LOTD: The Maquillage BR722 Eye

I’m reusing a couple of pictures featured in a prior LOTD post… because why not, right?

I scrolled back to my old mention about this dearly beloved eyeshadow palette from Maquillage, the BR722 palette released last Fall, which I have given countless mentions about online (by this I mean Instagram mainly) because I love and reach for this very often.

So much more than you would imagine given the other options available.

If anything, I reach for this more than another equally beloved palette, the Lancôme Fraicheur Rosee one, because they serve varying purposes.

The Lancôme one is more appropriate for dressier eyes (e.g. if I have a girly get-together, event or something after work) while Maquillage’s is perfect for the everyday – the colors are all wearable and easy to slap on / blend together.

So with all that said, I thought it was about time I introduced how I wear the Maquillage palette.


Frankly speaking there are many ways you can do it if you feel up for swapping color placement daily but for me, the way I see this palette is pretty straight-forward and it’s a no-brainer in my usual makeup style to decide what goes where.


As I said, you can always mix it up but it’s easy slapping on 5 colors for me (I kid you not), or 4 at least, especially when they’re so beautifully neutral but with enough sparkle. It also helps that the shadows are just the right sort of pigmented – enough to lend shine, sheen and color but nothing that results in extra blending for that seamless… blend.

Enough talk, here’s the face (which you have already seen) but focus on the eyes this time, okay?

And then a close-up, which I didn’t post earlier.

The way I use this palette is quite simple and it’s a method I try to use for all eyeshadow palettes when I don’t feel up for experimenting. It’s like my ‘safe’ color placement.


  1. First I apply the top left color as a wash all over the lids (just under the crease)
  2. Then I apply the top right color to the outerhalf of the lid, for some color and warmth
  3. Next, using another fluffy brush I blend the shimmery mid-brown (bottom centre) shade on the outer-half and blending it into the crease
  4. For added definition, I use a pointed brush to dab some of that dark sooty charcoal shade into the outer-v (just a little)
  5. Lastly, I dab some of that satin bone white shade on my browbone with a fluffy brush

Grey Divider

Tada, it’s pretty straightforward isn’t it?

So, that’s that for this pretty random and impromptu post featuring one of my most used eyeshadow palettes to date.

It’s a simple brown palette that is a dime a dozen but the way this Maquillage palette shades work so perfectly and easily together for the everyday eye makes it truly of workhorse status. One that I can’t live without now even though browns / neutrals aren’t rare pokemons in the eyeshadow world.

I think I’ve said enough.

Tell me, what’s your favorite go-to eyeshadow palette for the everyday?

Thanks for reading!


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What is Your Vice? – Urban Decay Vice 3 (Photos & Swatches)

We’re drawing close to the launch of this little guy (and okay, maybe little isn’t a good way to describe it) and I am mighty excited!

The Urban Decay VICE installment is actually one of the more exciting releases of the brand, I feel.

Of course the NAKED range will forever have my neutral-loving heart but out of all the whacky eyeshadow boxes and renditions that Urban Decay does, the only other one that I felt drawn to would be the Vice series.

So, why do I only have a Vice (Vice 3 at that) on my hands now?

Well… you know me, eyeshadows aren’t actually a vice of mine. I can resist them quite okay because lovely as they are, I feel that I can get away with or replicate them with what I have. But of course, it’s always nice to have something new, something pretty and something like Vice 3.

When Vice 1 was released, I remember thinking to myself that the whole palette looked absolutely gorgeous – so edgy, so wearable (in my mind back then) and soooo nice.

Now, looking at Vice 3, I went back to see images of Vice 1 (and 2) and felt that of the 3, I think I like número tres the best.

This one. Vice 3.


Because compared to Vice 1 and 2 at least, 3 is a whole lot more wearable but don’t let that discount the edge because it’s still got plenty in the form of shades like Heroine, Bondage, Alchemy, Sonic and Dragon. The rest of the palette holds well in it’s own way and the neutrals are there with a good purpose too – to help gel this whole palette together.

I like that because you don’t get a whole palette full of pow-wow that you can’t use it alone since we’re all about portability and sticking with one sole product for a whole look these days.

If you’re a neutral sorta gal, don’t let Vice 3 scare you because it’s very simple to use. And if you are the sort that likes it vibrant and smokey, Vice 3 has just enough of that for you as well!

Before we get to the color and swoon about the shadows in terms of both shades and quality lets get the other stuff out of the way first.

