Headlines Hair – Back to Healthy (Looking) Locks!

I think that this is going to be one of my quickest hair posts ever because… it’s really straightforward: I’m going darker and darker with my hair starting to feel healthier and healthier!

It’s funny how it only takes one day, or rather one hair session, to destroy your hair and a whole year after to try and fix it…

As much as I love bleached tones, funky colors and fun stuff on my hair, it’s the simple joy of being able to be fuss-free with your hair that I really miss. I could go without combing my hair, ever. Even when it was at almost-waist length! I do miss that healthiness.

While it was all fun and games, my current modus operandi is to nurse my hair back to health!

I want long and healthy locks that I can hopefully, in future, perm into pretty curls. I definitely can’t do that with my bleached out hair, that’s for sure!

So anyway…

Here’s the belovedly faded purple-ish hair. Byebye, my dear purple ‘do~

On the face:

Lancôme Absolue Sublime Rejuvenating Essence Foundation, Urban Decay NAKED Skin Loose Powder, Dior Backstage Eye Prime, Naked 3, Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner, MAC Powerpoint Liner in Engraved, Lancôme Hypnôse Star Mascara, Lancôme Blush Subtil in 032 Rouge in Love, Tom Ford Lip color Sheer in Sweet Spot

Time to slather on the darkness and faux healthiness, heh.

Hello you, hidden purple!

Because my hair is a little tricky – the bottom being bleached and a little more stubborn with keeping color, while the top is freshly grown hair and takes / keeps color well, Jerry had to use 2 different tones on my hair to give it a more even look.

This also allowed him to play around with the tones a little even though we’re going dark.

Who said dark had to be boring, yeah?

It starts with applying color to the root-portion first since those require more time to develop.

Followed by the ends!

While waiting for my whole head of color to develop, let’s take a quick commercial break and shift the focus to Hubs who popped by during my visit and got his hair trimmed / shaped by Jerry in the meanwhile.

The Hubs Intermission

The hubs had gone back to black, which he ultimately feels is the easiest even though he admitted the colorful days were a fun experience.

So while hair color is the least of his concerns now, he wanted a little help with the floppy mop his hair had grown out to be. Thus he requested for Jerry to give him a specific sleek ‘do, something similar to what Jerry had styled his own hair to be as well.

Since it was a trim and shape, it was super quick and in no time, Jerry had his hair cut and styled even!

And here I was still sitting with dye in my hair, ha!

The hubs is into this while Brit-inspired (in some semblance) slicked back hair phase and I think it’s quite neat on him.

It actually makes him look his age. I don’t think I revealed this but Hubs is actually nearing 30, nobody seems to believe me when I tell them that…

So anyway, it’s back to me!

After hubs was done, it was my turn to wash out my hair and that’s pretty much it for the whole transformation aspect of things.

Though to continue on the route of hair repair and recovery, I did a quick hair nourishing session which included a hair mask and the cool sci-fi head-steaming machine again.

After all that, ready to see how ‘healthy’ and ‘normal’ my hair has become?

Well, I’ve already disclosed it on instagram so no point throwing suspense on here, tada~

On a side-note, my hair is pretty long now! Objectively speaking, that is…

Jerry suggested to trim it a little but I told him to hold it off, at least until after the Japan trip. I think this current length is most candid-appropriate without much styling fuss required, most ideal for a holiday!

Which would mean I could be getting a fresh chop next visit since… if I can’t play with color, why not play with cut, yes?

Here’s how my hair looks in indoor-lighting:

My hair, while dark, is a mix of 2 colors and intensities.

Instead of the usual of ombre-hocuspocus of having a darker base color and lighter ends, I have mind done the reversed way with darker ends for a more voluminous look, along with a warmer mocha tone closer to the roots to add some highlight and shine to the ‘do.

Onward to the sun, shall we?

In t
he sun, the lower portions aren’t as deep and dark. I also like how the bright sun rays bring out the ashy-green undertones of the deeper color. Jerry specifically went the ashy-green-brown way to try and eliminate what was left of the fading purple bits.

Yes, the wind still wasn’t letting up this time around. I think it’s this particular photo-spot of mine that is exceptionally windy but what can I do, it’s a nice quiet area with good sun (and annoying wind).

All in all, I never thought I would be this happy about ‘normal’ hair again but I am. And a part of me is anticipating the ends to fade a little to leave an odd (yet interesting) ashy highlight running through my hair.

If you have gone through your bout of crazy hair colors and would like to revisit some normalcy, go look Jerry up and I’m sure he can whip up a little something for you!

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