K-Drama Musings… – Pinocchio! The Drama, Not the Cartoon

Wow where do I even start with this drama!

So… for a drama I wasn’t too inclined to watch, for my own denial reasons I think, I fell so hard for this in episode 1 and now at episode 10 I’m still loving every minute of it.

Thus I’m penning my thoughts down at the height of this drama (or so I feel) because I always feel that dramas are the best at the start and mid-point. Usually towards the end a lot of unnecessary and frustrating drama idiocy and conflict happens. Also, once the over-arching plot wraps up, the show usually moves at a slower and less-than-exciting pace so… while it’s still all oohs and aahs, I thought I would quickly share my love for this.

I mean, it’s not to say that this drama will face that usual drama arch decline because so far I’m really liking the pace of the story and apart from the obvious eventual OTP (lead couple pairing), I actually have no idea what’s going to happen next.

That’s a big deal considering drama plots are often so predictable.


So, the reason for the name Pinocchio is because the show is centered around a fictional medical(?) condition where a group of people termed Pinocchios cannot lie else they break into uncontrollable hiccups. How annoying would that be in real life?

Sometimes we have to lie, even a harmless white one, just to get through life, no?

While the concept sounds peculiar and easy for you to frown upon, as I did heh, I think ultimately it reaches deeper roots of self-righteousness (for the lead Pinocchio, mainly) and working through webs of lies with true honesty be it found within yourself or via the inconvenient medical condition.

I’m trying to explain as much as I can of how I like the concept of the show without giving too much away but I think, thus far at least, the continual theme of deceit, lies, unraveling truths and staying true to oneself has been quite carried through across all scenarios and plots within the drama.

It’s not a show where the characters are perfect, they’re largely imperfect actually, but the journey of them learning more about themselves and realizing that sometimes they’re not that far off from becoming the person they hate is quite enjoyable to watch.


Moving on from the plot to the swoon-worthy aspect of the drama.

As many have said Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk have this undeniable amount of chemistry and I think that shows well on screen (and off too actually).

BUT… there’s always a but, I feel that there were some scenes where Park Shin Hye could have emoted better so the scene was more moving but yet it isn’t that she’s bad at acting, she’s generally quite okay but perhaps when it comes to moving scenes, this is simply her style of acting it out.

She can do cute, whacky, funny and all but its only the touching, heart-wrenching bits that felt mildly disconnected sometimes during the emotional or ‘romantic’ scenes, if I were being nitpicky. Or it could be playing alongside Jong Suk and how he’s just more obvious (and hmm, better?) with emoting.

Speaking of Jong Suk, I’ll say I’ve noticed him around many shows (running man even) but never took any interest in him until this show. He really shines through it and did an incredible job at his role, all aspects of it.

From super tacky country bumpkin…

To heart-wrenching sobs…

So yes, anyway I’m rambling too much but yet talking about absolutely nothing at all because while finding a way to describe this show or even finding pictures to plop on here was tough without giving the story away because there was always something going on at every aspect of it.

Really, I love the pace of this drama. More dramas should be like this!

Grey Divider

So yes this sums up my ramble and also part fan-girling. I’m so obsessed with this, I swear not Lee Jong Suk… but okay, maybe a little bit of him, that I really recommend everyone to go see this.

There’s enough story. enough romance, enough heart-strings tugging without the obvious idiocy (okay a bit of idiocy but done quite cool-y), and enough pretty because most scenes are really well-shot. Overall a highly recommended drama in a really long time!

Have you seen Pinocchio yet?

What other dramas are you obsessed about right now?

Thanks for reading!

K-Drama Musing… – Surplus Princess

I seem to be doing a lot of K-Drama Musings these days, my bad! I’m just so so caught up with them right now it seems. As I had said when I first started this telly/tube series, I never was that much of a K-Drama fan.

No, seriously.

I watched a couple here and there only because they were highly raved and highly talked about but I was never addicted to finding another new drama (once I was done with one) to fill that drama-telly-tube void that you get once a drama you’ve been following religiously and super caught up about ends.

I mean it sucks and life gets momentarily ’empty’ but alls good after awhile.

Though these days I’m on a roll, really. It’s K-Drama after K-Drama and even when I’m not entirely done with one I start on another. It’s like as I am typing this, I’m a little sad about reaching the end point of said drama in the title (I’ll talk about it shortly) but at the same time I’m already considering some options to move on to once I’m formally done with Surplus Princess.

Should I see Liar Game? People have recommended Pinocchio… Or perhaps catch up on that Doctor Stranger that I’ve been meaning to…

So yeah, it’s addictive and it’s quite scary and hopefully I’m not alone in this.


