Introducing YSL’s Pop Water & Full Metal Shadow (plus Giveaway!)

Hey you guys!

Taking a break from all the MAC spam I’ve been putting out lately and talking about a little upcoming YSL!

Yes, upcoming because I am finally in time to talk about something even before it launches, woots!


So these little fellas are launching this Friday (22nd May) and where YSL is concerned, you know the drill.

Pieces are limited and stocks run out quick so if you’re spying anything – go get’em!

Though I have some good news and that is, YSL Pop Water Glossy Stains are a permanent addition to YSL’s lip line-up, though select few shades are Limited Editions, so… the best thing to do is still to zoom down if anything catches your eye. Heh.


YSL Full Metal Shadows

Kicking this off, I want to talk about something I had a mixed up first impression of.


The thing about YSL Singapore is that a lot of times collections reach us pretty late, at least compared to the Western side of the globe.

So, as I was saying…

While browsing western bloggers’ reviews of the YSL Full Metal Shadows, I remember being a little disappointed at how these swatched and looked on those blogs.


I believe even the thoughts shared were luke-warm. In extreme cases some were even a little dis-satisfactory because we know that price is a crucial considering factor in the Western world (for most, not all) and these are highly priced.

I think over here we’re so acustommed to it because even our drugstore prices are bordering departmental store prices.

Anyway, swayed by my online-impression, I didn’t have much excitement for these, that’s up till the point that I swatched them.


Whoa boy, was I wrong about them!

These are available in 10 shades but I’ve only got 5 to play with during the preview.


I’m not sure what went ‘wrong’ with some of the international bloggers but where I’m concerned these swatched with good enough pigmentation, and a nice distribution of glitter and shimmer amidst the colors.


Everything was nicely melded together in this liquid/molten-like formula. It is as if you’re swatching varying shades of shimmery molten metal. Quite intriguing.

And that’s just them being applied densely.

If you’re all about sheering your shimmers out, these do that really nicely as well and don’t tug or pull on the lids, giving you a good window to pat and blend yet still set a little once the formula is nicely thinned and sheer-ed out.


I can’t comment on how it wears in our humid climate yet because I’ve not tested them out but so far, these sparkly thingamajigs have certainly caught my eye!



I urge you guys to check it out, even if you think sparkles and shimmers are too much for you because the taupes and browns (there’s a pinkish peach too, not pictured here) are extremely wearable and perfect for zesting up a neutral look.


YSL Pop Water Vernis A Levres


So moving on to something a good number of you would know of or have tried, their Glossy Stains (or also known as Vernis A Levres).


These Glossy Stains are known for going on watery and cool (unlike the balmy emollience that now-popular high-shine lipsticks impart) – very lightweight – yet also imparting strong pigmentation that grabs and holds, staying and staining through meals or drinks. All that with a perfectly chic glossy shine.

The original line up is really da bomb if you’re looking to combine intense pigmentation with a glossy finish and an incredible staying power, at the expense of it not being moisturizing (but yet not exactly lip moisture-sapping either).

While that ticks a lot of the right boxes for bold lip lovers, YSL has discovered that those looking to dip their feet into the brand’s lip products are often wary and afraid to give the Glossy Stains a go.

Reason being? They are far too intense.

While that is the point of the original Glossy Stains, YSL is a brand that innovates.

So, after noticing this group of people would prefer softer, sheerer and more natural hues (and also the bold loving people who wouldn’t mind a soft rose shade either ways), they’ve decided to roll out the YSL Pop Waters!


For those who find the original Glossy Stains too daunting or for those who can’t stop adding to their lip supplies ;)


Available in 12 neutral and natural variations, some of which are Limited Edition (boohoo), I only managed to play around with 8 at the preview.


Sorry, no names because I didn’t take note and can’t quite match them now, heh.

In the aspect of formula and finish, they’re very similar to the original Glossy Stains. The key difference would be the watered down pigmentation.

While I say watered down, I mean it in a positive way with a beautiful texture and finish that’s unique and difficult to achieve in the makeup realm.

A little bit like how some like to take intense stains and dab it on lightly (instead of wearing them full out) followed by topping it off with a glossy shine for that soft watery rose-bud gradient sort of lip look?

