A Little RF Facial For Instantly Perkier, Radiant Skin This Holiday Season!

I don’t think it’s something I need to say even more of but, yes, the Holiday Season is upon us!

Everyone is probably busy scrambling for gifts, planning out parties, gatherings and of course attending them and during this frantic and hectic period, we all still strive to put our best face forward and not look like we could use 9032984 more hours of sleep even when that is the truth, right?

While most facial sessions, be it the machine ones (e.g. Diamond Peel) or the manual massage ones, are great to relax your skin and get most of the groundwork done – cleansing, prepping, exfoliating – there are just some things that those can’t do and that would be stimulating your skin cells and the collagen within your skin to give you a temporary (albeit awesome) lifted, radiant and flawless skin look.

And that is where RF Facial comes in! Radio Frequency facials!


E Medical Clinic, where I had my RF Facial Session done.


Pantry area for customers to help themselves to water, coffee, etc.

I had the privilege of attending one just before my baby girl’s birthday weekend (which involved a lot of parties, friends from way back and relatives) and I didn’t get much time to put on much of a game face on (hustlin’ about prepping both the place and the birthday girl) so this facial definitely helped me look a ton better. Or rather because it made my skin look awesome there’s little else I needed to do to just look clean and fresh.

I even had a couple of friends and guests even commented that I looked really good (ahem ahem, shy now…) and some even went ahead to comment about my skin looking well maintained. Which is a little far from the truth given my rushed nightly routine but heh, okay, I’ll take it. ;P


Long story short, if you’re looking for a way to instantly (the whole procedure takes 30 minutes tops) lift and smooth out your skin, then this is the answer to that!

I’m sure you’ll have one less thing to worry about as you throw on your (flawless) party face and yet still take perfect selfies without a need for a skin smoothing filter.

Though of course, I feel I need to disclaim a little where RF Facials are concerned because what this facial session does is stimulate the production of collagen and skin renewal within your cells so if you have a fairly good base to begin with, the results will be amazing. If your skin has some other concerns, like acne or really uneven skin texture, then perhaps another treatment will be more suited.

Another disclaimer, because RF Facials use radio frequency to get the job done, those with very bad acne situations (like a big patch of red and angry) are not advised to do this. Pregnant women or those with metal inserts in the body are not advised to do this too.

Grey Divider

Alrightey, after that wall of text, let’s get to the facial session which was about as quick as a blink of an eye really. I think I spent a little more time in the waiting room than on the facial bed, heh!


Though to be fair, they are facing a peak period right now.

Everyone wants to get their holiday game face on, ha!

So, let’s have a look at how this is done, shall we?


Removing The Makeup –

Starting out, the first thing to do is to remove all dirt and impurities on the face so the treatment can work best so Carmen, my therapist, removed all traces of my makeup before proceeding.



Though the lipstick I had on (MAC’s No Faux Pas) proved to be extremely tenacious so you’ll see remnants of it on the lips in closer shots, my bad!

Faded lippie isn’t a good look but I guess the plus side is this bugger is insanely hard to remove so it’ll last you incredibly well through the day!

So, moving on!

The Cooling Gel –

As this is an aesthetic clinic, the whole procedure is very much efficient and no-nonsense so after my makeup was removed, Carmen went ahead to slap on some cooling gel on my skin.


This cooling gel is to help conduct some of the heat from the RF Machine and also to offer some slip and slide to it as Carmen works the machine’s head over my skin later on.

The RF Procedure –

The RF Machine that is being used here at E Medical Clinic, Venus Viva, is one of the latest in this field. It heats up incredibly quick and is also very efficient and dishing out the right about of stimulation to the skin as effectively and safely as possible.


The head of the machine, or hand piece as it is also referred to, is known as the Diamond Polar because of the slight diamond shape to it.

I found the shape and little ‘nodules’ on it that helped to transmit the RF waves very comfortable on the skin. The way it is structured and also the way Carmen was wielding it on my skin made it feel like she was running a selfwarming massager over my skin.



I liked that Carmen was also very attentive to the amount of gel on my skin’s surface and topped up another layer once it started to wear down.


This way the whole process felt really comfortable and the warmth didn’t cause any discomfort or prickling sensation to my skin since there was always a nice barrier of gel.


I recall my first encounter with RF Facial was quite alright but I could definitely feel the heat more then (and I had to go through 3 hand pieces then too!) so this really quick and comfortable approach to RF is definitely very much welcomed.

Each side is worked on for about 10 minutes and the machine will beep to signal that one ‘session’ is over, followed by turning itself off so no matter how much you’re chatting with the therapist noone is going to lose track of time here!


Once it’s done, Carmen proceeded to wipe the leftover gel away and hand me a hand-held mirror so I could see the difference for myself.


The Left Vs the Right –

Carmen worked on the right side of my face first (your left!) so that I could compare the results and even within looking at a mirror I could feel the skin on my right cheeks tightening and being lifted already!


DSC01135 01

Granted my skin isn’t extremely deprived of collagen or an extreme case of sagginess and age hence the difference isn’t world’s apart, I can definitely see and feel the improved skin texture and condition already, I can’t imagine how drastic an improvement it would be for older women or those who really need a lifting effect to bring back some youthfulness to their face!

Okay, here’s a more detailed low-down of the difference I spy, incase you can’t quite tell. As I said, it’s a slight difference but enough to make you look better without it being noticeable.

I’m sure you can see in the pictures how the right (your left) appears more smoothed, radiant, taut and of course lifted!

Completing the Look –

After showing me the comparisons, Carmen went ahead to finish the other side of my face while I snapped a few pictures just to document it and then enjoyed the rest of the way.


While there aren’t any massages involved, the hand piece rolling over my cheeks with a comfortable heat was actually quite soothing. I didn’t think I would say that about an RF Facial and those who have gone for RF Facials before will know what I mean when I say they aren’t made to be comfortable and enjoyable.

It isn’t usually uncomfortable but I feel like you have to brace yourself a little when you’re going through them, the price to pay for good skin, but I didn’t feel this way here and that was nice.

And voila, after a quick 20 minutes, we’re done!


The After(s)! –

So, here on it’s going to be a little compilation of how my skin looked right after, once I got home and the next day.


Even as I’m typing this facial up a whole weekend after I had done it (it’s posted a little late due to my intended Urban Decay Naked On the Run spam), I’m still marveling and admiring my skin in the mirror. The lifting part is truly lovely but I think what I enjoy most about RF Facials is the improved skin condition overall.

Here’s a snap I took from my mobile camera in Sephora’s pretty good lighting right after my facial session. I like how my skin looks rosey, lifted and so supple! #nofilter!


Another perk about RF, aside from a lifted effect, is that it helps refine your skin texture and also minimize your pores. I don’t have the biggest issue with pores but in recent years they have started being rather pesky and appearing more prominently than I would like, making me turn to skin-smoothing primers for a truly smoothed out skin appearance.


Though look at my skin post RF! So smooth and flawless!

I haven’t been using a primer since the session and I’m still enjoying some pretty good skin days. It’s not a permanent treatment so I’m enjoying it while it lasts. Let’s have a couple more pictures showing lifted and refined skin!



The lifted cheeks effect also gives me a slightly more defined V to my jaw but nothing drastic since it isn’t targeting at improving your jawline. It’s just the overall, once you pull something up the rest goes along as well and it looks better overall.

It’s the sort of skin bettering that will have people saying you look really good, fresh and put together but yet there isn’t anything in particular that they can pinpoint about why you look better except maybe that your skin is looking exceptionally flawless!

