Picture This, A piCture pOlish Haul!

I really shouldn’t be doing this, and by this I mean hauling more polishes given how infrequently I paint my nails these days.

I still love having prettily varnished talons (who doesn’t, right?) but time is an obstacle and no amount of fast dry polish can help me when I need to tend to baby, stat.

That aside, another reason for the lack of nail mentions these days is because of the horrid eczema I had been plagued with.

Thankfully now things are way better (after 2 visits to the skin centre and medication stock ups), but there is still the occasional stubborn rash that pops up on some fingers – acetone is a huge B when you have open wounds on fingers – or unruly cuticles that I think shouldn’t be seen by the world.


But anyway, back to hauling these.

What can I say? When a girl’s gotta haul, a girl’s gotta haul.

My picks, after some deliberating and browsing on PP’s Instagram account would be Vampire and Blue Dog while Attitude is a gift from Eliza (thank you love!)

I was drawn to Vampire because of how perfect a blood-red it is. This is true blood right here, yo!

I know it sounds bizarre and maybe even a bit morbid (blood on your nails?!) but it is quite a lovely look and in some cases especially chic because it is so dark it is almost black / maroon but yet under light there is that jelly redness to it.

Forgot words, I slapped it on pronto so a nail entry is coming up!

Blue Dog captivated me with it’s multi-shimmers and intriguing cool dusty-blue base.

I am normally not a fan of shimmery bits within polishes because they can be a pain to remove but this was too gorgeous plus the bits seemed fine and small enough to not cause too much problems during removal.

Lastly, Attitude!

I wasn’t even aware of this shade but I’m so glad Eliza picked it out for me because this right here is a true reflection of some perfect cosmic galaxy!

Maybe the true world out there is a little darker, a little more blue but I love me some purples and the jewelled tones, darkened edges and shimmer / shine are absolutely stunning. I cannot wait to paint this on as well!


So that concludes my little hiatus from nail polish hauling, which frankly I was very good at. That hiatus I mean, not the hauling part.

Because a sensible part of me knew that in most instances if I majorly hauled polishes, they wouldn’t be getting much use so yes. It makes more sense to pick up a lip product on a whim than a beloved polish but in this scenario, it’s piCture pOlish man, how could I pass it up?

Thanks for reading!

Do share, do you have any piCture pOlish shades you love and would like to recommend?


piCture pOlish is available via their website and they ship internationally.

Prices do vary for different shades.


Haul: Hourglass Femme Nude Lip Stylo (in Nude #4)

I don’t actually know too much about these Hourglass Femme Nude Lip Stylos and even when initial word of them got out, sure yes my interest was piqued, but no research-frenzy ocurred after.

Though even with all that said and done, I sit here with one Femme Nude Lip Stylo in hand (courtesy to Eliza for snagging it up in Brisbane!).

The purchase was a little bit ‘spur of the moment’ and a little bit ‘reminiscent of my nude lip loving days’, I believe those were probably the reasons why I ended up picking up this Nude Lip sensation even when nude colors aren’t something I gravitate towards much these days.

Launched in 6 varying ideals of nude, I picked up Nude #4 which I assumed would compliment my skin best.

Nude #4 is probably right there in the middle of the spectrum, a rosey nude with hints of pink in beige, to prevent the color from applying too dead.

Depending on your skintone, there are fairer pinks and browner beiges in the collection of 6 shades so there’s bound to be an ideal Nude for you. Though aside from that, you can choose to indulge in a bubble gum milky pink or perhaps go deeper with a mauvey neutral, unlike foundation nude lip colors are quite a thing of fun and you don’t have to stick with what’s best for your shade.

With a Paraben, Fragrance, Phthalate and Sulfate free formula, these Nude Lip Stylos are housed in a sleek darkened metalic tube that is typical of most Hourglass packaging.

I’m a little wary about how much the tip of it sticks out (yes you can’t retract that portion) because I tend to be a little clumsy and rushed with capping my lip products sometimes so I have to be careful not to smoosh this one up.

Though the up-side is that the refined tip allows for a slightly pointed (hurhur) application though you don’t always have to be too careful with nudes.

The retractable factor of this also makes it an ease to use because sharpening is not necessary.

Before I get on with swatches, I do want to rave about how lovely and sleek the packaging of this is.

In person, the tube is a little shorter than I had envisioned but it makes it pretty compact and cute. While it is, somewhat, a chubby lip pencil, Hourglass had done this in a very sleek and refined manner making this quite a pretty thing to whip out and touch up your lip color with.

Now, about the formula…

We all know that the perfect nude lip look is a combination of both the right tone of nude along with the texture and glide of the product. Anything too dry leaves you with ‘chalky’ lips and anything too balmy or greasy just looks unappealing.

So how did these fare?

