It’s Baby Sitting Time! Or Week, Whichever…

I wasn’t going to bother with an announcement post because I’ve left enough posts running along during my absence that you probably wouldn’t notice anyway… ha!

Though I guess my need to ramble and talk about absolutely nothing important at all got the best of me so here I am saying, tata my little blog space! Be good, listen to the scheduled timer and put things up on time and all’s well, alright?

I guess it does help that after shifting to WordPress there is a really handy and easy to use mobile app to help me keep track of whatever is going on on here, on my phone, so if somehow anything misbehaves I still am able to check in real quick.

I doubt anyone is interested to know, but yes hubs and I are spending a full week at home since our in-laws are away on vacation (something I totally need) and I would hardly call this ‘break’ of ours a vacation because we know how our little monster can be such a handful but it’s still nice, I guess to plan some activities that we would like to cover during this period of leave and home-boundness.

“who are you callin’ little monster!”

We’re thinking of some water activities, beach activities, indoor playground fun again seeing as she enjoys that and of course just regular ole family bonding.

We had a thought to do a staycation but that thought came really late so booking is near impossible (I’m sure vacancies are close to none) and it’ll be super costly booking at such short notice so, nevermind. We’ll be more organized about it the next time.


But alrighty, enough rambling, you get the point.

All should be good to be well, my fellow readers! You’ll still hear from me all week long, if you aren’t sick of me already and if anything you can catch more real time updates from me over at my instagram – that’s provided if I’m able to get a hold of my phone during the day!

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Upcoming mentions include:

  • My RF Facial Experience
  • Nail Swatches
  • MAC Holiday mentions
  • Acca Kappa Travel Kit mention

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That pretty much sums it up. Till I’m back, toodles!

Thanks for reading!