Benefit Bathina Body Mist, Coming Soon!

I am so so so excites!

Fellow Bathina fans will probably feel the same amount of eagerness and excitement wash over them like the scent of Bathina being misted all over your body, hair, face… yeah you heard me right!

Hair and face as well given this formula is alcohol-free! Though maybe I wouldn’t recommend the face bit but just saying you probably could if you wanted to…

Why? I don’t know and I don’t question / judge.

But, I digress.


Doing something right, Benefit is going to be putting out a Bathina Body Mist that is said to smell exactly like the soft, sensual and delicately soothing Bathina Body Oil which has quite a following because of how captivating its scent is.

While I haven’t given my Bathina a whole lot of use – I like to conserve the things I love the most, I am weird that way – I am so stoked about drenching myself in this powdery soft goodness and may even obsess about it to the point of misting it on my curtains, bedsheets… okay someone has to stop me.

Benefit’s Bathina Body Mist is formulated to actually provide hydration (don’t know the science to that yet) so don’t be afraid to spritz that on all o’er gurl~


For those not on the Bathina bandwagon yet, do pop by your nearest Benefit and give their Body Oil a go to be introduced to this serene world of powder soft flirtiness. It isn’t a scent so out of this world it is unique but it is beautiful enough to want to douse yourself in it whenever and wherever possible.

Thus, I think Benefit did a fairly good call with the Body Mist option over a Perfume.

Details of this little fella is still sketchy so I don’t have much else to say except I hope this pops by our shores soon, real soon!

In the meanwhile I can only keep my antenna up for news!


Thanks for reading!

Benefit's Gimmebrow Gives Me Brows!

Ahem ahem, look at what I managed to dig up from the library of forgotten photos.


If I didn’t go through those hair transformation days I could probably pass this off as a fairly recent review / feature but alas, I still had my ash blonde locks when I snapped these pics (boy, do I miss that blonde… though it was such a pain to maintain).

Even though this mention is highly belated, given I have had this on hand for…forever, I have been giving Benefit’s Gimme Brow a good amount of love across the blog and also on instagram because it is just so darn easy to use!

Before you close this window to run out to get it, let me explain why I like this because the instances that I use this are different from the times when I want a proper and defined brow shape.

So while I have been this teeny tiny tube (a little goes a long way I suppose), it does not substitute my beloved brow pencils and brow mascaras.

Right now, so here we go.

The first point, I should highlight, to deviate any form of shock or disappointment when you see this in person (assuming you haven’t), is just how small and handy this tube is.

When I said teeny tiny above, I really mean teeny tiny!

Though small in size, this little tube does comes packed with an innovative brush-on fibre gel that seems to mimick the concept of brow hairs. It is quite intriguing because while it is a gel that helps comb and cling on to your brow hairs, it does deposit a little color on the skin as well, very much like filling in your brows, but done well so it isn’t an intense glob of color on skin.

I know we all hate it when that happens with some brow mascaras…

Thus, the end product is actually very much natural.

I can’t decide if this product is best for someone with a pretty good brow shape already or someone with barely any brows (such as I) becuase it seems to be between grounds – it fills the brows but doesn’t perfect it.

So it really depends on what you are after but truth is truth, it will give you brows. Whether it be the sort of brows you desire, that is a whole different matter.

One thing I quite like about this cutesy little product is how small and precised the spoolie portion of it is. The small tip allows for easy control be it if you are combing brow hairs in place or drawing some on and possibly one of the reasons that makes this product work.

Benefit’s Gimme Brow is so tiny and small in comparison to Shu’s Brow Manicure.

See how Benefit’s comes with a fairly precise tip too.

Available in 2 colors – Light/Medium and Medium/Deep – I wouldn’t say it is the most versatile if you happen to have more golden or red tones in your hair because both shade offerings have a tad of ashiness amidst the warm brown.

Even Light/Medium can go on a little more medium than golden-brown so… those who fancy Japanese-esque blonde brows, these shades may not quite be for you. Though give them a chance, they can be quite pretty and introduce you to a lovely world of beige-brown brows!

The shade that I have and use is Light/Medium and I feel it works perfectly fine for me through blonde and brunette days.

Though I feel sometimes brow color is not only dependent on your hair color but also your skin tone and perhaps your choice of definition so… take my preference for lighter brows with a pinch of salt.

How To Use?

