Urban Decay’s TEN 24/7 Glide-On Liner Set Coming To The Blog (& You) Soon!

Okay, so I’m going to pop on this filler post in the meanwhile to give you a heads up of some content that will be coming to my blog real soon! As soon as I can I hope because time is ticking and New Job is gradually approaching!

I hope to at least get up the stuff that I’ve shot / edited and planned to put up before I disappear from here.

Though in the meanwhile I’m also sorting out some pictures from my recent Bali trip. While I didn’t have a mind to document it, I did snap a good amount of pictures so I suppose, there’s no harm in doing some quick write ups about it so… perhaps that’ll be up soon! Over at the travel blog (icywhims) of course but I’ll do some quick highlights on here and link to that so if you’re intrigued about my Bali trip, hold out for that!

So back to this, if you’re an eyeliner fiend that can never get enough of pencil liners and constantly need more, more, moarrrr liners in your stash then keep a look out for my mini Urban Decay TEN 24/7 Liner Set entry coming to you real soon!

I’m quite a liner obsessed person and while I have my reservations with pencil liners (because my eyes are highly problematic and only the strong, liners, will survive), I’ve come to enjoy using the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Liners as they do work for me.

What’s more they come in such an assortment of colors and variations of a staple color (e.g. 4 different sorts of black, how awesome) that frankly speaking if the 24/7 Glide Ons work for you, they’re all you need really.

But of course the fickle makeup lover in us begs to differ… Heh.

So anyway, I’ll be back with more information about this set and while it isn’t new (it launched in the USA last September I think?), if you’d still like to hear my thoughts about it, see swatches of it and also my take on looks with all ten of these then do stay tuned!

I’m hurrying through my arsenal of pictures to post, so bear with me here!

If you’re getting antsy to know when this will hit stores, last I heard was March so you’ve still got some time to think about this a little more or save up for it!

Thanks for reading!


p.s. Incase you’re wondering, the immediate answer to whether I’ve gotten tan or not is no, not exactly. Maybe my legs but otherwise I think I still look like before. Maybe a little less glaring sort of fair but my foundation still fits, ha!

Look Feature – MAC Keepsakes Smokey Face Palette + Sweet Sentiment Blush

Heyo! So, I’m back but what would you know, I’m busier than ever.


Though that’s hardly anything to be surprised about after a one week disappearance at work during a peak period so… yes, give me a while to plough through my work and get my head back on track (as well as hurry up with whatever I want to say before the anticipated silent nights during the festive period, hurhur) so yes…

I’m going to leave you with a little Look Feature of the MAC Keepsakes Smokey Face Palette which I had talked about over here. The blush, Sweet Sentiment, featured here is also from MAC and I’ll have a post about it (coupled with another festive release, No Faux Pas lippie) to come!

Hopefully soon. Racing against the end-of-year clock here and I need more speed!


So anyway, given how compact this palette is, the eye options (of 3 shades) are rather limited and if you ask me this is the only way I would choose to wear them.

Of course you can choose to place the colors differently but when I’m faced with black and silver shadows, I automatically go really safe and throw on something that looks like this:

PC040035 copy

I did a bit of a fancy schmancy split-screen or rather split face thing here to showcase both lip colors and in the midst of trying to align the pictures I think I made my face shape come out a little odd but nevermind, look past that!


I’m not the sort to smoke it up a whole lot or do a dramatic cut crease but hey, if that’s your kinda thing then you should be able to achieve that with this palette by loading up on Carbon.



Though I must warn you again that the textures of both Filament and Aristocratic Aura are a little iffy to work with. More so for Filament (the lighter one) because that sparkly color is so flakey it doesn’t stick well and once you blend the color freaks out and runs away… Oh gosh.

It’s like a rebellious child that needs constant nagging and maybe a gentle whipping to work well. I’m just saying…


But in all, I think the look works once you get past the fact that we’ve been quite pampered by smooth creamy formulas of late and manage to make the shades behave and stay (intense) put.



The rest of the palette is a little easier to take to, like with the Pearl Cream Color Base (that I used as a base for the eye look and then a brow highlight) being a nice creamy texture that doesn’t apply patchy or too greasy on.



Even the iridescent face powder that I decided to sweep across my cheek bones in the red-lip look (because I forgot when I snapped the nude lip pic, heh) turned out quite wearable for day to day looks.

