Upcoming: Anna Sui Lip Crayon for Spring!

If you’re not over the chubby pencil / lip crayon phase, you would be pleased to know that Anna Sui is rolling out some beautifully packaged (what’s new) lip crayons for Spring 2014.

Thing is, I’ve never noticed these Anna Sui lip crayons and as it turns out, it’s a not a new thing to the brand as Anna Sui had released some lip crayons last Spring as well.

Though the ones you see here are new shades in a newer packaging, isn’t it just gorgeous?

I haven’t seen this for myself and I’m not even sure we will have it here but I can bet that they’ll be smelling of Rose, mmmm!

Available in three shades, I don’t know how opaque or sheer these would go on but if it’s anything like their previously released Lip Crayons, they should be decently pigmented!

Currently it is only spotted at Urban Outfitter’s website but fingers crossed that we’ll see this in person at Anna Sui counters soon?

I’ve got my eye on that lovely Coral Pink!

Thanks for reading! How do you feel about these Anna Sui Lip Crayons? Tried the earlier releases?