On My Nails: CLIO Professional Neon Stylers in Bring It On!

It’s unbelievable how much work I have right now, from various sources (I have work-work, and then freelance stuff and not forgetting being a personal assistant to a chatty toddler), and on top of that it is even more unbelievable how amidst all that I still managed to squeeze out a little bit of time to paint my nails with all these matters on hand.

But what’s a girl to do?

When you have to perk yourself up to be ready to kick some work-ass (work, I mean, I’m not kicking anyone…), you’ve just got to do it because you wouldn’t believe how much that does for your state of mind.

A fresh coat of lacquer alone can make you feel all ready to take on the world. Women, we are so funny that way.

So, speaking of perking yourself up there’s nothing perkier to don than neons and I happened to have these CLIO Professional Neon Stylers on hand that I was curious about so I grabbed the green and slapped that on!


I didn’t know what to expect with these (I donned a base coat in the event of staining – which it didn’t seem to, thankfully) but they actually surpassed what little to no expectations I had of it.

Alas, nothing is perfect in this world so even though this color was intensely opaque in one coat, glossy and creamy enough to make me skip a top coat and dried relatively quick, the brush on the other hand… I have something to say about.

It isn’t a bad brush but it’s far from good too.

I think CLIO was on the right track with it but perhaps the material used for the brush bristles weren’t the most ideal because they felt quite prone to splaying should you be careless with dipping the brush back in the bottle. The bristles weren’t very densely packed too, a little fluffy almost, which made it quite scary to use for a polish brush – don’t want to get polish on the sides of your fingers!

But somehow, if you’re careful enough about application and also re-dipping, it works out to be okay. I just noted that the bristle quality was a little lacking and felt I should report on that but application itself was perfectly fine for me.

So after that very wordy description about this polish, did I also mention that this is a UV polish?

In the spirit of partying, booze, UV lights and smokey clubs (okay maybe not in that spirit but the term UV lights brings that to mind), CLIO had released a collection for you club-goers to find a way to stand out – very literally because these UV things glow like a scary hovering blob – amidst the dim situation of clubs.

This polish, Bring It On, happens to be 1 of 6 nail polishes launched in that collection and while I’m not going to a club anytime soon I thought I would just try and show you the UV aspect via the cool UV torch that CLIO had attached within the press kit.

It’s quite hard to gather what to look for from that image alone (as opposed to a club setting) but let me explain what you are looking at. Typically most shades will fall into the shadows, e.g. my darkened fingers, but the polish seems to have a UV base that gives it that stark white look.

If you are a club go-er I think this polish is going to be quite a lovely one to have given how it truly shines in a UV lighting environment. What’s more your friends will always, more or less, know where you are just by searching for hovering nails in the dark, ha!

The UV factor aside, I was also surprised to discover that these polishes carried a scent to them. It’s a soft and powdery fragrance which seems to bring Baby Powder to mind. It isn’t excessive but nice enough and it lingers on for about 4 days or so. It gently wafts by everytime I bring my hands to my face to adjust my hair, do my makeup etc and it’s just a nice touch.

Very lovely and the scent alone is reason enough to check this out!

Grey Divider

While we’re on the topic of bright and neon nails, I know it’s not quite the season for it right now given Fall is swinging in fast and furious but rule benders will be glad to know that these aside, Ciate has some neon nail offerings too!

For all y’all fashionistas who want to amp your outfit up with statement and bold nails.

I chanced upon this hawttt pink Ciate nail polish in their Neon Nail set (in super cute bottles) at Zalora should you want them!

Also, I’ve got a discount code for my readers – ZASARA15 – so plop that in for 15% off your order!


Alrightey so, this is a long ramble for a nail entry, pardon me I believe I got quite carried away! Neon nails isn’t a look you would wear all year round but it’s so seasonal and fresh to don one every now and then that it’s just perfect to have them in your stash, for whenever.

Thanks for reading!

Tell me, do you like to wear neon colors on your nails?


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LOTD: That Red Eye Obsession…

Right before I started getting way minimal, fresh, and basic with my looks (not that they weren’t of a minimalistic level already), I went through a couple of makeup phases…

There was that nude-ombre lip look that I had talked about (and will shed a little more light on because of a certain product), and then there was this – the Red Eye!

Obviously the term ‘red’ and ‘eye’ don’t always go together, much less desirably. Though where make up is concerned, I think something about using tones of crimson (strategically and carefully) in an eye look is quite an edgy look.

Of course I am not parading down runways so my exploration of this edginess needs to have a good amount of wearability to it and I think I did quite okay with this rendition.

The red liner that is playing the star role in this look is the CLIO Professional Kill Blood Liquid Liner.

This product isn’t new, it has been sitting in my stash for awhile, and have ever tried donning it on its own only to put it away after. Perhaps I wasn’t feeling the whole red eye look then because it felt too queer and too red on for my liking.

Though right now, for that red-eye phase I just went through (crimson shadow and all), it is absolutely perfecto.

As for the shimmy-shimmy lid color, well I can’t quite recall what I slapped on right now (goldfish memory, so inconvenient) but I think it could have been Dior’s Golden Snow palette (from the Holiday 2013 collections).

