Introducing YSL’s Pop Water & Full Metal Shadow (plus Giveaway!)

Hey you guys!

Taking a break from all the MAC spam I’ve been putting out lately and talking about a little upcoming YSL!

Yes, upcoming because I am finally in time to talk about something even before it launches, woots!


So these little fellas are launching this Friday (22nd May) and where YSL is concerned, you know the drill.

Pieces are limited and stocks run out quick so if you’re spying anything – go get’em!

Though I have some good news and that is, YSL Pop Water Glossy Stains are a permanent addition to YSL’s lip line-up, though select few shades are Limited Editions, so… the best thing to do is still to zoom down if anything catches your eye. Heh.


YSL Full Metal Shadows

Kicking this off, I want to talk about something I had a mixed up first impression of.


The thing about YSL Singapore is that a lot of times collections reach us pretty late, at least compared to the Western side of the globe.

So, as I was saying…

While browsing western bloggers’ reviews of the YSL Full Metal Shadows, I remember being a little disappointed at how these swatched and looked on those blogs.


I believe even the thoughts shared were luke-warm. In extreme cases some were even a little dis-satisfactory because we know that price is a crucial considering factor in the Western world (for most, not all) and these are highly priced.

I think over here we’re so acustommed to it because even our drugstore prices are bordering departmental store prices.

Anyway, swayed by my online-impression, I didn’t have much excitement for these, that’s up till the point that I swatched them.


Whoa boy, was I wrong about them!

These are available in 10 shades but I’ve only got 5 to play with during the preview.


I’m not sure what went ‘wrong’ with some of the international bloggers but where I’m concerned these swatched with good enough pigmentation, and a nice distribution of glitter and shimmer amidst the colors.


Everything was nicely melded together in this liquid/molten-like formula. It is as if you’re swatching varying shades of shimmery molten metal. Quite intriguing.

And that’s just them being applied densely.

If you’re all about sheering your shimmers out, these do that really nicely as well and don’t tug or pull on the lids, giving you a good window to pat and blend yet still set a little once the formula is nicely thinned and sheer-ed out.


I can’t comment on how it wears in our humid climate yet because I’ve not tested them out but so far, these sparkly thingamajigs have certainly caught my eye!



I urge you guys to check it out, even if you think sparkles and shimmers are too much for you because the taupes and browns (there’s a pinkish peach too, not pictured here) are extremely wearable and perfect for zesting up a neutral look.


YSL Pop Water Vernis A Levres


So moving on to something a good number of you would know of or have tried, their Glossy Stains (or also known as Vernis A Levres).


These Glossy Stains are known for going on watery and cool (unlike the balmy emollience that now-popular high-shine lipsticks impart) – very lightweight – yet also imparting strong pigmentation that grabs and holds, staying and staining through meals or drinks. All that with a perfectly chic glossy shine.

The original line up is really da bomb if you’re looking to combine intense pigmentation with a glossy finish and an incredible staying power, at the expense of it not being moisturizing (but yet not exactly lip moisture-sapping either).

While that ticks a lot of the right boxes for bold lip lovers, YSL has discovered that those looking to dip their feet into the brand’s lip products are often wary and afraid to give the Glossy Stains a go.

Reason being? They are far too intense.

While that is the point of the original Glossy Stains, YSL is a brand that innovates.

So, after noticing this group of people would prefer softer, sheerer and more natural hues (and also the bold loving people who wouldn’t mind a soft rose shade either ways), they’ve decided to roll out the YSL Pop Waters!


For those who find the original Glossy Stains too daunting or for those who can’t stop adding to their lip supplies ;)


Available in 12 neutral and natural variations, some of which are Limited Edition (boohoo), I only managed to play around with 8 at the preview.


Sorry, no names because I didn’t take note and can’t quite match them now, heh.

In the aspect of formula and finish, they’re very similar to the original Glossy Stains. The key difference would be the watered down pigmentation.

While I say watered down, I mean it in a positive way with a beautiful texture and finish that’s unique and difficult to achieve in the makeup realm.

A little bit like how some like to take intense stains and dab it on lightly (instead of wearing them full out) followed by topping it off with a glossy shine for that soft watery rose-bud gradient sort of lip look?

Yes, this is the exact effect you will achieve with the New Pop Waters.


Here’s an interesting tidbit – the inspiration behind the watery translucence yet still vibrant color effect was actually Gummy Bears!