So, what do you do when you are glad about your skin because it’s both lifted and rather flawless looking? You selfie! Here are some shots with makeup on, about 3 days after the RF session.



As seen on Instagram

Purple Divider

For those who may have questions about this, the RF Facial isn’t invasive and there isn’t any downtime involved as well. At the most you’ll have some slight redness right after the Facial session but that subsides really quickly to a natural flush and would be gone after a couple of hours.

What you’ll be left with is a temporary good skin period where your skin feels smooth, and lifted (resulting in more pronounced cheekbones for my face shape), and of course the skin texture a lot more evened out providing a smooth canvas be it with or without foundation.

Overall your skin just looks fresh and good though one thing to remember about RF Facials is that the results are temporary.

The promise of duration here is 2-3 weeks and it is highly dependent on your own skin-type, lifestyle etc because what this facial does is stimulate more collagen cells but these cells have their own lifespan and unless you go for regular sessions, your skin will fall back into it’s usual collagen cycle. So don’t worry, you’re not going to see a super adverse relapse or anything, it’ll just slip into what it used to look like.

If you’re interested to perk your skin up and look good for all the festivities coming up – Christmas, New Year, etc – then book an appointment at E Medical Centre now!

They have online appointment making services available here so go ahead and book now!

Thanks for reading!

E Medical Centre is located at Bukit Batok, Orchard and Toa Payoh. Click on the locations to get the exact place that they are located at.

The RF Facial I had done in this post is S$500 per session. There might be package options available, but do check with the front desk there to be sure!

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Immortelle Atelier Take 2 – The Cocoon Mask Treatment!

Hello, I’m back!


Back here at Immortelle Atelier, I mean, since I haven’t been away from my blog so to speak.

I think I’ve been quite good with regular postings to the point that I may be flooding you guys a bit – my bad! Though there truly is so much to say and there’s so much going on right now (in the beauty world, opportunities etc) that I’m really thankful and partly swamped too.

A good kind of swamped I’ll admit and of course, I would rather be swamped with a million and one things to do rather than none, no?

Which is why I like to come back to Immortelle Atelier for that short 1-2 hour window where I can focus on absolutely nothing and just calm my mind, enjoy the facial procedure and come out feeling completely rejuvenated and fresh.

If my first take on Immortelle Atelier doesn’t sway you over to the facial world of calming massagings, soothing your senses and such (and you much prefer the quick-dry-and-go sort of facial), then I hope today’s feature on the Cocoon Mask Treatment I got to enjoy awhile back catches your eye at least!

I mean… it’s quite a sight really, the whole ‘cocoon aspect’ and as always, they’re offering great deals for my readers so read on!Grey Divider Before we proceed, here’s an idea of what the Cocoon Mask Treatment focuses on and what to expect with this Facial Treatment.

Suitable for all skin types (be it if you’re dry or oily), the Cocoon Mask Treatment seeks to enhance the quality of your skin by nourishing and hydrating it in a unique ‘cocoon’ masking method.

The Cocoon Mask Treatment

The treatment combines a mixture of effleurage (light) and therapeutic massages to help stimulate metabolism, circulation and also ease stress and tension on the face. Overall, that helps with fighting the ageing process, dulling skin and returns your skin to a youthful bounce and flush! Grey Divider So, as always, the lighting is a little dim in the facial rooms at Immortelle Atelier (all the better for your relaxation) so you’ll have to bear with graininess in some pictures. Though… I’m sure picture quality isn’t the key here ;)

Once More, The Room –

Just because I didn’t get to properly document the room and whatnot the previous time, here’s the fuzzy furry and comfortable carpet I was talking about. DSC00986 It’s a small touch but it makes for a comfortable experience such that you don’t have to remove your shoes and do a quick tip-toe over to the facial bed to evade the cold, hard floor. DSC00989 After getting settled in the comfy bed (this comforter is bliss, really), I took a quick selfie and announced that I’m ready to go~

Removing The Makeup & Talks –

As always the very first thing to do is to remove the makeup and my therapist was nice and thorough with it using a cleansing milk for the entire face (while doing a massage of course) and a separate remover for the more stubborn makeup bits around my eye area. Though I swear, I was already wearing the non-waterproof and fairly easier to remove liners and all! Heh! DSC00990 DSC00993 Aside from cleansing the face, my neck and décolletage area were not forgotten about and also received a nice cleanse!

Exfoliate & Massage –

Next up, exfoliating the skin! My therapist explained that she will be doing a massage to stimulate the skin and she will also be using an exfoliating product that feels nice and liquid (so it gives that perfect slip for a massage) yet contains gentle gritty bits that exfoliate the skin as she massages. DSC00995 DSC01004 As with the relaxing spa-sort of facial places, cleansing and massaging goes well past the face and neck, focusing on the decolletage area as well, which I personally really like. DSC01000 It’s like a wholesome relaxing experience with your upper-chest area, hands, shoulders and neck receiving the same amount of love. Because, you know, you can take care of your face alone but your neck is a tell-tale sign once aging sets in too! After the scrubbing, massaging and skin renewing process, my therapist proceeded to calm and soothe my skin down with a Maria Galland toner product (which was used repeatedly through my facial session) that felt oh-so-good on the skin. DSC01010 I would akin it to Japanese skin softeners – liquid with a nice slip but absorbs once you massage it in and leaves a light hydrating tact on the skin. Not heavy at all but it doesn’t dry the skin out like astringent toners do. This one helps to balance out your skin’s pH and moisture level too, which is why she likes slapping it on after any ‘strenous’ activity to the skin. Such as exfoliating, extracting etc.

Extractions Again! –

DSC01011 Speaking of extractions, that is the next process we moved on to, along with a little brow trimming which was very much needed. DSC01018 I’ve been managing my strays quite okay, not too diligently but just enough so they don’t stick out in eye looks but after this trim, I’m so glad to see my brow hairs all neatened in shape and length once more. I definitely needed that!

The Cocoon Process –

Now, this here is the fun part, the cocoon-ning! Perhaps by the end of this my face will emerge as beautiful as a butterfly, yes? Ha! So anyway, the first step to this is to slap on a mask that my therapist personally really likes and recommends to clients, especially Bride-to-bes! p.s. They do sell the mask alone, for your at-home use, at Immortelle Atelier too DSC01022 A versatile hydrating cooling mask, this can be worn as a face mask, slapped on liberally, for 30 minutes each time (used 2-3 times a week) or if your skin is particularly parched and in need of repair due to climate change, travel and such you can use it continuously (maximum of 7 days cause it’s quite rich) as a night cream each night. By the end of the consecutive use, your skin will look plumped, nourished and balanced again, almost like magic! Which I can imagine is why this mask would be recommended for brides-to-be or those who need to put their best-face forward at a particular event. DSC01026 The mask seemed to have a cool minty sensation on the skin, not the lip plumper sort, it’s a whole lot milder. After the mask has been applied, my therapist proceeded to place a gauze over my face. I’ve felt some facial places do this before but I had no idea the piece of gauze was this huge! DSC01034 It was only after, when I reviewed the blind shots I took, that I noticed how large a piece it is though it makes more sense as we go on. After the gauze comes the whole ‘cocoon-ing’ aspect of the treatment as a thick mousse / foam was slathered all over my face (over the gauze). DSC01036 This part was the most intriguing as I felt a dense and thick foam being slathered on my face, such that something was pressing down on me, but yet so gently at the same time. It’s peculiar, like dense and weighty but yet light. DSC01038 The point of this cocoon-ing process is to encapsulate your skin in these layers and layers of nourishment. The mousse / foam is a masking product as well (I forgot the name of it though) and helps to form a barrier around the skin to lock in nourishment and moisture while radiating a comfortable warmth – yes, it is warming, woots! This helps promote circulation and also betters the absorption of minerals and products that you are putting on your face. DSC01044 To prevent the cocoon mask foam from sliding off, the remaining bits of gauze were wrapped over my face, forming a ‘net’ of foam. At this point it looks like I have a meringue on my face and it’s so comical. But underneath that funny outlook, I felt very comforted and pampered with the minty cool sensation from the first mask and the gentle warmth of the cocoon foam. It did not feel uncomfortable at all be under all that and in fact, it was really calming. DSC01047 DSC01050