Yes, this is the exact effect you will achieve with the New Pop Waters.


Here’s an interesting tidbit – the inspiration behind the watery translucence yet still vibrant color effect was actually Gummy Bears!

I find that so adorable and genius at the same time because the idea of something so vibrant and colored but yet translucent with a fluid look does sound like an appealing concept of color to makeup and I’m glad that a brand has finally looked into figuring that out!

While they appear light and soft, some shades do a pretty mean job of staining as well so that original factor of the Glossy Stains still apply!


Apart from the Pop Waters, there’s actually one more exciting lip release in this collection and that’s a Lip Plumping Glossy Stain (that is colorless).

I’ve given it a go a couple of times and it’s quite nice to use even with the lip plumping factor that often turns people off.

It wasn’t amongst the mix of stuff during the preview but I do have a piece with me so I’ll give it a proper entry of its own in due time!

Purple Divider


I think I’ve ranted on too much and for too long! I’ll still delve into a little more information in these products’ individual entries or features so keep a look out for those!




Wrapping this up, I think what most of you are most interested in is the giveaway so, yes, I’ve got one for you (those residing in Singapore only – sorry!) and it’s happening over on my Instagram, ending on 24th May.

Do pop by and take part!


Thanks so much for reading this lengthy entry and hope to drop by on here again soon!

The YSL Full Metal Shadow (S$45) and Pop Waters (S$49) will be available from 22nd May 2015 at YSL Counters and Boutiques.

The YSL Full Metal Shadow is Limited Edition while the YSL Pop Water is Permanent, however select shades are Limited Editon.

L’Occitane (Singapore) Launches Their E-Store!

If you’re an avid fan of L’Occitane with your racks filled with their shower gels and your dressing table littered with their body lotions then you’ll certainly love this piece of news!


For the rest of us, I guess we’re just really thrilled about the fact that you can now shop L’Occitane online in the comfort of your own home!

How awesome is that!

I’m not an anti-social person (really I’m not!) but I’ll admit that I do prefer the ease and comfort of shopping online.

Browsing the store is an enjoyable experience in itself – such that you can see, feel and smell products up close – something about shopping from behind the computer and googling up reviews in your own time feels that much more relaxed.


Plus I know how you girls (and guys!) are more prone to shopping up a storm online because it’s just that easy to add everything to cart, right?

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 11.05.39 am

Given that the holiday season is here, it’s all about the holiday now huh, that’s an added reason to pop by and check the e-store out!

Reason being,  there are some Online Exclusive Gift Sets which I’m sure would be perfect sweet little presents for your favorite gal pals! Or maybe even yourself… not judging here!


So, what are you waiting for, shop L’Occitane (online) toady!

p.s.  there’s FREE Local Shipping right now till 21st November!


p.p.s. If you haven’t taken part in my The Entertainer giveaway where I give away 10 subscriptions (worth S$95) to the 2014 Mobile Product so you can unlock awesome deals for yourself, then take part now! –– Here!


Thanks for reading!

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Stand to Win! –– The Entertainer (1 For 1 Deal) App x PappaSan Culinary Experience!

Hello there!

I’m interrupting my usual slew of beauty mentions to pop on something else that while isn’t beauty in any sense is still, hopefully, helpful for you all.

Especially given that the holiday season is right around the corner and I’ve got a giveaway for said product I am about to mention and this would possibly ease or lessen the budget burden on some gifting options this year!

So, simply said, we all love to eat – amiright? – and we all love a good deal because when the holiday season swings about it’s all about gifting.


The trickiest gift ideas are always for the ones dearest to us because we would like to present them with the finest and the best but how do we go about that without burning too large a hole in our pocket so we have enough to gift other stuff to the 912838934 other people in our lives?

Well, deals of course!

And not just any-o-deal, mind you, the deals that are present in The Entertainer App are from the finest merchants be it restaurants, beauty parlours, hotels and such!

