Packing My Sun Protection & I’m Off to Bali!

Hello! So, pardon the relative silence on here this week as I’ve been a little caught up both working and packing because…. Hubs and I are going on an impromptu trip to Bali!

Like, tomorrow… like in less than 10 hours. Woots!

It was a spontaneous decision to go on a quick break before both our New Jobs and it was tricky settling on a time and all of a sudden this weekend looked pretty good so about a week ago we searched up on Bali (it was Bali VS Bangkok but Bali with its novelty prevailed) and got all our flights and hotels sorted with a week to spare to search up on places to spa at and eat at.

So long story short… We’re heading to Bali and while I’m really excited about this sunny holiday I can’t help but feel a little paranoid about it too so I think maybe I went a bit overboard packing sun protection but I thought I would share this sun protection mania I have with you guys and hopefully its helpful for equally maniac people.


It’s so ironic how obsessed I am about sun protection (primarily the face) these days when 5-6 years ago I wasn’t even an avid user of sunscreen. I cringe when I recalled the teenage tanning days without a drop of sunscreen and the times I’ve stepped out in the blazing afternoon sun to get errands without a slap of SPF. Eeps.

My paranoia probably started from being more educated and aware of what sun damage / photo-aging can do to the skin and also (my mom is going to kill me for this) observing my mom’s skin as she ages. Given that she had only started wearing sunscreen in recent years, after my constant chiding, to see the effects of prolonged sun damage and pigmentation show up on her skin reminds me of what could happen to mine. Since we have the same genetics in a way, right?

Prevention is better than cure, yes?

So… long story short, I like the idea of basking in the sun but I’ll probably only do it once I’m all loaded up on SPF and suncare, which some people might scoff at because why not just stay in the shade right? I know, it’s so ironic but I guess I like to bake and tan a little when I can without undoing too much of the care and brightening / whitening I’ve given my skin all these years.

Really though, 4 days in the sun can easily undo months and months of skin caring!



Leaders Clinic Sensitive Sun Cream SPF 50+ PA+++

Firstly and most obviously, sunscreen for the face! I’ve gone back to using this after I realized that the Biore Aqua one (the blue one) wasn’t enough sun protection for me to wear through the day. Granted yes you need to re-apply sunscreen through the day but sometimes we’re lazy to and if you spend hours in the office, it’s usually not too bad. But back to this, Biore no and Leaders Clinic yes. Hence, I’m back to it.



Lancôme Blanc Miracle Liquid Foundation SPF 50+ PA++

You may think of this as a bit of an overkill, SPF foundation after high SPF product, but most of the time the amount of foundation you use isn’t enough to fully trigger its SPF protection anyway. You need a substantial amount smeared on and often times I don’t need to layer on that much foundation so the thought to bring this along was really just because it felt like a good idea.

If I were going to bring a liquid foundation anyway, why not grab one with a SPF rating of 50 right?




Boots Soltan Once 8 Hour Moisturizing Suncare Lotion (SPF50+ UVA UVB)

Because the sun not only shines on your face but your whole body as well, I figured I would finally give this body lotion packed with SPF some use. I’ve had it awhile but didn’t entirely enjoy using it for Singapore given the mild tact it leaves on the skin but since you need sun protection in Bali, I’m willing to live with a little tact so I don’t get baked. Plus I don’t tan, I usually burn… Or I tan and it peels away immediately, tsk.




Heliocare Ultra Capsules (Oral Sun Protection!)

Now this one is actually the star of all sun protection and I am ever so grateful to Dr Kim (from Aeon Medical – read about all my treatments there here!) for providing me with a bottle of this upon knowing about my trip to Bali! Plus I’m sure he didn’t want me to undo what brightening and skin lightening he has already done for me, heh!