Well, I would actually say they aren’t too bad on first slick. They are fairly soft with a nice slip and glide on the lips but at the same time, the texture of this is a little on the ‘dry’ side.

I know that description is probably confusing the heck out of you so let me take a moment to explain.

The Nude Stylos themselves, in terms of texture, feel nice and soft and do not tug on the lips with wear.

Perhaps it could be the warmer climate here but they have a nice slip straight on the lips without the need to ‘warm it up’, the tip glides on just fine and lays down color as it slicks over the lips.

Though the color, is where the ‘dry’ term of it comes in because it does initially apply a tiny bit patchy and would require some lip rubbing or maybe finger dabbing for the color to properly set and come off as a perfect nude lip.

It’s a common issue where nude lips are concerned so I wouldn’t write this down due to that as it does eventually become quite a lovely lip look once the color is all set.

The texture of this product seems to hug the lips quite closely, hence a nicely exfoliated and hydrated lip surface is a must. Though I quite like how the color hugs the lips because it almost appears like a ‘second-skin’, but in a lip form of course.

It’s quite hard to describe so here, swatches.

While it isn’t the overly creamy and balmy sort of a texture, it is melty and soft all the same, hence the slight ‘dent’ in shape of the tip after one application

As mentioned, while it has slip it is of a thinner formula allowing it to give a very natural lip-like apperance instead of a plushed look that certain more buttery and balmy consistencies would give.

While it wouldn’t hurt if this was somehow a tad more hydrating and plush on, I think that for what it is worth, it is a pretty good performer for the nude realm! If you are a nude lip lover these are certainly worth checking out given you should be no stranger to prepping and hydrating your lips for nude shades.

While there is a little way before this is perfect, it’s still pretty darn nice and I’m glad nude lips are having some proper appreciation these days! I remember, back in the day, finding that perfect nude was such a rare occurence!

These Hourglass Femme Nude Lip Stylos are not available in Singapore (as of now), but you can get them from Hourglass.com. I believe they are permanent.

Thanks for reading!

TOKYO YO! – Ramble, Haul Overview, Round Up, etc…

It’s been a long time coming you guys…

After a good amount of sweat, hardwork, carpal-tunnel inducing hours and mindless copy-pasting of image URLS, it’s finally here… the Tokyo travelouge!

Well that is if anyone was looking forward to that, that is, ha!

I kid, it really wasn’t that painstaking a process to pen my recent travels down though I will admit the photo editing portion was quite a nightmare…

That’s what you get for being overly camera-trigger-happy while on holiday. Though the up side of that is being able to capture each and every moment about it.

Some say that it’s best to live in the moment than to see the world through a viewfinder, which I do agree with. However our memories can only serve us this well, or perhaps my memory, and sometimes photos capture the moment a lot better. The one thing we have to put our devices down and enjoy will be the feeling, the sensation and the experience. Now that one, is almost impossible to capture in images alone.

But for now, here are some of the million of shots I had taken of the trip (for those who perhaps are too lazy to read the detailed daily account).

If you would like to make sense of the whole picture spam above or are just looking for some reading material during your chill weekend, feel free to read my rambly daily account of our trip!

While it did take awhile to complete, I enjoyed doing this up. It felt like I was revisiting Tokyo again and certainly gave me the creeping feeling of wanderlust once more.

Tokyo Travelogue (on icywhims.wordpress.com)
Day 01 – Ginza and makeup hauling
Day 02 – Yoyogi, Sakuras & Nakano Broadway
Day 03 – Nakameguro, desserts & Omotesando
Day 04 – Tokyo Tower & Ameyoko Exploring
Day 05 – Tsukiji, Akihabara & Asakusa Roaming
Day 06 – Donki / Shibuya & heading home

Aside from that, here’s a little peek of my very humble loots from Japan.

To the surprise of a lot of my pals, I didn’t go overboard with makeup purchases, instead I zoomed in to the few items I was interested in adding to my stash – such as ADDICTION, Chikuhodo etc.

It is true that there are loads to buy in Tokyo but it’s the case of ‘so much to buy yet nothing I really want to buy‘, if that makes any sense.

I picked up some basics from Uniqlo, but that’s probably not very eventful to talk about.

And of course the few brand items I had mentioned earlier, Chikuhodo, ADDICTION and (some) more!

It’s such a restrained and ‘good’ haul, isn’t it?

I’ll come back with proper features for the brushes, ADDICTION palette and perhaps a masking on session with Lululun, sharing my thoughts about this very hyped up sheet mask.

The one on the bottom left, for those who are wondering, are eye drops so there isn’t a lot to discuss about that except it’s the Rohto brand that everyone requests for if someone is heading to a country that stocks this (the one we have locally seems a little different).

That aside, we also picked up some snacks for ourselves (stocked up on Japanese instant noodles yo!), souvenir for baby and whatnot.