But back to the point of this entry, Surplus Princess.

I’ll admit I got started on this drama for one reason and one reason only, Song Jae Rim, heh!

But as it turns out it’s quite a silly feel-good drama (where Song Jae Rim isn’t the lead, dayum) that’s just entertaining to watch. There isn’t a whole lot of logic in there and some people said it’s comparable, in terms of silliness, to that Paris Nail Shop drama (I don’t know, I haven’t seen) but if you’re okay with a little second hand embarrassment, a whole lot of silliness and maybe a little swooning over Song Jae Rim (or the lead guy, who’s got a nice smile) then I’d say this drama isn’t too bad to catch.

I mean, it’s only 10 episodes long… that’s not a lot of your time, yes?

Though this is one drama Hubs tried to watch but just couldn’t get into it. He couldn’t stand the silliness, much as he thought Jo Boa (lead girl) is pretty, he just couldn’t get pass all that whacky.

Which, I guess to each their own but I’m enjoying it and already at episode 6 though I swear I only started this less than a week ago.

If it’s anything to note, this show gets a bit pervy too in an absolutely hilarious and fangirly way but not so funny if you happen to be watching this with awkward people. Meaning, say your mom when a butt scene like this comes on… you know.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

And also, just something I thought I would mention but the name Surplus Princess is really a play on the words in korean because in korean ‘Surplus’ sounds very much like ‘Mermaid’. And if you haven’t already known, this show is somewhat ‘inspired’ by the Little Mermaid such that the lead girl is a mermaid turned human on a quest to find love (or die)… something along those lines.

Again, I don’t want to spoil it but if it sounds interesting enough, you should give it a watch!

So, without giving anything away this is my current K-Drama obsession and what I think of it. It’s something you should watch for some good (and ultra lame) laughs and a nice departure from the last sombre drama I caught (When A Man Loves).

I did say I needed a good laugh after that so, this fulfills the requirements very much.

Plus, there’s Song Jae Rim too, what’s there not to love. Heh.

I catch Surplus Princess over at GoodDrama but EPdrama has subs for it too, check those out ;)


Thanks for reading! What’s your current telly/tube obsession? Walking Dead?

K-Drama Musings: When A Man Loves… (Tsk~)

Time out from the beauty spam!

p.s. Maybe spoilers so if you’re only at the beginning of this show, proceed with caution (or not at all).


It’s that time again, where I muse about something so frivolous such as my current K-Drama addiction or in this case, what’s currently on my playlist.

Because addiction isn’t quite the right term to sum this up, sadly.

Don’t get me wrong, I started this drama knowing it was a melodrama, which is a genre that doesn’t always sit well with me. If it’s got to be so sad and sombre and serious all the time, it had better be darned good!

In this case, even my adoration for Shin Se Kyung (the girl) couldn’t save the show.

It’s not a bad series and if anything I can’t judge because I am only half way done (episode 13 or so) and I’m already at the point that I have to make myself watch it and when I do it’s just because I want to get to the end of it and get it over and done with. As always in drama-land the whole dragging out a conflict and idiocy / misunderstands are aplenty and at this point I’m just over it.

This drama is quite cliched in many ways but how many other ways can you portray a melodrama, amiright?

But, yes, I don’t have too much to share about this show really except once I’m done with this (which I hope is soon because just get yo’ conflicts sorted already gurl~) I’m going to jump straight into a rom-com. Or something comical. Whichever.

I want some laughs.

Scratch that, maybe loads after this soap opera.

There’s enough pity in this show to make you feel the lead gangsta-man (Song Seunghyun who surprisingly looks well here)’s pain in his life but it’s quite sad (and maybe a bit gifted) that the writers are making me want to throw some at Shin Se Kyung’s character.

I caught some spoilers while searching up images for this post and I want to slap her character even more now.

Gurrrrrrl, you got such a good (ahem, rich) man after you, whatchu thinkin’?

But yes, that’s just me…

Tell me, do you fare well with melodramas? Or do you have good rom-coms to recommend to bring some laughs back to my life.

Thanks for reading!


Back to beauty news shortly, ya? ;)

p.s. Walking Dead is back~~~~ But I’m not gonna start until more of it is out. Meanwhile, I’m back on the Season 2 of Bates Motel. Norman you dark, twisted, lost thing…

K-Drama Musings… – You’re All Surrounded

It’s all K-Drama rambles on here so if you’re not interest in this one bit, I suggest you skip this post! :D


So, I don’t think I explicitly mention this (not much at least) but I am very much bitten by the K-bug. Or what they call the Hallyu Wave / Korean Fever.

