit pink and light for me but not so noticeable when used as a light buff across my face.


The Eye Basics

  • Lancôme Aquatique Eye Base
    A slightly shimmery and emollient eyeshadow base from Lancôme that’s great for the everyday use because majority of the base shadow I sweep on all over my lids have some shimmer quality to them. Plus given the emollient and smooth nature of this, it’s really easy to blend over the lids!
  • The Body Shop InstaBlur Eye
    I brought this along to give it a go and some use too but it’s not reached staple level just yet though I will admit it is nice to reach for and use. I have some fine line concerns and mildly crepe-y skin where my undereye is concerned (genetics I believe…) so a little priming there is nice when I have the time.
  • Dior Backstage Eye Prime
    This one is another eyeshadow base I really like too, for the matte finish and while I don’t reach for it as often, (as the Lancôme) because it takes a bit of work and blending to get on, it’s beautiful when I want that satin or matte lid look.


 The Rest of The Eye Army

Now… I realize I don’t have to bring this many (if you consider this many) eyeshadow palettes for 2 weeks away from home but you gotta have options, right?

  • Lancôme Hypnose Eye Palette in Brun Au Natural
    The warmer neutral cousin of the Fraicheur Rosee palette within my stash, I’ve been giving Brun Au Natural more use (than Fraicheur Rosee) these days because creamy soft warm browns are quite a thing I’m into these days. The warm brown bit, mainly because when am I not into neutrals, right?
  • Make Up Store Marbled Eyeshadow in Rosso Asiago
    I’ve declared my love for this little pot already (here) and it’s no wonder that I’ll pack it along with it. It’s a beautiful glistening champagne, warm and auburn-ish eye look all in one. So easy to slap on and all you need is this one pan.
  • Shu Uemura’s Brave Beauty Orange Palette
    This one I packed along to give it some use so I can hopefully feature some looks from. It should still be available (if it’s not sold out already) and I’m liking it for the options of going warm, pink-hued or even going a little sultry-neutral with some cranberry hues.
  • Maquillage Palette in BR722
    The only seemingly cool-neutral palette of the bunch. I often find myself benefiting more from cool and taupe-y colors, probably because I was all about warm browns way before and a little change in taste is nice too, but these days I seem to have gone back to the warmth though even then, this palette is still HG status and I can always count on it to whip up an eye look.


Finishing & Contouring

Some slightly miscellaneous but still important face products to bring along!

  • Make Up For Ever Contouring Kit
    Featured within this is a 2-pan kit for contouring and highlighting though what I like about this is that the highlighting portion isn’t shimmery, glittery or too fair so it makes for a great product to set the edges of my eyeliner without making my undereye area look ghastly or shiny (eeps). The contour is a nice brown that straddles between warm and ashy so it perfects the look of a shadow and is versatile enough for most skintones.
  • Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette
    Once in awhile, or more often than once in awhile, I like to dust my skin with some finishing powder. Some days I feel I need more glow, other days more radiance (the healthy color sort) and sometimes absolutely nothing except a little skin perfecting / blurring so this palette is perfect to tout along.


The Cheeks

On hindsight, I really didn’t have to pack any blushes given I have a drawer full here… but just in case.

  • Lancôme Blush Subtil in 030
    This is a go-to blush shade for me so I packed it along for situations where I’ll need to brighten my cheeks and add a soft flush of pink at the same time.
  • Dior Blush in Rose Diorette
    I don’t give this enough use at home since it’s tucked away in a corner in my drawer. It’s a lovely soft-pink on the cheeks and given the soft pigmentation of this, it’s quite hard to go wrong in the bleary-eyed mornings.
  • YSL Baby Doll Kiss & Blush in Corail Affranchi
    This was a just-incase thing but I actually haven’t used it yet the whole week and a half I was here. Heh!
  • Laneige Styling Romantic Blush
    This one is something I brought to rediscover and boy do I love it! I forgot how pretty a shade this is to lend a healthy flush that threads between pink and coral. The soft golden sheen (even softer than Lancôme Blush Subtil 030) gives a nice glow to the cheeks as well.


The Lip Service

To make it a point to discover and use The Body Shop’s Color Crush lippies which I didn’t give enough attention to otherwise, I brought the set (and minimal lip alternatives) along with me so I can focus my attention on these! I’m giving them some use right now so expect a mention (finally) about them soon!