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 1.16.53 pm

The whole idea of The Entertainer is a buy 1 get 1 free concept so you can enjoy an experience with someone (or gift a pair of people something – e.g. both your parents) at only the price of 1. That makes it a lot more affordable, especially if we’re talking about something like a S$90 main course at a relatively high-end restaurant!

Though of course… good things are hardly free which is why while The Entertainer app itself is free, to unlock the super special deals (usually offered by higher-end restaurants, fine-dining places, or even high profile eateries), you’ll have to purchase the ‘Mobile Product‘ within The Entertainer.

This comes at a price of 95sgd for the year you’re in (e.g. 2014, 2015 etc), or 12sgd for a month but the monthly one doesn’t unlock all merchants. The monthly plan only gives you access to 770 of the 990 awesome deals that you would get should you purchase the annual Mobile Product.

I hope I didn’t lose you anywhere… everyone on speed?

To add some pictures to all these words, here are some ‘locked’ offers that are only available after purchase of the Annual Mobile Product!


A highly raved steak place in town – would you like a 1 for 1 deal for this?


Or maybe pies?


Some pampering for you and your mom or a gal pal?


If you’re thinking of a spiffy place to stay for a quick getaway, how about a Buy 1 Night, Free 1 Night stay at HK Conrad?

If you would a taste of how a fully unlocked The Entertainer would work, I have ten (yes ten!) 2014 Mobile Products (that’s the annual one) to giveaway so stay tuned to the end of the post!

The 2014 Mobile Product will only last till the end of this year but it’s enough time to snatch up a couple of dining or spa deals and bring a couple of your loved ones for some holiday festivities and complete your year-end gifting experience without breaking the bank!


Again, I know how different this entry is, from my usual, but trust me when I say all I want to do is share about it because I was pretty stoked at the deals offered within the app and also the opportunity to giveaway a ‘key’ to these deals to some of my readers.

Grey Divider

Moving on from that introduction…

Now that the year is coming to a close, The Entertainer is prepping up their 2015 Mobile Product and a new merchant on that list is PappaSan!


I’ve seen this restaurant a couple of times since I’m often in that vicinity but for those who haven’t heard of PappaSan (not to be confused with PappaRich), this place is located at Dorsett Hotel which is located along Cantonment / New Bridge Road. The closest MRT is Outram and it’s a short 5 minutes walk away – depending on how quick or slow your legs take you.



I’ve heard about PappaSan serving up some pretty new takes on local delicacies but in this entry’s experience we got to have a glimpse at a couple of their other stuff.

Not the chicken rice that they’re famed for but you could give that a go for yourself when you get the 2015 The Entertainer Mobile Product!


The evening started with a little tapas while everyone casually filtered in on that wet and rainy day. By the time I got there the dishes were a little wiped but I managed a couple of shots nonetheless.


Lemongrass chicken, I believe


Prawns with Tomato and Italian Gremolata – the prawns were really fresh and yummy, that’s coming from someone who doesn’t normally like prawns!


Succulent Beef Tenderloin Skewers – beef was a tad hard by the time I had it, which was when it was a little cold already.


Crusted Chicken Rice Balls – Hubs really liked this. I couldn’t tell what it was then and found it really intriguing.


tortilla chips! – loved the dips!


One thing I was really glad for was the watermelon sangria – I could really use a drink after that hectic week at work!



After picking what we wanted, it’s nom-time!




In the midst of having our plate of food, we were called up for a little demonstration as they prepared one of the star dishes of the night.We were greeted with 4 white mounds engulfed in flames and the only clue as to what this dish was was the little fish tail sticking out at the back.


This dish is the Snow Mountain Fish (S$48) and the white ‘shell’ you see is actually a whole load of seasalt generously covering the fish.

This aspect of preparing a fish isn’t new but it is done very well here such that the fish itself was stuffed with herbs like lemongrass, garlic, onion and much more, making it exude a very fragrant and mouth-watering aroma the minute it was cut into.


This method reminded me of the way street vendors in Thailand cooked their fishes though, of course, the way it is done here is much more sophisticated and once unveiled, the fish still looks wholly intact and clean without ‘scabs’ all over.

The idea of cocoon-ning the fish in sea salt is to lock in the moisture of the meat while the fish cooks to the perfect done-ness.