Grey Divider

When you pick up a Vice 3 palette, apart from the 20 eyeshadow pans, you’re also getting a thin zip pouch (cute but nothing to shout about, really) and also a double-ended eye brush within.

The pouch helps to keep this very reflective palette from being imprinted with finger prints or scratched if you intend to bring this for travels. Otherwise, the pouch is also able to house tablets the size of an iPad Mini, should you have one.

It isn’t a cushy pouch in any way, really just fabric sewn together so it’s cute if you’re head over heels with the Vice 3 design – of motion blurred lights – but otherwise, I chucked mine aside a little unimpressed.

Cute, Urban Decay, but let’s get on to the real stuff!

The double-ended brush is good enough, since Urban Decay doesn’t disappoint with their synthetic fiber brushes. Though it’s worth noting I personally don’t use the brush within the palette unless I really have nothing else proper on hand.

It’s cute that it comes in the same lime-green that adorns the base of the Vice 3 palette.

On one end you get a blending brush looking… brush, which works great for buffing that crease color out.

On the other, you get a… shorter version of a blending brush? It’s almost like a stumpy crease brush which I have some of in my stash but those are often left untouched. It’s good if you like placing strong colors in your crease but the stiff nature of it leaves me from picking it up much.

I like my blending brushes a tad fluffier, but it’s a good brush no doubt.

Grey Divider

So, with all those said and done, let’s move on to the colors now, shall we?

While at a glance this palette can look very… messy, and I mean that in the whole “zomg so many colors” sort of way, you’ll be surprised to know that they are actually carefully arranged within the palette to give some semblance of an order.

Each ‘column’ is almost like a quad of its own, with colors that compliment and match each other well enough to create a look with. We have

  • the neutrals column
  • the vibrant column
  • the purple-gold column
  • the cranberry-hued column
  • the smokey column.

Does this now make a lot more sense to you?

As with most of Urban Decay’s eyeshadow offerings, a large amount of the eyeshadows in Vice 3 did not disappoint.

The mattes were buttery and smooth with good pay-off while the pearlised or metallic shades were intense in both color and shine with a creamy formula that imparts amazing pigmentation.

There were a couple of shades that seemed a little powdery or lacking in intensity when swatched but those were the rare duds of the palette because overall, this still feels like a gem to own.

I can’t help but think Din Tai Fung (a chinese restaurant) when I see that brown…

I especially liked the intense colors (the whole row of reds is love!) within this palette and felt the smooth matte neutrals were good enough supporting roles. They’ve lovely alone too, no doubt, but if you wanted neutrals only I think Naked 2 Basics is more up your alley (more info about that one to come!).

Here’s a close up of some pretty shades I zoomed into (well, literally with a camera) when I first marveled at the palette.

Enough said, I think you want to have a look at the swatches.

Column by column now, so you can see how the colors look when paired with their column, though of course you can always mix and match it up.

So, that’s that for the swatches and a look at the palette!

To countdown to the launch of this beauty, at Sephora, this Thursday (30th October) I’ll be dedicating this whole week’s entry to featuring looks from the Urban Decay Vice 3 palette – Whoop!

If you’re looking to get your hands on a Vice, this should be the one to get!

In other news, the rest of Urban Decay’s holiday offering will also be launched this Thursday (30th October) at Sephora!

That includes:

  • Urban Decay Shadow Box (Permanent)
  • Urban Decay Black Magic 24/7 Liner Set (LE)
  • Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics Palette (Permanent)
  • Urban Decay Aura Naked Illuminated Shimmering Powder (Permanent?)
  • Urban Decay Naked Basics Double-Ended Brush (Permanent)

Urban Decay’s Vice 3 Palette will retail for S$88 at Sephora starting 30th October 2014.

Vice 3 is a Limited Edition Palette.

Thanks for reading!

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LOTD: A ‘Dirty’ Warm-Hued Go at Shu Uemura’s Orange Eyeshadow Palette

You know that design term (tell me if they use this anywhere else) whereby they request for you to do a ‘dirty’ design of something when actually they could just say a really rough mock up?

Yeah, well I hate it when people use that, especially clients who probably only use it to sound ‘in the know’ but here I am using that term for this look that I want to very briefly talk about.

Again, it’s dirty, so it’s not the best representation of the product but some representation, before even more procrastination hits me (because this look is already 2 weeks overdue?) is better than none!

I do have a mind to feature more looks from this palette so, let’s see how that would work out!


So, again, this is a quick look I threw on in an attempt to play around with the new Shu Uemura Orange Eyeshadow Palette from their Vision of Beauty Volume 01 Brave Beauty collection.

