My Little Makeup Space (A Camera Test-Shot Series)


When I had first moved over to the hubs place (almost 3 years ago, wow) I promised shots of my new makeup space once I got settled but somehow, that didn’t really happen.

Both the entry and me fully settling down to the point of being contented with how my stash was arranged.


My bad, really.

I did feature bits and pieces of the stash once in awhile but never a formal entry about my stash setup and part of that would be because I felt like I never fully did unpack and set up my space to, what I deem as, perfection.

Even to date, as my stash is getting all messed up once more, I still have areas that are still ‘under construction’, so to speak. So they’re empty and housing a whole bunch of random stuff now because I had no idea what to dedicate that drawer to to begin with.

In short, I guess I never found my storage options to be unique and interesting that it would be something to talk about.

While I still feel the same now, this series of stash shots came about from me fiddling around with a new toy that I got my hands on. One shot led to another and what would you know, I’ve got a quick look at my stash!

It’s really brief and hardly indepth but it shows you how I store what and what goes where, in case anyone is interested to know.


It’s embarrassing to say that this is only a small amount of what I have and I mean that in no braggy sense (of course, you guys know me). It’s really more of a reminder for me to get my act together and start packing / sorting everything out.

Apart from these, the rest of the stuff are housed un-glamourously in A4 paper boxes stashed away in another room – out of sight out of mind, right? Heh…


Makeup brushes – the commonly used ones in front and the rest in another ‘stand’ at the back.


The rest of the stuff in easy access on my vanity – stuff I’m making myself use and more brushes stashed there. I don’t use these RT brushes enough.


Lipglosses and lip crayons at the back.


Lipsticks, arranged from the neutral and natural ones in front and the deeper bolder ones after the divider. But clearly it’s overflowing all over.


Eyeliners infront, mascaras inbetween and eye sharpeners / misc brow stuff right at the back.


Eyeshadow and eye palettes!


Blush drawer – this one I’ve really got to pack


Foundations (mainly liquid) and face powders such as setting powder, all over face illuminators etc.


Bigger palettes go into the second last drawer (nails in the last drawer, not pictured).

And look who waltzed into the room while I was snapping my pictures and decided that she wanted to have a go at ‘taking pictures’ too. Kids learn way too fast these days!


p.s. the phone is Hub’s old note that we don’t use anymore (it’s always off). She picked it up from the shelf while coming in, we don’t usually let her play with it.

I’m not one to make resolutions but it’s about time I do something about these overflowing and messy drawers and pack the place up proper.

So, if I’m going to make any resolutions this year, it’s going to be packing this place up, making sure everything sits nicely instead of being randomly chucked into drawers, etc.

I’ve got a mind on how I want some things done so now it all boils down to actually souring the storage options and see if they come together, shifting stuff around and such. It’s going to be a slow process (because I’m a procrastinator, heh) but I will make it happen in 2015!

If anything these pictures here are a reminder and look back, to me mainly, of the mess that my stash is right now and what needs to be done.


So, some may have questions about this so, I’m going to mention it as well.

The camera in question here is the Sony A7R (I know a new one is coming up) with a F1.8 55mm lens on it, hence the delicious depth of field. It’s definitely not going to replace the Olympus EM10 that I have, for many reasons and one of which being the Sony A7R isn’t mine but that aside I do have more options (lens-wise) with my Olympus and it has my preferred settings for eye / face shots etc so… yes.

The Sony A7R is something that makes a guest appearance every now and then but doesn’t replace the ‘regular cast’

It’s a lovely camera, this one, and truly worth it’s insane price tag. I feel.

Purple Divider

So, yes, new year and hopefully a new space (or rather reorganised old space) soon! I’ll see to it that it gets done amidst everything else that I’ll be busy with in 2015.

I’ll speak more about it in life updates to come. I’m feeling particularly nostalgic, reflective and rambly in this time of the year so I’ve got a lot of words and a lot about life coming up soon if you don’t mind all that.

So, wrapping this up, thank you for reading, love you all my beloved readers and as always, thank you for sticking around! <3

Have a great 2015 ahead and hope you wrapped up 2014 on a good note!