It’s a lot better these days, that’s for sure because back in the day I was obsessed with a capital O. It all started with me chancing upon Big Bang’s Haru Haru music video back in ’08 and… somehow the rest is history.

But anyway, my point is I am quite an avid K-Drama fan these days and have sinced move on from solely catching variety programs (my favorite of which are Weekly Idol and the good old Star Golden Bell, I do miss that).

So, as I was saying… Yes, right now I am completely all over You’re All Surrounded, a show I didn’t think to catch until my husband mentioned that he wanted to. Only because it was so highly rated, so here we are.

I’m not the biggest fan of Lee Seunggi given that I couldn’t even sit through Episode 2 of My Girlfriend is A Gumiho – I know that drama is well-loved but sorry, it’s not my thing… – but I would say he did really well in this show! Albeit seeing him as the typical pissed-off, arrogant and emotion-less lead actor thing is not generally his style but… he did well and he looked suave.

I think what did it for me is this show as a whole, the whole cast and storyline – it all seems so suspense-filled but yet cute and funny at the same time. It has the right mix of everything that I’m surprised it’s not raved as much outside of frequent drama-watchers.

This could rival your Do-Manager y’all! Except for all that super powers business.


But anyway, yes I was just rambling away about what I’m watching right now. I’m only on Episode 7 of this drama and all over it already. If you’re a drama lover, you must watch this!

I watch this over at EP Drama, even with all the darn click traps and all.

What dramas are you catching now? Has anyone caught Doctor Stranger, is it any good?

Of Rambles, Videos, Votes & K-Dramas. And Oh Yes, Backlog.

Hello hello you people!

Well truthfully this is really just a sneaky little post to remind everyone to help vote for my baby girl on her Pampers Journey!

So with that intention in mind, shall I just go ahead with that first?

Of Votings –

So yes, if you have noticed I recently did a bit of a Pampers stint on here and while I am done with sharing my adventures, the adventure isn’t over just yet because now the focus shifts over to you guys – the readers aka voters!

If you have enjoyed reading about My Pampers Journey thus far, please hop over to OMY’s Contest Page and drop me some lurve!

(click for the full image)

Here’s a simpler step by step:

  1. Go here!
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  4. Select agree-ing to their simple and generic T&Cs

It’s that simple and get this, you can vote once, every single day.

Egads, that’s a lot!

Though 10 lucky voters stand a chance to win 2 packs of these Pampers Baby Dry to give these diapies a shot on their own so more submissions / votes is equivalent to more chances! It’s win-win for both you and me ;)

Though there is a tiny restriction and that is voters will have to be Singporean or at least hold a NRIC Number (be it PR, etc). So if you are an international reader and have the intention to vote, I am sorry but this sadly doesn’t allow for it though thank you for the thought.

Voting ends on 19th June at 12pm (Singapore local time) so, get voting!

Also if you are too lazy to read about my Pampers Journey as a whole, I have summed it all up in a clip (which I spent a fair amount of time and effort on) so please humor me and just watch that.

And then go vote for me for the effort, hurhur! ;)

But no really, every vote counts, thank you all for the support! I truly appreciate it!

This is truly truly going to be my last dabble in these voting thingamjigs in awhile. I know I always say that and somehow I find myself pulled back to the whole whirlwind of voting competitions – I don’t even know how!

Of Videos –

So, videos… Well there isn’t a whole lot to discuss about because it’s me doing my Angelica Duties once more. This time around, I will be sharing about the new moisturizers from L’OCCITANE’s Angelica skincare range.

And also a little bit about my current L’OCCITANE skincare regimen as well (same same but different!).

I have given them a brief mention in my skincare ramble post and I will still be reviewing them proper in a blog post closer to their launch date!

Though the video is more for L’OCCITANE’s side of things, to better showcase the texture and also elaborate on how they feel and which you should grab for your skintype!

I will cover those aspects in my blog entry too but sometimes words can only say so much and visually seeing how the creams apply and smooth out is rather self-explantory so I’ll pop the video in that review mention as well, just so you can fast forward through my blabbering and see the texture (in action) for yourself.

Of K-Dramas –

Okay, before I go to my obligatory ramble about me being busy and life taking its toll on my blog hence the backlog, lets shift to the entertainment side of things.

It’s been awhile since I’ve discussed what I was watching of late, not that anyone really cares but hey since this is my rambly post, I shall ramble on.

I’m not the biggest K-drama fan, well I do watch what is fairly popular at a point of time, but I never avidly continued K-Drama after K-Drama. Though these days, after managing to persuade the Hubs to watch some with me, I’ve been on quite a kick and managed to complete a good number of dramas since the start of the year.

