Haul: Retail Therapy at Luxola (with a discount!)

Heya, I hope everyone is doing good of late!

Me? Well… not so well because work is mad and matters out of work (general life and everything else) aren’t looking peachy either. Basically times are rough and we just have to stick it in there and soldier on!

But you know what helps when life gets hectic, work gets mad and you’re feeling a little down?

Well… retail therapy!

Momentarily that is, the joy of hauling something online, being all excited when it arrives and perhaps a little guilt at the splurge but when there are discounts involved, you don’t feel too bad about the splurge! Especially so if some of them are items you need or have been eyeing for a bit, what better way to get them than on discount, yes?

So here, I said it – I shopped, I caved, I bought. Heh!

It has been a good long while since I had hopped by Luxola so while my gal pals and I were on the topic of raving about some make up items from there, I hopped over to give it a look and was pleasantly surprised at how well stocked they are right now.

The arsenal of brands and products under their belt is quite extensive ranging from Sleek Makeup to REN, Edward Bess to By Terry, MOR as well as Estelle & Thild amongst others. It is really quite a selection!

Needless to say I added a whole lot of unncessary items to cart but in the end reason took over and I ended up with a humble loot of items I need and have been eyeing so…

I am quite pleased with myself, momentary lapse of willpower or not.

A quick glance at the generous samples thrown into my bag. I like that Luxola consistently includes little freebies like these and that Luxola branded hair-tie is absolutely adorable.

First up, an item I hauled not for myself but for baby. You see, the mentality here is that if I am splurging and throw in a little item for the family or baby, it doesn’t seem to feel all that ‘self-centered’ or bad. Ha!

Warped mentality or not, it’s never a bad time to stock up on PURE by Phyto’s Papaya Ointment.

I was initially introduced to this by a friend and while I liked it for the whole idea of it being natural, adequetely hydrating, multipurpose and basically fitting the bill of being a great ointment, it wasn’t until baby came along that I truly appreciated this.

I didn’t use ointments very much on myself and even then this was a little runny for my liking (I like my ointment balms thick and greasy e.g. Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream), while I can imagine the lighter texture will be much appreciated by many.

Once, when baby was a wee infant, she developed a continual case of redness and rash on her bottoms that didn’t seem to go away with the nappy cream we were currently using. Having read that Papaya Ointment worked for such purposes too, I figured why not and gave it a shot. To our surprise, the redness and bumps had cleared up and was smooth by the next nappy change!

Ever since then I have been using this religiously for baby’s little bottom and it hasn’t failed me. I think I may have gone through 2 – 3 tubes of this now and for that purpose, I love this stuff!

It’s fairly affordable too at S$15.00 on Luxola.

Sorry to kick off this haul speaking about bottoms but moving on, here’s an item I was eyeing for a long long while after Mabel’s positive reviews about it, Balance Me’s Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm.

After being introduced to the world of Cleansing Balms (by Eve Lom, which I’ll talk about another time), the ritual of slapping on a thick balmy and luxurious feeling cleanser to properly nourish and cleanse my skin has become an experience I really like.

I could go back to the ease and efficiency of cleansing oils but after a long and tiring day, Cleansing Balms and a muslin cloth (along with warm running water) just seems to seal the deal.

A little back story about Balance Me – it is a brand, started by 2 sisters from their kitchen counter-top, that a lot of celebrity A listers are religious users of. There are rumors that Gwyneth Paltrow adored using their products during her pregnancy and while that isn’t a sure fact, a lot of pregnant moms have claimed that Balance Me products work well to protect and soothe their hormonal and dry skin periods.

Thus, with such positive reviews all around, how can I resist on passing this up.

I am also almost done with my Eve Lom so it’s only right I replenish my routine, yes?

If you still need any more reassurance about the brand, check out the amount of awards they have won internationally!

I will post an updated and indepth review about this once I get to using it!

Last but certainly not least, something that truly was a bit of a splurge…

I didn’t need it, that’s for sure but I have been eyeing it and adding it to cart numerous times only to finally check out with it this time, Edward Bess’s Quad Royal in Summer in Capri.

I cannot tell you how excited I am about this!

Luxola stocks all 3 shades that Edward Bess’s Quad Royale comes in and I had a bit of a dilemma when it came to narrowing down my choice to one. The ideal situation of course would be grabbing all 3 but being practical, I should at least start with one and see how much I like it.

It boiled down to Summer in Capri versus Monte Carlo (a warmer and bronzey-peachier version) but eventually I went for Summer in Capri for the versatility of colors.

I will be sure to post swatches and more snaps of this beauty but the reason I went for this in the end is how it sits nicely in the middle of cool and warm, peachy and pink.

It has some neutral mauvey tones, making it something I could work a little contour with, while the hint of peach makes for a nice flush and the lighter tones will work great to illuminate the face. How versatile is that!

I can also envision using this as a neutral eye palette so stay tuned for that!

This about sums up my impromptu Luxola haul and it definitely did a good deal of de-stressing amidst my work-filled days!

I also found a 10% off store-wide Luxola promo code for online shopping pur
chases at Luxola at Flipit.com! Talk about unexpected savings while splurging, I definitely feel a little better about spending!

Thanks for reading and I hope everyone isn’t too busy with work! It seems to be the peak period for projects with all my pals working overtime and whatnot.