The Shoulder & Hand Massage –

What’s more while my face was under that mound of foam and gauze, I was treated to a shoulder massage (this is part of the whole facial experience I’m sure)  and it wasn’t just a quick rub and go. My therapist pressed away at the tension in my shoulders (I always have tension there, grr) and massaged my neck as well. Afterwhich, I thought I would be left to rest alone for a bit but guess what – there’s a hand massage to follow too! I’ve not been given hand massages much (except when I go for a body massage, which is quite expected) so I was nicely surprised when the therapist massaged both my fingers, palms, wrists and even upper arms. I didn’t take any pictures of these because I was too busy enjoying the process. My bad!

The Finale of Skincare & Scalp Massages –

After removing the whole cocoon gauze, which made my skin feel like it had been ‘unveiled’ as the cool room air gushed over my face once the warming masks was lifted. Once the residual of the masks were wiped off, the therapist went ahead to slap on some skincare for me, massaging it in thoroughly as well. Bliss! DSC01051 Did I also mention that the skincare she used is from Maria Galland? DSC01068 Really though, the moisturizer that they kept applying on me felt so amazing I feel that I might be swayed to pick it up the next time I come by. I’m serious. It makes my skin feel so smooth and soft, without being greasy, but nicely hydrated. So, so awesome, I tell you. DSC01053 And there was also a little scalp massage while we let the lotions and creams sit, woots!

Refreshed, Supple & Pampered Skin –

Post-facial, I immediately noticed (fluffy and still-awesome hair aside, thanks to these guys) that my skin looked really good!


Bad lighting, but here’s the ‘first look’.

I mean, that’s without a doubt given most often skin should look cleaner and fresher post-facial but given I had gone through some mild extractions and am completely stripped of makeup, my skin looked supple, plumped and most of all evened in skintone! It looks as if I were wearing some tinted product such that my skintone appeared more radiant, fresher and not blotchy at all given my recent bumps and spots (girly time of the month, don’t ask). DSC01073 DSC01076 Needless to say, my skin texture also felt a lot smoother and cleaner. While this isn’t focused on deep cleaning the skin, given my skin hasn’t clogged up loads since the last clean-out, the exfoliating and massage that went along with helped to rid my skin surface of dead skin cells and whatnot. This leaves me feeling all fresh-faced, clean and with a smooth canvas to slap on makeup once more! DSC01078 I’m really enjoying the continual skincare maintenance even if it means having to dash down to facial appointments after work and then dashing back after to my little baby girl at home. But it is nice to really indulge and pamper myself for that hour plus, and of course leave with rejuvenated skin that has been given its dose of TLC. Here are also some pictures of myself with nothing but foundation on, to show you how my post-pamper skin looks with makeup on – really more of showing the texture and how soft supple skin allows for optimal makeup application ;)


wearing Dior Diorskin Nude Fluid Foundation

Purple Divider This is my second trip to Immortelle Atelier and as always I can’t explain how glad I am to leave feeling rejuvenated both in terms of relaxation and also a cleansed and pampered skin!   While I don’t have a promotional offer for the Cocoon Mask Treatment for you (given it’s their most signature and best-selling one), here are the ones from before that I believe should still be offered.

Promotions For Icyabstract Readers!

Simply mention my name (Sara or Icyabstract) when you call to make an appointment and request for any (or both in 2 separate sessions) of the following promotions!

  • Promotion #1 – The Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Bring a friend along when you buy a Meridian Eye Care Treatment (S$48 for 30 minutes) and your friend gets to enjoy her session FREE!
  • Promotion #2 – Book A Facial & Receive An Eye Massage FREE Buy a facial session (any session to suit your skin) and receive the Meridian Eye Care Treatment for FREE!

The Cocoon Mask Treatment (seen here) retails for S$128 per session (120 minutes). Call Immortelle Atelier now (6259 9001) to enquire and book an appointment – they function on an appointment basis so no walk-in allowed. If you would like to find out more about Immortelle Atelier, head over and LIKE their Facebook Page for information on promotions and offers!

Immortelle Atelier is located at 101 Thomson Rd #02-08B, United Square Mall

Thanks for reading!   Sponsorship disclosure

Lifted Eyes & Pampered Skin With Immortelle Atelier!

I know a lot of us live very rushed lives with hardly any spare time to indulge or pamper ourselves. Even when we do any form of pampering activities, we often have a ‘time slot’ for it inwhich we rush off to yet another appointment or errand right after we are done.

So much for pampering, right?

In the realm of spas and treatments, we have seen quite a technological leap whereby these days machines are often used to help quicken the facial treatment yet still provide and promise the same cleansed result. While a quick pop by these facial services definitely get the job done, especially so for the time constrained, sometimes it is nice to indulge yourself in a little more time and a lot more pamper.

Truth be told, it has been a good while since I had treated myself – or rather, my face / neck area – to a facial session as pampering, calming and soothing as this one. And I have clearly forgotten how therapeutic and indulgent face massages can be especially when done in the right environment – perfect plush blanket, soft music and soothing botanical aroma.

It’s absolutely indulgent and while photos can’t capture the whole situation I can try my best to relate this absolutely calming and much needed rejuvenation.

What’s more Immortelle Atelier offers this absolutely stellar ‘Intensive’ Eye Treatment which I absolutely enjoyed and am raving about to no ends. It is amazing, simply said, read more about it below!

Grey Divider

Stay tuned till the end because, as always, Immortelle Atelier has some really great deals for Icyabstract readers! They are pretty awesome deals for a treatment I thoroughly enjoyed and would recommend, so stay tuned!

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So… tucked away in a quiet little corner of United Square is this very quaint-looking and delicately furnished facial shop that is Immortelle Atelier.

The minute you spot the shop and the entrance, you’ll be greeted with a very ‘backstage’ set up meets French-boutique sort of vibe. It’s clashy but it’s so feminine and beautiful at the same time. It’s almost like saying, we’re here for you be it if you want to be stage-perfect and ready to shine or looking for a calming and tranquil space to relax your mind.

Previously located in the Chinatown area, Immortelle Atelier had shifted over to United Square to cater to the busy moms (and working ladies or home makers) who need a quick refresh and break from the hustle and bustle of life.

I popped by after work and was offered a cup of tea (Jasmine, I think) before I was brought to one of the facial treatment rooms. For the small square space they had to work with, the room was nice and cozy. It didn’t feel cramped even though it could have been and the furnishings (soft lush carpet, such a plus!) along with bedding accessories made it feel so comfortable overall.

I especially enjoyed the furry comforter they provided. It was like sleeping with a furry little kitty – warm and cozy.