I picked 2 colors (along with a sprinkle of the rest for cohesion-sake) to work with for this look due to the absence of time. I’ve had a bit of an adjustment to the reporting time at work these days hence mornings have become a little more rush-rush, especially so at my parents place but that’s another story…

It’s very much a orange-red hue-ed look with the bulk of the color / intensity coming from 2 shadows.

To give you a little explanation, here’s a look at the shades I plopped onto my look.

  1. was used for deepening the outercorners
  2. was used all over the lids
  3. was used as a brow highlight
  4. was blended into the crease

There, simple as that!

It’s an incredibly quick look to do, like I said – a dirty attempt at the Shu Uemura Orange Palette.

I have been feeling these warm hue-d looks once more and I think that the onset of Fall is likely shoving me towards this general direction. I like it warm and cosy right now with cranberry hues, amber tones and such while still keeping the look my kind of wearable!

That would mean, blended enough for some color and a bit of a glint to my eyes but soft enough that I can wear glasses with it and not look cray cray!


So tell me, have you gotten your hands on this Shu Uemura palette? Or checked out anything from the Vision of Beauty Volume 01 Collection?

Thanks for reading!


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Dior Summer 2014 – 5 Couleur in Atlantique (Swatches)

Right… what did I tell you about my entries often being mighty late?

Well, I do have a bit of an apology to make with regards to the delay of this entry. Not for me being too tied up to write it, which is also a reason but that is so expected of that I probably don’t have to apologize for it, ha.

Instead, the reason (or rather one of the reasons) I took my time with this (work aside) is that I wasn’t expecting much of it.

Sad but true, Dior’s 5 Couleur palettes have been getting more disappointing by the collection and while I will say that Golden Sand from the holiday pieces weren’t too bad, it wasn’t stellar either.

So perhaps I expected the same ‘meh’-ness to this but I was quite wrong…

Though it is a little late for me to be announcing this now and I can only hope that everyone may have assumed the same and gave this a miss thus leaving it still in stock at the counters? Heh.

The dressier and more color-packed variant in Dior’s 2014 Transatlantique Summer collection, Atlantique has strong and varying tones of beautiful blues along with a smooth medium-brown to help tone it all down. As much as it is able to, that is.

At a glance I will say this palette scares me, only because I haven’t done prominently colored or smokey eye looks in a long while, ever since I switched over to embracing glasses.

Though part of me is intigued with the combination and I would likely wear this is in the most subtle of ways, not doing enough justice to the gorgeous hues of blues but I will try and give you my take on this beauty.

One of the reasons I have been facing continual disappointments with Dior’s recent 5 Couleur releases is because of the pigmentation and texture that the shadows carry.

Given I wasn’t expecting full on intense swipes with them, the shadows are usually a little gritty or generally sheer hence making them seem very similar when swatched.

Though this is where Atlantique seems to have excelled and redeemed the reputation of 5 Couleurs a little because while the colors may be something I wouldn’t shout about (blue and me… hmm), the texture alone excites me.

Seeing them swatched along side each other, it’s almost as if they are beckoning me to create a look, just so I can see for myself how beautifully they would blend and work with each other.

Every color swatches distinctively and smoothly, with great pigmentation (by Dior’s standards that is).

I can’t even find a fault with the texture even if I wanted to because they are all quite lovely. From the icy translucent shimmer (which felt pretty smooth and not gritty) to the pearlescent mid-tone blue and even the darkened jewel-tone sapphire.

Even a color like that seafoam green, which can come off chalky, was smooth and not chalky once blended.

Call me impressed!

So yes, I know it’s a little late to rave if they happen to be sold out by now (I wouldn’t be surprised, it’s been out awhile) and my bad for picking up on this so late.

If for some reason these are still available, I highly recommend you to pick them up (though prices have been… well, pricey of late) becauase it is one of the better 5 Couleurs I have seen in awhile.

I’ll try to do up an eye look soon once I’ve mustered the courage to slap blue on my eyes once more. And to think I used to plop this on and head out, no problemo!

Dior’s 5 Couleur in Atlantique retails for S$102 and is Limited Edition – Part of the Transatlantiq Summer collection

Thanks for reading!

Lancôme Rambles: New Lancôme Hypnôse Star Eyes Palettes (Swatches)


Thanks for the patience on here while I collect my thoughts in the midst of work madness, along with my words that seem to have left me somewhere along the way.

Though I wanted to quickly put up this mention and throw some spotlight to these pretty underrated but incredibly awesome offerings from Lancôme.