The cheeky little girl so gleefully posing with some of her gifts. Some…

Mark my words, your priorities for shopping changes once you have a little being in the house.

To sum it all up, hoping I don’t make this lengthy entry any lenghtier, I really enjoyed Tokyo and am glad that the weather was great to us the whole time we were there. The food there was great, culture was pretty good and the immaculate service we received everywhere we go is certainly missed. What a vast difference it is the minute we stepped back to Singapore. Given we do encounter decent service here, it truly isn’t the same.

So yes, if you ask me I am glad I decided to head to Tokyo in the end to experience such a lovely culture and country. If we were to ever head back to Japan, we do have hopes of conquering other parts of it such as Kyoto, Osaka or even Hokkaido. Tokyo is fun but, like Hong Kong and Singapore, is very much a developed city area so there is only so much ‘personality’ to the place.

Okay, enough of me yabbing on here, head over to our Tokyo Travelogue for more of my yabbing over there!

Haul: Retail Therapy at Luxola (with a discount!)

Heya, I hope everyone is doing good of late!

Me? Well… not so well because work is mad and matters out of work (general life and everything else) aren’t looking peachy either. Basically times are rough and we just have to stick it in there and soldier on!

But you know what helps when life gets hectic, work gets mad and you’re feeling a little down?

Well… retail therapy!

Momentarily that is, the joy of hauling something online, being all excited when it arrives and perhaps a little guilt at the splurge but when there are discounts involved, you don’t feel too bad about the splurge! Especially so if some of them are items you need or have been eyeing for a bit, what better way to get them than on discount, yes?

So here, I said it – I shopped, I caved, I bought. Heh!

It has been a good long while since I had hopped by Luxola so while my gal pals and I were on the topic of raving about some make up items from there, I hopped over to give it a look and was pleasantly surprised at how well stocked they are right now.

The arsenal of brands and products under their belt is quite extensive ranging from Sleek Makeup to REN, Edward Bess to By Terry, MOR as well as Estelle & Thild amongst others. It is really quite a selection!

Needless to say I added a whole lot of unncessary items to cart but in the end reason took over and I ended up with a humble loot of items I need and have been eyeing so…

I am quite pleased with myself, momentary lapse of willpower or not.

A quick glance at the generous samples thrown into my bag. I like that Luxola consistently includes little freebies like these and that Luxola branded hair-tie is absolutely adorable.

First up, an item I hauled not for myself but for baby. You see, the mentality here is that if I am splurging and throw in a little item for the family or baby, it doesn’t seem to feel all that ‘self-centered’ or bad. Ha!

Warped mentality or not, it’s never a bad time to stock up on PURE by Phyto’s Papaya Ointment.

I was initially introduced to this by a friend and while I liked it for the whole idea of it being natural, adequetely hydrating, multipurpose and basically fitting the bill of being a great ointment, it wasn’t until baby came along that I truly appreciated this.

I didn’t use ointments very much on myself and even then this was a little runny for my liking (I like my ointment balms thick and greasy e.g. Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream), while I can imagine the lighter texture will be much appreciated by many.

Once, when baby was a wee infant, she developed a continual case of redness and rash on her bottoms that didn’t seem to go away with the nappy cream we were currently using. Having read that Papaya Ointment worked for such purposes too, I figured why not and gave it a shot. To our surprise, the redness and bumps had cleared up and was smooth by the next nappy change!

Ever since then I have been using this religiously for baby’s little bottom and it hasn’t failed me. I think I may have gone through 2 – 3 tubes of this now and for that purpose, I love this stuff!

It’s fairly affordable too at S$15.00 on Luxola.

Sorry to kick off this haul speaking about bottoms but moving on, here’s an item I was eyeing for a long long while after Mabel’s positive reviews about it, Balance Me’s Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm.

After being introduced to the world of Cleansing Balms (by Eve Lom, which I’ll talk about another time), the ritual of slapping on a thick balmy and luxurious feeling cleanser to properly nourish and cleanse my skin has become an experience I really like.

I could go back to the ease and efficiency of cleansing oils but after a long and tiring day, Cleansing Balms and a muslin cloth (along with warm running water) just seems to seal the deal.

A little back story about Balance Me – it is a brand, started by 2 sisters from their kitchen counter-top, that a lot of celebrity A listers are religious users of. There are rumors that Gwyneth Paltrow adored using their products during her pregnancy and while that isn’t a sure fact, a lot of pregnant moms have claimed that Balance Me products work well to protect and soothe their hormonal and dry skin periods.

Thus, with such positive reviews all around, how can I resist on passing this up.

I am also almost done with my Eve Lom so it’s only right I replenish my routine, yes?

If you still need any more reassurance about the brand, check out the amount of awards they have won internationally!

I will post an updated and indepth review about this once I get to using it!

