Introducing Cowshed – For Grumpy Cows, Wild Cows, Moody Cows…. & More Cows

Ha, okay that’s one long-a* (or should I say long-cow? hurhur) title but yes… what I am trying to get with that is to show how this Cowshed right here can cater to your every hair and body need be it if you’re a Grumpy Cow, Wild Cow, Moody Cow and even a Horny Cow.


So anyway…

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For you newbie Cows, here’s a bit of an introduction about the brand and contrary to its very manual (manure, hoho, I’ll stop…) and down-to-earth name, it’s actually a luxury brand hailing from the UK.

Fusing a tongue-in-chic image with natural ingredients and a very simplistic feel, Cowshed carries a wide array of products to keep your skin and hair in tip-top shape regardless of your needs!

The reason for the name, Cowshed, dates back to 1998 (okay, not that ancient but heritage nonetheless!) and dabbles with the origins of the brand which, I kid you not, started at a cow shed in Somerset (The UK county… not Orchard 313).

There is this quote from the brand that I feel really represents them best, in the sense that they can play and joke about with product names and the brand image but what you get when you use the products is not a joke – it’s time, effort and careful consideration all in a bottle (or tub, whichever).

“And while our names might be playful, we take our formulations very seriously; there are thoughtful scents to enhance your mood, truly indulgent textures and body products that really make a difference.”

– Cowshed, Who We Are

Using the very best, their ingredients are Organic, Wildcrafted and Fairly-Traded plant extracts and essential oils so you can be sure that you’re being honest and natural with your skin. This is the best for those with skin woes and concerns over skin sensitivity or exposure to certain synthetic products.

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With that brand talk done and after giving you (hopefully) a good enough idea of this fun brand, let’s talk a little about me now.

So… while Cowshed carries a whole slew of products, what I am focusing on here is mainly their hair wash stuff – more pointedly speaking the Grumpy Cow range.

As mentioned, Cowshed carries a whole range of products for varying concerns, some more obvious than others – Knackered Cow for relaxation – Grumpy Cow, in this case would be for those feeling a little grumpy at how limp, flat and lifeless their hair is!

Case in point, that would be me right now but I would hardly say I am Grumpy.

Really, I’m not.

I just need a little help with keeping up with this hair length as I grow it out. I really don’t want to put a scissors to it anytime soon. Not even to chop in too many layers.

I don’t want to launch into a full-out backstory here but it is important you first understand the condition of my hair, if you don’t already know.


Hair Backstory –

So… for the earlier part of the year, and the year before that, I’ve been both pampering and also killing my hair so that leaves my hair ends rather brittle, dry and in need of nourishing and care.

It’s been over 6 months since I’ve done anything drastic to my hair so the new hair growth is healthy hair bits that – just like my hair was before they were zapped and fried – are rather fine, flat and limp.

Many would kill me for saying this but… for the most part, my hair is too straight and too neat. Though at the same time there is that dried out and much-better-but-still-fried bottom half of my hair that can tip-toe to being a tangled mess if I don’t give it enough love.

I can’t snip them all off either because that would render me in another short crop which I’m trying to avoid. I really like the length right now so I’d rather keep it, dilemma or not.

That said, I’ve been putting myself on Hydrating hair ranges for a good while (since the first fry) and I think it’s reached the point (and also hair length) that I need to stop because it leaves my hair even flatter and even more limp.

Given that the roots portion are actually healthy hair bits that don’t need that much moisture to weigh them down.

When your hair is all flat and limp, a healthy shine can be misread as an oily shine so… something had to be done.


Cue the entrance of Grumpy Cow, the Volumizing range from Cowshed.

My past experiences with Volumizing products left me with the impression that most of these do make the hair fluffier and lighter but at the expense of them being overly ‘static’ and ‘flyaway’ in appearance.

Which means that while your hair is fluffy, it can look a little dry and does not exude that healthy hair shine.

Even with that thought I went all in with using both the Grumpy Cow Shampoo and Conditioner and I would say that I was nicely surprised by the fluffy yet bouncy and full-bodied hair I got the next day!


Grumpy Cow Conditioner

A quick check on the ingredients list shows that Grumpy Cow’s Conditioner, while a volumizing hair product, is infused with Organic Shea Butter which is likely to be the factor that helps to give the hair (and your scalp) it’s deserving dose of moisture and nourishment. It also contains Vitamin B5 which promotes the growth of your locks!

Nothing like washing your hair and feeding it some vitamins at the same time!

Grumpy Cow Shampoo

The Shampoo on the other hand is also nourished with Vitamin B5 and instead of Organic Shea Butter, the ingredient here is Organic Pomegranate. I know you’re probably wondering what this popular anti-oxidant food has to do with hair, so let me tell you. It is enriched with Vitamin C, Vitamin B5 (more, woohoo), Potassium and of course Anti-oxidants to help soothe your scalp.

Cleaning and soothing don’t often go hand in hand but it seems it does this time!

To further explain what this range does, because unlike make-up it’s very hard to really show the difference unless you see me attempting a hair commercial in person *flips hair* the only way is to properly explain what it is stated to do and tell you if it did it for me!

So we’ve got our nourishing, vitamin and scalp soothing boxes all checked, would you like to find out how else Grumpy Cow helps with giving you more volume and also a shinier full-bodied hair at the same time?

Well, it’s simple really, the ingredients to it are Soya Protein (healthier hair), Vitamins (aforementioned, to thicken limp hair), Organic Pomegranate (to create volume and shine) and one we’ve not mentioned prior – Oat Extracts and Horsetail (it’s a plant, see) to support hair regeneration.

As you can see, that explains how Grumpy Cow is able to give you a more volumized, fuller hair look without the static-y flyaway hair effect while still lending a healthy dose of shine and a sleek finish to the hair.

I love how after using this my hair falls, sways and bounces with life around my face. While volumized, my hair isn’t tangled at the ends nor does it feel dry (though I know my ends probably still are).

In fact it’s almost as if I have a healthy head of hair – all bouncy, weighty, shiny and nicely nourished once more, falling perfectly around my face making it feel as if I had just gone for a haircut to layer my hair for added volume.

I can’t stop recommending this hair product because if you, like me, need a little volume in your hair but cannot afford to have it stripped dry like most volumizing hair products would then Cowshed’s Grumpy Cow is the way to go.

Come on over to the Cowshed already!

Thankfully you don’t have to travel out to some far-out farm to get your hands on this because a hefty range of Cowshed is found in the very central Takashimaya Shopping Centre.

Located on the 3rd floor of the departmental store, you’ll be greeted with a whole shelf of Cowshed, along with a couple more littered along the display tables behind it.

If anything, you can browse some Surratt while you’re at it or drift over to Appa Kappa just across the walkway!


Thanks for reading!

Cowshed’s Shampoo and Conditioner retails for S$42 at Takashimaya (level 3).

This is permanently found there if not out of stock, that is.

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