The Lancôme Woman…

Before I start though, I guess I wanted to ramble a little about Lancôme as a brand. From what I see, at least, Lancôme is best known for some of their skincare products – most notably Genefique and Visionnaire. However skincare aside, the brand has constantly been reinventing its makeup range that to date, I dare say their offerings are pretty darn awesome for the Lancôme woman.

By that – the Lancôme woman – I mean someone who is mature but youthful, dares to thread gently in color but likes to embrace sophistication, doesn’t mind sparkles but likes to do it subtlely. After all, when it comes to portraying Lancôme in makeup, it is always about an effortlessly put-together look that is easy to achieve and understatedly classy. Never flashy.

Thus they may not throw out the most striking of blues or have sparkliest of shimmer / glitter, nor would they have the most strikingly matte red lip look but it is always easy, effortless and frankly quite perfect.

So to put them against the hip and happening ranks of other brands out there, they may feel ‘plain’, ‘simple’, or always similar in their own ways but yet if you truly ask me to grab something that I know works, somehow a good number of the products always tend to be Lancôme offerings.

So anyway, long story short I just wanted to throw that out there because I just felt a little odd about why some of Lancôme’s staple and pretty awesome pieces aren’t as widely talked about or raved as much as items from other brands when they are just as good or even better.

Case in point?

These Lancôme Hypnôse Star Eyes Palettes.

There is more to the range, as I have talked about here but these three new additions bring with them a mix of textures for all y’all neutral lovers.

Because you can never have enough neutral palettes in your stash, right am I?

Off-hand I don’t have proper home-shots of these palettes in better light so you’ll just have to prevew it here via a warm ambient lighting but it’s good enough! I color adjusted them as slightly as possible but just enough for true-er tones to show.

What makes these 3 newcomers so different from what was already available?

Well, a new mix of neutral tones aside, these 3 palettes contain a more diverse mix of textures – featuring smooth satin shades amongst equally soft pearly or shimmery tones, to create a more dimensional eye look.

The earlier range of palettes are generally made up of shimmery or pearly tones, which are thankfully very fine and smooth allowing them to be easy to work with. Though if you are a fan of something more understated than you would have craved a smoother satin or matte finish amongst the shades, the darkest defining tone aside that is.

So, here is a small capsule collection to answer your call!

ST7 Brun Au Natural

DR6 Gris Au Natural

DO8 Taupe Au Natural

Of the lot, it’s no surprise that Taupe Au Natural and Brun Au Natural caught my eye first. As much as I think Gris Au Natural is a lovely and murky take on neutrals, I just didn’t think that it is a neutral I would reach for often enough.

After some pondering, I settled on Brun Au Natural because I felt the Taupe variant is a little too close to my beloved Lancôme Hypnôse Palette in Fraîcheur Rosée, no matter how pretty and sparkly that second from left swatch is.

Though I don’t have the palette on hand to swatch and show but I will soon!

After all, I still have more Lancôme lovelies to talk about first so that can wait, since it is permanent after all.

These Lancôme Hypnôse Star Eyes Palettes are permanent and retail for S$90 at all Lancôme counters island-wide.

Thanks for reading!

Haul: Small Hakuhodo Purchase (from Beauty Asia 2014)

Well, hello there, isn’t this haul entry a little bit late?


Frankly speaking, given how teeny tiny my haul was I didn’t think it was necessary to mention it on the blog. After all I have already ‘accounted’ for it via a quick instagram snap.

Though I snapped some shots just in case I felt an itch to do a post and… what would you know, I guess that itch came along after all!

I wasn’t kidding when I said it was teeny tiny!

I didn’t want to go overboard with brush hauling because… in a practical sense I really don’t need anymore brushes. What’s more I’ll be heading to Japan in April and I can probably give them an even better look then.

Though I doubt I would be hauling a luggage’s worth of brushes back either since my willpower seems to be working relatively well without any hiccups these days. Plus food is always where all my money goes when I travel, heh!

Even with Japan in mind, I still couldn’t resist hauling these up from Beauty Asia because they felt like the ‘ones that got away’ from my earlier haul.

I had no idea why I didn’t pick these up then!

J5523 –

First up is this white-bristled Goat hair brush that seems to have been crowned the ‘MAC 217 of Hakuhodo’.

I don’t have my MAC217 with me (back at the parents’ place) so I can’t compare but I can see the similarities – it seems to be of a fluffy enlongated paddle shape. It is versatile enough to pack colors on, do a wash or blend colors into the crease.