Last but certainly not least, something that truly was a bit of a splurge…

I didn’t need it, that’s for sure but I have been eyeing it and adding it to cart numerous times only to finally check out with it this time, Edward Bess’s Quad Royal in Summer in Capri.

I cannot tell you how excited I am about this!

Luxola stocks all 3 shades that Edward Bess’s Quad Royale comes in and I had a bit of a dilemma when it came to narrowing down my choice to one. The ideal situation of course would be grabbing all 3 but being practical, I should at least start with one and see how much I like it.

It boiled down to Summer in Capri versus Monte Carlo (a warmer and bronzey-peachier version) but eventually I went for Summer in Capri for the versatility of colors.

I will be sure to post swatches and more snaps of this beauty but the reason I went for this in the end is how it sits nicely in the middle of cool and warm, peachy and pink.

It has some neutral mauvey tones, making it something I could work a little contour with, while the hint of peach makes for a nice flush and the lighter tones will work great to illuminate the face. How versatile is that!

I can also envision using this as a neutral eye palette so stay tuned for that!

This about sums up my impromptu Luxola haul and it definitely did a good deal of de-stressing amidst my work-filled days!

I also found a 10% off store-wide Luxola promo code for online shopping pur
chases at Luxola at Flipit.com! Talk about unexpected savings while splurging, I definitely feel a little better about spending!

Thanks for reading and I hope everyone isn’t too busy with work! It seems to be the peak period for projects with all my pals working overtime and whatnot.

Haul / Review: Urban Decay NAKED Skin Ultra Definition Loose Powder

I seem to in a bit of a word rut these days, I think it’s me doing the whole ‘overwhelming myself, short circuiting my brain’ thing again. Whenever I get overwhelmed be it with backlog, crazy-ass deadlines at work or worst – a combination of both – my brain seems to be in a constantly distracted mode.

Thus whatever I write sounds so textbook, lifeless and dull or perhaps as if I were trying too hard to put a paragraph out there. In short, something that I end up junking even if I did spend an hour typing it up. Bah.

Though regardless, I think I can string together enough coherenece to spell out my excitement out for this newcomer on our shores!

Oh simple ole loose powder, you have my heart in your clutches.

I don’t know what it is about this simple base product but I lust over loose powders like no other – especially so if they are tinted. Especially especially so if they are rose tinted. Oh, my heart.

But anyway, this Urban Decay Naked Skin Ultra Definition Loose Finishing Powder (‘sup with this long name, Urban Decay?) is lightly tinted in 5 varying skintone shades so these aren’t the color correcting sort that would come in lavender, mint, etc.

Though 3 of the 5 shades look incredibly similar when swatched (varying nuances maybe) that they might as well have had it come in 3 shades only and lessen the headache for us all. If they were to do 5 shades they should have very well been 5 fairly distinctive ones.

For this fact, I’m a little disappointed in you Urban Decay.

Of the range, I was deliberating between Naked Light and Naked Light Medium for myself, both seemed to appear fine on me. I the end I opted for Naked Light because it feels safer to get something a smidget lighter, than darker.

The Urban Decay Naked Loose Powder (yes, shortened here on) was something I had my eye on the minute I saw mentions about it online. Namely Temptalia, her review was the total kicker – I HAZ TO HAVE.

Aside from my whole undeclared loose powder obsession, I was actually in need of a loose powder given that my trusty NARS Light Reflecting Loose Powder’s time was almost up. I had maybe 2 – 3 uses left for that and was ‘saving it up’ for a rainy day.

Rationally speaking, I do have other loose powders in my stash, and I just unearthed a couple while packing the other day, but the concept of a skin-refining, pore-smoothing and powder soft effect was one I couldn’t live without after having introduced myself to that flawlessness with NARS.

I feel that without a loose powder as such, my stash had a loophole. Le gasp.

The Urban Decay Naked Loose Powder was described to fit that biil so… I need!

Yes, NEED, even if this little pot of 8g is going for S$50.

Just for comparisons sake, the NARS Light Reflecting Loose Powder retails for S$50 as well but has a heft of 10g.

Though I know powders and products shouldn’t always be justified by their weight but incase anyone is wondering…

This powder is total love at first swatch, my first impression of it was all sorts of awesome and because I was with my husband at that time I remember exclaiming to him how amazed I was and how smooth my hand felt.

To the point I held out my arm and told him to “TOUCH MY HAND, TOUCH IT!“. He probably thought I was nuts.

Powder-aside, even the dispenser / filter was given some thought with the Urban Decay logo embossed into it along with 4 holes to control how much powder gets out. I much prefer lesser holes than a whole sifter dotted with one because that, my friend, is powder evarrryywhere. Not fun.

My animated descriptions aside, the Urban Decay NAKED Skin Loose Powder is one incredibly smooth and finely-milled powder that feels almost like nothing on the skin but yet once on lends a soft optical blurring, airbrushed effect. This allows the skin to have a soft-focus look to it, almost as if you applied a photo filter on yourself, in person.