The lighting within the room was kept dim most of the way so I do apologize for grainy images. I shot with RAW and was able to turn up the picture so you can actually see what happened but graininess is something that happened as a result, I can’t escape that bit for sure.


Makeup Removal –

As always, the very first step was to remove my makeup and while I didn’t explain above, Immortelle Atelier mainly uses Maria Galland skin care products (hence the posters in their waiting area). This brand is new to me but according to my therapist, and also after some googling once I got home, Maria Galland is a brand rich with heritage and is deeply devoted to offering natural, quality and also indulgent skincare.

A globally renowned brand amongst those of the trade, Maria Galland supplies to a large amount of top beauty salons so I was glad to be introduced to this and also to experience these indulgent and positively delightful products.

Being all about peace, wellbeing and a well-rested experience, most of Maria Galland’s products have a soft botanical scent to them. It isn’t cloying nor over-powering but they lend a hand in the relaxation process along with the soothing music and ambient lighting (along with the really comfortable throw) at Immortelle Atelier.

Product-wise, the Maria Galland creams and cleansers felt watery, yet still creamy, aqueous but also luxurious. It had made me intrigued enough about the product to consider some of their items. Immortelle Atelier also sells some pieces of the Maria Galland skincare brand at their boutique.

So anyway, the therapist did a double-cleanse for my skin (soo calming I tell you!) before proceeding to access my skin concerns.

After accessing my skin, my therapist (Julia) commented that I have fairly good skin – phew! – though it is a little fatigued and stressed out from both environmental exposure and perhaps some lifestyle choices too. Oops, I should really stop keeping late nights.

Given that, she opted for a anti-stress facial (which consists of multiple massages to relax the tired skin), their famed eye treatment just to relax the taut eye muscles, and some deep cleansing steps just to properly clean out my skin once more. It seems like no matter what, my skin is like a lint roller and it just sucks dirt to it.

I swear I have a proper cleansing regimen and I hardly slack off it!


Extraction –

I’ve spoken about extractions before, the pros the cons, the lovers and the haters. I mentioned that as much as it hurts and as much buzz as there is around extractions, I actually really like them.

I think machine cleansing is great for the time constrained peeps and if anything, sometimes machine can clean in a way that human hands can’t but same goes. Machines can’t extract or cleanse pores the way extraction can and for me, I feel that often times my skin truly feels cleaner after a manual extraction process.

Of course, I must also disclaim that it is best to leave your face in hands that are professional at doing this because it can be painful or go awfully wrong if extractions aren’t done right.

Thankfully for me there isn’t all that much to extract, only a few problematic spots and blackheads around / on my nose.

Since only a couple of points of my face required an extraction, my face wasn’t left sore or painful after. I didn’t have to walk around with a whole bunch of red spots post-facial either (as you will see later).

After extracting, Julia soothes a layer of toner over just to calm the skin and also because the mild astringent quality helps constrict the pores post-extraction.


Meridian Eye Treatment –

Thisssss, this is awesome, you must read this portion even if you somehow decide to speed-read the rest of this entry.

A famed treatment here at Immortelle Atelier, their Meridian Eye Treatment lends the technique of the traditional chinese massage method ‘Gua Sha’. Those who are familiar with that massage method may recoil in shock at it being used on the eye area, but let me just say – it’s not the same of course.

The technique and thought is the same, to relief any taut tension and muscles from the area but the way it is done is obviously different because the eye area is such a delicate spot. I assure you there is absolutely no pain in this process and I actually found it really relaxing.

Firstly, your therapist will apply some thick balm to help ease the movement of the ‘bone’ tool that is used to massage the eye area.

After that, your therapist will go through a series of soft rubbing and point-pressing sort of movements around your eye area ranging from your socket, to your brow-bone. Again, let me assure you that this is not painful at all.

This massage reminded me of the body massage that I have to do regularly to help ease the tension in my neck and back because somehow my meridian passages get congested very easily.

I had no idea that the eye area gets ‘knotted’ as well, until Julia started easing some knots on my lower socket away and I could feel that familiar motion of her ‘pressing the knots out’. I really can’t describe it as well without making it sound scary but those who do similar treatments will likely grasp what I am trying to get at!

The eye treatment takes 30 minutes in all, so that’s about 15 minutes for each eye and after your therapist is done with your first eye they’ll usually stop to let you see the difference between the massaged eye and the not massaged one.

I expected the eye to feel more relaxed after but I wasn’t expecting to actually see a visible difference in the eyes, much less the face! It appears that the whole cheek and eye area of the side that was massaged is lifted and that in turn makes me look a lot more awake!

It’s quite amazing, see for yourself!

So after that comparison, Julia proceeded to work on my next eye and I just sat back (or rather lied back) and enjoyed the massage.


Massage Time! –

Now, this part I really really enjoyed.

I enjoy massages of all sort, especially face massages! With more facials moving towards the technological side, I’ve realized that lesser places incorporate massages into their facial routine, which some people may prefer since it saves time but a face massage just makes you feel so pampered and so good after.

What’s more, it helps lift the face too (no matter how temporary)!

The neck isn’t forgotten about either!

A bit of a random point to mention but I noted that my therapist, Julia’s, hands always felt warm and soft on. It’s a small thing to pay attention to but it definitely adds to the overall relaxation process, to have a warm touch instead of icy cold hands.

I never thought I would mind or nitpick on things like the temperature of the therapist’s hands but, it truly was enjoyable.


The Purifying Mask –

After the very enjoyable face and neck massage, Julia proceeded with the masking session and recommend a purifying one for my skin. She said that this mask would help draw the impurities, clogs and oils from my skin out and leave it cleaner and fresher after.

Julia also went ahead to put a cold eye mask on the eye region to relax the eye area after the treatment.

While we left the mask on to do it’s job, more massaging went underway and this time it was a scalp / head massage – bliss!


Cleanse Off, Cream On! –

After leaving the mask on for a bit and leaving me to relax on my own after the scalp / head massage, Julia returned to remove the mask and also proceeded to help my slap on some skincare.

The skincare that she used would be a toner and face cream from Maria Galland, followed by an eye cream (which felt so creamy and nice!), all of which came with a little application massage as well. I can’t get enough of the massages and wish someone would apply and massage my nightly routine on for me, ha!

They even do a little shoulder rub and back massage (not just a quick pat all over) once you’re up from your lying position before they head out and leave you alone to change to your clothes.


Post Facial Face! –

So after you’ve seen my face in all sorts of unglam from the facial, here are some post-facial shots with no makeup and flat hair but it’s good enough to show you how rejuvenated my skin looks and feels!

Again, it’s quite hard to actually translate the cleaner skin or to measure the amount of tension that Julia massaged away from my face but the whole lifted complexion, brighter eyes and smoothened skin after says enough for itself!

The key area to note would be how my eye lids seem less puffy and the whole cheek area is so much more lifted than before. Maybe it’s only partially lifted but the difference it makes in making me look a little more awake is awesome.

And then following that, here are some shots taken the next day with a little foundation and brows on. Just to better showcase the smooth canvas my skin is, so as to allow foundation to go on flawlessly.

And a closeup of my eye area (which I had also posted about on instagram) just because I am so so amazed with the eye treatment. My lids are less puffy and my hooded lids aren’t as hooded anymore! They seem lifted almost and I don’t have as much issues with eyeliner smearing in the outer edges!

It’s quite something and I’m so impressed.

Unfortunately this lift isn’t permanent, of course, and to upkeep this you will be recommended to go back to Immortelle Atelier for the Eye treatment about once a month or so, depending on your needs!

