Urban Decay’s TEN 24/7 Glide-On Liner Set (Info & Swatches)

I know I’m a little to the party of these Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Pencils but where permanent (fairly and mostly, that is) items are concerned – better late than never right?


The reason why I got on the bandwagon of these so late even though the world (okay I exaggerate, how about online realm?) was singing praises of it was because I am pretty nitpicky where pencil liners are concerned. Knowing these were of creamy nature, I just did not expect them to last on my problematic lids even if the raves were of how lasting these are.

I mean, my lids are a whole different league and what works on most people would still end up not working for me so… you can’t blame my skepticism.

Though I’m quite happy to report that after (finally) giving this a try with the Black Magic liner set (from the Holiday season), I’m a total convert and no matter how problematic and watery my eyes can be, these do stand the test of wear. Sometimes they don’t go unscathed but it’s good enough by my eye standards!

Almost good enough to rival the 7 year HG position that MAC’s Powerpoint Liner in Engraved has… no kidding!


So anyway, before we go into the 24/7 Glide-On Liners itself, let me first talk about this amazing set of liners you see right here that is very appropriately named, TEN.


the TEN 24/7 Glide-On Liners set comes with 1 full sized pencil (Perversion) and 9 other never-before-released Limited Edition colors that are exclusive to this set.

These other 9 colors also come in a shorter travel size, that while small is also a good enough size to use. Though if you do fall hard for any of the colors, it could be agonizing when you are nearing the end considering some of the 9 are pretty lovely everyday shades.

Smokeout, I’m looking at you!

Though I’m sure there are similar renditions in their permanent line up but… when we like a color we like that exact color, right? Even though a brown is just a brown.


During TEN’s initial release, which was sometimes in September for the US folks I believe, Perversion was still a fleeting favorite. It’s known enough from re-releases but not permanent yet. However, since then it has been given a permanent spot on Urban Decay’s shelves so Perversion is the only permanently available color within TEN while the rest are Limited Edition.


So anyway, lets have a look at the ten liners within TEN.


The options are a nice pick of colors ranging from natural and wearable to the bolds and brights. Urban Decay even threw in a couple of variation in textures and finishes as well and I’ll get to that with my swatches in a bit.




Now, I’m not too well versed with Urban Decay’s eyeshadow offerings but I believe that this set of TEN liners is actually a homage to some of their best-selling shadow shades.

I know it’s odd that given Urban Decay’s reputation for their color products I’m actually more drawn to their staples like loose powders, eye shadow primers and the likes but yes. So I can’t say I’ve used or recognize many of these eyeshadow names (Voodoo seems to be a tad familiar…) to compare it to so I’ll just go about sharing my thoughts of these as is, yeah?


From what I have seen online, since this set was out in the US a little whiles ago and only coming to us now, the opinions on this seems quite diversed. There are those who don’t particularly fancy this set and feels that it is sub-par in performance and then there are those who are quite contented with it.


I’m actually in the contented camp.

Because seriously, yes there are some shades could use more pigmentation and some don’t feel as smooth compared to the usual UD 24/7 Glide-Ons but I do think the different finishes account for the varying formulation – some shades glide on smoother and feel much creamier while others don’t.


Overall, I’ll just say that they don’t feel dry and they don’t drag on my skin. Some shades seem to have a little bit of translucence to them but I think maybe the US market is a little more nitpicky with intensity because I’m perfectly fine with a gold eyeliner not actually look like a solid line of gold.

That’s just me and my preference of that more ‘asian styled’ makeup where a soft glint is just perfect though it’s a fair warning that those who are looking for each and every color to be solid will have to approach with caution because they’re not all like that.


I’ve noticed that there are 3 main finishes – the Sparkles, the Shines/Metalics and the Satins.

The Sparkles have a faint level of base pigmentation with a really lovely speckle of shine and glimmer within it. These shades may not be intense but when worn over crisp black liner, either on top of overlapping, they turn out to be quite lovely.