Pfft, who needs that skin blurring tool when you’ve got this!

I’ve noticed that the skin blurring for the Urban Decay Naked Loose Powder seems more apparent than the NARS Loose Powder and in some ways, I feel the Urban Decay one is lighter to wear and I require much lesser for a smoothed-out finish.

It could be due to the slight tint that Urban Decay has that helps it to smooth and even the skin out better, but it is also this tinted quality that makes it a wee bit of a headache when deciding – Am I a medium? Or medium light?

The Urban Decay powder somehow feels ‘fluffier’ to the touch which is an extremely bizarre description but I really have no other way to word how light-weight and yet not densely packed these feel.

Don’t call me crazy but this is one fluffy soft powder.

My only advice before I sound like a deranged makeup addict would be to go and swatch this for yourself if you are able to. That way you would properly understand me and perhaps we can all go around together proclaiming how fluffeh this powder is.

Given that really long and carried away ramble about the Urban Decay Loose powder, let’s get to one of the main points…

Did Urban Decay knock NARS off its HG podium (in my heart)?

Well, I can’t entirely say yes or no about it because given a choice I would continue to consider repurchasing NARS Light Reflecting when I get a chance to but Urban Decay does a decent job of filling up the role – not as perfectly well, but good enough in its own way.

Here’s why it wasn’t an all-kill for Urban Decay

  • I don’t particularly like the smaller ‘mouth’ of the bottle. Perhaps this helps prevent too much powder from flying about but it’s hard to get my powder puff in there.
  • The oil control for this isn’t as stellar as NARS, I find. Urban Decay still holds my makeup together well through the day but on warmer days I do have to blot sometime after 6 hours. NARS is one mean beast when it comes to looking perfectly flawless and fine through the day – makeup stays, no oil y’all.

Though with all that said, I still love you Urban Decay Loose Powder, I love your skin-blurring abilities and I always love me a powder with some tint!

For furth
er testiment of that, I am going to plaster my face on here for your scrutiny, ha!

p.s. I am wearing the YSL CC Cream in Rose as a base / sunscreen. More about that soon!

So after this incredibly rambly post all about a loose powder, I think I have shared enough of my thoughts about this product that got my heart in a flurry when I set eyes on this. Who would have thought that loose powder would excite me this much.

f your heart is in a little flurry of its own after seeing the Urban Decay Naked Loose Powder, head on down to Sephora to swatch or pick it up!

Urban Decay Naked Loose Powder retails for S$50, is permanent, and available at all Sephora Singapore outlets.

Thanks for reading!

Haul: Small Hakuhodo Purchase (from Beauty Asia 2014)

Well, hello there, isn’t this haul entry a little bit late?


Frankly speaking, given how teeny tiny my haul was I didn’t think it was necessary to mention it on the blog. After all I have already ‘accounted’ for it via a quick instagram snap.

Though I snapped some shots just in case I felt an itch to do a post and… what would you know, I guess that itch came along after all!

I wasn’t kidding when I said it was teeny tiny!

I didn’t want to go overboard with brush hauling because… in a practical sense I really don’t need anymore brushes. What’s more I’ll be heading to Japan in April and I can probably give them an even better look then.

Though I doubt I would be hauling a luggage’s worth of brushes back either since my willpower seems to be working relatively well without any hiccups these days. Plus food is always where all my money goes when I travel, heh!

Even with Japan in mind, I still couldn’t resist hauling these up from Beauty Asia because they felt like the ‘ones that got away’ from my earlier haul.

I had no idea why I didn’t pick these up then!

J5523 –

First up is this white-bristled Goat hair brush that seems to have been crowned the ‘MAC 217 of Hakuhodo’.

I don’t have my MAC217 with me (back at the parents’ place) so I can’t compare but I can see the similarities – it seems to be of a fluffy enlongated paddle shape. It is versatile enough to pack colors on, do a wash or blend colors into the crease.

Thus, as with how people seem to hoard MAC 217 brushes, I picked up 2 J5523s. Afterall, they were only S$19 each, what’s not to love!

I wouldn’t lie, I had debated picking up a third but quickly made my way to the register to pay and complete my purchase because that pounding thought made a dent in my willpower.

Such a dramatic situation over a makeup brush, ha!

While I was snapping shots of these brushes at home, I noticed that the J5523 is very similar to my previously hauled G5523 (now I am assuming the numbers are references to a similar cut?).

The obvious, doh, difference would be the G5523 is made of Blue Squirrel and Goat while the J5523 is goat alone.

Thus, while they are similar in shape, they tend to feel a little different on the hand which would lead to varying differences in usage. The G5523 does feel softer and a little ‘sleeker’, such that it isn’t as pouffy as the J5523, which makes the J5523 better for diffusing color and the G5523 better for blending within a smaller area.

