All I Want For Christmas Is…

More lippies!

Well not exactly, but where makeup is concerned you really can’t go wrong with more lip products, right?

Unlike foundation or eyeshadow even, you don’t (or at least I don’t) feel this sense of guilt when you acquire another, even before you finish up any from the mountain that you currently have.

With the multitude of lip options available, from shades to finishes and textures, I think lip items are things I don’t mind having more, more and moarrrr of because they’re so easy to use, to change up, and to swap around that even having 100 at a go feels justifiable.

Am I the only one who thinks this way?

What’s more these lippies here are miniatures! All the better to finish up and feel good about it, right? Though truth be told I think they’re too darn cute to use!


Long story short my beauty pals (Beauty Anonymous girls, Sophia & Mabel – Eliza, you’re missed!) and I did a gift exchange and somehow the bulk of the gifts ended up being lip products.

Apparently we’re on the same wavelength where makeup usage is concerned, heh! When in doubt, lips.

So anyway, let me digress to a shot of the night with the girls (and the gifts – pre-opening).

Back to this, this post is just a quick look at some of the items we had gift-swapped.

It’s a pointless entry, really, given I didn’t manage the time to swatch them for this or haven’t used many of them so I don’t have thoughts to share but I was shooting these for the fun of documenting it, while they’re still pristine, and thought why not just do a share-post.

In a way it also serves as a bit of an announcement that you’ll be seeing these lip products mentioned in LOTDs to come! Or if I feel so strongly about any of them I’ll dedicate a whole Look Feature / Review to them.

I am so excites, I can’t wait to slather them on! It helps that I haven’t tried any of these lip products prior – not the Melted Kisses (have been meaning too), not the Fresh balms (have been meaning to too), nor the Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks (have been lusting over them).

Let’s have a look!



This miniature set truly is very miniature but even then, each bullet is beautifully done and doesn’t feel cheapy in any way given the smaller size of them.

It’s one of those things that’ll be really cute to hang on a Christmas tree (hence the ribbon) if I had one!



The shades are simple and iconic ones from their Permanent line.


Left to Right: Penelope Pink, So Marilyn, Bitch Please

Next are Fresh lip balms!


Would you believe that I’ve never tried these given the amount of love this has received online?

I don’t know why but I know I’ve been meaning to, just that I never got around to it and I’m glad I can give these minis a go before deciding if I’m in the rave camp or the meh camp.


SuperDry Lip Crayon! I had no idea this brand did makeup, with such cute sporty chic packaging at that, and I love the shade that was picked out for me!

Despite its scary outlook, the product is actually a balmy sheer wash of color that’s great (and easy) to wear naturally or to layer over lip colors to change their hue.

It feels really moisturizing on as well!


This little Too Faced Melted Kisses set makes me so happy!


Mainly because I’ve been considering these myself and the question is always, which color to get without getting them all? So this set perfect answers that!

You have a nude, a soft pink, a vibrant fuchsia and a much needed red. It’s perfecto!



So that’s all the lip loving going around this Christmas from my end (from the girls) and while I don’t know about myself but I will say, for the girls at least, that I think we know each other and each other’s makeup preferences very, very well!


Do share, what are some of your beauty gifts this year? Or what are some beauty gifts you have given?


Thanks for reading!


Merry Christmas Everyone! Here, Have A Festive Manicure!

I wanted to do a On My Nails post and then a separate HOLLA It’s Christmas! entry but figured, nevermind… I always end up rambling way too much in my nail entries (for no reason, really) so combining the two topics could be a way to remind myself to ramble less.

Try to, at least.


I don’t have this manicure on anymore, sadly, but that also means that I am able to report that while gorgeous the glitter here (as with all glitter in polishes) was quite a pain to remove.



Sigh, why must pretty glitter be such a pain.

I know there’s that whole soaking method to remove glitter but sadly it doesn’t work for my hyper sensitive skin. The last time I tried that, my skin felt like it was burning and got all red from irritation – not fun.

That’s probably why, despite how a glitter polish can lend such a lovely touch to a manicure, I avoid them like plaque because it’s just too much trouble to remove.

Though before I get to the glitter, let me show you how that rich red – Boss Lady, hurhur, cute name – looks on its own first.





I know I said I wasn’t going to ramble but given that this brand is new (to me and I assume to a good few of you lot), let me just talk about it a little.

I’ll keep it as brief as I can with some key details but if anyone is interested in finding out more about the brand I would most certainly do an overview / round up to come, once I get around to swatching up all the shades I had received.

I was provided with a nice selection of shades which I hope to get around to swatching and featuring but for now here’s the two pictured earlier.



I think overall I am quite pleased with the brand. I can’t say I love their polishes because there is a catch to them but the colors are nice and rich, opaque in one coat and the brush is functional.


It’s almost perfect except for the fact that it takes forever to dry. Like, forever.

I think we’ve all been spoilt with the glossy and quick-dry polishes of late that this is a little reminiscent of polishes before the gel era. Should I have discovered this brand about 3-4 years ago I think it would sit well with the bulk of nail polishes of that time.


Though these days with gel effect polishes that give you beautiful shine, a flawless finish along with an incredibly quick dry time so you can get back to your chores asap, this one just feels a tiny bit lacking.

That, and the fact that this polish doesn’t last a very long time which was why I didn’t manage to wear it till the Christmas period. About a week into wear it start chipping very obviously at the tips and I had no choice but to remove it and move on.