The 2 left most shades are the Sparkle ones


The Shines/Metalics have a more intense base pigmentation as compared to the Sparkles but their formulation isn’t the smoothest yet. The consistency across all the colors aren’t the same either with some applying more evenly while others may appear seem a tad patchy. It’s scrutinizing it under a microscope of course because when worn on the eye it looks good enough to me.

Finally, the Satins. I would call them Mattes but there’s only one color amongst them that truly is matte. These, I feel have the best formulation amongst the mix but really, this is me being critical about them because I think they all feel ‘good enough’. The Satins are also the most intense and even in pigmentation and I especially love Smokeout because it’s such a perfect smokey brown. Now this, would be a color I’ll be sad about if its nearing the end which it might given I’ve been using it so often now.


The Shines / Metallics in the right and Satin finishes in the centre


Here’s a look at all 10 of them again with their proper names alongside for easier reference:



The Rundown (If You’re New to 24/7 Liners) –

So… I decided to give this a more indepth run down given that where liners are concerned, opinions and requirements may vary.


In terms of wear-time the only area that truly tests a liner is my lower lashline and also the corner of my outer-eye because every single liner smudges on there by the end of the day, even the best of the best that I have tried. The only question is how long does it stay on and how well does it smudge/fade away without a horrid panda eye effect.

Thus where colored liners are concerned, I can’t comment on those muchless the glitter ones (you shouldn’t wear those too near your lashline to be safe!) because when worn on the upper lids they all last well through the day looking good even after 12 hours.

For the browns and black, mainly Smokeout and Perversion, these last a good 5 hours before they do start feathering out a little on the lower lashline and fading away at the outer-eye corner but what I like about this (and the 24/7 Liners I’ve tried so far) is that even when it feathers, the concentration of the color on the lower lashline still stays so it looks smokey but not horribly so.

I can’t describe it really, but ultimately I still look presentable by the end of the day and not every single eyeliner does that for me on my lower lashline / outer eye corner so thats why these take the cake for me.

My MAC Powerpoint has been working well over the years too but I’ve noticed that it does fade in intensity on the lower lashline, hence I prefer the Urban Decay over the MAC right now.


I got a little too carried away by the liners that I forgot to mention this set comes with a cute sharpener as well. The sharpener comes with 2 ‘sizes’ for thinner or fatter pencils and I like that they provided one just for this set because I can has a dedicated sharpener for all my Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Liners now!


There’s something joyous about simple things like this, no? Or perhaps mainly for the OCD.

Though the ideal situation would be if I can one sharpener for every single pencil, or at least every single color, but… let’s not go there.


So phew!

Okay I know this entry was especially rambly but I felt the need to have all bases covered because I know that personally when reading about eyeliners (especially those you would wear on the lower lashline), I do prefer things to be detailed and well accounted because… like I had said, I get very skeptical about trying new things.

I try them, of course, but that’s after a lot of affirmation about how it works so, hopefully my entry is affirmation enough to check out this pretty exciting set that’s coming your way in March!

I hope it’s not just my obsession with eyeliners that is sparking the excitement and enthusiasm in a ten piece liner set (of pretty good liners too) coming your way but that everyone else is feeling some sort of buzz about this too.

Eitherways, stick around and I’ve got a 3 part Look Feature of these coming right up. I hope to get them running consecutively before the launch of these babies (1st March), which is a perfect way to spend those ang baos* right? Though no promises since my blog schedule is so erratic these days.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

*red packet money from Chinese New Year


Thanks for reading and I’ll be back with more!

Specifically – The Browns, The Sparkles and The Colors! That’s how I’ve divided them for easier categorisation and showcase, that is :)

Urban Decay’s TEN 24/7 Glide-On Liner Set will retail for S$80 and will launch 1st March 2015.

The set is Limited Edition and Perversion aside, the other 9 colors are exclusive to this.