I know I’m definitely going back for another session – I need and love it sooooo much!

If you’re curious about the Eye Treatment too then I’ve got a treat for you!

Purple Divider

Promotions For Icyabstract Readers!

So, yes, just for my readers I am so glad to be able to share this amazing promotion which I had suggested to Immortelle Atelier about and they gladly agreed to!

Simply mention my name (Sara or Icyabstract) when you call to make an appointment and request for any (or both in 2 separate sessions) of the following promotions!

  • Promotion #1 – The Buy 1 Get 1 FREE
    Bring a friend along when you buy a Meridian Eye Care Treatment (S$48 for 30 minutes) and your friend gets to enjoy her session FREE!
  • Promotion #2 – Book A Facial & Receive An Eye Massage FREE
    Buy a facial session (any session to suit your skin) and receive the Meridian Eye Care Treatment for FREE!

For further information, the prices over at Immortelle Atelier are actually really affordable. The pampering session I received (and talked about above) is the Instant Anti-Stress Facial and it costs S$68 per session (of 1 hour)


So hurry, call Immortelle Atelier now (6259 9001) to enquire and book an appointment – they function on an appointment basis so no walk-in allowed.

If you would like to find out more about Immortelle Atelier, head over and LIKE their Facebook Page for information on promotions and offers!

Immortelle Atelier is located at 101 Thomson Rd #02-08B, United Square Mall

Thanks for reading!


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ClearSK’s Aqua Peel – The Quick Antidote to Bright, Fresh Skin!

From a quick glance at my past few facial sessions, it seems like I’m caught in this hamster wheel of skin cleaning and de-congesting facials and frankly speaking, I really don’t mind.

Often times when you ask people what their skin concerns are, things like brightening the skin, dullness, lines, acne etc comes to mind. These are concerns that are very frequently brought up and while in their own light they are concerns – like I have my own issues with dullness, pigmentation and lines – the first and utmost concern most of us should have is, how clean is our skin?

I believe I have preached this before in previous skin-cleansing posts but the reason why keeping your skin clean and de-clogging those pores / cleaning beneath the surface is important is because it is the very first step to great skin.

Especially with the large amounts of pollutants in the environment these days (darn haze…), our skin is more prone to clogging up even if we are religious with exfoliating and using a purifying mask, there is only so much we can do from our end.

Also, the thing about not addressing clogged skin the minute you sense itchiness and bumps is that often times, these clogs can and tend to breed bacteria which will cause your skin to become more sensitive, irritable and in some cases result in an explosion of acne even though you’re pretty sure you’re past your days of puberty.

So… I think I’ve brought to light how important clean skin is, yes?

p.s. This is wordy but stay till the end because I’ve got information on free trial treatments below! It isn’t even a lucky draw, but a generous offer from ClearSK for all interested, so stay on!

Now moving on from that, if you feel like you’ve got no time to sit through an additional facial session on top of what you are already subscribed to (say whitening or laser sessions), or if you don’t go for facial sessions to begin with, then I’ll have you know that the Aqua Peel Facial session over at ClearSK is incredibly quick business!

Here’s the official write up about the facial session:

The Aqua ST system is the newest skin treatment that provides both non-invasive exfoliation and delivery of topical solutions to safely and painlessly cleanse, exfoliate, extract and hydrate the skin. This allows customers to achieve optimum results on an accelerated basis without the complications and discomfort usually associated with invasive procedures. In addition, the Aqua ST is unique because it does not use crystals or other abrasive particles that can irritate the skin.

Of course, I spent a bit of time chatting with the therapist and the chirpy marketing lady but in truth I believe you can hop in and out of ClearSK over a lunch break – 45 minutes tops.

What’s more they are conveniently located at Novena Medical Centre so if your work area is in the central district – town or even Novena itself – you can pop by and grab some lunch back from mall! Very convenient and what’s more pampering than a quick skin refresh during a busy day at work, yes?

Grey Divider

To showcase a little about the place, ClearSK has different ‘rooms’ to cater to different needs and also vibes.

The one I frequented the minute I arrived is the sleek, clean and sterile one that gives off a very clean and high-tech vibe. Even registering for your facial the moment you arrive (seeing that you have an appointment) can be done very efficiently with this touch-screen monitor.

Once I entered, I was served a cute and small cup of fragrant tea – not green tea, but something very familiar and aromatic – and a piping hot towel to freshen myself up with. It was such a welcoming gesture given I zoomed down to Novena straight after work.

With that, I went through the usual protocol of filling in a customer data sheet, followed by a quick consultation with a skin doctor over at another set of rooms they offered (that offered a more luxurious feel, think plush cushions and french flair) before I was directed back here for a facial session that best suited my skintype.

Initially I was scheduled for another session – the Ionto Ultrasonic Facial – but the doctor felt the immediate concern I should address is the congestion in my skin so plans changed and I’m glad for this too. I know, myself, that congestion is something I was facing right now due to my neglect for my skin of late (I seem to be doing this a lot, tsk!) so it’s a good call to get rid of that and continue on my journey to supple, brightened skin!

Alrightey, I have rambled on too much, let’s move on to the room and the Aqua Peel treatment!

The Makeup Cleanse –

As usual, the very first step is to clean the skin out so Joyce – my very attentive and skilled therapist – gently and thoroughly removed my makeup, not even leaving a speck or smear of eyeliner (I requested it to all be off) unlike other places that often leave a liner-smear on your lower lids.

Please don’t mind my humorously captured and unglamorous expressions here, focus on the procedure!

Now, with a fresh clean face, we’re ready to start on the Aqua Peel treatment!

Exfoliating the Surface! –

The first order of business is to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. This step also helps to rid any congestion near the surface of the skin since the procedure is very much like ‘vacuuming’ the skin.

Those who have tried Diamond Peel before will note that this step is very similar to that, almost the same actually but depending on the therapist the experience can be quite a different one.

In prior Diamond Peel experiences, the therapist would use one ‘head’ throughout the whole of my face but little did I know that this machine actually allows for smaller ‘heads’ for a more precise cleansing effort in the smaller crevices of our face.

The therapist, Joyce, was also careful not to use too harsh a suction level upon finding out about my eczema issues. I assured her they didn’t reach my face but to be safe, she decided to go easy on me less my skin felt temperamental this time.

My expression says it all, Diamond Peel isn’t meant to be scratchy or painful at all. It’s actually quite enjoyable.

The Acids –

Right after your skin has been rid of all the icky dead skin cells and dirt that sit about the surface of your skin, preventing product absorption, this would be the best time to introduce some active ingredients to the skin.

This way you can be assured that they will thoroughly and also properly penetrate your skin for optimal absorption and also effect!

This step of the Aqua Peel treatment sees 3 different acids being dabbed on the skin (via a machine cause it’s high-tech yo) and then massaged in lightly by the therapist.

The 3 acids include:

  • Lactic Acid for Anti Oxidant purposes
    to combat free radicals and also environmental damage to the surface of the skin.
  • Salicylic Acid
    Which is most ideal for oily and acne prone skin type, to calm the skin and prevent flare ups by penetrating the  pores and dislodging dead skin cells
  • Hyaluronic Acid for Hydrating and Softening
    As we all know, this helps to hydrate the skin making it supple, softened, plumps up fine lines and smoothens the skin.

Though due to my skin sensitivity and also dryness in some spots (my combination skin), the doctor ordered for me to skip out Salicylic Acid since I don’t face any acne issues.

After the Therapist was done applying both acids, I was left for a short while (about 5 minutes, I think) for them to settle into the skin and work their magic.