TBS Color Crush aside…

  • Lancôme Lip Lover (forgot the shade!)
    Because I never know if I want a casual and glossy lip look over the weekends. I truly love these Lip Lovers and have converted so many friends.
  • Rimmel Apocalips in Apocalyptic
    There isn’t a alarming ringing hawt blue-pink within the TBS shades so… just incase I wanted to rock that look, I brought this along.

Grey Divider

Now I know this entry is as long as it gets, and unnecessarily so, but looking back at my hastily grouped and snapped product pictures I realized I missed out a whole bunch of them, liners to be exact, so here’s a point form mention of the heroes I forgot to shed light on.

  • Shu Uemura Hard 9 Pencil in Walnut Brown
  • Shu Uemura Brow Manicure in Honey Glaze
  • Starlash Lightning Waterproof Liquid Liner
  • Lancôme Artliner in Black
  • MAC Powerpoint Liner in Engraved

Et voila~


That aside, this isn’t all because I brought along a bag of products to shoot during my stay (so at least I get some productivity going too) and from there I have picked out, shot and also placed a couple of items into the pile of things to use just so I can give them some use during this period.

Yes, it’s not the best shot but low lighting conditions during the night time isn’t the best time to shoot. I didn’t manage to finish shooting everything I brought (and we should be able to move back this weekend already!) but I’m glad I did get some shooting done and I have given a few of the items above fairly regular use to form opinions about how they wear so expect some reviews and mentions soon!


Pardon the length of this post, I got a little out of hand with rambling about why I brought what. But what’s new, right?

I think it’s best I round it up here and I hope in some way this ramble has been interesting and informative to give you an idea about some of the items I use on a daily basis and some I am (re)discovering right now. If you have any questions about any product, feel free to drop me a comment about it!

Thanks for reading!

Packin’ & Settlin’ – Home Away From Home!

I wanted to start this entry saying it’s been awhile but truthfully it hasn’t been that long a while since an update on here because I have been posting with rather quick and easily-put-together entries. Though sadly to say not the full bulk and substantial sort… I keep saying I want to get to it but with this temporary housing situation it is shifting me to a more Holiday Mood than ever.

Especially when I am away from my stash as of now. Here’s the last I saw of my stash, at stage 2 / 3 of the packing and sealing process.

Here, let me explain a little about this ‘move’ I have been talking about. I know not everyone cares but… humor me.

So there are currently some renovation works going on at my place (or rather my in-laws place where I stay right now) so in the meanwhile because using a temporary toilet and living in dust filled corridors with a toddler just isn’t an ideal scenario, Hubs and I have moved over to my parents place.

It also helped that my bro had just enlisted into the army so his room is vacant for a couple of weeks, perfect timing really.

So for the next 2 weeks and a bit more I am living from bags I had carted over (as seen at the start of this post) and my stash consists of a well-filled and gigantor pouch.

It’s not everything but it is sufficient and I do feel a little bad I couldn’t cart over some new stuff to give a go at (YSL Leather Fetiche Palette, I miss you…) but I had to pack practically and bring what I typically would use more of.

I have in mind to do a little feature on the makeup and perhaps skincare I brought over… if anyone is interested in that?

All that aside, I guess to a certain extent, it’s good to be back.

Don’t get me wrong I do love staying at the in-laws place because I have shifted things around and tweaked the space enough to call it my own but something about going back to where you spent years of your life growing up at – the neighborhood, the whole place as a whole – is just really tranquil. Almost like coming home.

Though I’ll admit it is a bit more of a B to get to work from, but I can deal.

Grey Divider

I have also brought my camera along with me (but of course) along with some products I want to shoot and try out during my stay, so I can still be productive. As much as I can, that is. I can’t guarantee it given lighting conditions are tricky to get used to once more but I will try.

In the meanwhile here’s a little snippet of some shots I managed to snap over the weekend, both lifestyle and upcoming-on-the-blog!

Shots are taken with my Olympus OMD EM10, I loooove this camera so much and am so glad I got this in the end.

The shots with Baby K are done with a Olympus 45mm lens and the product shots are done with the 14-42mm kit lens.

So all these, plus a round up of what I carted with me here, and perhaps some backlogged mentions should be up soon!

You know me, while I really should be keeping with the times and posting what is most current I tend to let my words get swayed with my thoughts and end up writing what I randomly feel like for that day. Which often results in rambles more than productivity but I would like to think that’s what makes you guys read me, yes?


Thanks for reading!