Happy Birthday My Man!

Okay, it’s embarrassing doing an entry like this… like what am I now, talking about my life on here?

Heh, but I just figured a shoutout wouldn’t hurt, not that he really cares either because he doesn’t read my blog – why would he – so this is just for my own benefit really. Whatever sort of a benefit that may be.

So, I guess I never was the sort to write too much about my life outside of the blog. There are snippets and mentions of baby and hubs but nothing in detail really and any aspect of my life I divulge is always in co-relation to the blog.

Things like, I’m temporarily staying at my parents place so maybe the background is different, maybe entries are lessened, things like that.

Anyone remember those photobombs from years back? Yeap, he’s still at it…

I hardly talk about my life outside of the blog, I guess it’s because I always feel a little awkward about it – sharing, over sharing?

Plus the fact that everyone being so used to social media and social sharing doesn’t make it any less dangerous! You’re putting your life and information on the web for the whole wide world to see, y’anno?

But anyway, a little birthday shoutout could hurt noone, so here’s one.

Thank you Hubs for all you’ve done and supporting my blogging hobby though deep down inside I know you feel it’s a waste of time (and space, with my boxes of products piling up in your study).

I’m thankful I have a hubs that is, in some ways, vain so we get to share that aspect of skin maintenance together and he’s always open to me trying new products on him, masking or even doing facial / massage sessions with him!

The frivolous aside, he is constantly growing and bettering himself at being a dad, learning to handle Baby K even better than I do these days and it makes me happy to see the amount of effort he’s putting into the family.

So much so, that at this point of time while it’s still too personal to really say for sure we are thinking of a Number 2, so people can stop asking.

We are thinking but we’re still preparing ourselves mentally and I guess that includes Baby K too. We’ve seen her interact with a fresh new baby cousin and I think it’s proof enough that she’s ready to be an elder sister – she’s so helpful and loving. Though her intentions are there her methods could use more refining, ha!


Though anyway, this entry has gone awfully off topic with the main point of it, just to wish my man (whom you’ve seen some cameo appearances on my blog and instagram in the past) a very very Happy Birthday!

Thank you for always being so awesome and fun!

Happy Birthday Hubs,
may you always be young at heart!

Purple Divider

And thank for reading this extremely off topic post, if you have.

Take it as a bit of a ramble, to maybe talk that mental clog out. I seem to have this issue these days where perhaps I expect too much of myself and when entries just aren’t at that optimum fluidity I start to get frustrated when in truth it’s still not too bad an entry if I write with this mild clog. I guess I’m also a little confused on how I should establish myself. I’ve been toggling between fairly proper and summed up and of late, a little crazy and off-topic which I seem to be enjoying these days.

Though tell me, what do you think?

Is simple and straightforward (head in the for the kill kind of entries) better for you, or do you like the personality and humor ones more?

I guess I’m fine either ways, just as long as I get my mojo back… What is up with you, fleeting word-inspiration.

Okay, forreal, I’ll go now, bye!