I’ll admit that the fish was nice and fragrant with the meat done just right though I felt it was a tad dry for my liking. Hubs didn’t have an issue with it because he’s less picky about fish and enjoyed how fragrant the herbs made the fish taste.

I’m not quite a fish person so I took a couple of bites and shoved the rest to hubs.

The next dish, is a little more up my carnivorous alley!


This is the Portugese-styled Crispy Suckling Pig (S$268, pre-order only) and this dish brings a whole new level of enjoyment and entertainment to the term Suckling Pig.


Because there’s this really cool ‘ritual’ you’ll have to go through before you get to dig in to the succulent and juicy pork and I decided to volunteer my hubs for it because, you know, I’m such a good wife and all. Ha!


The idea is that the host (or whoever, really) is to chop up the pig with a dinner plate – as seen in hubs hands – as per the instructions of the waiting staff of course and at the end of the whole violent piggy massacre (okay, it’s already dead, I know), you smash said plate into a bin with as loud and resounding a shatter as you can.

This process is said to bring luck and prosperity to the person doing it and just before you start chopping the pig up, you are to make a wish and that wish is suppose to come true the next year!

Something like that…

While the hubs was a little opposed to the idea initially (pshh, shy?), I think he had quite a kick with the process. After he was done butchering the poor helpless pig, he commented that it was really fun.




If you’ve got a friend with anger management issues, I’m sure they’ll enjoy this very much…. heh!

Alongside the Suckling Pig are some interestingly shaped ‘man tou’ (a form of fried bread), a variation of sauerkraut (which I didn’t touch because I assumed it was sauerkraut) and grilled eggplant I believe.


I was feeling rather stuffed by this time but I devoured my share of the man tou down because it was just so good. The Suckling Pig too with its crispy skin and soft succulent meat.


Unlike most suckling pigs I’ve had, this one isn’t all oily and fatty or overly sinful because it was explained that the way they cook this is unique such that most fats are dissolved in the cooking process.

I don’t know how that is done but me likey. Now if only there’s a way to do that for almost all meat I eat so I don’t feel bad about being too lazy to pick out the fats!

Just when I thought we were done and all wrapped up, we got called over for one last thing – the dessert.


The chef flambe-d the molten lava cake’s drizzle right infront of our eyes but I missed snapping the most crucial moment and that was the huge burst of flames (when he flambe-d it) that had everyone shocked and bewildered all at the same time.

I swear the whole crowd took one step back after that, ha!


Ending our night on a sweet note, I’ve had many molten lava cakes but this one is one of the better ones I’ve had.


The insides were perfectly molten and I liked that the mangos that accompanied this were a tinge sour because it complemented the sweet chocolate filling just fine.


In all, hubs and I had a very enjoyable evening of witness all these entertaining culinary showcases and having really yummy food, which is the best testament that good things must be shared and enjoyed with those you love!

I want to thank The Entertainer and PappaSan both for the very enjoyable evening.

Purple Divider

Aside from me sharing my evening, I have something more to share and that is for you to be able to win a chance to score amazing deals on The Entertainer (it’s a mobile app, if you still haven’t caught on!) and share those moments with someone you love!

10 Fully Unlocked Entertainer Promos To Giveaway!

If you recall from above, anyone can download The Entertainer to enjoy some perks but to enjoy the finest and most pronounced brands on the app, you’ll need the Mobile Product (worth S$95) and guess what, I’ve got 10 ‘unlocks’ to giveaway for FREE!


  • Head on over here and fill up this form (all private, I assure you)
  • You must be residing in Singapore
  • Enter before 12th November, 12pm!

And that’s that!

Again, what you stand to win is The Entertainer’s Mobile Product 2014 which only lasts till the end of the year (31st Dec) but it’s enough for you to properly treat and enjoy yourself and others during this holiday period!


I’ll be picking a list of winners and the Organisors will be contacting you from there so you’ll hear from them (and not me) about it!


Everybody cool?

Now I really hope that you guys found this useful because I was also given the same Mobile Product that you guys have received and I think my very first deal would be a feast over at Bedrock – I’ve been dying to have steak there for the longest while!