I didn’t feel anything classified as a discomfort during this period but there were mild biting sensations on the skin, which wore away after awhile. Joyce, my therapist, was also careful to give me a lighter dosage of the acids for fear that any sensitivity might occur due to my eczema skin history. I liked her attentiveness even though I have assured her before that my face-skin is relatively hardy.

Her conclusion is, it’s always good to start safe and slowly bring the dosage up than to go at it than cause any sensitive reaction.

Aloe Mask & Chill –

Now, after all that skin vacuuming and also a tiny chemical ‘invasion’ to the skin, all done for a greater cause, it’s time to give the skin a little pampering that it deserves – to soothe, calm and also properly nourish it.

What better way to get all that done than to slap on a chilled mask and just well, chill!

Joyce specially picked out an Aloe Vera mask for me because she says that Aloe Vera is especially good for sensitive and eczema prone skin. I know that for myself because I carry a tiny tub of Aloe gel everywhere I go.

So anyway, for those who aren’t too sure what Aloe vera is good for, it is an anti-inflammatory product that helps to heal and soothe the skin in a very natural way which makes it such a popular choice amongst those with sensitive skin. It feels cool on and helps soothe itch, dryness and wounds at the same time.

So perfect, right? And such a pretty green too, in the case of this mask.

Once 15-20 minutes is up, I lost track of time with the darkness once the mask went on along with the comfortable temperature and cozy comforter. I think I was just about to fall asleep when Joyce came back in and said she could remove the mask now.

Once the mask was peeled off, both Joyce and Shermaine (lovely marketing lady) exclaimed at how radiant and ‘clear’ my skin was. It’s something that is hard to capture on camera but when I took a mirror and saw it for myself, my skin was glowing, almost!

So clear and so fresh-faced. I attempted to capture it as best as I could but lighting conditions there proved a little tricky.

Post Facial –

Though I took some snaps once home and while it still can’t capture the clear skin as I see it, it does capture how much cleaner and less congested some parts of my face have become.

It helps that my pores also look as if they have been smoothed out a little and the overall texture of my face felt a lot smoother.

Since my skin isn’t perfect (with some typical redness also pigmentation spots) the best way to really show the smoothened out texture and great skin post facial is seeing how perfectly well foundation goes on!

I managed to shelf all my skin smoothing makeup bases for a good while (haven’t reached for them yet!) because my skin felt smooth enough that I didn’t need them.

Foundation that I have on is Diorskin Nude Foundation, fyi.

Purple Divider

So yes, I think pictures speak for themselves in terms of how much smoothened my skin has become and while I can’t capture how much dirt has been removed from my skin, I definitely feel a lot better in my skin. Less itching spots, less bumps, less random redness and all, it’s almost like having done a really good deep clean.

Wait, well, that’s exactly what I did actually!

So, yes I hope that this entry was informative enough to give you an idea of a quick facial option around the Novena area should you ever feel that your skin needs a little cleansing and cleaning out!

The ClearSK Aqual Peel treatment is recommended for all skintypes as it can be customized to suit what your skin requires (hydration, ridding acne etc).

Free Trial Session!

Just for my readers, CleakSK were generous enough to offer a FREE trial session of any one of the following treatments! It’s restricted to one treatment per NRIC.

  • 20 V Face Shaper Lite Vouchers each worth $330
  • 20 Cellulite Buster Lite Vouchers each worth $230

Simply fill in this form (click!) which is relatively quick to do. It shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes of your time and choose ONE of the above treatments and you’ll be able to enjoy it for free!

How awesome!

Quick, go enjoy the treatments now!

ClearSK is located at Novena Medical Centre (#10-01)

For more information about ClearSK’s Aqual Peel treatment (and other treatments they have), please visit this website!

Thanks for reading!

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Fresh, Clean Skin with EHA Clinic's Deep Cleansing Facial

Before I give my blog a little pat on the back and leave it to be its independant self while I scoot to Japan, let me first share this skin cleansing and prepping session I had the privilege of trying out.

So, as with my last facial mention, my skin is facing some dark days…

Okay, maybe that is exaggerating it but while scrolling through my Picasa Albums, I felt a little sob at how perfect my skin was during my pregnancy days.

Granted that has been awhile ago, this whole while (a whole damn year), my body has been balancing my crazy hormones out and that has resulted in some less-than-perfect skin days of late. I conclude normalcy has returned…

Aside from it being hormonal, the slight neglect I’ve left my skin in (really y’all, I just slap on moisturizers on some nights, no serums nada) due to time and what other random life excuse I can find, I know my skin has been a little clogged, a little icky and probably desperately crying out for more TLC.

So my point being, this Deep Clean came at a great time! While I did experience the Jet PR3 Facial a good while ago, that was targetted at prepping the skin for the complementing range and not a full-out cleansing facial session, as this one is.

My facial session took place at EHA Clinic which lies at a quiet portion of town – the office side of things over at Shaw Towers.

A quick pan of their ‘holding area’ lets you know that at EHA Clinic everything is kept minimal, yet functional. While they don’t have lavish furnishings, they make up for that with a whole arsenal of equipment stashed away behind a false wall.

Yeap, I got a peek of it, heh!

Here’s a whole wall of their certificates and accolades, incase you had any doubts.

At EHA Clinic, they genuinely pride themselves on giving the best of their abilities to the customers hence they do have a policy whereby each client should try (as much as they can from their own end) not to be late for their facial appointments.

Being late means the beautician would have to rush through your appointment which would then take away from being thorough and proper about it, hence!

Though I suppose we all try not to be late for facial sessions for the same reason as well, I’m guessing.

After I had a good look around and filled up some papers (first time visit and all), I was whisked away to a room to prepare for my Facial Session.

The facial room, like the outside, is simple but functional with machines (that aren’t kept) lining the wall, a bed on one end, a wash basin and also a small cabinet for you to stash your belongings.

What I found surprising was the amount of space in the room, given I have seen my fair share of pretty cramped-up facial rooms since space is precious and more rooms are the ideal.

I wasted no time – because I headed over after work and was really looking forward to dinner after the facial, ha – and got changed (to a robe) and started the facial session.

Step 1 – Cleansing the Skin

As with all facials, the first step is to clean the skin of makeup and dirt.

I’ve made it a point to wear makeup that is fairly easy to remove (I came after work so I had to have on some makeup at least) on days that I have to get a facial done. After all, I don’t want to trouble them with spending 10 minutes just to remove my mascara proper.

At this point, the beautician would access your skin and decide if the treatment you had signed up for is appropriate for your skin or not.

The initial plan was for me to try out EHA’s ReFirme Facial which is a skin firming, brightening, and stimulating facial session that I’ve seen pretty incredible reviews about. Though Vicki (my beautician) decided that my skin’s concerned right now wasn’t all that and if I went ahead with ReFirme, perhaps it could aggravate the clogged pores in my skin and cause breakouts.

Hence, if anything, it’s best to address my skin’s concern of congestion. Thus, I ended up on this route instead, one that my skin was truly in need of – a good cleaning out.

Step 2 – Exfoliating

To rid of any superficial dead skin, Vicki performed a quick exfoliation with those ‘peeling’ sort of exfoliants.

You’ll know what I am refering to once you see the image.

Now, my face is all nice and clean! It’s a little in your face, but here:

Step 3 – Misting the Skin

The next step would be to mist the skin and over here at EHA Clinic, they use a cool mist instead of a warm one.