I find that so adorable and genius at the same time because the idea of something so vibrant and colored but yet translucent with a fluid look does sound like an appealing concept of color to makeup and I’m glad that a brand has finally looked into figuring that out!

While they appear light and soft, some shades do a pretty mean job of staining as well so that original factor of the Glossy Stains still apply!


Apart from the Pop Waters, there’s actually one more exciting lip release in this collection and that’s a Lip Plumping Glossy Stain (that is colorless).

I’ve given it a go a couple of times and it’s quite nice to use even with the lip plumping factor that often turns people off.

It wasn’t amongst the mix of stuff during the preview but I do have a piece with me so I’ll give it a proper entry of its own in due time!

Purple Divider


I think I’ve ranted on too much and for too long! I’ll still delve into a little more information in these products’ individual entries or features so keep a look out for those!




Wrapping this up, I think what most of you are most interested in is the giveaway so, yes, I’ve got one for you (those residing in Singapore only – sorry!) and it’s happening over on my Instagram, ending on 24th May.

Do pop by and take part!


Thanks so much for reading this lengthy entry and hope to drop by on here again soon!

The YSL Full Metal Shadow (S$45) and Pop Waters (S$49) will be available from 22nd May 2015 at YSL Counters and Boutiques.

The YSL Full Metal Shadow is Limited Edition while the YSL Pop Water is Permanent, however select shades are Limited Editon.

My ‘7 Deadly Sins’ Where Beauty Is Concerned


I felt up for a quick ramble and happened to be reading this ‘7 Deadly Beauty Sins‘ tag from Musings and decided well… it seems easy and for the most part relate-able enough so, why not?

It’s also been awhile since I’ve done tags or since tags were a thing in blogs these days (it seems like the tag craze migrated to instagram…) so I guess it’s quite nice to be a little nostalgic about that trend we used to have.

So anyway!

Grey Divider

Greed –

What’s your most expensive beauty item?

Wow, okay… I seriously cannot recall this for the life of me because I’m so bad with numbers and worst at remembering them. You would think I would recall if its something that made a dent in my bank but… yeah my brain is consistent that way.

Though fine, I think something I considered quite a splurge would probably be my Tom Ford quad in Cocoa Mirage or maybe even the Tom Ford Shines in terms of ‘unit price’. Both of which oddly enough are things I haven’t mentioned on here. Though… I’m sure there are more things that break the bank but I can’t recall right now. Maybe it’s the brain’s self-defense mechanism – to forget, heh.


Wrath –

What item do you have a love/hate relationship with?

Hmm, cream blushes maybe?

I love the look of cream blushes on the cheeks, that natural sort of glowy radiance and in some cases that fresh glowy cheek look but for some reason, I just can’t stand cream blush on myself. I can’t stand the hassle of it, as opposed to how quick powder blush is, and also because I always have this need to powder my face down to flawlessness (that isn’t cakey of course) that sometimes it alters that look of freshness and creamy radiance that the cream blush provides. To the point that I think, meh, what the heck I should have saved the time and stuck with a powder blush so… yeah.


Gluttony –

What brand takes up most of your collection?

Well, I can’t say for sure really. I think my collection is rather diversed across brands and also prices – drugstore to highend so… I really can’t put a finger on this.

I do go through brand-phases on here where I ramble on about a particular brand for a bit before moving on but that’s usually due to a launch and it helps with keeping the though process flowing and categorized. I think at least.


Sloth –

What product do you neglect the most due to laziness?

That would be mascara.

I used to be all about mascara and couldn’t live without it because it helps complete the look and opens the eyes up but these days given the slew of things from eye infection / irritation to wearing frames year round now, I’ve stopped reaching for mascaras now. Skipping mascara slowly became a habit and something I chose to do because it felt a whole lot quicker and more fuss free to skip it. I don’t deny its eye opening and fluttery effects but I don’t particularly like the feeling of lashes on frames either.


Pride –

What product gives you the most confidence?

Can I choose 2…? Or maybe even 3? Ha

I feel that confidence is derived from a whole look that you are comfortable with so picking just 1 product alone is tough, unless you have awesome features and amazing skin that is. Of course, by then you probably don’t need makeup to be confident ;)

But, back to the question, I would say it’s a tie between eyebrow stuff, a good base (not necessarily high coverage, just skin-tone evening) and if I can stretch my options, maybe an eyeliner thrown. I think a basic look consisting of these items makes me feel good about myself and polished enough to put my face forward.