Thus, as with how people seem to hoard MAC 217 brushes, I picked up 2 J5523s. Afterall, they were only S$19 each, what’s not to love!

I wouldn’t lie, I had debated picking up a third but quickly made my way to the register to pay and complete my purchase because that pounding thought made a dent in my willpower.

Such a dramatic situation over a makeup brush, ha!

While I was snapping shots of these brushes at home, I noticed that the J5523 is very similar to my previously hauled G5523 (now I am assuming the numbers are references to a similar cut?).

The obvious, doh, difference would be the G5523 is made of Blue Squirrel and Goat while the J5523 is goat alone.

Thus, while they are similar in shape, they tend to feel a little different on the hand which would lead to varying differences in usage. The G5523 does feel softer and a little ‘sleeker’, such that it isn’t as pouffy as the J5523, which makes the J5523 better for diffusing color and the G5523 better for blending within a smaller area.

I hope I didn’t lose you there!

In short, the only way to best differentiate between them would be to molest caress the brush during their upcoming fair at Takashimaya. More details on that in the end of this post.

G5522 –

Next is the G5522 which, if I had to put it in some sort of a MAC-context, would be similar to the MAC 224.

Similar, but I feel that the G5522 has more of a shape to it as opposed to just being a dome-shaped blending brush, as is the MAC 224.

I think the above angle best captures how this seems to have a bit of a ‘doe-foot’ shape to it, while when viewed from another angle it appears to be yet another dome-shaped blending brush. This one was S$30 if I remember right…

I think the doe-foot aspect helps a little with placement and blending though I am a little ashamed to say since I have gotten this, I haven’t yet used it. Oops.

Though these blending brushes do need a little ‘breaking into’ – depending on your preference because the display pieces were all a little fluffier than these ‘straight-from-the-pack’ ones.

So that is it, my little very restrained Hakuhodo purchase!

If you would like to see the brushes that I have already previously hauled, check out my first post on them!

Hakuhodo Pop-Up Store at Takashimaya!

I guess what changed my mind about posting this was remembering that Hakuhodo is said to have a pop-up shop in Takashimaya end-March 2014 (I remembered 27th March) at the same spot they had their pop-up store last year. Incase anyone is wondering what are some good purchases to zoom in on amidst their huge inventory of brushes, well here are some of my picks!

The Hakuhodo pop-up store is said to run for 2 weeks but I’m guessing things might get sold out so its best to hurry down during the first few days if you can!

Thanks for reading! Do share, what are some of your Hakuhodo loves? Or what are you eyeing from Hakuhodo?

Look & Swatches: Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Pencil in Mushroom

I seem to be on a mission to simplify my already very simple everyday eyelook.

You see, I’m the sort that would rather sleep for 10 more minutes even if it means I’ll wake up thinking ‘OH CRAPPP‘ and rush through my entire morning routine – makeup included.

I don’t request much from my daily eye look, just for it to have enough color to look like something and that’s good enough! Of course paired with a flick of my trusty Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner but that’s for another entry.

While cream pencils were once something I scrunched my nose up to (what if it creases? would it stay all day? would the color migrate all over my eye?), I am pleased to find that Urban Decay had managed to master the idea of slapping a cream on, blending it out and have it stick / stay on all darn day!

I’m a happy camper!

Then again it’s Urban Decay we’re talking about, I should have expected nothing less, right?

Let me introduce you to my new sleep-in best friend!

This isn’t new and some of you probably swear by it already but heck, lemme proclaim my love for this old timer all the same. Hopefully, for those who haven’t given this a go, this will be the answer to days you want to snooze the alarm that 5 minutes more yet still look like you spent the same amount of time getting your game face together.

The Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Shadow Pencils are cream shadow pencils that come in a stick form – the likes of NYX Jumbo Pencil.

The 24/7 Glide-on Shadow Pencil can be used as a base color on your lids to amplify powder shadows you would lay over, or to be worn on its own – my favorite way.

It is available in 8 shades, ranging from vibrant teals to hot pinks and of course a brown, the one I have here.

Mushroom is a neutral mid-tone brown that leans ashy (taupe-y, almost) with a nicely balanced metallic silver sheen.

Don’t let the term metallic turn you away because I feel the metallic quality makes it easier to work with and also more wearable. Yes, surprise surprise.

I’ve worked with my fair share of richly pigmented and creamy chocolate brown cream pencils and while they are lovely that way, you do need to add your own oomph if you feel those pencils alone are too ‘flat’ for you.