I have experienced cool misting a couple of times so I didn’t bother enquiring but thinking back I can’t quite recall the full list of benefits but it works to hydrate the skin surface, making it more supple and also soft enough for proper exfoliation and cleansing to follow.

Usually a cool mist is preferred as warm ones will open up the pores (which rightfully is what they want) and if the pores aren’t ‘closed’ properly, it could lead to more dirt and dust clogging in them.

Step 4 – Diamond Peel, Scrubbing That Dirt Out!

Diamond Peel is a procedure I’m certain most are familiar with, just because it is one that is hugely advertised and promoted at beauty salons for being an incredibly non-invasive way to scrub (or rather suck) your skin clean.

Though I think, I really can’t recall right, that this is my first time having a go at it and well, I suppose it works!

It looks kinda creepy photographed but I assure you I felt no pain or discomfort through the procedure and Vicki was careful to skirt around the delicate skin portion (undereye area).

If anything, maybe a little sadistic sound, I liked the feeling of the suction and I can almost envision the icky bits of dirt being sucked up and away into dead-skin-abyss by the powerful ‘vacuum’.

Step 5 – Getting Hands On… aka Extractions

Okay, I will admit I have a love/hate relationship with extractions.

So let’s start this segment with Vicki offering to clean up my brows by shaping and triming them a little.

So… about extractions.

While there are many new beauty / facial innovations and a crapload of machines that can suck through varying layers of your epidermis or cleanse / scrub away at your dead skin like a magic eraser, I feel that nothing really beats a clean, thorough (albeit painful) extraction process.

Extractions have a bad name and I can understand why because they flippin’ hurt and are horrible to endure sometimes. It depends on your treshold and I do get squirmy at some extraction procedures but generally, I can bite my lip and appear cool / calm through it.

Mind over matter, mind over matter

I just remind myself how nice and clean my skin would be once it’s over.

Since I had some annoying spots and bumps on my face, I was ever grateful for the extraction process for properly cleansing those icky bumps out, even if it came at the cost of a reddish spot after.

But I’ve come to learn it’s a little journey you have to endure because my skin is always that much smoother (less bumpy) and cleaner a week after the extraction process.

So yes, I am quite pro-extractions…

Though to give credit to this place, the extraction process was the usual bout of wincing but nothing too painful or stinging and Vicki was skilled in being quick and thorough about it so I didn’t have to endure this for long.

Step 6 – Daily Dose of Vitamin C

After squishing and pinching my face about, Vicki proceeded to put a Vitamin C infused mask on for me.

The purpose of this, as Vitamin C is known for, is to promote skin rejuvenation and also speed up the healing process after the previous step of extracting and poking about the skin.

Vitamin C also helps to nourish the skin and improve the skin’s radiance, giving you a healthy glow! Very much as if you took a dose of Vitamin C!

Step 7 – The Massage!

I think this step needs no explanation – it was awesome, relaxing and totally necessary!

Using a Lavender scented oil, Vicki massaged my face / head, neck, as well as shoulders. It was simple and quick but so perfect to slowly wrap up the facial session.

Step 8 – Treatment Masks

The last step of the facial would be this, the treatment mask where Vicki specially mixed up a Lavender-infused face-mask for me (would differ with your skin concern) because that helps with controlling sebum production in the skin, especially so for my T-zone, as well as soothe the skin after the extraction process.

On top of that, Vicki also mixed up a hot-eye mask for me. While I had heard of these hot-eye masks before, trying one for myself was quite an experience. It was totally calming, soothing and the slow emitting warmth from the mixture felt extremely comforting on my skin, I loved it!

I look ridiculous but I DON’T CURRRR, as long as I had my clean glowy skin after, who cares if I look like the hulk with whipped cream over my eyes. Ha!

After Thoughts…

While parts of my face felt a little sore from the extraction, I was so pleased with how clean my skin felt (to me) that I snapped this shortly after I left EHA Clinic.

No brows, no nothing!

While the facial session, in itself, is a fairly simple and straightforward one that largely reminds me of the general procedures at most facial places, I liked that they included the Diamond Peel machine in the steps for that extra clean.

On top of that, I felt like I was in really good hands with Vicki as she explained my skintype and easily defined my skin issues (which were all spot on, hurhur punny), allowing her to properly recommend the right masks and treatments to better my skin condition.

It had been a good long while since I had done a proper deep cleansing facial and in that time, I guess I had neglected the fact that while I do exfoliate the surface of my skin from time to time, dirt and such does build up under the layers of the skin causing congestion and bumps to happen. No wonder I had been suffering from random icky bumps for awhile, I believe my skin was at its treshold of ickiness.

Here are some shots right after the facial (once I got home), where everything is still a little red and sore.

Importantly, check out how clean my nose / pores are!

As I said, it does get red and sore for the first couple of days but my skin healed up really quickly and by the 1 week mark, it was starting to look ‘normal’ again.

Of course a whole lot cleaner, less bumpy and with my pores feeling a lot more refined.

Here’s my face about a week later:

My skin looks a lot clearer and of course less agitated now, as compared to how it was right after the facial. While I can’t exactly photography this aspect, my skin felt a lot smoother and in a way, less congested too.

Congestion is something I can’t really snap a photo of but you know when your skin just feels cleaner, less itchy and ‘dirty’, somehow a lot clearer?

Yes, that was exactly how I felt.

Promotion for My Readers!

Now if you’re in need of a deep cleanse yourself, I’ve got a little treat for you all – a special promo price just for my readers!

Enjoy the Deep Cleansing Facial at a special price of S$98 (U.P. S$150) simply by following EHA Clinic over at their Facebook Page and private message them that you are a reader of Ic
or call 6235 3325 to book your appointment and let them know!

EHA is located at 1 Scotts Road, #15-01 Shaw Centre, 228208

Regardless of our busy schedules in life, it is essential to give our skin that deep cleanse every once in awhile, just to keep it in tip-top condition so it can better absorb all the other products that we lay on it!

Do share, do you go for a facial session on a regular basis?

Thanks for reading!

Love Your Skin – Jet Concepts Liquid Laser Treatment & Skincare!

My previous experience with Jet Concepts had left me with nothing but good thoughts and good results to take away from.

Now whenever anyone ask me for a facial recommendation (“I want results with just one session!“) and didn’t mind compromising on that whole spa mood and ambience, I would direct them to Jet Concepts.

Though, I will always preface a Jet Concepts entry with this: If you’re seeking a relaxing, soothing and completely spa-like treatment then this isn’t the right place.

At Jet Concepts, they specialize with using state-of-the-art equipment that is otherwise found in doctors and aesthetic clinics. What they do boast is genuine results immediately and a continual improvement of your skin over the next few days along with the effects sustaining for a few months even!

Before you start wondering, no this isn’t an aesthetic procedure and there isn’t any downtime with their procedures. Perhaps the usual post-facial redness sometimes but from my experience (and what I have heard / seen), everyone walks out with glowingly healthy skin.

You really have to try it to believe it!

I’m actually really late with my mention about this, my bad, as it got pushed back and a little forgotten along the way, seeing as I had this treatment done just before the Chinese New Year festivities!

Though, finally, here are my thoughts about it! Fret not, I had everything jotted down post-facial so most points were written fresh-from-the-oven and I’m not trying to recall a 2 month ago facial experience here.

Now with that long essay, I shall finally got to the point!

The Liquid Laser Treatment –

With my recent trip down, I got to learn about and also try out their Liquid Laser range of products along with the complementing Jet PR3 Facial.