I shan’t mention them all but here are the ones I have finished up fairly recently, for anyone who is interested to know.

Cunning Single Lady

So we watched this because Hubs is a bit of a Lee Min Jung fan, after watching BIG. I thought BIG wasn’t as bad as all the hate it seems to be getting but this, Cunning Single Lady, is a way better portrayal of her acting skills. It helps that the male lead did a great job at being all cool-like yet still goofy at the same time.

Full of sobs, laughs and revelations, a pretty good show overall!

The Moon That Embraces the Sun

Okay, so I became quite a bit of a Kim Soo Hyun stan after the alien show that everyone is talking about. So much so I went back to re-watch Dream High 1 that I had already completed years back! Somehow he didn’t stand out to me much in that film but I always found his acting quite captivating.

So about this… I think it’s a great show, and this is coming from someone who doesn’t typically like period dramas. Though somehow this one manages to shine through with the child actors (awesome job for those kiddos), humor and also the sappy sob-story. I didn’t like the whole sobby bits but I understand it is meant to be a melodrama that tugs so painfully at your heart strings so… yeah.

The Master’s Sun

Wow okay this one I never imagined I would watch because it’s a tad too horror for my liking. Though since Hubs wanted to see it too, he loves horror films, I figured why not! The whole horror aside (which isn’t that bad, you kinda get used to it), it’s quite lovely. Though I felt the ending bit a little too draggy and dull (just get it over with already), I absolutely loved the start and middle of this drama.

Great for the spooks and laughs, if you dare…

So after all that drama chasing and being half-amused, half-frustrated at the noble idiocy found within K-Dramas (really tho, just live life y’all!), we’re back to some laughs with Running Man. We have been following that regularly since it started almost 4 years ago and it gets a little old now but still funny and nice to revisit here and there.

That aside, we are going back to the realm of American TV and starting on this TV Series I had bugged Hubs to watch (with me), Orphan Black. So far so good! We are 2 episodes in and it’s safe to say I am quite hooked.

Who else is on this bandwagon with me, or probably
ahead o
f me?

Of Backlogs & Posts to Come –

So anyway, moving on from Dramas, I hope that for those who aren’t too huge a K-fan you skipped past that point. If you didn’t and somehow decided to plough through, good on you!

Now about my blog.

Yes well, I guess it’s the usual of work being work and getting to me. Somehow whenever I have a lot on my plate at work, my blogging-brain tends to shut down or go into overdrive mode, both of which leaves me finding it hard to find words to describe what I really want to say.

I want to talk about Shu Uemura’s upcoming Drawing Pencils but I have no idea where to start. I want to showcase the mighty gorgeous Stila Foil Shadows but I haven’t managed to shoot them proper. I want to ramble about this ombre lip phase I am going through but I can’t seem to piece the entry together.

Plus all the unmentioned hauls I have been sneaking behind-the-scenes of this blog.

So… well yes I have a lot to say but not much of a time to both organise my thoughts and also piece it together coherently.

The keyword here being coherently because I have a little bit of an expectation for myself when it comes to writing entries. Not so much so that it has to be top-notch quality because look at this rambly mess that I am churning out thus far. It’s more of… that it needs to come from me, it needs to be something I am interested to write about to begin with.

The entry needs to have a spark, a personality and an underlying fire behind it even if all I am talking about is frivolous items like eyeliners, foundation, lipsticks etc.

My motto is that if I enjoy writing, hopefully people will enjoy reading. The effort and the passion is communicated, I would like to believe.

So, with that said sadly right now my passion and spark seems to have faded a little because my mind is so distraught and distracted right now.

I think as much as I am afraid to say this, for fear that everyone will think I am going to MIA forever and then jump ship on me, I think a breather may do me some good.

Though who knows, perhaps the minute I go on a breather I feel inspired to write again. After all, based on my history here I can’t seem to stay far from my blog for too long. Unless I had a legit reason about it, such as just having given birth.

Hurhurrrr, so yes I maaaay be gone for a little longer than I am used to, maybe just a week, we shall see! I want to just calm my mind, collect my thoughts and properly arrange my entries instead of feeling frazzled to post things up amidst other (more important, ugh, work) matters I am caught up with as of now.

I want to think about blogging, be inspired and blog for me again. I think along the way I started to put a lot of pressure on myself to churn new things out as soon and as much as I can but thankfully I figured it out soon enough and just need to take a step back to breathe once more and to realize, that isn’t me.

So I’m stepping out but I’ll be back, alright? :) I promise I wouldn’t be long… I think.

As always, don’t forget to follow me on instagram and also to VOTE for Baby K (from now till 19th June)!

And thank for you for reading this ramble. Much much love~