Becuase this product is quite a novelty, in that it draws on and combs your lashes at the same time, it could leave some wondering how to best work it.

Benefit does provide a quick guide on using Gimme Brow but generally, play around with this using short pressing motions (starting from your arch because it is okay to deposit most color there), brushing along your brow shape and with a couple of tries you should get the hang of using this.

The one little itty bitty thing about this product I don’t quite like is, while precise in point for those with a narrow-er brow, it doesn’t actually give you a precise brow shape.

There is only so much brushing on a brow with a fibre-gel formula can do and needless to say, it wouldn’t be as sharp and defined as drawing on some brows with a firm angled brow brush or brow pencils.

Though, the thing is this product doesn’t claim to give you a sharp clean brow line, instead it is said to give you “thick, lush arches” which it somewhat does as the fibres mimick the look of brow hair, giving you natural definition that isn’t too precise, sharp or… well, unnatural.

Here’s a little photo documentation of the varying steps of Gimme Brow’s application.

Since my brows lack shape, I would usually have to do a little cleaning up after brushing Gimme Brow on, to give myself a cleaner and more defined looking border to my brows.

So after brushing it on and defining it a little, here’s the end product (sans makeup on the rest of my face):

The end result is a very natural looking set of brows and if you are blessed with a pretty defined brow shape already, Gimme Brows could be perfect for adding some oomph and filling in the gaps!

If you, like me, have almost no brows to begin with – sparse fine hairs that hardly hold shape – what this does is to give you a very natural looking brow which is what we want sometimes on fuss-free weekends.

Because when you’re running out bare-faced, sometimes overly defined and crisp brows just don’t quite go…

And call me crazy but there’s just something about having lush, full, yet not entirely neat brows paired with a fresh and relatively bare-face that appeals to me so much. It’s almost as if somehow, in the perfect universe, you rolled out of bed and couldn’t be damned with anything when actually I spent 10 minutes infront of my mirror achieving that look.

Incase you can’t obviously tell what Gimme Brows has given me, here’s a Before and After comparison side by side.

In a sense, this product isn’t rocket science nor will it satisfy everyone out there but for me, I am extremely glad to have found this quick and fuss-free way to draw on (brush on?) some brows over the weekend when all I want is to frame my face yet not look like I actually bothered with makeup.

I love defined brows for more made up purposes but sometimes a natural way about brows has its own appeal.

Benefit’s Gimme Brow retails for S$35 and is a permanent item. Available at all Benefit stores (and Sephora Singapore) island-wide.

Have you tried Benefit’s Gimme Brow? What do you think of it?

Thanks for reading!

LOTD: The Weekend 5 Minute Slap-on

In an ideal world, I would have a lavish amount of time to sit pretty infront of my dresser, peruse my foundation bottles, pick one out for the day followed by slowly carassing the foundation brush over my skin and then setting it gently with a powder puff.

Though unfortunately that exaggerated situation is quite far from the truth, especially so during the weekends. As far as makeup goes, I hardly have time for it or as the hubs says, “Why bother?”.

Most of my weekends consist of errand running, toddler-chasing and bouts of unglamorous yet necessary chores so… indeed, why bother.

I don’t have to look all prettied up but there’s no harm in looking decent and presentable, yes? Polished but not overdone – the whole no makeup makeup definition.

So while playing with some newly acquired items last weekend, I’m glad to have found a quick and presentable ‘face’ for weekends to come!

I used to say that I can’t live without eyeliner and while yes, I still like rimming my eyes, these days I aspire to look fresh before anything else. My definition of that would be an evened out skin appearance (not necessarily perfected), some brow definition and of course a glowy flush.

A little eyeliner wouldn’t hurt but it is not the key for me these days.

  • Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery BB – the 2-in-1 step for skin perfecting and sun protection. Given how insanely warm our weather is these days, it is more comfortable to have on lesser layers!
  • NARS Light Reflecting Pressed Powder – the loose powder variant is my HG but this pressed version works well enough to set the Biore UV BB since that base does not need much to set it.
  • Benefit Gimme Brow – hardly the perfectly shaped and lined brow but what this does is, really, give me eyebrows. My brows are light and sparse by nature so I have to fill them in or risk looking like an alien and this is a great way to fill them in during the weekends.
  • Lancôme Blush Subtil in 030 – frankly this is interchangeable but as of now I am currently obsessed with the Lancôme Blush Subtil in 030. This shade, 030, gives a beautiful coral flush along with a golden sheen, providing this healthy glow without leaving you looking metalic or ‘shimmery’. I assumed this would go on too shimmery, given how it seemed to glisten in the pan but instead, it works immensely well to give the look of a soft sun-kissed flush and glowy skin.