Since I am still collecting my thoughts for a proper entry about their Liquid Laser products (because skincare reviews can be so tricky sometimes) I will first share this skin-prepping treatment and my thoughts about how it would help introduce you to the Liquid Laser skincare range.

For my treatment, I dropped by the Wheelock branch and after a short presentation about some key points of the Liquid Laser treatment, I was whisked away to the Jet Concepts treatment rooms to begin.

I was honestly quite excited (for the end product) and a little apprehensive because, as I had mentioned, comfort isn’t really what they are selling at Jet Concepts.

Most of the treatments aren’t exactly painful but you’re not coming here to zone out and relax (entirely) either.

A large part of your experience depends on your treshold for discomfort and weird but let’s just say that with a whole bunch of cool machines that do various different, and odd, functions, you never really know what you’re getting yourself into!

STEP 1 – Makeup Removal

The first step, of course was to have my makeup removed!

This is prior that, of course.

Step 2 – Aromatic Relaxation

Just before beginning, the therapist performed an aroma-relaxation technique with peppermint oil. It was a nice touch given that Jet Concepts isn’t focused on providing a spa-approach.

STEP 3 – The Jet Stream Cleanse

After your skin is cleansed of all impurities on the surface and you’re nicely settled, the Jet PR3 Facial starts proper with the Jet Stream machine.

An equipment hailing from Israel, and exclusively available at Jet Concepts, the Jet Stream clears your skin cells from blockages by sweeping up sebum, dead skin cells and dirt from both the surface of the skin and also deep within.

I don’t have a shot of this in progress but what it does is blasts a (controlled and fine) jet of water on your skin while a vacuum sucks that water back up almost instantly.

How this helps is that the fine stream of water will stimulate and cleanse the surface of your skin as well as rinse through the initial layers of the epidermis, thus ridding it of any dirt and dead skin build up.

You will be left with skin that is properly purified and cleansed, prepped to better absorb products. The exfoliation process also helps to clean out some white / black heads causing your pores to look a little more refined and cleansed as well.

Naturally your skin will look and feel a lot smoother immedaitely after this step.

STEP 4 – The Dual Ray Light Stimulation

After cleaning your skin out, it’s time to jolt your skin cells awake!

We have our sluggish moments and days, that goes the same for our skin cells as well and sluggish skin cells would interfere with the absorption of products as well as inevitably slow cell renewal down. So what this step does is to perk those cells up again, like a little wake up zap (that is non-invasive and painless – though I can’t say the same for itty bitty facial hairs!)

One way to do that is via light therapy.

Typically different rays of light work different wonders on your skin and to expose yourself to Red Light and also Infrared Light, one would have to ‘light-tan’ yourself twice – first with the Red Light equipment then again with the Infrared Light equipment.

However, here at Jet Concepts, they have a unique Jet Dual Ray machine (that is again, unique to Jet Concepts) that allows you to expose yourself to both Red Light and Infrared Light at the same time. This shortens the procedure down and doesn’t compromise on the results either!

The purpose of using these select two lights would be because Red Light helps fuel your cells with essential energy (to repair themselves and go about happy / healthy cell activities) while Infrared Light heals the skin and reduces any inflammation (almost like pacifying your skin after this treatment).

In terms of how this treatment felt, it was honestly quite okay and the only ‘scary’ bit would be the frying of facial hair which could cause some alarm but it isn’t painful (at least not to me) and I didn’t feel any discomfort on my skin otherwise.

There is certainly no horribly scary crackling or bright zap of light on the skin, it’s a more calm and toned down version of the IPL, that’s for sure. Not startling at all, I assure you.

I don’t want to go on too long on this point but by ‘waking’ your skin cells up, it also helps to improve the radiance and overall complexion of your skin, given that your skin cells are now all up and about, getting their job done.

STEP 5 – Laying on the Liquid Laser Essence

After your skin is nicely prepped – cleansed and jolted awake – the therapist will then massage on the Liquid Laser Essence.

This Liquid Laser Essence is the most potent combination of the active ingredients found in the Liquid Laser range and this product alone isn’t available for purchase (given how packed with awesome it is).

It is used within the Jet PR3 Facial as a way to kick-start your journey with the Liquid Laser range and deliver a nice / potent dose of skin-healing, hydrating and skin-refining properties.

Right After the Facial (Half-face Comparison)

At Jet Concepts the therapists typically work on one half of your face first so you can have a direct comparison with some of the immediate effects of the treatments.

I tried to snap it but I’m afraid, in photos, it doesn’t look all that much different. Probably due to the quality and lighting conditions, but in person I did notice the post-facial side of my face being a lot smoother, cleaner, radiant and more supple.

Here are some shots (taken on my mobile) of my skin right after the facial was done.

I really liked how clean and flushed my skin looked that I didn’t mind walking about Orchard without foundation after. The only stitch of makeup I had on was brows and some lipstick for color, so I don’t look like I wandered to town after I woke up – bedhead, bareskin and all.

The Jet PR3 Facial is meant to be accompanied with the use of the Liquid Laser Serum and Cream so I was quite religious in that and immediately kick started my skincare regimen that night.

Though my thoughts about the skincare products will be for another post. In the meanwhile let me wrap up my thoughts about the Jet PR3 Facial process with some really right-smack close up shots of my face looking less than perfect, hurhur.

My Thoughts After the Facial… (Face Comparison Shots)

I took a snap shot of my face the night before the facial procedure because my skin was going through some tough times, breaking out a little with a little dullness and some clogged pores on certain parts of my face.

I believe I was going through a bit of a hormonal shift at that point too (no no, not pregs) hence my skin acting up.

Before the Facial

Right after the facial session, I got home and snapped some proper pictures (with my camera) for a better comparison

The Night After

While I had a little redness and flush from the treatment, my skin was looking good overall with a nice radiant glow to. It was looking healthier and importantly, felt a lot cleaner.

It looks a tad shiny due to me snapping these after a journey home while I had a rich essence slicked on, as opposed to the ‘night before’ photo where I was fresh-faced from a wash.

After the facial, I’ve noticed that my skin no longer had a dull and tired complexion to it, in turn making me appear a lot more rejuvenated and well-rested as well!

Since the Jet PR3 Facial is suppose to ignite continual skin renewal and regeneration for up to a month, your skin is suppose to carry and improve its radiant glow gradually through the following days after the facial.

To (somewhat) showcase that, I have snapped some pictures of my skin about 3 days after my facial session.

3 Days After

My skin is still looking a little flushed from the exfoliation (my skin is a little sensitive that way) but it just appears red and I don’t have any irritation due to that. Though what is evident is the soft glow my skin has along with how smooth and refined the surface of it appears to be.

I have foundation on in the shots below but I didn’t use any skin refining base and I’m amazed at how smooth the foundation goes on.

Wrapping this incredibly long entry up, I think that it was a good idea for Jet Concepts to market a facial session that helps prep their consumer’s skin before they pick up a new range of products because sometimes when we use a certain range of items and hardly see an effect, we attribute it to the product being ineffective when, for all we know, it could just be our skin needing a little prep and cleanse for the product to truly penetrate the surface and unleash its ingredients!

As with my former experience with Jet Concepts, I left with an immediately improved complexion, cleaner and better skin over the course of just 1 session alone.

They certainly do live up to what I remember them to be from my previous encounter – effective and immediate results in minimal time (and sessions)!

Achieve instantly luminious and brighter skin in the 60 minute Jet PR3 Facial Session at an introductory price of S$238 (U.P. SS$480)

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