Baby's CNY Outfits! (Thanks to FOX Fashion)

This post would be the rare nod to my mommy side of life and also a more personal glimpse into our little family time, outside of my love for makeup and dolling up.

Over the recent weekend, we were invited to a preview of FOX Fashion (or simply FOX)’s upcoming Chinese New Year collection. In the western world, this would probably be better termed as Spring Summer given the floral prints, soft flowy materials and bright colors used.

Though in Singapore, with Chinese New Year sneaking up very quickly this year, it’s a great place to drop by and shop up a storm for the kids.

As adults, I know I personally can’t be too bothered with shopping for new clothes every New Year but when it comes to dressing kids up, it’s quite a fun affair. What’s more if you shop at FOX, it is inexpensive and stylish too!

My snaps are a little more biased towards baby and girls because I have a baby girl but they have items for boys and ‘big kids’ too!

I’ll also need your help towards the end, so stay tuned! :D

There were some bites on hand given the event was held in the early morning but it seems like everyone was too busy shopping to eat!

While I digested my surroundings, baby was attracted to the little kids corner with kid-sized tables and toys. Hubs also took the liberty to start warming baby up with some shades, heh!

Alright, on to the clothes.

Everything looked so girly, cute and small I had to resist trying everything on baby.

I think unlike me, baby probably isn’t too keen on multiple outfit changes. By the third outfit she was yawning and frowning so I’m glad she managed to tank on through the whole morning – phew!

The entire FOX store at City Square was decked out in their New Arrivals, be it casual tees to jeggings (super cute on babies) to shorts, pretty dresses, camis, and more!

Baby shoes are so adorable these days. Even though we know they will outgrow them pretty quick, it’s still hard to resist.

We picked out a couple of pretty dresses (since Baby has an abundance of casual wear and rompers already) and it was off to the changing room!

Baby was required to snap 2 outfits for the first 2 days of Chinese New Year. While she really is quite a tomboy-ish, curious and cheeky girl, I think we did quite a good job giving her a pretty dainty and girly appeal in her outfits, heh!

I was so glad that hubs (and his parents) were around to help too as I didn’t think I could manage with baby alone at the event!

See, the enthusiastic daddy making sure his girl looks her best!

Would you like to see Baby posing with the 2 Outfits?

Yes, hop on over to FOX Fashion’s album and while you’re at it, drop baby a LIKE if you like her outfits! It’s a super quick process and all you need is a Facebook account, which most already have! So, do drop her a vote if you can!

What’s in it for you?

You may just get to walk away with a Canon Selphy Photo Printer (worth S$199) for yourself, along with a FOX CNY outfit too!

That is if baby comes up as the winning kid!

Do help spread the word (use to share) as well, that would be greatly appreciated :)

While baby was required to pose for 2 outfits for the little contest, we decided on dressing her up for a spunky third outfit. Just for kicks. I think while the florals are really pretty this best suits my little girl’s cheeky personality!

In the meanwhile, do check out FOX Fashion if you still need to get some CNY Clothes shopping done for your kiddos!

Thanks for reading and thanks for voting~

List of FOX Kids and Babies stores in Singapore!