Acca Kappa’s Calycanthus Body Milk – Like Velvety Silk Carassing Your Legs… Seriously!


Acca Kappa, wha?

If you’re one who is familiar with this brand then I salute you because prior to me receiving this nondescript bottle of body lotion, I had no idea about the heritage, history and products of this brand.

Except for the fact that the brand name is really cute – Acca Kappa. Alpaca, anyone?


But okay, jokes aside while the name is seemingly cute, the brand itself really isn’t aiming to portray that sort of an image because Acca Kappa is an age-old italian artisan brand.

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Starting their roots in something so foundational in the grooming environment – hair brushes – they have since branched out to create a whole myriad of products from Body Milk (mentioned later) to bath products, parfum / cologne, after-shave, homme ranges and much much more.

It’s crazy, the amount of stuff they have and the amount of heritage they have backing the brand (which you’ll see the minute you pop by their website), dating all the way back to 1869 when their founder Hermann Krull started on his journey to become one of the finest brush manufacturers of Italy.


Not that he knew he would become an artisan and exquisite brand but while I know of Acca Kappa from it’s body pampering side of things, I was told (by the sales assistant at Takashimaya) that most tourists recognize Acca Kappa for their brushes and if they were to zoom in to the counter, the first thing they ask for would be to see the range of hair brushes.

Which is mighty extensive, mind you!

Now, I don’t want to start on a history lesson because if this brand piques your interest, it’s always best to head down to Takashimaya (level 3) and give it a look, taking time to carefully browse their entire range of bath products and more.

Though just to steer you in the direction of where this entry is heading, it was in 1980 (many decades later) that Acca Kappa decided to shift the focus of their business a little and start on luxury bath and beauty products.

At that point, bathing and pampering oneself in luxurious cream baths, lotions and all were a huge thing especially amongst those of the higher social class, hence that move continued to bring the brand awareness and prestige, all the way to this date where those familiar with the brand’s rich heritage will feel a strong connection to its deep artisan roots.

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That all said and done, let’s move on to explore the body products that they have.


I’ve given their counter at Takashimaya a few rounds and exploration and I have to say that the whole vibe of the brand is a minimalistic approach – soft, gentle and quiet but don’t undermine that daintiness for something mild because the products are an absolute joy to use and what they claim to do, they do it darn well.


Minding my language and keeping this post as poised as I can now…



The white moss range – one of their best sellers!

Acca Kappa’s range has grown to the point that they have a good amount of ranges to cater to different needs – invigorating scents to refresh you, calming scents to soothe you, and the relatively neutral scents just for your pleasure to use.

Of the lot, I am showcasing their Calycanthus scent here.


Calycanthus, unbeknown to me prior to this, is a flower available in many colors but the one featured here is in yellow. These flowers are famed for their beautiful scent that fills  the air during spring time.


To me, this flower smells vaguely familiar – almost like Jasmine but more floral without the ‘tinge’ that Jasmine has that some people dislike about it. It’s got a slightly green edge to it to keep from being a heady sweet floral but overall, it’s an absolutely beautiful scent.

I had no idea why I have never heard of this flower before because I am definitely down for anything Calycanthus right now. I kid you not, if florals with a tinge of ‘green’ to it is something that you might enjoy then this scent is perfect for you.


What’s more, the Acca Kappa Body Milks have this ability to keep your skin scented well into the wear of the lotion. It isn’t an overpowering presence but if you occasionally wave your arm (assuming you have it there) infront of your face or if someone were to smell your skin, they’ll detect that soft scent playing on the surface. Almost like you just smell really good all the time.

I think that’s quite awesome.


So the whole ‘aesthetic’ part of the Body Milk aside, I want to add that beyond this simple and relatively ‘plain’ looking bottle is a lotion that glides on the skin in a watery and cool way (as in the sensation, unless you apply your lotion cooly that is…), before settling down to a fairly soft and smooth texture that seems to make it feel like your caressing your skin with silk.


Given the initial watery texture, I figured this may be a light-wearing body lotion but boy was I wrong.

So wrong.

Once you start spreading this bad boy on your skin it clings and seems to seep into your skin instantaneously.


I know of lotions that supposedly do that and once you’re done with your routine, yes your skin is free of the tact but it hardly feels quenched either.

Or that could just be me and the perpetual dry spell my skin is facing.

Though what I noticed after using Acca Kappa’s (Calycanthus) Body Milk, scent-aside, is that my skin seems to feel softer, smoother, and hydrated almost immediately. The product sinks in extremely quick but yet it seems to linger around in the skin for a bit to keep it moisturized, plumped and smoother to the touch.


It’s quite amazing and an experience I’ve never felt with any other body creams which is saying a lot if you know my penchant for going through body lotions like water and always using a zillion and one bottles to see which can placate my skin.

All in all I am pleasantly surprised and very very pleased with how Acca Kappa’s Body Milk has worked out for me and what’s more, effective hydrating and skin softening abilities aside, it smells oh-so-wonderful!

I’ve been using this Calycanthus one so much the whole time I’ve had it and I think I’m even considering getting another bottle (in a different scent – maybe Rose!) once I’m out. I can’t bear to be without this bottle of awesome right now.

I’m really glad I got introduced to it else I would have just passed it off as another body lotion from yet another brand.


If you’re huge on skin hydration or have perpetually parched skin, like me, or just prefer your body lotions to sink in and get their job done without a trail of tact then this little bugger might be for you!

Acca Kappa’s Body Milk retail for S$50 a bottle (approx 250ml).

Acca Kappa is available at Takashimaya (level 3), Beautique

Thank you for reading!

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