I’m not sure but it is neutral and it is shiny, I don’t think it’s too hard a look to dupe.

On the lips is Tom Ford’s Lip Color Sheer in Sweet Spot but it was so haphazardly applied that it looked so patchy on camera! I was quite startled given how normal they seemed in person.

As they say, a camera’s flash can really bring out details and highlight things that the naked eye doesn’t catch.

So… I skipped out on a lot of full-face shots and am only posting the ones where the lips look pretty okay.

Overall, I really enjoyed that red-hued eye phase I went through (though brief and undocumented for the most part). Something about amping up my daily looks with a bit of vamp and edginess, very very slight mind you, made me feel a little more made up even though the people around me could hardly even tell.


As of now, with the erratic one-minute-hot-one-minute-rainy but in all extremely humid weather, I have been simplifying my looks and am even opting for a softer color palette where the cheeks and lips are concerned.

It’s a lot of gloss, shimmer and coral right now and I am liking it rather much. After all, there’s plenty of time to get back on the vamp-tram once Fall comes around!

Thanks for reading!

Tell me, what’s a current makeup obsession that you have right now?


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The Weekend LOTD!

Woohoo, it’s been awhile since I’ve done a proper LOTD post. Not a look feature, not prominently highlighting or talking about any brand per se but simply what I slapped on my face, and over the weekend at that!

Last last weekend, to be precise. Oops, yes… I am a little clogged up with churning the pictures out.

Now, to the average person it’s no big deal because… weekends are for LOTDs, right am I?

But for me, my usual weekend slap-on goes a little something like this – sunscreen, brows.

So the whole works (not even that much really) as featured in this post is quite something to shout about, hence this post. Hurhur.

Given the rare opportunity, what had incited this weekend slap-on?

Even though my birthday is in July (shameless plug, hurhur), it isn’t a party of any sort but a simple act of catching a flick with the colleagues over the weekend! Transformers, to be exact.

Weekends are usually blocked out for family time (which I love and enjoy too, no doubt) but sometimes adding a little variety or changing things up – like hanging out with friends over the weekend – makes things quite exciting. Even when the ‘exciting’ situation is pretty much a norm for much of the population.


Look at this crazy girl getting so excited about going out with friends for a movie over the weekend… that’s how I roll every weekend y’all.


So anyway, the look:

It isn’t any much different from my usual myriad of looks though I did try to incorporate a mish-mash of items within this short weekend joint – some new items, some dearly beloved but neglected and of course some trusty items that I can put on without fretting much about.

One of the ‘new’ items in this look is one I have been trying to showcase a little in the series of photos thus far.

Yes, it would be the eyeshadow.

I have been playing around with Shu Uemura’s fairly newly released (and sadly Limited Edition, boo) Pret-A-Palettes. These come in a range of 4 colors and the one I have here is the more pink-hued one which is unimaginatively called Pink Hues.

I’ll talk a little more about these to come because they are quite lovely and deserve more mention but you can have a look at one of my preferred ways to wear it here.

Incase you couldn’t tell, because it is that subtle, I added a dash of jewelled purple to the look by means of YSL’s Faux Cils Mascara in Captivating Purple on the lower lashes.

It’s been so hot, humid and stuffy these days in Singapore that it isn’t entirely wrong to say that I have been hit with the Summer bug.

I have found myself preferring simpler, fresher and lighter makeup looks (well, basically doing the same ole thing for the eyes) with a glossier and more natural pout of color. I still like the occasional red or bold lip but I haven’t been reaching for the intense mattes or satins as much as I used to.

How about you?

Though in this case while I quite liked the simple and casual look of Dior’s Rouge Dior in Wild Pink on (seen above), I figured I wanted a tiny bit more statement and shine so just before I left the house I swapped my lip color out to this:

Revlon’s Just Bitten Balm in Romantic. I have been loving these Just Bitten Balms all over again. The perfect combination of balmy, glossy shine and color.

 Shu Uemura Hard 9 Pencil in Walnut Brown
 Shu Uemura Brow Manicure in Honey Glazed
  Biore UV BB Cream
 MAC Moisture Cover Concealer
 Urban Decay NAKED Loose Powder
  Dior Backstage Eye Primer
  Shu Uemura Pret-a-palette in Pink Hue
 Starlash Lightning Waterproof Liquid LIner in Black
  Starlash Gel Liner in Black (lower lash line)
  YSL Faux Cils Mascara in Captivating Purple
  CLIO Art Blusher in Peach
 Dior Rouge Dior in Wild Pink
 but later changed to
 Revlon Just Bitten ColorBurst Balms in Romantic

Now to get the elephant out of the room…

I felt Transformers was a little lackluster. Something about the cast and the screenplay, it just lacked oomph and a lot of it felt it could have been summarized. Some scenes were unnecessary but yet not sure how so… overall I’m just glad I caught it in IMAX 3D because at least the visual effects were awesome and made my 3 hours worth it.

Otherwise, I can’t say I am actually too keen on the next part to this. Which is so sad given Transformers was something I used to enjoy so much.

So what did you think?

Of the look and flick? What’s your usual weekend slap-on?