Lust –

Which item is top of your beauty wish list?

Wow, how about everything? Heh!

Right now perhaps I would say it’s the Hourglass Modernist Eyeshadow palettes? Have you seen those things, they’re so pretty and flowy looking while swatching intensely and seemingly smoothly. Of course I don’t need any more shadows and much as I want them I have developed a pretty good sense of self control in recent years, no thanks to the looming financial responsibilities of a family of course, so yes…  while I want, I really don’t need.


Envy –

Which makeup product/look is great on others but not on you?

I’m going to go with ‘look’ here and say that I am mad envious of people with pretty eyes. By that I mean the sort of eye with perfect lid space, double-eyelid spacings and the sort of eye shape that looks great photographed no matter from which angle.

I know my eye shots are quite alright but that’s only because I’ve come to learn how to ‘pose’ my own eyes. If I were being whiny, I would complain that my eyes are a little hooded so sometimes my double eyelids are uneven and when I do certain looks they may seem nice when I’m doing it and raising my brows in a way but once I’m done and return my eyes to ‘normal’ the whole look just seems to sag a bit.

It’s sad but I guess to a certain extent, my concern isn’t too much of a worry and I should be glad that my eyes are at most just a little itty bit iffy to work with. I wish they were like those envious perfect eye shape / lidded girls but ah well, you deal with you’ve got right? ;)

Grey Divider

Well I think after that I’m all rambled out now and I hope it was an interesting read for you too!

I’m curious to know what are all your answers to this 7 Deadly Sins tag so if you happen to feel up for a little sharing sesh or ramble, I would love if you did this up and linked back to me so I could have a read!

Lets reinstate that rambly beauty tag sharing community aspect we used to have? Heh

Eitherways, I would love to hear from you!


Thanks for reading!

Sephora’s Color Festival Blockbuster Palette For 2014!

It’s still a little while away from the holiday season but I’m not going to make the same mistake as I did in previous years, but starting my festive mentions a little too late and having to speed through them as Christmas / New Years drew closer.

Though granted we don’t have to give mention to everything, which as a result is what I did with some less than impressive holiday pieces last season, but I did skip out some pretty value deals and gorgeous buys so… here’s me starting way early in September!

I don’t promise to keep to constant mentions but I’ll try and post what I can when I get it!

’tis the season for sharing, after all.

Every Christmas Sephora never fails to bust out their Blockbuster palettes, palettes with about a million and one eyeshadows, lip colors etc etc.

These Blockbuster palettes are quite impressive – in terms of fitting so many items into a small little compact chunk as such – and fare quite well in terms of pigmentation and texture. Not phenomenal but good enough; after all, you can’t have everything!

What’s more, this year they come in an extremely adorable and as-compact bow-shaped case that swivels out to form a fairly impressive display of all the ‘trays’ within. Almost like you’re your own little makeup artist!


The set comes with:

  • 72 Eyeshadows
  • 28 Lipglosses
  • 8 Blushes
  • 4 Cream Cheek-Lip Products
  • 6 Looks (tutorial sheets)
  • 2 Mirrors

While I don’t know how much this is going to cost when it reaches us, it’s good to know that the US pricing of this is listed at $49.50 which really isn’t too bad for everything you’re getting! Product aside, let’s not forget about the cute and compact case.

Even though this is immensely cute, Sephora’s Blockbuster palettes aren’t on my radar because I have enough of each category separately to justify splurging on this one do-it-all but I can imagine it would be a fabulous gift for that one friend starting on makeup and doesn’t have much in her stash or pals that are always on-the-go, scooting all over the world and always have difficulty deciding what makeup pieces to pack!


Hope this contributes to a good gift idea for some of you, look out for it to come!

Thanks for reading!

Beauty Issues Plaguing You Right Now…

Inspired by Karen (of Makeup and Beauty Blog)’s entry about Beauty Issues Beseiging her as of now, I have decided to compile my own list… just to round up the little nagging thoughts in my mind and dis-satisfaction about my own skin.

Of course, I feel entries like these must always be prefaced with some disclaimer, not for any justification purpose but just to say that naturally the word ‘issues’ is used in the most frivolous of ways here.

Plus, as much as these itty bitty problems sometimes has me scrutinizing my own skin and wishing better, I have accepted that a lot of this is part of me and sometimes I do see some light in these otherwise ‘problems’.