It’s these little itty bitty bits that is turning me off from swatching the rest of the shades but in its own fairness the color selections are rather pretty.

I have a gorgeous deep teal that I’m curious to try. Perhaps this time I’ll pair it with that Sephora quick dry oil that I have and hopefully that will make the process of enjoying these polishes a little better.


I’ll report back again! Though in the meanwhile if you’re curious to find out more from Madam Glam for yourself, you can hop by their website and give it a look!

p.s. they’re having a 40% now if you’re willing to take a chance and haul first, decide later.

Alrightey, I’m sorry for this entry becoming such a ramble even though I tried not to.

I didn’t want to just upload a Christmas greeting alone so hopefully pairing it with a manicure made it a little more worth your time to read through.

I hope that everyone is having a blast this Christmas be it if you celebrate it religiously or just enjoy the commercial aspect of it, the get-togethers and the gift exchanges.

Regardless which angle of Christmas you enjoy, as long as it’s spent sharing laughs with people you love, it’s a joyous celebration no less.

Merry Christmas everyone! <3


I’ll see you guys again once the Christmas festivities is over!


Sephora’s 2014 Holiday Collections Are Upon Us!

While they may not be available right now naooooo but they will be soon, that’s for sure!

I’ll keep this entry fairly brief and spam on some images that I had snapped from the night of the Sephora Holiday Media Preview, most of which I have / had spammed on instagram already, but for the benefit of those that don’t follow me on there – here you go!

With that, I would also like to say that I’m looking to do a more in-depth Holiday showcase for Sephora’s Holiday offerings this time around, if time permits that is!

Last year I did a bit of a round-up for brands but with that I wasn’t able to give enough spotlight to the gift sets, new products, and beautiful holiday pieces available and this year I think I want to take a little more time to do that, if you don’t mind the spam that is!

Of course, the work isn’t so much from my end because the bulk of this will be press pictures, given not everything was available to see at the preview and most certainly not with the most ideal studio lighting (the flood-lights kept giving my pictures this eerie halo). Besides, all you guys want to do is see what’s coming out, when, for how much.

So all that is to come and I actually have a mind to continuously add to this post (via point form right at the end!) as I add new Sephora Holiday mentions so you have a consolidated post to see it all, hopefully, but we’ll see how that turns out.

Meanwhile, here’s a pic-spam (for the benefit for those who don’t follow me on instagram) from a night of makeup browsing and fun!

It sure felt like December already while I was in that hall surrounded by all sorts of Christmas ornaments and the likes!

NYX Cosmetics –

Hello Kitty x Sephora –

Stila Cosmetics –

Urban Decay –

Living Proof –

Percy & Reed –

Burts Bees –

Bare Minerals –

Peter Thomas Roth –

Tarte –

Marc Jacobs –

Grey Divider

Sephora Holiday 2014 Brand Round Up!

So, there you have it!

I doubt I will be covering every single brand’s holiday release but at least by breaking up the press mention of each brand I’ll get to cover more from a particular brand and not feel bad for spamming it up within the entry itself.

So with that said, let me sign off right now because this posts gets too long.

Keep a look out for a whole slew of holiday mentions from brands available at / to Sephora SG!

Thanks for reading :)

p.s. If you’ve noticed, I’ve added a cute little Sephora Christmas Tree ornament to the sidebar. That banner links to this post and should you ever want to do a quick check on the Holiday offerings, you’re simply a click of the button away!

Tell me, are you excited for all the holiday collections to come?

Sephora’s Color Festival Blockbuster Palette For 2014!

It’s still a little while away from the holiday season but I’m not going to make the same mistake as I did in previous years, but starting my festive mentions a little too late and having to speed through them as Christmas / New Years drew closer.

Though granted we don’t have to give mention to everything, which as a result is what I did with some less than impressive holiday pieces last season, but I did skip out some pretty value deals and gorgeous buys so… here’s me starting way early in September!

I don’t promise to keep to constant mentions but I’ll try and post what I can when I get it!

’tis the season for sharing, after all.

Every Christmas Sephora never fails to bust out their Blockbuster palettes, palettes with about a million and one eyeshadows, lip colors etc etc.

These Blockbuster palettes are quite impressive – in terms of fitting so many items into a small little compact chunk as such – and fare quite well in terms of pigmentation and texture. Not phenomenal but good enough; after all, you can’t have everything!

What’s more, this year they come in an extremely adorable and as-compact bow-shaped case that swivels out to form a fairly impressive display of all the ‘trays’ within. Almost like you’re your own little makeup artist!


The set comes with:

  • 72 Eyeshadows
  • 28 Lipglosses
  • 8 Blushes
  • 4 Cream Cheek-Lip Products
  • 6 Looks (tutorial sheets)
  • 2 Mirrors

While I don’t know how much this is going to cost when it reaches us, it’s good to know that the US pricing of this is listed at $49.50 which really isn’t too bad for everything you’re getting! Product aside, let’s not forget about the cute and compact case.

Even though this is immensely cute, Sephora’s Blockbuster palettes aren’t on my radar because I have enough of each category separately to justify splurging on this one do-it-all but I can imagine it would be a fabulous gift for that one friend starting on makeup and doesn’t have much in her stash or pals that are always on-the-go, scooting all over the world and always have difficulty deciding what makeup pieces to pack!


Hope this contributes to a good gift idea for some of you, look out for it to come!

Thanks for reading!