No disco ball face despite its resplendence within the pan. You know I’m exaggerating right. But in truth, it is quite shimmery in the pan.


What I like the most from the palette would be the lipsticks or lip pans. Though Petulance (the nude) was a little disappointing as far as nude lips went, I guess it was a nice option for a neutral and natural lip look should you want that. Posh Evening (the red) on the other hand is really quite a pretty red. I mean reds are aplenty in the lipstick realm but this one is truly lovely on – very classic and rich.

Here, have a look at the same look above but with different lip shades.

Petulance (the nude)



Evening Posh (the red)



Much as I love them, I do have one itty bitty gripe about these… these lipsticks/lip pans aren’t the sort that cling on to your lips for dear life.

The good, is that they didn’t seem to be drying on. The bad, they stray really easily and get all over the place so bear in mind to remove this before you start eating unless you want lipstick all over your mouth. Like, on the outside of your mouth.

I’m not kidding, it happened to me and breakfast at work but thankfully it was in the confines of my cubicle, so… speaking from experience here.


Though otherwise, if you’re looking pretty and chatting or choose to have some insurance by using a lip liner, I think you’re good!

Products Used:

Shu Uemura Hard 9 Pencil in Walnut Brown
Shu Uemura Brow Manicure in Honey Glazed

Vichy Normaderm Anit-Imperfection Hydrating Care
Dior Diorskin Nude Liquid Foundation
MAC Select Moisturecover Concealer
Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer
Tarte Smooth Operator Micronized Clay Finishing Powder

Urban Decay Primer Potion
MAC Pearl Cream Color Base
MAC Filament Eyeshadow
MAC Aristocratic Aura Eyeshadow
MAC Carbon Eyeshadow
MAC Tempting Eyeshadow (not in the Face Palette)

MAC Sweet Sentiment Mineralised Blush
MAC Born to Dazzle Iridescent Face Powder

MAC Lipstick (lip pan) in Petulance & Evening Posh

Grey Divider

All in all, I feel that there are many ways this palette can improve but its not to say it’s bad either. I mean, if you’re eyeing it it could be for the packaging and if so, there’s no way to really talk you out of it, right?


It does work and I like what MAC chose to include – though I still think maybe a cream blush would have been a nice option instead a pearl cream color base shade but that’s just me.


Overall I still feel this falls under the bar a little even though the intention is there. If the shadows were a touch smoother and more buttery, it could have been near perfect.


Thanks for reading!

MAC’s Keepsake Smokey Face Palette is part of MAC’s Keepsakes Collection. This is out island-wide and is Limited Edition.

Sorry I don’t have the price of this on hand!

Sponsorship disclosure


Stand to Win! –– The Entertainer (1 For 1 Deal) App x PappaSan Culinary Experience!

Hello there!

I’m interrupting my usual slew of beauty mentions to pop on something else that while isn’t beauty in any sense is still, hopefully, helpful for you all.

Especially given that the holiday season is right around the corner and I’ve got a giveaway for said product I am about to mention and this would possibly ease or lessen the budget burden on some gifting options this year!

So, simply said, we all love to eat – amiright? – and we all love a good deal because when the holiday season swings about it’s all about gifting.


The trickiest gift ideas are always for the ones dearest to us because we would like to present them with the finest and the best but how do we go about that without burning too large a hole in our pocket so we have enough to gift other stuff to the 912838934 other people in our lives?

Well, deals of course!

And not just any-o-deal, mind you, the deals that are present in The Entertainer App are from the finest merchants be it restaurants, beauty parlours, hotels and such!

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 1.16.53 pm

The whole idea of The Entertainer is a buy 1 get 1 free concept so you can enjoy an experience with someone (or gift a pair of people something – e.g. both your parents) at only the price of 1. That makes it a lot more affordable, especially if we’re talking about something like a S$90 main course at a relatively high-end restaurant!

Though of course… good things are hardly free which is why while The Entertainer app itself is free, to unlock the super special deals (usually offered by higher-end restaurants, fine-dining places, or even high profile eateries), you’ll have to purchase the ‘Mobile Product‘ within The Entertainer.

This comes at a price of 95sgd for the year you’re in (e.g. 2014, 2015 etc), or 12sgd for a month but the monthly one doesn’t unlock all merchants. The monthly plan only gives you access to 770 of the 990 awesome deals that you would get should you purchase the annual Mobile Product.

I hope I didn’t lose you anywhere… everyone on speed?