Of course there are no light in some of them but let’s just say it could be worst and I’m glad it’s not.

First up…

Brows, Or the Lack Thereof.

A long standing makeup woe, my lack of brow definition is something that has plagued me for a long while and in some aspects while I am grateful for it (because I don’t have to bleach them lighter when my hair gets lighter), what I would give to just throw on some clear brow gel haphazardly or just comb my brow hairs in place during my makeup-off-days.

See here, no brows:

With brows:

Now that I am accustomed to how I look with my brows filled in, I try to at least comb on some brow definition even during quick weekend runs.

Thank god for Benefit’s Gimme Brow which does gimme brows, in the most natural of ways. It isn’t the best for shaping but it does a good job of shading and making it appear as if I had these natural frames to begin with – when I sadly don’t. Boohoo.

Fine Lines. Yes, you read right.

I know. Every single time I share about the woes of me spotting finelines around my eye area, everyone’s first response is “psssshhhh, but you’re so young!

And deep inside I am thinking… how is that helping me right now.

Sad but true, for some reason I have had very fine lines creeping about my eye area since my early 20s. It could be my eye rubbing habit which I am trying insanely hard to curb and control right now, or it could be me pulling around my eye area during contact lens wearing days. It is likely a combination of both, along with some genetics but given that, no amount of eye cream slapping has helped me along with it so far.

I’m still trying and looking around, hoping one day I can find that miraculous cure but I understand that if it is genetically inherited (somehow, grr), there is really no way around it.

Watery Eyes Be Gone!

My eyes sound so problematic right about now.

Aside from the issues of fine lines, I also suffer from uncontrollably watery eyes. Though as far as this issue is concerned, there are good days and then there are the incredibly horrid.

It doesn’t help that my eyes seem to be especially sensitive these days with me being way more susceptible to having them (my right eye especially) run like it is attempting to drain the moisture out of my body through that over-active tear duct.

On a stay-home day, I really couldn’t care less but on a day I am all dolled up with makeup and liner, it’s a huuuuuge pain in the A–. I already have some issues with keeping liner on in my outer-corner and with this thrown it, it’s basically a liner melt-down in that corner, the minute I draw it on.

Le sigh!

So I have learnt that as much as possible, during these liner meltdown periods, I simply sport the upper lashline flick and leave my lower lashline bare. Hence you do see this upper-liner-only look on my blog a little more often these days even though I very much prefer to line my lower lashline too for added depth.

This also implies that on most of these days I try to shun events and appearances outside of work, casual friends and home. Hurhur!

A Traffic Jam In My Skin…

So I used to have pretty good skin days and was quite the envy of some pals I know. Though frankly, and sadly, those days are over.

These days, as my skin has started to sink back into its hormonal pile of mess (post-preg and all), I’ve been facing rather erratic moodswings from it – sometimes dry, sometimes oily and most of the times clogged.

Part of it is also my fault and my slight neglect to my skin care routine (simplifying it loads, no masking sessions, not as much pampering…) and also some neglect to skin maintenance but all that has added up to rather clogged pores about my skin these days. I hardly have pore issues but these days I catch myself slapping on a pore minimizer (ala Dior’s Pore Minimizer or Benefit’s Porefessional) more often before foundation.

Of course, I think I have a lot more issues but before this turns into a body image counselling post (you know I am using this light-heartedly, yes?), I shall sign off and wrap these up as my main concerns for now.

Though a good number of them have been concerns for a good while (brows, anyone…) but at the same time when I step back from the mirror and look at myself as a whole, I am glad that while I see my own shortcomings, I find a way about it and hopefully being aware of them would allow me to assess and treat them, making me a better version of myself!

So, tell me, do you personally have some issues that are troubling you and just getting under your skin (hurhur)?

Thanks for reading!

p.s. so it’s madness back at the slaughterhouse work (you know I’m joking yeah?) so even though I haven’t been back much I guess I’m dropping in to say I’m booking myself out of blogging activities this week and maybe next but hopefully not. We shall see how quickly i can kick these all out of the way but… I guess I just wanted to say that regardless if anyone really wandered or not.

p.p.s Seems like the news feed RSS thing isn’t fixed yet and onsugar isn’t getting back to me about it either. I highly suggest anyone getting their feeds via that to maybe follow me on other platforms if you are keen on getting my news! Again, thanks for the support <3