I hope I didn’t lose you there!

In short, the only way to best differentiate between them would be to molest caress the brush during their upcoming fair at Takashimaya. More details on that in the end of this post.

G5522 –

Next is the G5522 which, if I had to put it in some sort of a MAC-context, would be similar to the MAC 224.

Similar, but I feel that the G5522 has more of a shape to it as opposed to just being a dome-shaped blending brush, as is the MAC 224.

I think the above angle best captures how this seems to have a bit of a ‘doe-foot’ shape to it, while when viewed from another angle it appears to be yet another dome-shaped blending brush. This one was S$30 if I remember right…

I think the doe-foot aspect helps a little with placement and blending though I am a little ashamed to say since I have gotten this, I haven’t yet used it. Oops.

Though these blending brushes do need a little ‘breaking into’ – depending on your preference because the display pieces were all a little fluffier than these ‘straight-from-the-pack’ ones.

So that is it, my little very restrained Hakuhodo purchase!

If you would like to see the brushes that I have already previously hauled, check out my first post on them!

Hakuhodo Pop-Up Store at Takashimaya!

I guess what changed my mind about posting this was remembering that Hakuhodo is said to have a pop-up shop in Takashimaya end-March 2014 (I remembered 27th March) at the same spot they had their pop-up store last year. Incase anyone is wondering what are some good purchases to zoom in on amidst their huge inventory of brushes, well here are some of my picks!

The Hakuhodo pop-up store is said to run for 2 weeks but I’m guessing things might get sold out so its best to hurry down during the first few days if you can!

Thanks for reading! Do share, what are some of your Hakuhodo loves? Or what are you eyeing from Hakuhodo?

Haul: the Two from THREE (Flash Performance Liner & Blush)!

I’ve heard nothing but raves and positive sentiments about THREE’s eyeliner products so when the opportunity presented itself, I just had to grab me some THREE products!

Special thanks to Eliza for hovering over the THREE counter snapping and swatching all their products for us! Aside from the liners, there is little news about the rest of their range (blushes, lipsticks etc) so while we were intrigued it’s all quite a mystery and hit-and-miss situation to us.

So with that, I settled with a very simple and humble haul of one eyeliner (cause I really don’t need anymore) and a blush – all of which have received some mentions online.

Better to be safe? Heh

Starting with the liner, named Flash Performance Eyeliner, these are raved to last well through the day and come in an assortment of lovely shades.

I exercised control and only picked up one from the eight colors available.

The THREE Flash Performance liners are pencil liners with a sponge-tip applicator on the reversed end to help with smudging and blending them out if you prefer.

The smudger was surprisingly dense and different from the usual sort that I am used to. This feels like a solid piece of rubber for some heavy duty smudging, instead of the foamy and soft sort I often see.

While I rarely smudge my liners with these, this time around the color I picked worked best drawn over the lids and then smudged out for a softer look.

The shade I picked is 07 Eye Doll, a medium…. well, I’m not sure how to describe.

It’s mostly olive but yet very neutral, has some gold reflects along with shimmery pink ones within. It’s generally neutral with a hint of murky along with shine.

In short, it’s beautiful; here see:

Aren’t those little flecks of pink just beautiful?

While it isn’t my usual deep dark shade for me to line my eyes with, or bold / bright enough to be used as an accent liner, this is lovely all the same and how I like to use it is messily drawn on then smudged out – gorgeous!

I promise you a LOTD one day though I’m guessing it’s not going to photograph as well and complex as it looks in person, which is sad. Though this shade is a true beauty, no doubt about that.

Another item that I threw caution to the wind and hauled would be the Color Veil for Cheeks.

I don’t know what made me want these THREE blushes given I’ve not heard much about these. Perhaps it’s curiosity?

Regardless what it is, I am glad I went ahead and picked this up because I love it, from the simple and sleek packaging to the color and the way it diffuses a flush on the cheeks. It’s so perfect!

The blush I have here is 19 Love Kick, quite a kick of color in comparison to the rest of THREE’s Color Veil shades available.

While this looks extremely bright and vibrant in the pan, what I like about the Color Veils is (as the name hints at) these go on like a soft veil on the skin. They are pigmented, but in a way that nicely diffuses color on the cheeks no matter what brush you use.

It’s beautiful, it’s delicate but yet it shows up. I can’t say enough about these and after my experience with Love Kick, I’m kicking myself for not picking up more!

Though I blame it on the lack of swatches online and inaccurate swatch images via THREE’s website. It makes it such a gamble to buy these Color Veils without seeing them in person!

In that hand swatch they are still swatched on rather heavily, here is how it looks (as a soft diffused flush) on the cheeks.

It’s so beautiful and hardly any blending is required for that soft look! If you’re a blush junkie, I highly urge you to give THREE’s Color Veil for Cheeks a look if you haven’t.