To add some pictures to all these words, here are some ‘locked’ offers that are only available after purchase of the Annual Mobile Product!


A highly raved steak place in town – would you like a 1 for 1 deal for this?


Or maybe pies?


Some pampering for you and your mom or a gal pal?


If you’re thinking of a spiffy place to stay for a quick getaway, how about a Buy 1 Night, Free 1 Night stay at HK Conrad?

If you would a taste of how a fully unlocked The Entertainer would work, I have ten (yes ten!) 2014 Mobile Products (that’s the annual one) to giveaway so stay tuned to the end of the post!

The 2014 Mobile Product will only last till the end of this year but it’s enough time to snatch up a couple of dining or spa deals and bring a couple of your loved ones for some holiday festivities and complete your year-end gifting experience without breaking the bank!


Again, I know how different this entry is, from my usual, but trust me when I say all I want to do is share about it because I was pretty stoked at the deals offered within the app and also the opportunity to giveaway a ‘key’ to these deals to some of my readers.

Grey Divider

Moving on from that introduction…

Now that the year is coming to a close, The Entertainer is prepping up their 2015 Mobile Product and a new merchant on that list is PappaSan!


I’ve seen this restaurant a couple of times since I’m often in that vicinity but for those who haven’t heard of PappaSan (not to be confused with PappaRich), this place is located at Dorsett Hotel which is located along Cantonment / New Bridge Road. The closest MRT is Outram and it’s a short 5 minutes walk away – depending on how quick or slow your legs take you.



I’ve heard about PappaSan serving up some pretty new takes on local delicacies but in this entry’s experience we got to have a glimpse at a couple of their other stuff.

Not the chicken rice that they’re famed for but you could give that a go for yourself when you get the 2015 The Entertainer Mobile Product!


The evening started with a little tapas while everyone casually filtered in on that wet and rainy day. By the time I got there the dishes were a little wiped but I managed a couple of shots nonetheless.


Lemongrass chicken, I believe


Prawns with Tomato and Italian Gremolata – the prawns were really fresh and yummy, that’s coming from someone who doesn’t normally like prawns!


Succulent Beef Tenderloin Skewers – beef was a tad hard by the time I had it, which was when it was a little cold already.


Crusted Chicken Rice Balls – Hubs really liked this. I couldn’t tell what it was then and found it really intriguing.


tortilla chips! – loved the dips!


One thing I was really glad for was the watermelon sangria – I could really use a drink after that hectic week at work!



After picking what we wanted, it’s nom-time!




In the midst of having our plate of food, we were called up for a little demonstration as they prepared one of the star dishes of the night.We were greeted with 4 white mounds engulfed in flames and the only clue as to what this dish was was the little fish tail sticking out at the back.


This dish is the Snow Mountain Fish (S$48) and the white ‘shell’ you see is actually a whole load of seasalt generously covering the fish.

This aspect of preparing a fish isn’t new but it is done very well here such that the fish itself was stuffed with herbs like lemongrass, garlic, onion and much more, making it exude a very fragrant and mouth-watering aroma the minute it was cut into.


This method reminded me of the way street vendors in Thailand cooked their fishes though, of course, the way it is done here is much more sophisticated and once unveiled, the fish still looks wholly intact and clean without ‘scabs’ all over.

The idea of cocoon-ning the fish in sea salt is to lock in the moisture of the meat while the fish cooks to the perfect done-ness.



I’ll admit that the fish was nice and fragrant with the meat done just right though I felt it was a tad dry for my liking. Hubs didn’t have an issue with it because he’s less picky about fish and enjoyed how fragrant the herbs made the fish taste.

I’m not quite a fish person so I took a couple of bites and shoved the rest to hubs.

The next dish, is a little more up my carnivorous alley!


This is the Portugese-styled Crispy Suckling Pig (S$268, pre-order only) and this dish brings a whole new level of enjoyment and entertainment to the term Suckling Pig.


Because there’s this really cool ‘ritual’ you’ll have to go through before you get to dig in to the succulent and juicy pork and I decided to volunteer my hubs for it because, you know, I’m such a good wife and all. Ha!


The idea is that the host (or whoever, really) is to chop up the pig with a dinner plate – as seen in hubs hands – as per the instructions of the waiting staff of course and at the end of the whole violent piggy massacre (okay, it’s already dead, I know), you smash said plate into a bin with as loud and resounding a shatter as you can.

