More YSL Spring! – Flower Crush Rosy Blush Palette

I believe this is likely to be of stock and I don’t want to be too much of a tease but for my own archiving purposes (hey come on, I shot these pics already, I can’t let them sit around unloved) and to beautify my blog a little with its presence, let me speed through this feature.

If you don’t have your hands on it because you weren’t fast enough or it was all snatched up while you were contemplating, let me make you feel better – you really aren’t missing much.

I wouldn’t deny, this is rather gorgeous – both packaging and product but is it a stellar one-of-a-kind item that everyone must have one-of in their stash? No, not quite.

Unless you are rather fair and always in search of a kiss of a sheened soft pink on your cheeks, this palette (awesome sauce packaging aside) rates lukewarm in my books.

I like to reach for it on no-brainer days simply because it’s so easy to apply, and impossible to over-apply.

You see, the pigmentation for this is on the light side and those who are tanner than perhaps an NC30 will find that the flush of this hardly shows up on their skintone. What you will get from this instead is a soft sheen, nothing too gritty or ‘shiny’.

I understand that the true beauty of this lies in its airy-ness, both in the soft smooth texture and also the color.

While the eyeshadows weren’t as creamy as hoped, the Rosy Blush makes up for it and proves that YSL can do creamy-powder if they want to.

Though the formulation is still a little way from perfect, it is dreamy and soft albeit a tiny bit crumbly too if you’re too rough with it.

Though this is quite a common issue with softer textures and I can’t entirely fault this. After all, it looks so gorgeous in the pan.

Mimic-ing that veined collage of colors seen on delicate flower petals (or maybe a peach, mood killer, oops), the powder is a beauty to admire. Part of me wishes that coral tone in the pan translated a little more, what you do see when you swatch its softly embossed surface is a cool-toned pink that while a little frosty, has flecks of gold thrown in.

I will admit it is lovely but it isn’t amazing.

I did swatch it a little more just to see if that mix of gold is an overspray but it seems to hold up quite well beneath the layers. I can’t bear to jab the powder or dig it up to see so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

A little like the Pivoine Crush Eye Palette, this had so much potential but just fell a tiny bit short which is why I feel you don’t really miss much if you didn’t get a chance with this.

Though to give it credit it gives a soft glow on the cheeks and on me, just that pale hint of pink. Not quite rosey but I do enjoy the refined glowy sheen this gives, especially when I don’t want too much going on.

Pretty to have, not a must. Though if you do enjoy collecting, you can still try searching around if it is in stock!

Released with YSL’s Spring 2014 Flower Crush Collection, this Rosy Blush palette is a limited edition item.

Thanks for reading!

YSL Spring 2014 – Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils (in No. 22)

To tell you the truth, mascara hardly excites me anymore.

I think it boils down to the fact that I rarely wear mascara these days given how I am in frames all the time; I dislike the feeling of coated lashes rubbing against frames, hence.

Though when I received the YSL Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils (in 22, Captivating Purple – whoa long name), I actually felt that long-lost mascara excitement spark through me once more.

YSL’s Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils is an award-winning volumizing mascara, aimed at giving you dramatic lash results in a single stroke.

I think ‘a single stroke’ is an ambitious statement since we all have to give the usual one, two – wiggle it on, dabbing an extra coat once the first dries etc.

Now, did this little bugger win awards with me?

Well, I’d say it faired relatively well and especially so with the shade (captivating purple) which sadly is Limited Edition. I’m not sure of the quantities but last I checked, they were still quite well stocked.

I like my colored mascara to lend some color (well, duh) yet still be able to define my lashes. So, definitely no fluttery hot pink or stark white-based purple on my peepers for me.

Which brings me to what ignited my excitement to wear mascara, specifically this mascara – the color!

Yes, I love my blacks and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with black (or brown, if you prefer) mascara, it’s the perfect way of life. Though sometimes a little color that does exactly the same as a black mascara, except with a little more is not too bad a venture!

Isn’t the purple just… captivating?

I really like the jeweled aspect of it, glinting a blue-ish purple when it hits the light and appearing deep / dark all the same, allowing for a nice coat of definition on the lashes.

The brush applicator is simple, straight-forward, combining nylon fibres of varying lengths to help comb through each and every strand of lash, evenly coating them with just the right amount of product.

I’ve given this a couple of uses and while I don’t do the whole works (upper lash, lower lash) daily, I like to occasionally pop a quick coat of this on my lower lashes.

The colored aspect adds a nice hint to the look and definition, without being snuffalapagus-level of too much, is welcomed.