Of course, a good number of their Color Veils look relatively light in tone and Love Kick is one of their more pigmented and stronger ones, their target market is obviously for fairer skintypes. Though Love Kick would be able to show up nicely on skintones till about an NC 35 or maybe even 40 if you layer it a little!

It’s so soft and diffused it probably wouldn’t look patchy on either.

So that wraps up my first encounter, and certainly not the last, with THREE. I need more Color Veils in my life but I shall pace myself, perhaps give their lip products a little peek too in the mean while…

Thanks for reading!

Do you have anything you love from THREE to recommend?

My Marc Jacobs Beauty Haul (From 2013) – Part 2

It took a while inbetween but here’s the second part to my Marc Jacobs beauty purchase – this Lovemarc Lip Gel that I had added to cart, along with my nail polish purchases.

I had no intention of picking this up and I was solely fixed on the nail polishes. Though out of curiosity, I chanced upon a swatch of this stunning Lip Gel and into the cart it went…

Thinking back, I’m glad it did!

Marc Jacobs’s Lip Gels are made with a unique gel formula though don’t let that trick you into thinking these colors are sheer because most of them are anything but!

Available in 16 shades, ranging from nudes to pinks and the classic reds, I had somehow fallen for the plummy deep and vampy Saboteur.

Here’s an interesting trivia: Marc Jacobs’s lip gels have names inspired by the man’s favorite movies and Saboteur happens to be this really cool vintage one with murders, fires and all that thrilling stuff!

This is besides the point, but fun to know.

Lovemarc’s packaging is, needless to say, very sleek and these lipsticks snap to a magnetic closure. The case is a glossy black with metalic touches that give it an overall polished look.

Saboteur exudes its charm once swatched, so while it doesn’t look like much from the tube, do read / scroll on!

In the tube, Saboteur appears to be a brown-toned deep red that while dark, isn’t too interesting to the eye.

Though once swatched, the hidden plummy and vampy tones show through making this an interesting and special color for those who like to thread a little on the wild side.

it’s a little cool-toned and while it imparts a rich color, it isn’t too bright, making it easy to wear.

The slight plummy undertone gives this lipstick a soft vampy edge, just enough vamp to spice up a look without falling into the boundaries of gothic and being ‘over the top’. A very classy sort of vampy, if you ask me.

Swatched alongside true reds, you’ll be able to see that plum undertone show through a tad more.

I think the true beauty of this shows up best when worn on the lips.

The gel formula allows the Lip Gel to glide smoothly over the lips with enough slip yet enough tact to prevent any feathering or unwanted slip / sliding from occurring.

The Lovemarcs are easy to apply, even for the dark or the bright shades and while the pigmentation is intense, there is that gel-like translucence to these that make them wear so easily over the lips – blending in almost so, unlike some creams, they don’t ‘sit‘ on the lips.

Paired with dark hair, Saboteur seems to really give the overall look the perfect kick and the added strands of purple highlights are delightfully vampy toppings on this otherwise already great combination!

I didn’t get to try it with blonde locks and while I think it would be a great look too, it would exude its own flavor.

There you go, that’s it for my Marc Jacobs haul for now!

I do have a couple more things in mind that I want to get but at the same time I’m not in too much of a hurry to acquire them so I would likely wait for them to hit our shores and give everything a good swatch before deciding!

I hope this helps if you’re planning a Lovemarc shopping list! Just for the information, these Lip Gels retail for 30USD on Marc Jacobs.

Thanks for reading!

Haul: NARS Future Red (from Guy Bourdin collection)

Remember NARS’s tie-up with Guy Bourdin?

The collection with the whole hooha controversy?

Well yes, good, because I hauled one little item from there and am only talking about it now, oops. Though it isn’t much really, it’s just a red lipstick that I absolutely had to have because it’s such a lovely red.

Now, I don’t want to get into the whole controversial aspect of the Guy Bourdin collection because at the end of the day, I view this collection as makeup and simply makeup. Obviously I wouldn’t support violence on women but at the same time the works that were chosen to be featured were works that Guy Bourdin had done in his time, as his own form of artistic expression (as we do with makeup) without knowing they would end up being pushed into a commercial collection so…

Guess what I’m trying to say is no matter how, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and choices and by buying one lone lipstick it doesn’t mean I’m saying that I support violence on woman, that’s rubbish.

So much for me saying I didn’t want to get into it…

So anyway, Future Red.

There’s a good amount of raves over this color and yes indeed, it is a stunning red.

Though I will admit, I liked it a lot more before I bought it, apparently…

Future Red seems to be of a satin finish – not quite a matte and definitely not a glossy shiny red. It applies well and easily on the lips with a glide though what I noticed with this lipstick, on me, is that it seems to feather a tiny insey winsey bit.