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Urban Decay’s NAKED On The Run (Plus Naked Vault *Gasp*) Coming Your Way Soon!


So I guess the Surratt schedule is going to get pushed back a little because some holiday and limited edition mentions had popped up over the weekend – like literally, on my doorstep – and given these are only available for this period of time I think it’s better to give them a mention first.

I’m sure you don’t mind either, right? :D


You might have seen the Naked On the Run palette being featured all over the place (cause it’s running all over? hurhur, not funny?) and if you’re interested to get your hands on it, you’ll be glad to know that it’s hitting our stores (or store, at Sephora ION) 5th December at 6pm sharp, retailing at S$85!

I think that’s a pretty okay price given what you get within (quite awesome for a travel product) and the palette has a good heft to it, which could translate good or bad but at least you’re not getting a light rickety palette. That’s my sentiment, at least.


So, if its launching all the wayyyyy over at Next Friday (5th December), why am I telling you about this so far ahead of time?

Well, because if you’re a hardcore Urban Decay fan or if you’re just looking to get your hands on the extremely amazing looking Urban Decay Naked Vault then I hope you have a leave form in your hands right now (for those working office hours that is).

Even though it’s only launching after working hours, I’m sure the queue will be forming before, and here’s why:

  • the First 2 in line to purchase Urban Decay’s Naked On the Run palette will receive the Naked Vault for FREE! *zomg*
  • The Next 4 will get an option to purchase it for S$388 (when the kit is valued at S$550) – total steal I tell you!
  • The First 100 Customers will receive a deluxe sample of Urban Decay’s Anti-Aging Primer Potion.

Incase you may not know what the Naked Vault is and why I am gasping and freaking out about it, here it is – the mother of all of Urban Decay’s Naked pieces.

Behold, the Vault.

It comes with the 3 NAKED Eyeshadow palettes (that’s the full sized one, not the basics) and 3 NAKED Flushed (Cheek/bronzer duo) along with 3 NAKED Glosses and 3 24/7 Dual-Ended Glide-On Liners.

Now that’s a lot of Naked in one box!

If you’re the lucky few to get your hands on this for free or at a really good price then, good on you because this would be such an amazing way to kick start your Naked Journey or a perfect thing to split up and gift (some, because you’ll want most, right?) to girlfriends, your mom, etc!

So yes, this is amazing but let’s get back to the key item at hand, the Naked On the Run palette which in its own way is really awesome as well.


It features 5 all-new neutral eyeshadows within as well as a new flush combo, a Limited Edition Naked gloss color and even a new and dedicated 24/7 Glide-On Eyelliner Pencil shade along with the newly released Perversion mascara.

I thought that was quite nice because given their arsenal of 24/7 Glide-On Pencils they could have just made any color a travel size and thrown it in but they really went all out to make On the Run an exclusive and Limited Edition palette in all aspects!

So, anyway, I’ll cover this palette a little more in upcoming posts, complete with a couple of quick looks thrown together with everything (as far as possible) from within the palette so stay tuned!

In the meanwhile here’s a look at a couple of other things Urban Decay had generously thrown into their press pack as well. I can’t wait to give these a go, especially the Vitamin Infused Complexion Prep Spray and of course All-Nighter Spray. The working hours this week is no joke and I think a spray like that would be really helpful. We’ll see!





I’m going back to my topic hop-about it seems because I’ve got some MAC Holiday mentions coming right up too and I’m just going to throw them on without a care of whether I’m jumping from one brand to the other.

I know you guys can keep up, right ;)

Once more:

Urban Decay’s On the Run palette is launching at ION Sephora on 5th November (6pm sharp), retailing at S$85.

The first 2 to buy will receive the Urban Decay Naked VAULT for free, the next 4 at S$388 (worth S$550) and the First 100 will get a deluxe sample of the Anti-Aging Primer Potion.


That said, thanks for reading and if you’re going down to try your luck next Friday, good luck!

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