Thanks for reading everyone and we’ll get back on schedule shortly ;)

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GIVEAWAY – GlamGlow, PeterThomasRoth & More Masks to Be Won!

I just thought I would do an extension of the shoutout since I’m back at work now and feeling way better. Still coughing but nothing’s going to stop me from sharing giveaways!

So, yes I have a mini giveaway over at my instagram as of now (and yes to take part, you will need an instagram account) so hop over to have a look.

Basically all you have to do is share a photo of yourself with your favorite mask on (or a photo of your favorite mask you shy folks) and hashtag #sephoramaskquerade along with tagging me @icyabstract!

Once again, Sephora Singapore is giving away ONE box of masks packed with goodies from GlamGlow, Peter Thomas Roth, For Beloved One and more (worth over S$200 in value) so you can mask to your heart’s desire!

This giveaway ends 22nd October, which is real soon, so hurry over! Look out for this picture for all the details and don’t forget to comment on it once you are done, good luck!

Purple Divider

Another reason for me posting this giveaway mention in a whole blog post of its own is also because I wanted to talk a little bit more about said featured mask.

In the giveaway Instagram picture I am seen wearing Boscia’s Luminizing Black Peel-Off Mask and I feel, amongst the brands included within Sephora’s generous mask box, Boscia is somewhat like an underdog.

It could just be me and my exposure to the brand but I have received a couple of items from the brand, tried them out and they’re all pretty good.

Though given that, I don’t hear too many mentions about the brand and I’m not too sure why. It could be the lack of presence and/or the fact that not many people actively mention it to begin with so… here I am throwing a little mention to this gem!

So, here’s an official write-up about the product because I don’t think I can tell it as well as they do.

This jet-black, mineral-rich mask has a unique ‘peel-off’ effect. It also delivers powerful detoxifying, purifying and brightening results. Made with premium quality clay, its deep-cleansing properties draw out dirt and oil, while powerful antioxidants ingredients shrink the pores, firm skin and reduce inflammation. When dry, the mask strips away dead skin, impurities and excess oil to reveal brighter skin and smaller pores.

The function of this is much like the Kose Seikoshi Mask White (old entry here) that I really enjoy using.

Both dispense a thick, gooey and sticky formula that you slather liberally on the skin. This is particularly important because a nicely coated layer makes it easier to peel the mask off after without it tearing midway.

Grey Divider

Fun fact –
My 2 year old daughter was so intrigued and creeped at my black masked face. She was staring inquisitively but notably keeping her hands close by her sides and said “No!” when I asked her to touch my face, ha!

Grey Divider

Compared to the KOSE mask, I feel the Boscia mask is gentler to peel off, it doesn’t grab on as tightly and in my experience it doesn’t leave my skin feeling like I had just ripped a tacky tape off it. Which means those who found KOSE a little painful to remove might appreciate this one more.

While gentle, it doesn’t take away from the efficacy of the mask as I did note that my skin felt clearer, brighter and fresher after the mask. With the KOSE mask I did note that the pores around my nose area, especially, seemed cleaner but it didn’t lend a hand with brightening my complexion like this Boscia one did.

For the sake of comparison, I had only applied the Boscia one on half of my face so here’s the half-face comparison of both the masked and unmasked sides.

The side that had been masked appears clearer and brighter, compared to the other. And this is even with all the regular facial sessions I have been going to. Which goes to show doing your part with at-home masks in the midst of facial sessions is just as important in the skin up-keep!

And also that this Bosica Luminizing Black Peel-Off Mask is pretty awesome stuff.


Though if you thought that KOSE’s mask is expensive (at S$35 for 75ml), this is going to set you back a little more at S$52 for 80gm.

It’s a little more to pay for for the additional skin-benefits as well as the gentler-yet-still-effective touch but I’m sure those with sensitive skin will be glad to know that there is now a peel-off mask that they can try!

Boscia’s Luminizing Black Peel-Off Mask retails for S$52 and is available at Sephora Singapore


Thanks for reading!

p.s. Sorry about the URL error for ClearSK’s FREE Facial Redemption in the earlier post! It has since been fixed so go ahead and click over to redeem a free trial treatment session, specially for my readers!

