ClearSK’s Aqua Peel – The Quick Antidote to Bright, Fresh Skin!

From a quick glance at my past few facial sessions, it seems like I’m caught in this hamster wheel of skin cleaning and de-congesting facials and frankly speaking, I really don’t mind.

Often times when you ask people what their skin concerns are, things like brightening the skin, dullness, lines, acne etc comes to mind. These are concerns that are very frequently brought up and while in their own light they are concerns – like I have my own issues with dullness, pigmentation and lines – the first and utmost concern most of us should have is, how clean is our skin?

I believe I have preached this before in previous skin-cleansing posts but the reason why keeping your skin clean and de-clogging those pores / cleaning beneath the surface is important is because it is the very first step to great skin.

Especially with the large amounts of pollutants in the environment these days (darn haze…), our skin is more prone to clogging up even if we are religious with exfoliating and using a purifying mask, there is only so much we can do from our end.

Also, the thing about not addressing clogged skin the minute you sense itchiness and bumps is that often times, these clogs can and tend to breed bacteria which will cause your skin to become more sensitive, irritable and in some cases result in an explosion of acne even though you’re pretty sure you’re past your days of puberty.

So… I think I’ve brought to light how important clean skin is, yes?

p.s. This is wordy but stay till the end because I’ve got information on free trial treatments below! It isn’t even a lucky draw, but a generous offer from ClearSK for all interested, so stay on!

Now moving on from that, if you feel like you’ve got no time to sit through an additional facial session on top of what you are already subscribed to (say whitening or laser sessions), or if you don’t go for facial sessions to begin with, then I’ll have you know that the Aqua Peel Facial session over at ClearSK is incredibly quick business!

Here’s the official write up about the facial session:

The Aqua ST system is the newest skin treatment that provides both non-invasive exfoliation and delivery of topical solutions to safely and painlessly cleanse, exfoliate, extract and hydrate the skin. This allows customers to achieve optimum results on an accelerated basis without the complications and discomfort usually associated with invasive procedures. In addition, the Aqua ST is unique because it does not use crystals or other abrasive particles that can irritate the skin.

Of course, I spent a bit of time chatting with the therapist and the chirpy marketing lady but in truth I believe you can hop in and out of ClearSK over a lunch break – 45 minutes tops.

What’s more they are conveniently located at Novena Medical Centre so if your work area is in the central district – town or even Novena itself – you can pop by and grab some lunch back from mall! Very convenient and what’s more pampering than a quick skin refresh during a busy day at work, yes?

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To showcase a little about the place, ClearSK has different ‘rooms’ to cater to different needs and also vibes.

The one I frequented the minute I arrived is the sleek, clean and sterile one that gives off a very clean and high-tech vibe. Even registering for your facial the moment you arrive (seeing that you have an appointment) can be done very efficiently with this touch-screen monitor.

Once I entered, I was served a cute and small cup of fragrant tea – not green tea, but something very familiar and aromatic – and a piping hot towel to freshen myself up with. It was such a welcoming gesture given I zoomed down to Novena straight after work.

With that, I went through the usual protocol of filling in a customer data sheet, followed by a quick consultation with a skin doctor over at another set of rooms they offered (that offered a more luxurious feel, think plush cushions and french flair) before I was directed back here for a facial session that best suited my skintype.

Initially I was scheduled for another session – the Ionto Ultrasonic Facial – but the doctor felt the immediate concern I should address is the congestion in my skin so plans changed and I’m glad for this too. I know, myself, that congestion is something I was facing right now due to my neglect for my skin of late (I seem to be doing this a lot, tsk!) so it’s a good call to get rid of that and continue on my journey to supple, brightened skin!

Alrightey, I have rambled on too much, let’s move on to the room and the Aqua Peel treatment!

The Makeup Cleanse –

As usual, the very first step is to clean the skin out so Joyce – my very attentive and skilled therapist – gently and thoroughly removed my makeup, not even leaving a speck or smear of eyeliner (I requested it to all be off) unlike other places that often leave a liner-smear on your lower lids.

Please don’t mind my humorously captured and unglamorous expressions here, focus on the procedure!

Now, with a fresh clean face, we’re ready to start on the Aqua Peel treatment!

Exfoliating the Surface! –

The first order of business is to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. This step also helps to rid any congestion near the surface of the skin since the procedure is very much like ‘vacuuming’ the skin.

Those who have tried Diamond Peel before will note that this step is very similar to that, almost the same actually but depending on the therapist the experience can be quite a different one.

In prior Diamond Peel experiences, the therapist would use one ‘head’ throughout the whole of my face but little did I know that this machine actually allows for smaller ‘heads’ for a more precise cleansing effort in the smaller crevices of our face.

The therapist, Joyce, was also careful not to use too harsh a suction level upon finding out about my eczema issues. I assured her they didn’t reach my face but to be safe, she decided to go easy on me less my skin felt temperamental this time.

