LOTD: Cheeks For The Eyes (With Sleek Makeup)

So the reno works are long done and I am now back to my own place – or in this case the in-laws place – and given how it’s been about 2 weeks, everything is settled and back to normal (even iffy camera settings, yay!).

I would love to showcase my toilet just because I am so pleased with it but I believe it could just be me… I think to anyone else, it’s just a clean and new toilet so, nevermind!

Moving on from that, during my temporary stay at my parents place I rediscovered a couple of left behind pieces of makeup, including the whole stash of LA Girl blushes that I hoarded back in the day (omgawd embarrassing video).

Trying them again I realized, once more, that they are such under-appreciated makeup pieces because the colors are so lovely with decent pigmentation and a nice range of colors from cranberries to golden peaches, soft pinks to beige browns.


But yet somehow, the brand and this product went unnoticed. I doubt they are available right now (I don’t see them at Guardian anymore?) so I shall skip that mention and instead talk about this thing that I have a bit of a love hate relationship with.

This ole, Sleek Makeup Peach Shimmer Glo Face & Body Highlighter!

The hate part is really more of my camera, or maybe the sun… or both. Let me explain why.

This Sleek Makeup Peach Shimmer Glo Face & Body Highlighter is incredibly illuminating. It gives you a gorgeous shine, very reflective and gorgeous (in a shine sorta way) but given that this is Version 1.0, it’s not the most refined. The powder is a little gritty and the chunky shine does unfortunately emphasize pores and also any imperfections in the skin.

Thankfully it isn’t too bad in person but it photographs way worst and it doesn’t help that I had to shoot this series of shots with a strong sunlight, which always magnifies any small imperfection as well. Hence my skin looks quite blotched here but frankly speaking it’s all the shadows and unflattering powder-camera-play.

But it is a lovely sheen (in person more so), I’ll say that.

Though while it is nice enough on the cheeks on good skin days, how I love wearing this isn’t on the cheeks but actually on the eyes!

The gritty texture is forgiveable there because our lids typically don’t face the same texture issues and if anything, the dimensional shine of it really helps make an eye look especially gorgeous.

Is it not lovely?

Well, if you are curious about this after this mention of mine, you would be glad to know that Sleek have done their part to reformulate and re-release this in a seemingly smoother formula.

You can find it on this page at Sleek Makeup, and they seem to have kept the shade range the same as before, but with a better powder and more Bobbi Brown-inspired compact.

Just for the record again, the one I have here is Peach Shimmer which is very pretty to wear if you have a warm skintone. I know we’re past the golden bronzed era of summer but a little shine on the skin is always loved! Temptalia had reviewed the revamped version, check it out here.


Thanks for reading this random quick feature where I shopped my abandon stash and pity I didn’t have more to showcase from home-home but, till next time! I still have a mighty stash here at my place to shop!

Do you like a glowy cheek look? What’s your favorite for it?

Swatches: MAC x The Simpsons Blush in Pink Sprinkles

While I’m not sure if this is still available for purchase at MAC Cosmetic branches at TANGS and Bugis (the 2 places that stocks MAC x The Simpsons collex), I’m just going to talk about it anyway.


If it makes you feel any better, in the scenario that it is out of stock (I heard it is but I’m not sure if any minor restock is going to happen…), the blush itself isn’t terribly unique though given that, it is one of those shades that are a true delight to wear because of how easy yet lovely it is once on.

Though I do believe that if you’ve got your sights set on this, you’re not looking at the blush as much but rather the packaging, right am I?

Described as a blue-based soft pink, the blush housed within this incredibly adorable compact is a shade that I’m not sure if Marge should be wearing against her so-very-yellow skintone but against most of ours, it should be quite a stunner.

Speaking of compacts, if you haven’t seen this in person, the compact case is slightly larger than MAC’s typical blush pans – more along the lines of their Beauty Powders so you get a little more product (at a little more of a cost) than their usual blushes.

The embossing of Marge in the blush pan is incredibly cute too and it does seem embossed deep enough that it would take some use before it blurs away.

The blush is a blush pink (hurhur) shade that applies softly on the skin, like a wash but with a nice evident flush. The slight blue-based quality to it helps to lend a brightening effect to the complexion. On my skin it seems to still be a rather natural warm flush but adds just that tinge of perkiness to my cheeks and complexion.