Thanks for reading!

CLIO Spring Summer 2014 – Gelpressos Go Pastel!

I always love me some CLIO.

I think as far as korean cosmetic brands go, at least the ones I know of, CLIO constantly pushes the boundaries of funky, classic, dramatic, dressy and reserved, all rolled up into one!

They have had their iconic moments with their sleek black liquid liners, followed by shiny and shimmery colored Gel-presso shades and because the typical look of darkened and jeweled liners feel too ‘been there done that’ for CLIO, they’re throwing all sense of restrains out the window for their Spring Summer look – cotton-candy pastels!

A collection of perfectly adorable shades that pack an intense punch of pigmentation!

Available in 4 shades to us, I have with me 3 to showcase.

I know, I know…

Again I am a little late on reporting about these because they have been out for awhile now and it seems that every display shelf I go by, Mintade appears to be a rather popular choice.

I can easily see why… how does one resist a pastel mint-green eyeliner?!

Following that I think Peace One Day (the purple) is getting quite a bit of love as well.

Before you dive headfirst into this pool of bubble gum pop shades, there is one thing you need to understand about shades this light and this stark.

While they may seem relatively harmless, being all gentle and soft, pastels that are this light tend to have a white base about them. This makes them appear a lot bolder and a lot trickier to wear on the lids than opposed to say… an intense metallic lime green.

I’m just saying it hypothetically.

But yes, who would have thought the pastel would knock out a metallic lime green in wearability. But here is me just putting these in perspective.

Though if you are a go-getter, feeling experimental and up for some makeup-fun in the most fuss-free of ways (because pastel eye shadow looks are so much more of a pain to werk than pastel liners), these would be absolutely perfect in spicing a simple look up!

If you are familiar with CLIO’s usual Gelpresso range of eyeliners you would know that they are famed for being smooth and creamy with the fluidity and intensity of a gel liner.

Though I felt that with these Pastel Upper Liners, a little bit of that fluidity and smoothness was lost.

It still draws intense and pigmented but it has lost a little of that sleek glide I quite enjoyed with the earlier variants of Gelpressos I have tried. Though to a certain extent it is still considerably soft and doesn’t tug or pull on the lids with wear – it just appears a tad drier.

The major plus side about these?

There is no need for sharpening! Can I get a resounding ‘YAY’?

If you’re nitpicky about your liners being perfectly pointed each time you use it, you would be glad to know that like all CLIO Gelpressos this comes with an inbuilt ‘sharpener’ as well.

Though I think it’s more like a tip moulder.

One interesting thing I found about these pencils would be how the manufacturing date is printed (clearly) on the pencil itself. Not on some box or piece of paper that comes with that usually ends up in the trash.

Now I’m not certain if the regular range of Gelpressos have that but I thought it was a good thing to have regardless if you pay attention to manufacturing dates or now.

So with all that said, here’s how the 3 shades I have on hand swatch:

The shade I am missing is a lovely soft beige-peach that I managed to swatch in the store (didn’t snap a pic). It is probably the most wearable of the lot, yet would still appear fairly distinct on the lids.

The creamiest shade, of the 3 I have, would be the red as that slides on perfectly without appearing chalky or feeling too creamy / thick.

It’s such a gorgeous red that I feel almost tempted to use it as a lip liner!

Now, about wearing these… CLIO has their own suggestions about it hence the name – Upper Liner.

These are meant to be paired with your usual and signature black liners, somewhat like Upper Storey Liners. Geddit?

If you’re stumped on ways you can flaunt these cheeky and oh-so-interesting liners, CLIO has some pretty cool suggestions for it be it if you’re feeling a little safe and simple today or want to get down and experimental with your looks.

I have a mind to give some of the creative and unique looks a try but as of now I have been donning these in a way that I know best – paired with a black liner, much like the first example in Mintade.

After all, that is the inital intention of these colored buggers, yes?

If you would like to be all decked out in CLIO when putting together these looks, be sure to check out their CLIO Waterproof Pen (or Brush) Liner in Kill Black (S$22.90).

I have actually used up one of each (yes, zomg) and loved it while it lasted so I do recommend you giving that a look if you are on a hunt for a decent black liquid liner.


With that said, I’ll wrap up this little introduction entry about these pretty nifty and very cool pastel eyeliners.

It really isn’t everyday that a drugstore brand launches such high intensity pastel shades that perform pretty well.

If you ask me, my favorite of the lot is Peace One Day (purple one – no surprise…) but Pink Stud intrigues me, a lot. Especially so when I am into this whole crimson eye phase as of now be it red liners, shadows or smokey cranberry looks. No thanks to being so drawn to (Orphan Black’s) Helena’s look though hers is a little more druggy-fied.

You get the drift.

So anyway, thanks for reading and if you’re up for some pastel fun or on the hunt for that perfect slick of red (as I am was), then do check these CLIO Gelpresso Pastel Upper Liners out!

CLIO Gelpresso Pastel Upper Liners retail for S$16.90 each and are Limited Edition.

Available at select Watsons stores in Singapore.

As you would have guessed, I have a Look Feature coming up so keep a lookout for that!