Q: What is your Nationality and Ethnicity?
A: I am Singaporean, born and raised here! As for ethnicity, to summarize it my identification says Chinese – elaboration in the Q&A videos below.

Q: How tall are you?
A: I am 5’3 – 161cm. I wish I was taller but oh well.

Q: Are you studying or working?
A: As of now I am working full time as a Head of Design, dabbling in design matters and direction but also helping in the arena of marketing and working with clients.

Q: What is your occupation?
A: I am a graphic designer and I do have experience / knowledge in online social marketing and campaign / community management as well.

Q: Are you married, do you have a kid?
A: While I do not like to bring personal affairs on here, aside from the brief mentions of what’s going on, I have gotten a lot of queries so to put a big full stop to it all: Yes I am married and have 2 lovely kids, I couldn’t be happier. There! :)


— Blog Related —


Q: What is your skintone / foundation shade?
A: This is not a fixed guide as it depends on the product and brand (plus my skin getting fairer or darker) but these are the shades that work for me, as of now:
• Revlon Colorstay – Sand Beige
• MAC – NC25
• Lancôme – O-03
• Shu Uemura – Medium Light Beige
• Dior – 002

Q: Why is your username ‘icyabstract’? What does it mean?
A: Basically, back in the day I used the term ‘icy’ as a staple in my gaming usernames. I happened to be going through the phase of pairing it with the word ‘abstract’ when I created my current youtube page. If I knew what this would have spun out to, I would have chosen a different username!

Q: How did you start youtube-ing (and then leading to beauty blogging)?
A: Initially I started making videos to take part in other youtube guru’s contests and along the way found that I really enjoyed it. With that I started making more videos, kick started a beauty blog and the rest is history!

Q: Were you trained in makeup or self-taught?
A: I am completely self taught, I have never attended a makeup school program. The only makeup tutorial platform I am exposed to would be youtube! Though I don’t claim to be professional in makeup at all, I just play around with it and learn along the way.

Q: What did you use to film your videos?
A: I don’t film videos anymore but back in the day I used my macbook pro’s built-in webcam and it worked good enough for videos during that time (pre-HD era).

Q: What do you use for photos on your blog?
A: For the most part I snap pictures with my long-time companion, the SONY A350, and subsequently the Olympus EM10. Though every now and then I do use my trustee but not perfect iPhone camera too. I usually state if I do.

Q: Have you appeared / been mentioned in media outlets?
A: Some outlets, yes. Such as an interview about beauty blogging with RazorTV, a Straits Times feature on beauty blogging a long while back and several photoshoots (Elizabeth Arden, Skin79) amongst other brief online mentions though I have since stepped out of the buzz of things and just enjoy my blog for what it is. If features come along yay but I don’t have the spare time to draw out occasions for shoots / interviews.


— Hair Journey / the DIYs & the Pros —


Q: What color is your hair?
As of now, I can say that my hair color is ‘normal and healthy’. I can’t quite pinpoint what it is exactly due to the amount of color, bleaching and torture I had subject it to but for the most part if you see my hair now, you probably wouldn’t have guessed that they had gone through all that and I am glad for it too. So yes, normal hair to let it all rest and grow out but if you are interested, I have documented my hair color journey below.

In order of earliest (top) to most recent (bottom):
– Bright Auburn (salon done / DIY)
Revlon Colorsilk in Strawberry Blonde
Dark Brown with Blonde Highlights
Added blonde hair extensions
Liese Bubble Hair Color in Ash Brown (not mentioned in entry but that’s the color)
Palty Creamy Cherry Blossoms
Revlon Colorsilk in Medium Blonde
Palty Jewelry Ash
Palty Golden Blonde (disastor!)
Revlon Colorsilk Luminista in Red
Dark mousey brown and new hairstyle (@ Komachi
Snipped short with a dark ash coat (@ Headlines)
Gone wild with blonde and a vivid blue (@ Headlines)
Mellowed down to an ash blonde (@ Headlines)
A warm brown base with emerald streaks (@ Headlines)
A darkened almost-black base with ultraviolet (@ Headlines)
Purple-ish maroon brown base and the faded ultraviolet (@ Headlines)
The healthy ‘do, chocolate brown with an ashey tone (@ Headlines)

Q: Where do you color your hair?
A: It honestly depends, I have done it professionally at salons and I have DIY-ed numerous times as well. In my opinion I would definitely recommend leaving highlights to the experts and while basic hair-colors are DIY-able, I do notice that a professional’s touch does equate to shinier looking hair and color.

Q: Which salon do you go to get your hair done (cut/color)?
A: Over the years the answer has changed a couple of times. In the earlier (blog) days, I used to frequent this home salon, which a good number of readers were interested in because this stylist does a pretty good job with layers. Then I did a stint with Headlines Hairdressing that was quite an adventure for my hair in both cut and color but as of now, I am trying my best to let my hair rest (from the crazy bleaching / coloring) and also to grow out because I do miss long locks.

Last edited April 2015 by Sara.

Are your questions not featured above?

I do have a Formspring account whereby you can ask me questions at – or read my answers to previous questions. If you are unsure of how Formspring works, read here.

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