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WINNER of {FlippingNote}’s Hello Kitty Pansy Pot

Hello all!

Just a quick pop by to announce the winner of my recent and also rebooted giveaway of {Flipping Note}’s Hello Kitty Pansy Pot!

Incase you somehow want to check back on the giveaway page, it is the one I had over here.


Anyway, the winner of this delightfully adorable Pot is


Shuning Swee

Congratulations on winning yourself a kitty pot!

I will be passing your information onwards to {Flipping Notes} so they may contact you with regards to picking up and redeeming your pot!

Grey Divider

In the meanwhile, thank you to everyone else that took part and while this giveaway is a slight departure from my beauty related entries, everyone loves Hello Kitty and crafts is something I have always admired but never quite had the talent with.

You would think that being a Graphic Designer means you can build the whole world with your hands or something… but no. Crafts is beyond me and while I can try my hand at scrapbooking I don’t quite the patience and tranquil mindset to sit, snip and glue everything down in layers… give me a computer and I’ll do a scrapbook layout for you on there! Ha.

So yes, thank you again and it’s back to the beauty broadcast here on! Perhaps a little life ramble to come as well about my living situations as of now.

I don’t know who will be interested to know but I guess it’s nice to share (for me, hurhur) about it somehow!

You know me, I love myself a good ramble.

Thanks for reading and catch you around soon!


Giveaway – Hello Kitty Pot Reboot!

Wow, what a timely situation to be re-doing my Hello Kitty giveaway that I had held a little while back on my own blogging space.

With the spotlight on this little kitty (can I even say that anymore?), if you have decided to come to terms with your Hello Kitty obsession or have always been a fan of this… londoner(?), I’m offering you a chance to take part in my quick Hello Kitty Pansy Pot giveaway once more!

The reason why this is a reboot (from this earlier giveaway) is because my blog was facing some site glitches when I held the earlier giveaway – no RSS was being sent out, people weren’t getting notified of entres etc… – so I decided that it would be a nice gesture to hold this giveaway one more time, with the same (and previously mentioned) terms and conditions.


The Giveaway

All you have to do to take part is:

  1. Follow {Flipping Notes} on their Facebook Page (click)
  2. Input your information in this form (click)
  3. Voila~ Keep your fingers crossed and wait!

p.s. This Giveaway is only open to those residing within Singapore.

The winner will be picked at random, so good luck to everyone!

Contest ends: 12th September 2014

Grey Divider

Here is a quick shoutout to the previous winner of the Hello Kitty Pansy Pot giveaway I held on my instagram. Congrats again to @koreenhong for winning this adorable piece!

Thanks for checking this post out and if you are a Kitty Fan, hurry and take part now!

Good luck everyone!

Get Your FREE For Beloved One Little Miracle Kit Now!

I have said this before and I will say it again, while I don’t give For Beloved One enough love in this space of mine, I am a huge fan of the brand and the products they put out because of a extremely satisfactory experience with their Hydrating Range.

On hand I do have more products of theirs to explore and eventually share about (oops for not sharing the Hydration one, I finished it even before I realized!) for some reason I take absolutely forever to finish anything skincare so… you’ll have to hold out on that one.

It will come eventually, just wait for it!


Redeem your FREE little Miracle Kit!

Though one thing you don’t quite have to wait for is to try your hand at a couple of new products up and coming from For Beloved One!

p.s. There has been an update to how this is redeemed so the following is the most recent and most accurate as of 20th August 2014.

Here’s how you can get your hands on a sampler kit (named The Miracle Kit) which consists of:

  • Soothing Cleansing Liquid (20ml)
  • Red Wine Anti-Oxidant Night Jelly (5ml) – the new bombbbbb!

Pop by this Facebook Event Page (click) that For Beloved One Singapore has created and first, Join it.

The rest of the instructions is best followed when you already are in a Sephora store, waiting to redeem your Miracle Kit.

Simply comment within the Event Page about why you like For Beloved One, followed by which Sephora branch did you redeem your Miracle Kit from, show that posting to the Sephora BA close by and voila!