This process is said to bring luck and prosperity to the person doing it and just before you start chopping the pig up, you are to make a wish and that wish is suppose to come true the next year!

Something like that…

While the hubs was a little opposed to the idea initially (pshh, shy?), I think he had quite a kick with the process. After he was done butchering the poor helpless pig, he commented that it was really fun.




If you’ve got a friend with anger management issues, I’m sure they’ll enjoy this very much…. heh!

Alongside the Suckling Pig are some interestingly shaped ‘man tou’ (a form of fried bread), a variation of sauerkraut (which I didn’t touch because I assumed it was sauerkraut) and grilled eggplant I believe.


I was feeling rather stuffed by this time but I devoured my share of the man tou down because it was just so good. The Suckling Pig too with its crispy skin and soft succulent meat.


Unlike most suckling pigs I’ve had, this one isn’t all oily and fatty or overly sinful because it was explained that the way they cook this is unique such that most fats are dissolved in the cooking process.

I don’t know how that is done but me likey. Now if only there’s a way to do that for almost all meat I eat so I don’t feel bad about being too lazy to pick out the fats!

Just when I thought we were done and all wrapped up, we got called over for one last thing – the dessert.


The chef flambe-d the molten lava cake’s drizzle right infront of our eyes but I missed snapping the most crucial moment and that was the huge burst of flames (when he flambe-d it) that had everyone shocked and bewildered all at the same time.

I swear the whole crowd took one step back after that, ha!


Ending our night on a sweet note, I’ve had many molten lava cakes but this one is one of the better ones I’ve had.


The insides were perfectly molten and I liked that the mangos that accompanied this were a tinge sour because it complemented the sweet chocolate filling just fine.


In all, hubs and I had a very enjoyable evening of witness all these entertaining culinary showcases and having really yummy food, which is the best testament that good things must be shared and enjoyed with those you love!

I want to thank The Entertainer and PappaSan both for the very enjoyable evening.

Purple Divider

Aside from me sharing my evening, I have something more to share and that is for you to be able to win a chance to score amazing deals on The Entertainer (it’s a mobile app, if you still haven’t caught on!) and share those moments with someone you love!

10 Fully Unlocked Entertainer Promos To Giveaway!

If you recall from above, anyone can download The Entertainer to enjoy some perks but to enjoy the finest and most pronounced brands on the app, you’ll need the Mobile Product (worth S$95) and guess what, I’ve got 10 ‘unlocks’ to giveaway for FREE!


  • Head on over here and fill up this form (all private, I assure you)
  • You must be residing in Singapore
  • Enter before 12th November, 12pm!

And that’s that!

Again, what you stand to win is The Entertainer’s Mobile Product 2014 which only lasts till the end of the year (31st Dec) but it’s enough for you to properly treat and enjoy yourself and others during this holiday period!


I’ll be picking a list of winners and the Organisors will be contacting you from there so you’ll hear from them (and not me) about it!


Everybody cool?

Now I really hope that you guys found this useful because I was also given the same Mobile Product that you guys have received and I think my very first deal would be a feast over at Bedrock – I’ve been dying to have steak there for the longest while!

Thanks for reading everyone and we’ll get back on schedule shortly ;)

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First Look: Shupette – Shu Uemura x Karl Lagerfeld (Again!) Holiday Collection 2014

I can almost envision the amount of work piling up for the whole of next week so while I still have a tad bit of breathing space, I might as well throw this mention up first!

After all, this is a really quick look which, if anything, may not be the most informative in terms of how the colors portray, how the items swatch and all but if you’re so smittened with the Shupette collection that you don’t mind seeing 90123989324 photos of the items then… here you go!

This is really a hit and run post given these images are fresh from a couple nights ago and fresh from the phone. Save for a bit of color editing because the lighting was quite horrid but, we make do with what we have, yes?


I didn’t bother with swatches at the cozy event we had with Zee and Fuan of Shu Uemura because lighting conditions were quite blah but I did swatch some pieces, for the feel of the product, and while they carry through with the soft effortless touch of color and whisper of sheen / shimmer, the shadows and creams are nice and smooth to the touch.

Easy to blend, soft and natural pigmentation with easy color build up – great for a fresh faced look especially since it is likely that this collection is aimed towards a younger demographic given the cutesy imagery and packaging.