They usually are a little too au natural for my liking – I like me a tad of bling!

Once swiped, Mushroom really isn’t as ‘intimidating’ or dark as it seemed to be from the tube.

How I like to use Mushroom is casually drawing this all over my lids (just under the crease, no need for precision) before blending the edges out with my ring finger. You can use a blending brush but I prefer fingers since these need a little nudge to blend.

The Glide-on Pencil does set so you’ll have to blend it as soon as you get it on but it blends well within that time-frame, no odd lines where the pencil stops smudging.

I don’t mind this quick window to work with it because I like the assurance of knowing once this goes on, it’s hardly going anywhere. I have worn this numerous times through the workday without any problems at all – no migrating or panda eye (granted I only wear this on my lid) or stray shimmer even.

Here’s my lazy day Mushroom eye:

  • Mushroom blended over the lids, slightly into the crease
  • Random browbone highlight, whichever I can find for the day
    (Beauty Cottage’s Calypso here)
  • Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Liner on the lids

That’s all, and this shortens the whole eye part of my makeup routine to a swift 1-2 minutes! Thus, no matter how ‘late to the show’ I am with these Glide-on Pencils, I’m glad I discovered them all the same.

If you’re looking for that 5-10 minutes more of sleep or intrigued to see the other shade offerings for this 24/7 Glide-on Shadow Pencil, then go check this out!

Urban Decay’s Glide-On Pencils are permanent and found at all Sephora Singapore stores!

Thanks for reading!

Get Hypnotic Eyes with Lancôme's Hypnôse Star Eyes Palettes (Permanent)

When I get sent / provided something that is permanent, I tend to take my own sweet (very long) time with it… Which is horrible, I know. Especially when it is such an incredibly handy and ‘user-friendly’ product as such!

So, finally, here is my mention on Lancôme’s Hypnôse Star Eyes Palettes!

Launched in Spring 2013 (yes, a whole year has gone by – oops), this permanent array of palettes come in 12 variants that fall into 3 category of eyelooks:

  • Doll Eyes – Softer, neutral shades that are easy to wear
  • Star Eyes – Dressier shades with a little more glitz and glam
  • Drama Eyes – Smokey shades with a mix of more intense colors

Though ultimately you can use these palettes as you wish, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Depending on your preference for color there is something for everyone, be it smokey eyes or subtle neutrals. Though honestly speaking, that is often the case with most eyeshadow releases these days, no?

However the one thing I particularly applaud Lancôme for is the varying takes on neutral, instead of just one sole generic brown palette to fit the neutral spot.

You will find a good mix of soft browns that lean a little peachy, or rosey, perhaps cooler in tone, or taking on a tinge of mossy green. It is quite a selection and if you are a neutral lover, you will be swatching up a storm to make a decision – it is incredibly hard to settle on one.

I swatched and snapped shots at random while previewing these so there’s no particular reason why I am featuring some shades and not others.

Neutrals-aside, there are also blues, greens and purples for those who embrace color and prefer a little drama-mama.

Granted Lancôme’s definition of pigmentation isn’t that of Urban Decay’s, this has it’s own appeal lending a more sophisticated level of pigmentation.

I feel the pigmentation of these are at a comfortable level and if you are accustomed to pow-wow swatches in 1 swipe then maybe you are not going to be blown away but that doesn’t mean these do not perform well either.

They are bright yet soft enough for the typical neutral lover to introduce themselves to color and wear it in a comfortable way.

Now that I have introduced the collection to you, lets have a closer (and more high res) look at the palette I ended up taking home with me – Fraîcheur Rosée.

As I had mentioned, there were so many beautiful neutral variants in this collection that it was impossible to decide. I was torn between this and ST2 Kaki Chic but in the end, I opted for the cool-toned rosey-hued taupes.

I was in my blonde days then and was obsessed with cool-toned browns because that worked best with the whole blonde and blue hair get up.

One thing I enjoy about these palettes is the carefully thought-out combination of shades within. Or at least for the one I picked up.

I know, at a glance it just looks like any other 5-color eyeshadow palette but when you get started on using it, you realize that every color has its own purpose within an eyelook. It may not always have the same place on the eye but they work extremely well with each other and balance the look out.

All 5 colors can be incorporated into a look and they can work harmoniously without making it look over the top. The colors are distinctive enough alone and blend well into each other at the same time.

I know the palettes aren’t too attention grabbing from their visual appeal alone but these are great palettes to own if you want 1 palette that you can rely on regardless.