I believe this blush could work beautifully across most skintones (except Marge’s, I’m sorry gurl~) but deeper skintones may require more work for this to show up, given the sheer nature of it. It is build-able though, so if you don’t mind going back and forth, you can still werk it.

I like how easy a shade it is to wear on a day to day basis and given the soft pigmentation of it, you can’t quite go wrong with it. I wouldn’t say it is impossible to overdo but you have the option of going soft or going bold.

What lends this blush its cool edge is actually the faint blue-pink sparkles within, that adds a nice and barely detectable shine to the complexion when worn. It isn’t visible to the eye, less you take a magnifying glass to your face perhaps, but it helps with the overall finish and ‘glow’ of the blush.

When swatched, you’ll be able to see a nice shine imparted from the blush, perfect for giving you that glowy and fresh complexion!

Though this is viewing the swatch up close and with the camera flash (see, told you I’m having tricky lighting issues at my parents place).

On the skin, it’s a subtle flush that gives you a nice healthy complexion without looking like much. Enough talk, here are pictures!

Incase you’re wondering, for the contour I have going on, I used an old ELF Cosmetics Contouring Blush & Bronzing Duo I managed to dig up. I used the bronzer as a contour, for a warmer change from the MUFE Sculpting Kit I brought.

So anyway… that’s a detour.

So here you have it, the very beautiful and highly wearable Pink Sprinkles blush that while isn’t extremely unique, it is one that is nice to have. Especially so with the The Simpsons packaging!

While I’m not a Simpsons fan, as I had said, I do find MAC’s take on this collection very darling and everything was done well – the packaging design, the colors used etc.

It definitely has made me, a non-Simpsons fan (never was quite a fan of the show) want to collect the pieces and admire the compact case.

Enough said, if you’d like to get your hands on some Simpsons pieces, I suggest your hurry down to MAC now!

The Simpsons collection is Limited Edition and only available at MAC TANGS and Bugis.

The Simpsons Blush in Pink Sprinkles retails for S$42

Thanks for reading!

TGIF, I can’t say how glad I am that the weekend has finally rolled by! I feel like I haven’t been productive enough on here and IG as well because lighting conditions are truly tricky. It’s back to the old regimen of weekends being product shooting days because of my reliance on the sun (and even then grrrr, shifty sunlight) so, lets see how much we can get out of this weekend yes? I hate to say this, but I do miss my lamp (that I  use to shoot pics with at the inlaws place).

Sponsorship disclosure

Look Feature: Tarte 12 Hour Amazonian Clay Blush in Blissful (the pink one)

The other woman blush, Blissful is the equally beautiful but slightly less loved of the two Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush I own.

Incase you haven’t caught up on my little Tarte blush overview or seen the Look Feature of Blissful’s peachier sibling within my stash (Achiote), you can head on over to catch up with those first.

Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

So… about Blissful.

Tarte describes this universally flattering shade as a warm peach, which again is quite far from what I see in the pan but oddly enough, Blissful does turn up a little peachy once on my skin.

Though my skin has this ability to make all true pinks look similar on and make all borderline peachy-pinks warm, ditching all sense of pink-ness in them.

On me, I would say Blissful is best described as a pink-coral. I do see nuances of pink, definitely more so than Achiote but it’s got that warmth coarsing in it.

I believe that warmth is also what makes this blush a bit of a chameleon and while pink, would be a shade that warmer and deeper skintones can pull off as well.

I would say Blissful is quite a good place to start if you are completely new to Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Blushes, or if you are completely new to blush in general and want that one shade you know would suit you no matter.

I don’t see how you can go wrong with this because even here, I have layered Blissful on a fair bit so it wouldn’t seem too washed out once the camera flash hits it and even then, it still doesn’t look clown-ish.

The versatility of this shade coupled with the ease of use of these Amazonian Clay Blushes, I think they would be perfect for some one new to cheek color be it if you are hauling it for yourself or getting a gift for a friend!

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush retails for S$45 each and is available at all Sephora Singapore stores. This is a permanent item.

Thanks for reading!

Look Feature: Tarte 12 Hour Amazonian Clay Blush in Achiote

Remember how I mentioned in my little Tarte blush round-up (of my wee collection) that the 12 Hour Amazonian Clay Blushes look a lot better worn as opposed to swatched on the hand?

Well, here you go, a little look at how I like to wear it on my cheeks.

As far as blush goes, I personally prefer a soft touch of color, nothing too intense.