Not to say the mature ladies cannot indulge in their cat-woman feels with this! Especially with the bolder, but still fairly wearable, lip colors within the lip bons bons or Shupette Has It All Palette.

Okay, enough talk, here’s the lovely makeup mess we had the joy to play with that night!

It’s quite a rapid picture spam so… just scroll on, check the names / prices (which will be captions) and, enjoy! I’ll try to skip out on text from here on.

Shupette’s Flair Eyelash Curler – S$30

Silk Cushion Cheek Colors – S$45 each

Fairy Fantasy Premium Lash – S$125

Eye Need Shu Eyeshadow Trio & Rouge Bonbon Fantasy Lip Trio (S$55 each)

Eye Need Shu Eyeshadow Trio – S$55 each

Eye Need Shu Eyeshadow Trio in #01

Eye Need Shu Eyeshadow Trio in #02

Shupette Has-it-All Eye & Lip Palette – S$128

Shupette Has-it-All Eye & Lip Palette – S$128

The Shupette Has-it-All Eye & Lip Palette comes in a box, with the adorable furry pouch

Pam-pearl Me Face Powder & TSYUA skin UV Underbase Mousse (S$68)

Pam-pearl Me Face Powder – S$60

With Love From Paris Brush Set – S$125

Eye Need Shu Liner Pencil – S$33 each

Eye Need Shu Liner Pencil – Midnight Black & Gala Brown

Grey Divider

One focal point of this collection, Shupette / Choupette the cat aside, would be the emphasize on her sapphire blue eyes which gets played up with the packaging of this collection.

If you take a closer look, her eyes (in the illustration) flash a beautiful metallic blue when it hits the light. Otherwise, her eyes are also made the star in the super adorable furry pouch that comes with the Shupette Has It All Eye and Lip palette.

I’ll be back with more information and of course swatches of the items I have on hand even though there are loads of in-depth mentions, swatches and all online already given how highly anticipated this collection is.

This collection is just calling out to my inner crazy cat lady (I lurrrrrrve cats. LOVE) and the stylized illustration of Shupette is absolutely darling. Though the kitty cat herself seems a lot less wide-eyed and innocent and a lot more grumpy / bratty but… she is a diva who eats on the table with Karl Lagerfeld so, what can we say, heh!

If you want to get your hands on some Shupette, here are the details of where to find her and when!

Shupette will be launching 24th October at Shu Uemura ION and 1st November island-wide


Thanks for reading!

I can’t wait to get swatchin’ with the little bits of Shupette I have on hand!

YSL Holiday 2014’s Gold (& Prints) Grandeur!

Well, I did say I was going to kickstart the holiday mentions as soon as I can so, here they are!

Though unfortunately this mention is one where I don’t have a whole load of information about in terms of the products within but from what I can gather by what I have seen of it (online and from the products I have on hand), it is gold and it is gorgeous.

Aboslutely stunning.

The collection only consists of a few key pieces but don’t let that fool you because these pieces alone are good enough to whip up a look that’s perfect for having your hair up in a bun, sipping on some wine in an elegant long evening gown or alternatively hitting the clubs in pure wild fun – your call.

Eitherways, YSL has you covered!

While I don’t have the star of the collection on hand here are some pictures as seen on chicprofile of the YSL Wild Avery Gold Palette.

Yes, it is leopard print errrthang and those who live for animal prints, this is for you!

I could be wrong but I recall someone mentioning that these aren’t leopard prints but panther prints. Though frankly I’m not huge enough a fan of prints to be able to tell one from the other – panthers have prints?? – so fanatics can advise me otherwise.

Bottom line, it’s almost like wild animalistic nature meets sophisticated chic girl, what more could you want, yes?

Grey Divider

Aside from the Wild Avery Palette, which would make such a perfect companion for you jet-setters or for those would love to have all their makeup options in one sleek palette, lets have a look at the other 2 pieces from the collection – the Touche Eclat (which I have in 02) and Glossy Stain.

The Glossy Stain within this collection is 09 Rouge Laque which I believe is actually part of the permanent range.

What makes this so special, as with the Touche Eclat here, would be the packaging.

Unlike the usual Glossy Stains that feature a black lacquered bottom, the one launched with YSL’s Holiday Collection is gold all around – very grand and very pretty.

I’ll swatch and talk about this another time, look out for that!

Shifting the spotlight to another item that has received a good amount of mention through the course of this post, the Touche Eclat.