The overall look does still have some ‘raw-ness’ to it as the skin isn’t perfected, brows aren’t sharp and defined but for a casual 5 minute slap-on, I think this is good enough for me! After all, everything appears harsher on camera, in flash. The blemishes and skin imperfection aren’t as glaring in person.

I especially love the sheen the Lancôme blush lends as it really does brighten the look and skin up.

Well, I know that’s a lot of words for a look that hardly takes much to do but sometimes using less is harder than working with more. This isn’t the case of course, it’s less that is easy to do!

When it comes to the whole ‘no makeup’ approach, there is always the option of throwing on sunscreen and dashing out the door but we women are funny like that. We like more but are always in persuit for ways to use less for the look of more.

I didn’t mention any lip products here because I’m usually content with a slick of balm or tint given that gloss or lipstick may end up getting on my wiggle-worm baby as she struggles when I carry her, hence!

Though I wouldn’t deny that a pop of color on the lips would give this quick look a lot more life.

Thanks for reading and do share, what are some of your quick makeup routine favorites!

Benefit Sets Foot in the West – New Store at Westgate!

To say that Jurong is slowly and steadily becoming the town outside of town is true with new and rather well-stocked / assorted malls like JEM and Westgate sprouting out across what used to be plain lands just a few years ago.

I have never disclosed where I reside (I don’t think?) but I guess these days I can proudly say that I am a Westie – born and raised in the west coast. Pretty literally.

Though, back to the point of this entry.

If you are a west-sider and also a fan of Benefit be it their makeup products or their brow services, you would be glad to know that they have set foot in your turf and are sitting quite pretty in Westgate right now (beside Yves Rocher, another brand for another entry).

I popped down with Mabel (of Sheshopsmakeup) for a look-see at the cheer and fun of the store opening and it was quite an evening.

Apart from the cheery colors and decor befitting of Benefit, we had some cabaret performances, the official ribbon cutting along with a pair of chirpy hosts (Munah and Hirizi) who were perfectly in-character as Dr Feel Good and Honestleah.

Not forgetting, Benefit’s iconic mascot ‘Simone’ took to the stage for an opening address.

I think the Benefit team did a great job and went all out to amp up the mood and bring to life Benefit’s tongue-in-cheek personality along with the vibrant burst of colors.

The event was fairly straightforward and not too much for me to report about but it was a job well done and I believe the hectic day and nights of preparation for the store opening really paid off!

Once the ribbon cutting was officiated, we were unleashed upon let in to the store where we got to wander around, play with brand new testers (whoop!) and in the midst of all that, had a little questionnaire to complete for a shot at the Lucky Draw.

The questions were simple enough, pointing to their classics but it was fun no less. The hardest bit was probably this ‘silhouette wheel’ where you had to guess the product of the silhouette you landed on.

Thankfully I landed on a product that was easy to decipher at a glance (the Ultra Radiance Re-hydrating Mist) though upon closer inspection after, most of the silhouettes are quite possible to make out. Save for that one or two really tricky ones!

We played with a couple of photobooth props inbetween and had quite a laugh at the life-size inflatable mascara. I swear that sounds a lot more decent than it could come off.

In all, it was a fun evening and if you’re staying / working in the West region or heading there anytime soon, feel free to drop by the new and shiny Benefit boutique at Westgate (at #02-15)!

There is a dedicated Brow bar so if you are a fan of Benefit’s brow services, you will be glad to know that there is now a closer brow fix to you! Based on my knowledge the only other counters that they do brow services at would be ION Orchard and TANGS?

Overall, I had an enjoyable time at the store opening and am glad for a Benefit boutique closer to home. Probably not a wise thing to disclose but I do frequent the Jurong East area a fair bit on days we want to head out but aren’t too sure where to go.

I’ve had my fair share of encounters with Benefit and while it isn’t frequent, I have loved the products I have tried thus far (Porefessional and Gimme Brow) so do share, what are some of your Benefit loves?

Thanks for reading!