It’s odd because everywhere I read, everyone loves this. Also because I hardly have any feathering issues with my lipsticks – ever. Unless that lipstick was born to migrate or something, that is.

So the idea of this lovely red not staying sharp, sleek and in my lip line baffles me a little.

Thankfully I don’t get clown lips from this and regardless I still use it since the feathering is so minor I can overlook it.

After all, it is a lovely, almost-perfect red!

For comparison sake, I had to swatch it alongside my other reds.

It is when they’re all swatched together, as such, on my skintone that I noticed Future Red isn’t actually that deep or rich a red – I do favor deep reds with a slight vampy edge, my weakness.

It’s actually a little more everyday, almost, which is peculiar given how it seemed to be so rich and bold when viewed alone.

It is more of a mid-tone red without the richer and deeper bases as with Majella or YSL’s Mats so it works well for a fun and perky red lip that is ‘light’ enough to wear through the day.

Nonetheless, I love reds and I don’t mind another in my stash. Though don’t get me wrong, it is a beautiful color all the same and deserves merit for that, though for those of you who didn’t manage to get your hands on Future Red, you can always seek out YSL’s Pur Couture lip color in 203 if you want something slightly similar with a bit more depth!

Do share, what are some of your favorite reds?

Thanks for reading!

My Marc Jacobs Beauty Haul (From 2013) – Part 1

Seeing how there’s word (and pictures) of Marc Jacobs’s beauty line is trooping to our Sephora Singapore soon, I thought this would be a good time to share the few pieces I have!

If some of these catch your eye you’ll know what to zoom in on the minute these are let loose in our stores!

My MJ (shortened here on) items were acquired through some bugging, pestering and, in short, CP (custom-purchasing) from a Sophia’s friend. See the lengths we go to for makeup?

Okay I kid, I don’t think there was any bugging and pestering involved. It was, however, hard to decide on what to get since we did our bulk haul about a month into the launch of Marc Jacob’s Beauty line last year – there were hardly any pictures to reference for shades!

Things have since changed and reviews / swatches are aplenty, especially so for the HOT favorite shades so here’s dropping mine into the sea of them out there.

I wanted quite a few things but seeing as we were going in (slightly) blind, I decided to take caution and settled for safe (aka colors I know I would use) nail polish shades and also one lipstick, just cause.

In this post I’ll show you snaps and swatches of the 2 lacquer shades I picked up.

I’ll do up a separate entry for the lip gel (lipstick) because it’s so beautiful and deserves a bit of a pic-spam, so ’till then!

The MJ polish line (Enamored, as its called) has a nice selection of bright pinks, jewelled blues and other lovely bright hues. Though, as a start I skipped past all the bling and settled on these two simple, understated shades.

Grey seems to be a shade I am naturally drawn towards, especially when exploring a new (to me) brand’s polish line. I like how it is neutral without being nude and offers some depth without being too dark in some cases.

It’s just grey, really, I don’t need to write an essay about it.

The murky olive on the otherhand, I had not planned to get but was drawn to it because of the name – Nirvana. Smooth move there MJ!

The grey shade is called Evelyn, by the way.

The MJ polishes were a lot bigger than I had expected and I wasn’t sure why I imagined them to be small to begin with.

From pictures online, the bottles didn’t look like much, but once you see and hold them in person, they are actually quite nice. The bottle is slick and slender without being too thin; curvy without being too round.

Perfectly smooth and chic!

Now if you aren’t huge on packaging then lets talk about the product now.

The cap of this pops off to feature a handier knob, allowing for an easier grip on the brush, which isn’t too fanciful or revolutionary but works well all the same. Length-wise, it is considerably ‘short’ allowing for better control of the brush.

The polishes applied smoothly on without any streaking, though it could also be attributed that the 2 shades I have are of a cream finish – no need to deal with metallic sheens.

Evelyn –

Nirvana –

And here they are swatched!

  • Evelyn went on a lot darker than I had expected, looking almost like a charcoal grey than the creamy mid-tone grey from the bottle. It required 2 coats for an opaque finish.
  • Nirvana stole my heart once swatched, it looks exactly like how it appeared to be from the bottle and was easily opaque with 1 coat. Though as usual, I laid a thin second coat just because. It’s a yellow-green that is actually quite unique in my stash.

My verdict is that the Marc Jacobs Hi-Shine Lacquers are worth a look if you’re into polishes. I don’t know what their price tag will be like once they launch in Singapore but at 18USD, these aren’t too bad an investment!

Thanks for reading – stay tuned for Part 2!

p.s. forgive the fact that my fingers have some icky scabs. I just dealt with a pretty nasty (painful and inconvenient) bout of Eczema outbreak and am still fighting to keep it at bay hence I’ve halted nail swatches for a little while; it became too painful to remove polishes due to the acetone and alcohol in nail polish removers. Though I’m slowly back to swatching now that my fingers feel a little better! :)