I was never a huge fan of animal prints but I must admit that this is probably one of the fanciest Limited Edition Touche Eclat packaging I have seen (in my time).

Something about the glamour of this – fusing gold and animal prints together – makes it really nice to own. Imagine popping this in your touch up bag or perking up your mornings while using this in your routine. Absolute luxury for such a practical product.

I haven’t given these items a whirl just yet (then again the Touche Eclat is a Touche Eclat right?) but if you have never gotten your hands on either of these or are thinking to gift a friend some of YSL’s signature or permanent pieces is a to-die-for packaging, this is the time!

The palette makes for a wonderful gift too, to yourself or someone who jets about and needs everyhing in one sleek and stylish compact. It almost looks like a chic leatherbound notebook, noone would have guessed.


I didn’t have a whole lot of information but I hope there are enough visuals and mentions in this post to give you an idea of what to expect from YSL come end October!

YSL’s Holiday 2014 Collection will likely launch end-October.

All items (packaging-wise) are Limited Edition.


Thanks for reading!

I felt incredibly tempted to just make this entry a pictorial post, spam pictures and no information but my rambling got the better of me. I know I could sum up a lot of what I say but where’s the fun in that? Yes? And if people come here to read my rambles (I presume…) then ramble, I shall!

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Off to Japan! Sakuras, Wait for Me!

Oh my gosh! I’m in Japan with Sakuras all around!

Check out the beautiful Sakuras! Don’t you wish you were here?

They’re everywhere!!!


What do you mean you don’t believe I’m in Japan and the Sakuras are fake?

The Sakuras are disappearing?

I’ve got Sakura all over me?

What? Pfffft.


You mean like this?

Okay fine… I wasn’t in Japan and the Sakuras weren’t real. They were an image I took off Google Images, bah!

But but but but, you know what?

I am heading to Japan! Like now, right now, as you’re reading this, I’m on the flight there (or am already there)!

No kidding! I even painted my nails proper for this!

Nails featured on Instagram here.

So bye peeps! I’ll let my blog take a break from the churning for a bit and I’ll check back with you when I’m back (on 13th April)!

Though meanwhile, if you’d like to follow my adventures in Japan (somewhat), you can find me on Instagram at @icyabstract! I’ll be tuning in when I get wifi hot spots or spamming once I get back to the hotel, I believe. I haven’t decided if I wanted to get any form of data on-the-go or a wifi router yet.

If I do, I do, but otherwise it’s nice to go offline and just soak in the atmosphere of being in such a beautiful city with such a rich history.

Btw, did I mention it’s my first time in the land of the rising sun? Yippee!

So stoked! I’ll catch you guys around!

Thanks for reading this semi-craycray post!

LOTD: Not that Crazy over Crazy Paris

This look probably doesn’t matter a whole lot because the product featured isn’t exactly available anymore (unless you try evil-bay, maybe?) but I guess it’s just as well since it’s not a raving review or look either.

I had given mention to some of Guerlain’s holiday products but skipped out the Crazy Paris Eye Palette because I just wasn’t feeling it.

Some of the colors were quite lovely and as a whole the palette was pleasing to admire and collect but it just isn’t an ideal palette for me, for the looks I do.

Though I can imagine expert hands (or gorgeous eye features) working this well.

I think there is just about a few ways to go with this palette so it looks fine and maybe this approach is just a big no-no but heck, I shall post it anyway.

What not to do with the Crazy Paris Eye Palette? Heh.

  1. I first applied the grey all over my lids, wanting to use it as a ‘base color’ for the lighter shades – probably a big mistake. The grey was a little hard to work with and didn’t apply smoothly / evenly on.
  2. Then I dabbed some hot pink the centre of my lids for a pop
  3. Followed by the copper-brown (most gorgeous color in this palette, I find) in the outer half
  4. For my brow bone highlight, I used the pale yellow champagne shade blending it a little way down

Looking back, I think sans grey, this would be quite a decent look otherwise.

If you’d like to see the Crazy Paris Eye Palette in better light, I think Karen (of Makeup and Beauty Blog) did a pretty good job with her very spring-esque look !

I’ll admit mine is far from a desirable color combination and I thought it was just me but Teri (of Bellachique) had the same sentiments I did – this palette sure makes for a bit of a cray cray eye look if you’re up for it!

Did you pick this piece up? What are your thoughts about this unusual combination?

Thanks for reading!