A little more info about this, it’s basically oral sunscreen supplements and meant to be used for days where you’re exposed to prolong sun exposure and want to be protected from all angles. Though of course you can go ahead and take it daily too if you wish but for some S$80 for 30 capsules that would last about a month or so sounds a little pricey off-hand but if you were to average it out, it’s S$2 plus per capsules and I think it’s really not too bad knowing you have full sun protection all around – face and all aspects of your body.

I think bringing this to Bali really puts my mind at ease with the amount of sun exposure we’ll be under! I’ll update on it once I’m back though I don’t know what I can really share about it since sun protection is just that – if nothing happens to your skin, it’s even better!

Heliocare Ultra is available for purchase at Aeon Medical & Aesthetic Centre!



Kiehls Clearly Corrective White Hydrating & Clarifying Treatment Masque

After a day out in the sun, whether you’re all protected with sunscreen or not, the skin will still need a little cooling down nonetheless and there’s nothing better than a facial mask to help with that! What’s more when you’re in Bali, every moment should be a pampering moment right? I’ve been looking for a reason and time to use this Kiehls Whitening / Skin Brightening Mask and there’s no better time than now to nourish and protect the skin at night after a long day of sun exposure!



Aeon Pure White Vitamin C Booster

Not forgetting skincare! If its one area that I always overpack for a night’s stay or in this case, a short holiday, it’s skincare. As long as I’m spending the night, I’ll pack everything from facial wash to toner, serum, eye cream and moisturizer, not sparing a single thing at all. In this case, continuing the skin brightening and rejuvenating thought process, I made sure to bring along Aeon’s Vitamin C Serum!

The active ingredient in this is L’Ascorbic Acid (my favorite skin repairing ingredient for its visible skin bettering / maintaining ability) and that helps heal photo-aging in the skin. There are some rumors about backlash of using L’Ascorbic Acid and then being out in the sun again but its generally unfounded. Amongst all skin brightening and photo-aging preventing ingredients, L’Ascorbic Acid is actually the most stable and does not trigger sun sensitivity. In fact it works well with sunscreen to protect the skin due to its anti-oxidant properties.

I’ve been incorporating this in my skincare routine for awhile now so I’m not actually switching out to it with this trip but I thought I would mention it anyhoo since it’s in line with the whole crazy sun protection / healing aspect. Plus! This doesn’t have that dreaded scent that L’Ascorbic acid typically carries. This uses Grapefruit extract for a more pleasant experience plus Grapefruit is also jam-packed with anti-oxidants!This is available for purchase at Aeon Medical & Aesthetic Centre too, which should be obvious since it’s a house brand. Oops, too rambly, moving on!



Maybelline Baby Lips Lipbalm SPF20

Lastly, now that I’m rambled on about the face and all over, lets not forget the lips! While Heliocare really covers every single aspect of the body already, it’s good to be doubly sure and having a lip balm that also lends SPF isn’t that bad a thing, right? I’ve had this Maybelline Baby Lips for awhile and I do like the US Baby Lips series and figured that one day, this clear balm with SPF will answer a higher calling rather than being one of 3 options (this, a red and a pink) at my desk at work… and I’m right!

Who knew I would go rummaging my stash for a lipbalm with SPF one day, ha!

Purple Divider

So phew, that long sun protection ramble aside, of course I packed other things like the remaining steps of my skincare, some makeup to go with and such but at the point of snapping these pictures I wasn’t quite done with the packing process (I am now, of course) so this was all it looked like:


But if you’re interested, maybe I’ll do another ramble on what I brought with me to Bali in terms of makeup, skincare and other miscellaneous beauty products. Of course that’ll be a good time for me to sum up my trip in some pictures as well. Keeping the entry a little bit about Bali and still makeup relevant ;)


So yes, goodbye for now and I’ll see you again shortly!

I may be gone for the week but I’ve got some little mentions coming up during my absence, so stay tuned! I may not be able to spread the word on instagram, being away, but if you’re subscribed to me here (sidebar) you’ll get a notification once new entries pop in!

Thanks for reading!