Maybe 2… one for the neutral days and the other to turn up the drama.

If that is not reason enough to go give these Lancôme palettes a look, how about some geeky makeup tech-iness?

Yes, the applicators are magnetised to the pan so they don’t fall out – how cool is that!

I find applicators quite a chore because firstly, I never use them and secondly, they are always falling all over the place when I open my palettes. So my usual protocol is to remove the applicators, dump them into the product box and chuck those aside.

It’s a sad world for applicators, I know.

Though the ones that come with the Lancôme Hypnôse Star Eyes Palettes are actually not bad.

To help you along, Lancôme has produced a series of videos (on youtube) featuring models doing their own eye looks using everything found within the palette – shades, applicators and all.

Watch it below!

It’s quite a fun watch and I believe the approach here is to make a statement that these palettes are well planned, from the color combination to the tools such that anyone can use the palette to look runway ready! Well, sort of.

Of course, there is always finishing up with eyeliner and mascara ;)

I don’t want to go on too much about something you can (and should) go check out yourself but I must highlight the flocked spatula applicator because this looks unassuming but in actual fact is quite an awesome little tool.

The applicators are firm yet flexible and I like how dense the foam is, making these feel very well-made. That also allows for the applicators to pick up, pack on and blend colors well.

The fine yet firm tip of this allows you to apply the darker shades close to the lashline while smudging it out a little, giving you that soft liner definiton.

If you need a well-illustrated guide on how you can best use the eyeshadows, the Hypnôse Star Eyes Palettes come with a little eyechart on the 3 different ways you can use your palette, regardless if it is of the Dolly, Star or Dramatic eye variant.

Lastly, this is quite a useless thing to mention given they don’t give it out now but it is so clever I feel like I need to give it a mention. Hopefully they will do a re-run of this idea once more, just because it’s so cute.

Back when these palettes were first launched, Lancôme were giving out these handy ‘eye chart’ stickers / decal with every purchase of the Hypnôse Star Eyes Palettes.

The purpose of these transparent decals would be for you to easily adhere them to your mirror so you can refer to it while you put your makeup on. The decal quality of this makes it recycleable, such that you can continually stick and remove it from surfaces.

Though it’s a pity these (the decals) are no longer available, though I hope Lancôme does a run with them again!

Wrapping it up, you can check out the eyelook I had done using this palette over at this post if you haven’t!

These Hypnôse Star Eyes Palettes retail for S$90 a palette, which sounds like quite a heft but I feel that these palettes are a great investment for the quality and thought gone into it. They will certainly have a nice place in your stash and for me at least it is a palette I can easily rely on and work with.

Definitely a worthy investment for those who may not have many eye palettes on hand or if you have a lot but are still on the lookout for that one workhorse palette you can reach for anytime, anyday!

Lancôme’s Hypnôse Star Eyes Palettes retail for S$90 at all Lancôme counters island-wide. These are permanent.

Thanks for reading!

Haul: Burberry Eyeshadow Steals!

Here’s a haul that had successfully slipped under the radar and go unmentioned for a good period of time.

I would have just left it unmentioned though seeing as it’s my first Burberry purchase (yes, really!) and also a CP by my dear pal Eliza, who trooped all the way down to the Luxasia sale, these shadows have to see the light of day.

Or at least have to be seen on the blog.

I’ve always wanted to get myself a Burberry eyeshadow, because the packaging is too darn pretty, much like how I’ve always wanted to get myself a million other things. Though eyeshadows aren’t always top of my list so I sat on that wishlist of mine… until Eliza chanced upon these at the Luxasia sale that is.

Going at S$12 each during the sale, how could I pass them up!

The little ‘issue’ with these sale purchases is that the expiry date (as printed on the boxes) is drawing close – almost within 6 months for some. Though since these are eyeshadows, I don’t have an issue with them ‘expiring’ on me unless they’ve gotten odd in consistency or don’t pick up well anymore.

As stated above, these would have expired January this year but they still seem to be working fine for me so far!

It’s cute that these individual shadows come with a pouch each. Yes, it is a bit unncessary but it adds to the luxe factor all the same.

I snatched up three shades from the haul, 2 of which I had my sights on for awhile and another just cause.

The embossing is so precious and pretty that whenever I use these shadows, I aim to dip my brush in that top left spot only. Ha, I think most Burberry eyeshadow owners would do the same?

Here’s a closer look at the three shades I got:

Chestnut – The one I got on a whim because it would be ‘nice to have’. Turns out, of the 3 this ended up getting the most use to date! It has a tiny bit of shimmer running through but it’s very delicate and hardly chunky.