That’s an odd statement because a smack of blush isn’t always the best look for anyone anyway, but some people can get away with more prominent sweeps of color… Though sadly, I’m not one of those.

The pictures snapped here are taken indoors with harsh camera flash to light it up, hence it could wash some color out. Thankfully you can see a good amount of it still, but lets just say everything looks nicer in person. Heh!

Tarte describes Achiote as a shimmery golden pink, though in my terms I feel it leans more coral than pink.

On me, Achiote wears as a very natural healthy flush – a good mix of pink and coral thrown together.

As a personal preference, I like to wear corals on my skintone because they are more flattering or perhaps easier to wear, as opposed to pink. Sometimes pink feels a little ‘dressy’ to me, unless it is a soft cool pastel wash, but eitherways corals give a more effortless and casual look. A look I usually prefer.

So anyway, with all that said, this is how Achiote wears on me.

If you are a fan of natural coral flushes, this could be a shade to look into if you don’t already have it. The 12 Hour Amazonian Clay Blushes aren’t total wow-ers but they are nice to have should you be looking for a blush to rely on.

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush retails for S$45 each and is available at all Sephora Singapore stores. This is a permanent item.

Thanks for reading!

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush – Blissful & Achiote (Swatches)

Heya, throwing up some entries I have done up but left sitting in my ‘drafts’ since this is going to be a busy busy week (weeks?) for me at work but I didn’t want to leave this space empty.

More Japan mentions and new / upcoming things to come when I get time back on my hands. Till then! :)

I’ll be frank, don’t kill me but… prior to the Tarte package from Sephora, I have never gotten my hands on these widely popular Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blushes from the brand.

I know these were quite a hit the moment they were launched and I was intrigued, yes, but given that Tarte wasn’t available locally (then) and the hassle it took to acquire them… I guess I just passed them up. After all, there was enough makeup distraction otherwise.

Now that Tarte is easily available to us, all it takes is a run to Sephora (which is conveniently scattered across Singapore too), so here I am finally giving these superstars a go.

The 2 shades I have on hand are Blissful (the more pink-toned one) and Achiote (the peachier pink).

While, from the case, they look fairly distinctive and different, they actually are pretty close from the pan and when swatched.

The key-point of this product, aside from its cute product-packaging matchy-matchiness, is the long-wearing claim.

I didn’t notice a 12-hour long wear during my short and few experiences with this blush, though that could be due to me layering them too lightly on for a more natural look.

Though I do notice these sticking around a little longer than some of my other powder blushes, still lending a flush even after a warm and icky lunch session where it always feels like my makeup is melting away. I have read that the deeper and more intense shades tend to stick around longer, so perhaps it is because these are the more natural and lighter shades – as with the nude-lip logic, deeper and intense colors tend to ‘stain’ better!

Apart from the long-wearing aspect, these Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blushes are also nutrient-rich, infused with natural clay harvested from the Amazon River – hence its name!

While skincare benefits are the more immediate thing I look for when scouting for a blush, it is still something nice to know and consider.

Those with oily skin will be pleased to know that Amazonian Clay minimizes oil in and around the pores, allowing this blush to combat sebum and stick on for a little while longer.

On the otherhand, dry skin users will benefit from the nourishing and hydrating properties found within the clay.

On top of all that, the Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush is also free from Parabens, Sulfates, Synthetic Fragrances, Petrochemicals, Phthalates, GMOs, and Triclosan. Phew!

Now, lets get to the colors shall we?

I did some hand swatches with these and for some odd reason, these blushes didn’t swatch very potently and well via finger-swatching thus the intensity seen here is a few layers combined. Though they do, somehow, pick up and blend well with a cheek brush.

Blissful –

Blissful is a soft pink shade that leans a little warm, so you don’t get a frosty cool dose of pink if you are wary of shades like that.

It seems to warm up a little more on my skin and ends up blending out to be a very natural shade, fool-proof almost.

Achiote –

The slightly peachier sibling of Blissful, Achiote looks very similar in the pan and while it doesn’t look a mile of a difference once swatched it is notably a little peachier on. There is a stronger hint of warmth as opposed to a flush and I find myself reaching for this a little more often – I’m quite a peach-fan, as opposed to pinks.


I don’t know what I was expecting with these and for some reason (note: I never really read reviews or searched these up), I expected the Amazonian Clay 24 Hour blushes to be a little more pigmented as opposed to being natural and sheer – which they are. Though I don’t mind this, I was just a little taken aback.