My expression says it all, Diamond Peel isn’t meant to be scratchy or painful at all. It’s actually quite enjoyable.

The Acids –

Right after your skin has been rid of all the icky dead skin cells and dirt that sit about the surface of your skin, preventing product absorption, this would be the best time to introduce some active ingredients to the skin.

This way you can be assured that they will thoroughly and also properly penetrate your skin for optimal absorption and also effect!

This step of the Aqua Peel treatment sees 3 different acids being dabbed on the skin (via a machine cause it’s high-tech yo) and then massaged in lightly by the therapist.

The 3 acids include:

  • Lactic Acid for Anti Oxidant purposes
    to combat free radicals and also environmental damage to the surface of the skin.
  • Salicylic Acid
    Which is most ideal for oily and acne prone skin type, to calm the skin and prevent flare ups by penetrating the  pores and dislodging dead skin cells
  • Hyaluronic Acid for Hydrating and Softening
    As we all know, this helps to hydrate the skin making it supple, softened, plumps up fine lines and smoothens the skin.

Though due to my skin sensitivity and also dryness in some spots (my combination skin), the doctor ordered for me to skip out Salicylic Acid since I don’t face any acne issues.

After the Therapist was done applying both acids, I was left for a short while (about 5 minutes, I think) for them to settle into the skin and work their magic.

I didn’t feel anything classified as a discomfort during this period but there were mild biting sensations on the skin, which wore away after awhile. Joyce, my therapist, was also careful to give me a lighter dosage of the acids for fear that any sensitivity might occur due to my eczema skin history. I liked her attentiveness even though I have assured her before that my face-skin is relatively hardy.

Her conclusion is, it’s always good to start safe and slowly bring the dosage up than to go at it than cause any sensitive reaction.

Aloe Mask & Chill –

Now, after all that skin vacuuming and also a tiny chemical ‘invasion’ to the skin, all done for a greater cause, it’s time to give the skin a little pampering that it deserves – to soothe, calm and also properly nourish it.

What better way to get all that done than to slap on a chilled mask and just well, chill!

Joyce specially picked out an Aloe Vera mask for me because she says that Aloe Vera is especially good for sensitive and eczema prone skin. I know that for myself because I carry a tiny tub of Aloe gel everywhere I go.

So anyway, for those who aren’t too sure what Aloe vera is good for, it is an anti-inflammatory product that helps to heal and soothe the skin in a very natural way which makes it such a popular choice amongst those with sensitive skin. It feels cool on and helps soothe itch, dryness and wounds at the same time.

So perfect, right? And such a pretty green too, in the case of this mask.

Once 15-20 minutes is up, I lost track of time with the darkness once the mask went on along with the comfortable temperature and cozy comforter. I think I was just about to fall asleep when Joyce came back in and said she could remove the mask now.

Once the mask was peeled off, both Joyce and Shermaine (lovely marketing lady) exclaimed at how radiant and ‘clear’ my skin was. It’s something that is hard to capture on camera but when I took a mirror and saw it for myself, my skin was glowing, almost!

So clear and so fresh-faced. I attempted to capture it as best as I could but lighting conditions there proved a little tricky.

Post Facial –

Though I took some snaps once home and while it still can’t capture the clear skin as I see it, it does capture how much cleaner and less congested some parts of my face have become.

It helps that my pores also look as if they have been smoothed out a little and the overall texture of my face felt a lot smoother.

Since my skin isn’t perfect (with some typical redness also pigmentation spots) the best way to really show the smoothened out texture and great skin post facial is seeing how perfectly well foundation goes on!

I managed to shelf all my skin smoothing makeup bases for a good while (haven’t reached for them yet!) because my skin felt smooth enough that I didn’t need them.

Foundation that I have on is Diorskin Nude Foundation, fyi.

Purple Divider

So yes, I think pictures speak for themselves in terms of how much smoothened my skin has become and while I can’t capture how much dirt has been removed from my skin, I definitely feel a lot better in my skin. Less itching spots, less bumps, less random redness and all, it’s almost like having done a really good deep clean.

Wait, well, that’s exactly what I did actually!

So, yes I hope that this entry was informative enough to give you an idea of a quick facial option around the Novena area should you ever feel that your skin needs a little cleansing and cleaning out!

The ClearSK Aqual Peel treatment is recommended for all skintypes as it can be customized to suit what your skin requires (hydration, ridding acne etc).

Free Trial Session!

Just for my readers, CleakSK were generous enough to offer a FREE trial session of any one of the following treatments! It’s restricted to one treatment per NRIC.

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How awesome!

Quick, go enjoy the treatments now!

ClearSK is located at Novena Medical Centre (#10-01)

For more information about ClearSK’s Aqual Peel treatment (and other treatments they have), please visit this website!

Thanks for reading!

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