I didn’t manage to snap eye shots for this particular entry but I do have a LOTD featuring this, coming right up so you can see it there!

The downside (see what I did there!)

I think this adds a nice amount of volume and given that it isn’t dark black, it’s definition without the harshness (and a subtle color to boot). For my lashes it seems to tick all the right boxes, except one very important one – it doesn’t hold curls, boohoo.

My lashes aren’t stick straight and usually don’t need more cajoling to stay curled but sometimes, just sometimes, some mascaras go on and they’ll start wilting like plants with microwaved water. Okay, maybe not that bad. They’ll still have a curl to them but are a little drooped, minimizing that whole mesmirizing fluttery eye look, sad.

Though that isn’t too bad if all you want is a natural everyday sort of look – nothing too preened and curled. However those that need heavy duty mascara that defies gravity, maybe you want to thread with caution here.

Over all, I still love this and I like that I can at least use it on my lower lashes for a hint of color, if anything! At least this seems to be the best way for me to be using mascara in my four-eyed days!

Thanks for reading, how do you feel about colored mascaras?

This is Limited Edition and already available at YSL boutiques and counters island-wide

YSL Spring – Pivoine Crush Eyeshadow Palette (Swatches)

Hello you guys (or girls / ladies)! I’m still alive and well though I’ll admit that I’ve been putting blogging off because I just haven’t got the ‘mood’ to churn anything out due to work and the constant paranoia of deadlines, not sending a certain file across, not finishing something up in time, etc.

Basically there’s too much on my mind to think about blogging right now.

Though sometimes, just sometimes, blogging creeps into the picture and that’s when I realize I could put a pause on my blog but the world is still buzzing about and time still flying by.

With that, let me briefly shed some light and love on the Pivoine Crush Eyeshadow palette that was released with YSL’s feminine and flirty spring collection.

Bathed in a whirlwind of flowers and the breathe of Spring, YSL’s Spring collection artfully features the feminine color palette of spring amidst a dash of sultry smokiness.

The palette design is, as always, stunning with a jibe of youthful-ness, taking a nod at the contemporary femme fatale – liberated, unafraid and yet delicate in persona.

It could be our Chinese culture and the fact that Chinese / Lunar New Year is occuring a lot earlier this year but the palettes released in YSL’s Spring collection feel in-theme with the Chinese festivities – almost like an exquisite red packet design.

Now, if only YSL distributed red packets in this print, that would be lovely.

Though do not confuse the Spring palettes with their special and very Limited Chinese New Year blush palette (Beauty Blossom Palette)

The shades in the Pivoine Crush palette are undeniably Spring-themed with hues of soft rose, coral, pinks, champagne and a sultry maroon all dancing in tune and in the light as each shade is well-shot through with refined shimmer.

While it may appear daunting, the shimmer actually takes on a relatively subtle role (as you will see in swatches later), working to enhance and capture light more than obnoxiously blinging up the lids.

The palette appears to be such a beauty that I couldn’t help but help feeling a tad disappointed at the quality of the shadows.

Though to its own credit, it is the typical formulation and pigmentation of YSL shadows – not the creamiest though decent, picks up moderately and the boldest of shades go on as a sheer peek of color with a notable translucence.

Though in light of spring time and its daintiness, this palette would work beautifully for those that fancy sheerer work-safe shades that allow for layering and better control over the pigmentation.

In fact, when I went by the YSL boutique (at ION), I approached the Makeup Artist for tips on how to best utilize this palette and his immediate reply was to layer the colors because that allows for each shade’s complexity to show up better. While they cannot compete individually, the result of layering is a whisper of colors perfectly complimenting each other and enhancing your eyes.

I haven’t tried this out on myself but the Makeup Artist demonstrated the techniques and I am intrigued – I cannot wait to try it out. I hope the natural look photographs well so I can showcase it to you all!

My favorite of the 5 shades would be the coral (2nd from left) because that works well worn on it’s own or paired with the darker maroon for a quick look in my usual style.

In fact, I do have a look coming up though this was before I learnt the secret and technique of layering so, I would say it’s not the best representation!

Unfortunately the last I checked, the Pivoine Crush palette was already out of stock at the YSL Boutique (in ION). Though I am uncertain if they have more stocks to replenish the shelves. You could also go by TANGS and give it a look or try your luck at ION again!

It’s not a must-have palette but if you are an avid collector of pretty packaging or the shades / usage of the shadows are right up your alley, this would be an exquisite palette to have in the stash.

Thank you for reading!

Now, let me hurry back to the land of paranoia and give my to-do list a one over again.