Review: YSL Youth Liberator Serum Foundation – Some Skincare In Your Base!


So tell me, how long as it been since my last foundation review post? Too long, I’m sure!

Though in the, hmm, festivities or rather in the spirit of this YSL 30 Day spam, I thought it fitting to revive foundation reviews on here because there are a couple of bases from the brand that I am really enjoying, both in their own and very different ways.


In this entry at least I’m going to touch on one that I’ve had on hand for a little longer – much longer, actually – and that is the Youth Liberator Serum Foundation.

I think I’ve had this fella for about 6 months plus, maybe? I only know it’s been awhile and I’ve been meaning to review it but never quite got around to it so it’s about time I finally did, within my 30 Days of YSL mention at that!


So, the Youth Liberator Serum Foundation is part skincare and part makeup, which is something that probably doesn’t surprise most these days since more and more brands are incorporating skincare benefits into their makeup ranges.

Though where this Serum Foundation stands is a little towards the front of the timeline when Serum foundations were first introduced into the market.

At that period, the smooth moussey and a little slippery dropper type take on serum foundations was all the rage so when YSL came out with a creamy and run-of-the-mill-feeling liquid foundation, and I mean that in a positive way, that applies so nicely and beautifully, it caused quite a bit of a stir.


Not so much in Singapore, strangely, perhaps because on our hot little humid island not everyone is as receptive towards a serum-infused foundation but trust me if your concept of serum foundations is thick, heavy, greasy and oil-slick-esque then the Youth Liberator Serum Foundation is far from it.

The only downside to this, which I’ll get to more thoroughly in a bit, is the wearing power. Or rather the lack of.

Though as I said, I’ll get to it.

First up, given this has skincare properties and a bit of science behind it, I feel it’s necessary for me to explain that a little just to give this sleek glass bottle some justice in that area.

The Skincare Science –


So, a little makeup branch off YSL’s Youth Liberator skincare range, the Serum Foundation functions largely like what the Youth Liberator range sets out to do which is provide nourishment to the skin, hydration as well as anti-aging benefits.

The key ingredient behind that is a YSL patented one called Glycanactif, responsible for aiding with skin regeneration and all prolonged hydration so your skin remains soft, supple and moist through the day. That’s mostly for skincare but with a little inclusion of the Youth Liberator Serum within this foundation, I’m sure it’ll provide some skin comfort to normal / dry skintypes.

While it’s not a foundation I will actively wave the oily skintypes to, I’m not saying you must turn away either because ultimately it’s still something I can wear on oilier days, albeit not as perfectly as foundations made for oily skintypes, but you get my drift.

If you are curious, it’s not a no.

So in the makeup science front, YSL had also included something called the ‘Color Tune-Up Complex‘ which is meant to aesthetically correct skin dullness and also refresh and brighten the complexion for that look of a fresher skin appearance.


So with that science done, let me talk a little bit more about me.

Or rather my thoughts about this foundation which is… frankly a little conflicted but a large part of it sways towards the scale of LOVE.


Yet I can’t entirely say it’s affixed there because while I absolutely love how this foundation feels on, looks on the minute I apply it and how comforting it is to apply – with that powdery soft scent and then the smooth glide that makes it feel like I’m applying skincare and not makeup – there are tiny flaws to it that prevent me from calling it a Holy Grail or something I’d reach for in any circumstances.


Yes, as you’ve guessed it, it’s the staying power. That darn staying power which may not be such a big issue if you have dry skin (it’s mainly oilier spots that wear down quicker) or if you live in a cooler and less humid climate because… you know, Singapore is a giant greenhouse.

Before we get to that, let me show you how it applies and goes on:


The Application –

The foundation has a pretty good amount of coverage, about a medium I would say and you can opt to build it up a bit more but as with most foundations I like to apply a thin amount all over and only choosing to build up on areas that need more attention (like cheeks for my blemish spots).

Even then, I don’t fancy building it up too much either.

Here’s a BEFORE so you know what I’m working with / on.



My favorite mode of applying this is using my fingers actually because, as I had mentioned, it gives you such a comforting experience and it’s perfect for mornings when you just want to indulge yourself a little more in some soothe and pamper but yet you’ve really got to get that makeup done and head out the door.