If my instructions aren’t very clear, the Facebook Event Page has another set of instructions too or simply pop by and ask the helpful Sephora BA if they can help you out with it.

The promotion is currently underway (from 15th August 2014) while stocks last!

Purple Divider

On a separate but yet still relative note, if you are a CLEO Mag reader, you will notice a little write up about For Beloved One’s products in their September Issue.

I used to be a fond reader of CLEO, back in the secondary school days, but have since stopped on magazines as a whole – not enough space in the house for everything already!

Here’s a little peek but if you are interested to read more about what For Beloved One has to offer, do grab a Mag at news stands!

Unless you want to squint and read on here…

In all, a great hurray to For Beloved One for gracing our press and here’s to hoping more people will get on board with this great skincare brand hailing from Taiwan.


Thanks for reading!

Have you tried anything from For Beloved One?

Take the ‘Angelica Challenge’ & WIN!

Boy do I have a good amount of promo news to dispense!

Promotions, competitions, we seem to be on this freebie roll right now~

For now, here’s a little Angelica mention about something that L’OCCITANE has running over at their Facebook Page (ending on 20th August, so hurry).



I’m not going to lie but I get a little shy about seeing my face plastered in places and even sometimes I get shy about plastering my face all over the blog so seeing things like this does make me blush a little. Though at the same time, I can’t help but feel a little proud and happy at this collab we have going on, being the Angelica Angel and all.

While I haven’t publicised it, I do have a new video up on my abandoned youtube channel, I kid you not, and in that clip I share my thoughts and opinions about the new kick-ass L’OCCITANE Hydra Vital Gel and Cream.


That should say enough about how much I like it, yes?

But I shouldn’t blabber anymore, if you would like to win yourself a Hydra Vital Gel (worth S$62) to give this new love of mine a shot and find out for yourself why I am raving about this, go watch the clip and take part in the contest!

Contest ends 20th August 2014 so, go go!

Go (clickkk)

Thanks for reading, and good luck everyone :)


GIVEAWAY – More Hello Kitty Love!

Are you a Hello Kitty fan?

Well even if you aren’t don’t go away because I assure you, you can’t resist this beautiful ornament that I am about to giveaway.

It is great as a center-piece or just placing it somewhere along your shelves / table / house to brighten the whole place up. That is the beauty about these cute little pots from {Flipping Notes} and whats more, this is Hello Kitty.

Hello Kitty!

Period, that speaks enough.

So anyway, I recently held a {Hello Kitty Pansy} Giveaway on my instagram and now I have another to giveaway for all my readers on the blog!

I know I am having some RSS-issues right now (if you are subscribed to me via RSS-feed stuff, you’re not getting emails / notifs) but hopefully word gets about enough for those kitty lovers to catch wind of this.

As always, you can hop over to my blog on Bloglovin’ and not miss a thing anymore! :)


The Giveaway!

Okay back to this.

All you have to do to take part is:

  1. Follow {Flipping Notes} on their Facebook Page
  2. Comment below with your love for Hello Kitty (really just an “I love Hello Kitty!” would do)
  3. Drop me your email within the comment as well
  4. Voila~ Keep your fingers crossed and wait!

p.s. This Giveaway is only open to those residing within Singapore.

The winner will be picked randomly and if you are the lucky winner I will then enquire for your Facebook Name to cross check if you have indeed liked {Flipping Notes}, just for formality sake so your privacy will be kept :)

It’s not that hard right?

So, if you are a Kitty Fan, what are you waiting for!


Contest ends: 25th July 2014.

Good luck everyone and thanks!

Introducing My New Lover & How You Can RSVP Yours Now! ;)

So, I have someone new I want you all to meet…

A new Lover that has crept into my life a good while ago, that I had taken notice of but never really initiated any contact with.

Though recently we met again, in closer proximity this time… what started as a simple ‘click’ of the button turned on to be quite an experience with me learning so much about this Lover, every aspect, every touch and every sensation.

It’s quite overwhelming how something so simple could have stolen my attention in this way but the many facades of this Lover – catering to casual home-bound nights, or days where I dedicate my time to work, or even occasions I want to be all dolled up and hit town – is wondrous.