The sheer and natural quality allows for you to easily blend on a soft flush without ever having to worry about overdoing it. Though if you are layering this you could.

I think they are nice to have around in one or two shades you will reach for on a daily basis to use since they are quite no-brainer and they seem pretty hardy to throw about in your makeup pouch if you’re doing your makeup after the gym and such.

I can’t say I am super impressed by these and I am still a little perplexed over the hype they kicked up but… they are not bad products. Nice natural and soft flushes that are available in quite an array of shades, not bad and worth a look!

Tarte Amazonian Clay 24 Hour Blush is available at Sephora Singapore for S$45. These are permanent

I’ll post up some face shots with these soon, to better showcase them! Thanks for reading!

Haul: the Two from THREE (Flash Performance Liner & Blush)!

I’ve heard nothing but raves and positive sentiments about THREE’s eyeliner products so when the opportunity presented itself, I just had to grab me some THREE products!

Special thanks to Eliza for hovering over the THREE counter snapping and swatching all their products for us! Aside from the liners, there is little news about the rest of their range (blushes, lipsticks etc) so while we were intrigued it’s all quite a mystery and hit-and-miss situation to us.

So with that, I settled with a very simple and humble haul of one eyeliner (cause I really don’t need anymore) and a blush – all of which have received some mentions online.

Better to be safe? Heh

Starting with the liner, named Flash Performance Eyeliner, these are raved to last well through the day and come in an assortment of lovely shades.

I exercised control and only picked up one from the eight colors available.

The THREE Flash Performance liners are pencil liners with a sponge-tip applicator on the reversed end to help with smudging and blending them out if you prefer.

The smudger was surprisingly dense and different from the usual sort that I am used to. This feels like a solid piece of rubber for some heavy duty smudging, instead of the foamy and soft sort I often see.

While I rarely smudge my liners with these, this time around the color I picked worked best drawn over the lids and then smudged out for a softer look.

The shade I picked is 07 Eye Doll, a medium…. well, I’m not sure how to describe.

It’s mostly olive but yet very neutral, has some gold reflects along with shimmery pink ones within. It’s generally neutral with a hint of murky along with shine.

In short, it’s beautiful; here see:

Aren’t those little flecks of pink just beautiful?

While it isn’t my usual deep dark shade for me to line my eyes with, or bold / bright enough to be used as an accent liner, this is lovely all the same and how I like to use it is messily drawn on then smudged out – gorgeous!

I promise you a LOTD one day though I’m guessing it’s not going to photograph as well and complex as it looks in person, which is sad. Though this shade is a true beauty, no doubt about that.

Another item that I threw caution to the wind and hauled would be the Color Veil for Cheeks.

I don’t know what made me want these THREE blushes given I’ve not heard much about these. Perhaps it’s curiosity?

Regardless what it is, I am glad I went ahead and picked this up because I love it, from the simple and sleek packaging to the color and the way it diffuses a flush on the cheeks. It’s so perfect!

The blush I have here is 19 Love Kick, quite a kick of color in comparison to the rest of THREE’s Color Veil shades available.

While this looks extremely bright and vibrant in the pan, what I like about the Color Veils is (as the name hints at) these go on like a soft veil on the skin. They are pigmented, but in a way that nicely diffuses color on the cheeks no matter what brush you use.

It’s beautiful, it’s delicate but yet it shows up. I can’t say enough about these and after my experience with Love Kick, I’m kicking myself for not picking up more!

Though I blame it on the lack of swatches online and inaccurate swatch images via THREE’s website. It makes it such a gamble to buy these Color Veils without seeing them in person!

In that hand swatch they are still swatched on rather heavily, here is how it looks (as a soft diffused flush) on the cheeks.

It’s so beautiful and hardly any blending is required for that soft look! If you’re a blush junkie, I highly urge you to give THREE’s Color Veil for Cheeks a look if you haven’t.

Of course, a good number of their Color Veils look relatively light in tone and Love Kick is one of their more pigmented and stronger ones, their target market is obviously for fairer skintypes. Though Love Kick would be able to show up nicely on skintones till about an NC 35 or maybe even 40 if you layer it a little!

It’s so soft and diffused it probably wouldn’t look patchy on either.

So that wraps up my first encounter, and certainly not the last, with THREE. I need more Color Veils in my life but I shall pace myself, perhaps give their lip products a little peek too in the mean while…

Thanks for reading!

Do you have anything you love from THREE to recommend?