For the purpose of using a camera I used a paddle brush, so my hands don’t get dirty, ha.


I like how after application my skin just looks that much healthier, brighter, fresher and overall better. It lends a rather satin finish so it’s not especially dewy or supple looking on but it goes on looking just like skin, but fresher, and that’s good enough for me.


It seems to also do a pretty good job at refining the texture of the skin so no skin-blurring or smoothing primer is really required beforehand. Though you could use an oil control one if you’re especially oily at spots.


Of course after a coat, some little blemish spots still peek through but that’s fine by me because I don’t have to look super flawless every single day and speaking of, this is what I really like the Youth Liberator Serum Foundation for – the everyday.

It’s so easy to apply with the added skincare benefits that it feels like a perfect foundation for the everyday so you don’t feel so bad about constantly plopping on a base for the entire day.

Here’s more pictures of the foundation on, after I have evened it out on both sides.





If your skintype is on the drier side of the spectrum and you can afford it, the Youth Liberator Serum Foundation actually looks better without setting.

It’s not quite dewy but it’s got a nice, soft and natural little shine to it that makes the skin appear healthy and supple along with a satin-like skin finish.

Though personally I can’t go without setting my base, even the most cream to powder sort I’ll still need a dusting of something over to seal it all in so here’s how it looks once set.




Frankly, it loses a little of that satin and fresh skin finish but it still looks nice on nonetheless.


How the Foundation Wears –

So now, let’s get to the serious and mildly upsetting part of this foundation – how it wears.

Though I will say that while it’s not the most ideal sort of wear time, it’s one that I can still deal with and one that I still choose to use and go through with because while it doesn’t stay pristine till the end of the day, it goes on nice enough and wears decent enough through the day.

It really is considered decent but in this day and age where all the foundations that are launching all over can last 8 hours, 12 hours and even more, this just feels a bit paler in comparison.

Though I’ll attribute it to – you win some you lose some. Perhaps adding in more additives for longwearing ability could hinder the skincare portion so… it’s something I don’t mind sacrificing a bit of, on days I’m just heading to work and then home.


Usually by a little after lunch, I’ll start seeing first signs of wear on areas I tend to perspire or produce a little more sebum at – typically my T-zone.


the rest of the face still wears quite alright with a blanket of coverage.

Though nearing the end of the day, and the end of the day, most of the coverage would have worn off leaving my skin a little fatigued looking because that ‘fresh’ base is not that evident, especially so around my eye and nose area.



It still lends some skin-tone evening, thankfully, and doesn’t completely disappear as if my skin went on a foundation buffet but it’s not a look I’ll wear out post-work. If I had to go somewhere, I would touch up my face to give it that more flawless and fresh complexion once more.

Here’s a better end of work day shot once I got home and had my camera on hand.



I think how severe the wearing off of it is will also depend on your natural skin condition and how much coverage you need from your foundation.

My main concern with foundation is lending that brightened appearance and concealing my undereye circles cause that’s where fatigue shows up most prominently and while that’s an area to touch up, I think the rest of my face still ends up being quite tolerable. Blemishes showing through and all but no redness or uneven skintone peeking out.


In Conclusion –

So anyway, I think I’ve rambled for long enough about this foundation, concluding this I will just say that the Youth Liberator Serum Foundation is one that conflicts me a little when I have to talk about it because while I do love every single aspect of it and would highly recommend many to try it because it feels nice, smells nice and looks really nice on once applied, there is that one downside to it I feel I need to explain and disclaim because it could impact a lot of people’s judgement about it.

So while it may not last the entire day nor will it leave you looking as flawless by the end of the day, it’s just one of those incredibly nice to have products (yes, nice to have despite the pricetag) for that luxurious bridge between a skincare product and a makeup one.

It’s almost like a guilty pleasure of sorts and the sleek darkened bottle and smooth glide of the product certainly has it’s own way of luring you towards it!

I will highly recommend you give it a look at least or have the YSL Makeup Artist demo it on you so you can have a look and feel of how it is on.

After all, the YSL motto is to have yo try and understand a beauty product for yourself, on yourself, before you decide!


So all that said and done, thanks for reading!

The Youth Liberator Serum Foundation retails for S$89 and is permanent.