Without saying a word while you shop, this Lover casually lingers by… making you feel confident in your smile, putting a shine in your look.

Comfortable, casual and dressy all the same, I think everyone needs a Lover like this hence I shan’t be selfish and keep this precious gem to myself…

Introducing, Lancôme’s new dewy intense Lip Color – the Lip Lover!

A one-of-a-kind hybrid formula that combines refined color effects, shine and lasting comfort.

Well, what were you thinking?

If you are getting very confused with the recent spew of lip products and reinventions from varying brands, the concept of Lancôme’s Lip Lover isn’t going to make matters any easier for you but slapping these on makes things very easy for your lips, no fret.

After all, as the name goes, they are Lip Lovers – made to caress and pamper your lips with wear.

The Perfect Alchemy of Color, Shine & Care –

Infused with the comfort of a balm, the dose of color of lipsticks and a shine of a gloss, the Lip Lover is ready to conquer varying fields to be the most reached for item on your vanity (or your makeup pouch)!

  • Color: Infused with lipstick pigments, the shades melt into your natural lip color, allowing that to personalize the slightly sheer quality of the Lip Lover to a shade that looks best on you.
  • Shine: With a quick slick, these go on subtle but can be built up to a glossy shine. The silicon-infused oil allows for a non-sticky finish, smoothening out any irregularities giving a look of perfected, plush and plumped pouts.
  • Lipcare: The star quality of the Lip Lovers is the emollient and moisturizing agents that make up for a third of the formula. This lipcare results in an 8hour moisturisation, ensuring that lips are nourished with wear.


The most innovating aspect to the Lip Lovers is the intelligent bi-phasic formula and while that is totally foreign terms to me, all you have to understand is that the Lip Lover’s formula cleverly seperates itself on application – the pigments adhere to your lips ensuring as long a wear-time as possible while the glossy film rises to the surface for a plush and plump shine.

A Declaration of Love for PINK –

Reinventing what you know of Pink, Lancôme releases 18 feel-good shades to cover every aspect and spectrum of pink possible – even the pinks that have a slight tinge of coral coarsing through them.

Divided into two families to best categorize the selection of shades available, we have the Basic Chic Shades and Creative Chic Shades.

Who said that pale rose pink alone was the only way to represent femininity?


From a whisper of color in a blush pink to a mauvey easy-to-wear rosewood, the Basic Chic shades consist of 9 delicate subtle lip-beautifying numbers.


A cascade of 9 resolutely pop shades to offer you a daring twist amidst the translucent juicy offerings of Lip Lover.

While I don’t have lip swatches for you right now, here’s a quick arm-swatch that I had done (of the 18 shades) when I got to preview them.

While these are marketed as being a watery burst of color and a nice balmy slick of shine, I was surprised to see that they seem to swatch rather pigmentedly.

Though for glossy pieces like these, arm-swatches do differ a little from when it is worn on the lips so stay tuned for the lip-swatches!

The Allure of Fragrance –

If you need any more reason or persuasion to give these Lip Lovers a look (I don’t know why you would, just go already!), Lancôme has decided to switch things up by tingling your senses with 2 feminine and alluring fragrances infused into their Lip Lovers.

The Basic Chic shades are swathed in a delicately fresh and crisp aroma mix of rose petals, vanilla and juicy raspberry.

The Creative Chic shades on the other hand have a voluptuous and full-bodied composition of opulent rose, powdery iris and violet accents.

A gentle waft of fragrance, a smooth slick of color and a glossy plush pout – completely intoxicating and yet so comfortable.

Lancôme’s Lip Lover retails for S$40 and is currently available at Sephora stores, stated to launch island-wide (at Lancôme counters) on 15th May.

The Lancôme Lip Lover will be added to the permanent line up.

Interested to pick up a Lip Lover of your own?

Why not RSVP your shade online first before heading down to Sephora to pick it up!

Reserve a shade of your choice over at and receive a little beauty gift with your purchase!

Hurry and reserve your shades online (and purchase it in person) before the 8th of May!

Thanks for reading and happy Friday everyone!