Dark Sable – because you can’t go wrong with a dark deep brown shade for contouring the eye with!

Khaki – I was most intrigued about this olive-y neutral shade. It seems to appear different under varying lighting – sometimes more green, other times more of a greyish-brown, I just had to have it!

If you’re into the deep and smokey looks, these 3 would work well together, giving you a mossy eye look. Though I personally rarely use them together, the pairing is either Chestnut with Dark Sable or Khaki with Dark Sable.

Regardless they are all gorgeously soft (these Burberry shadows do make a dent quite quickly with use) and smooth without much kick-up.

Here’s a quick look at an eyelook I had done primarily using Chestnut and Dark Sable.

Very simple and straight-forward, that’s what I like the shades I picked up for. I know I have loads of neutrals and that I don’t need more, but neutrals get the most use of my stash so they are the most ‘practical’ to get!

Though in practicality, I don’t need more makeup. Oops.

Eitherways, thanks for reading! Have you tried Burberry eyeshadows? What are you favorites?

YSL Spring – Pivoine Crush Eyeshadow Palette (Swatches)

Hello you guys (or girls / ladies)! I’m still alive and well though I’ll admit that I’ve been putting blogging off because I just haven’t got the ‘mood’ to churn anything out due to work and the constant paranoia of deadlines, not sending a certain file across, not finishing something up in time, etc.

Basically there’s too much on my mind to think about blogging right now.

Though sometimes, just sometimes, blogging creeps into the picture and that’s when I realize I could put a pause on my blog but the world is still buzzing about and time still flying by.

With that, let me briefly shed some light and love on the Pivoine Crush Eyeshadow palette that was released with YSL’s feminine and flirty spring collection.

Bathed in a whirlwind of flowers and the breathe of Spring, YSL’s Spring collection artfully features the feminine color palette of spring amidst a dash of sultry smokiness.

The palette design is, as always, stunning with a jibe of youthful-ness, taking a nod at the contemporary femme fatale – liberated, unafraid and yet delicate in persona.

It could be our Chinese culture and the fact that Chinese / Lunar New Year is occuring a lot earlier this year but the palettes released in YSL’s Spring collection feel in-theme with the Chinese festivities – almost like an exquisite red packet design.

Now, if only YSL distributed red packets in this print, that would be lovely.

Though do not confuse the Spring palettes with their special and very Limited Chinese New Year blush palette (Beauty Blossom Palette)

The shades in the Pivoine Crush palette are undeniably Spring-themed with hues of soft rose, coral, pinks, champagne and a sultry maroon all dancing in tune and in the light as each shade is well-shot through with refined shimmer.

While it may appear daunting, the shimmer actually takes on a relatively subtle role (as you will see in swatches later), working to enhance and capture light more than obnoxiously blinging up the lids.

The palette appears to be such a beauty that I couldn’t help but help feeling a tad disappointed at the quality of the shadows.

Though to its own credit, it is the typical formulation and pigmentation of YSL shadows – not the creamiest though decent, picks up moderately and the boldest of shades go on as a sheer peek of color with a notable translucence.

Though in light of spring time and its daintiness, this palette would work beautifully for those that fancy sheerer work-safe shades that allow for layering and better control over the pigmentation.

In fact, when I went by the YSL boutique (at ION), I approached the Makeup Artist for tips on how to best utilize this palette and his immediate reply was to layer the colors because that allows for each shade’s complexity to show up better. While they cannot compete individually, the result of layering is a whisper of colors perfectly complimenting each other and enhancing your eyes.

I haven’t tried this out on myself but the Makeup Artist demonstrated the techniques and I am intrigued – I cannot wait to try it out. I hope the natural look photographs well so I can showcase it to you all!

My favorite of the 5 shades would be the coral (2nd from left) because that works well worn on it’s own or paired with the darker maroon for a quick look in my usual style.

In fact, I do have a look coming up though this was before I learnt the secret and technique of layering so, I would say it’s not the best representation!

Unfortunately the last I checked, the Pivoine Crush palette was already out of stock at the YSL Boutique (in ION). Though I am uncertain if they have more stocks to replenish the shelves. You could also go by TANGS and give it a look or try your luck at ION again!

It’s not a must-have palette but if you are an avid collector of pretty packaging or the shades / usage of the shadows are right up your alley, this would be an exquisite palette to have in the stash.

Thank you for reading!

Now, let me hurry back to the land of paranoia and give my to-do list a one over again.