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It's a Sunscreen? No, it's a BB Cream? No, it's…

Bioré UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF 50 PA+++ with BB!

And I say this name pretty enthusiastically because it’s the perfect answer to sun protection and decent coverage, all rolled into one!

I don’t always like my face products to be multi-purpose, I would rather them to ‘focus’ and be better in one field.

That is especially so for sunscreen, I always prefer to use one alone even if a base product comes with SPF. Though given Bioré is touted the No. 1 selling sunscreen product in Japan, there is probably no doubt about this multi-purpose product’s sunscreen abilities, yes?

I don’t know about you but with the recent immensely hot and dry weather, less is definitely more and if you can skip out several layers of various products for the same protection and effect, I’d say: take it!

Using the same Aqua Rich technology known to Bioré’s earlier sunscreens – that allow for the lightweight watery texture – the Bioré UV BB (shortened here on) is said to give a natural-looking coverage that is comfortable and yet also hydrating on the skin with wear.

The Low-down…

Simply said, the Bioré UV BB is armed with a sweatproof formula to ensure that you are well protected from the harmful skin-aging / burning effects of the sun’s UVA and UVB rays.

The Bioré UV BB also comes with a cosmetic effect of giving you natural looking coverage, evening out your skintone with a formula so lightweight it doesn’t leave a stick on. The UV BB also offers a soft skin brightening effect that instantly enhances the high points of your face due to the fine skin brightening powder.

All that aside, this refreshing watery texture is also enriched with hyaluronic acid and citrus essence to ensure that your skin stays hydrated with use! There are also oil control elements in this to ensure your skin feels fresher for longer.

I know that sounds like a lot thrown in but all you need to take away from that blurb is that: the Bioré UV BB feels comfortable and easy to wear with a lightweight texture, sun protection and a natural coverage that’s good alone if you don’t have many skin blemishes and concerns.

Otherwise there is always concealer!

Made in Taiwan, the tube contains 33g of product and comes housed in a baby pink broader squeeze bottle, as compared to the skinnier and sleeker White UV Sunscreen that was last released.

Ever since my first encounter with Bioré’s sunscreen, upon recommendation by Mag, I’ve thought nothing less of Bioré’s sunscreen products because they are perfect for those who shun sunscreens due to the heaviness, tack and the greasiness that would ensue.

Though in today’s day and age I think sunscreens have come a long way and most are pretty decent. At least the ones I have tried.

But I digress…

The Bioré UV BB dispenses almost like a moussey-cream and it appears a little thick at a glance.

Though upon spreading it and rubbing it in (I like to use my fingers for this), the formula starts to feel lighter on the skin and blends away very easily without feeling heavy or sticky on. There is a slight brightening effect and the color tends to be in the lighter spectrum (for the whole brightening effect) so those darker than an NC30 may find the shade tricky to work with.

On me, this is just nice, maybe a tiny bit fair but it usually blends into my skin after awhile of wear so the shade doesn’t bother me much. Though I need to be sure to blend it well so I don’t appear patchy.

It photographs quite ‘matte’ here but trust me, the formula and feel is the same as previous Bioré sunscreens, if you are accustomed to that.

While it is a simple and straight-forward product whereby I don’t have too much to say about it otherwise, the fact that it is so incredibly lightweight on makes me enjoy using it.

Naturally I think those with dry skin may not appreciate it as much as normal / oily / combination skin users would but I think it’s not something they should cross out from their list either. It really is quite perfect for a quick casual look.

I have been reaching for it a lot over the weekends where time is scarce because this works as a 2-in-1 and if I only had time to throw on some sunscreen, why not this one! After all, you hardly need to set it. If your treshold for face-tackiness isn’t too bad you probably don’t even have to!

I, as I have probably mentioned, like a powdery smooth face and even then a quick dust with some pressed powder does the job.

I’ll talk about my weekend face in a LOTD soon, though in the meanwhile, do check the Bioré UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF 50 PA+++ with BB out! Especially if you are looking for a lightweight base to get you through the recent crazy heat.

I don’t think it can get any lighter than this, really!

Bioré UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF 50 PA+++ with BB is retailing for S$19.90 at all leading supermarkets and pharmacies (try Watsons)!

Thanks for reading!