Life Update – Another Baby Break!

Hello again everyone!

It’s been such a long time hasn’t it and in case you were wondering, no I haven’t abandoned this space of mine.

I was suppose to update you all with news of my pregnancy and I already have said entry drafted up sitting in my folders waiting for some pictures to accompany it before I published it but who knew that the little one in me would be so impatient to see the world that he was delivered 10 days before his estimated delivery date!

And yes, it’s a little baby boy this time around!

I’ve always called my first baby girl Baby K because I wasn’t sure about revealing her name online and all, but… since there are 2 Baby Ks now, it’s about time I told you all.

Here’s Baby Keagan!

And another with my baby girl, Khloe (:

Don’t mind Keagan in pink… hand-me-downs from Khloe’s time since he’ll be home for the first month anyway. Heh.

Anyway my point being that I’ve slacked off blogging a bit because a couple of factors picked up in my life towards the end of the pregnancy. I got busy with work, prepping stuff and just meeting a bunch of people before I popped that my blog did go a little (okay fine not a little – very) neglected.

Worst of all it’s going to face a little more neglect as I, once again, adjust towards the needs of a newborn.

Much like with my first kid I am officially going on a little hiatus from this space in the mean time.

I can’t promise how long I will be away, given compared to the first baby break I had I’m handling 2 little kiddos this time around. So when the baby is settled, the toddler would need my attention thus… we’ll see how this goes but I’m hoping to be back on here at least a little next year? If not January then February.

Either ways, so stay tuned for that! This little space isn’t going to get abandoned.

Meanwhile, for quicker updates you can always follow me over at my instagram! It’s a little slower in postings these days but it’s still the fastest way to find me!

Grey Divider

Thank you all so so much for always being around and being supportive, I’ve noticed readers checking back even in the period of my absence and I really appreciate that. It’s so heartening to know.

Thank you for sticking around and for understanding my current priorities. I will see you guys again, maybe sooner than you think! (:

YSL x Icyabstract’s 30 Days of YSL!

So here you have it, the cat is finally out of the bagggg!

The big project – okay, maybe not ‘big‘ – rather, the exciting project that I have been hinting and murmuring about in the last few entries is finally here!


Yes, 30 Days of YSL , which also means 30 days of me! Across the span of this blog-space and also my Instagram!

While I had the option of spreading my focus and Instagram more through the days, I wanted to take this time to put up YSL mentions and showcase as much as I can, or rather I know, about the brand and the best way to showcase it all is through blogging!

Granted I will be the first to say that I’m not a walking YSL encyclopedia and I feel a lot of what I know of the brand is recently learnt through interactions with the brand peeps over the last few years.


If it hadn’t been for this very intimate meetings and chats with the brand people from YSL, I probably wouldn’t have learnt about the stories, ideas and also purposes behind these products. I would likely be your usual consumer (nothing wrong with that of course) that primarily sees the brand as flashy, high-fashion, incredibly edgy and maybe a little intimidating in that very couture way.

I may not have noticed the intimate details of how YSL’s skincare contains very soothing and skin loving ingredients so people with sensitive skin can embrace the effective active ingredients within and nourish their skin at the same time.


I also wouldn’t have known that YSL’s products constantly seek innovation and the brand is continually reinventing themselves. I know much is every brand out there but a lot of what YSL puts out is usually the first, or one of the first, of the market and sometimes a very gutsy venture too.


Way back in the day, who would have thought to put high pigment, a rich glossy shine and a lasting staining effect together in a Glossy Stain, right?


Pigments were reserved for the creamy mattes and glossiness reserved for sheer and translucent so their ever innovating mindset is so intriguing and I certainly can’t wait to share about it.


Of course technicalities aside, because few like reading chunks of words, I’ll also be showcasing what you all want to see and know which is colors, looks, reviews and of course all things visual!


I’ll also be putting content up regularly on my Instagram (where I am a little more regular actually but I’m trying to put in a tad more effort!) so you can check over there as well! Follow me on there if you haven’t already ;)

Purple Divider

Okay, I’m going to cut this loooong introductory post short because there’s really no purpose in having it too lengthy.

My point was to have an official kickstart mention to this 30 Days of YSL thingy that I’m doing and properly introduce it incase you start wondering what’s up with me spamming YSL non-stop all of a sudden.

I will admit that 30 Days seems like quite a feat, and it is so I really hope to get it down flat without any hiccups. I’ve even planned my content way ahead but you know me and my erratic schedules. Fingers crossed though!

Meanwhile here are some quick snaps from a makeover I had done by the lovely and incredibly talented YSL Makeup Artist Zona (at the ION boutique).




It was also then that I got to ask a whole truckload of questions and learn about products I was uncertain about, a nice introductory to this campaign and I’ve definitely picked up some tips, tricks and information that I’m excited to share!



So that’s about it for today, I’m wrapping this up here and saying stay tuned for exciting and non-stop entries to come! :)

Dropping In To Say “Hello” & Some Random Rambling Thoughts

Yes, hello you guys!

I know I’m still posting relatively regularly, of course not as frequent as before but enough for you to know I’m still alive (ha). However, because time is packed these days I haven’t been able to plan and craft up impromptu entries and my agenda is always to get brand mentions up so I do sense that my blog has definitely become sponsored features after sponsored features.

Though a quick disclaimer, sponsored meaning I get the product to try but I receive no moolah at all. I aim to keep my blog a hobby with no obligations to brands so I don’t accept paid deals cause… you know, that comes with obligations. Usually.

So anyway, while I mentioned I have no obligations to brands often times I still am excited to try out products they have sent and share my opinions on here in hopes that my thoughts are helpful and informative for those considering a purchase. That said, I still don’t manage to get around to featuring everything that I get and I’ll admit I do have some biaseness for certain products or gravitate towards certain brands but slowly and surely most things will have their place on this site.

Not everything I get, but most things…

I know a constant stream of sponsored posts are becoming quite a norm that no one really points it out or cares anymore but I figured I would like to address it anyway – that regardless of content, everything here is still largely me and my honest opinions. I wish I did have a little more time to construct candid, fun and slightly more random beauty-related posts cause I do miss that myself but bear with me for now while I clear out my backlogs and mentions and have zilch time / brain power for that for now.


Moving on a little to just random life stuff…

Where work is concerned, all’s good. Of course New Job is as busy and bustling as I had imagined but not scarily so. It saps my time and mind enough to take me away from my blog for the most part but you guys still catch me on here now and then so… I guess it means it hasn’t completely taken over my life.

That’s good, right?

Ha, well okay… anyway this entry is random and I just wanted to drop in and ramble a little because I feel like I haven’t had the time or capacity to do that amidst the small little pockets of time I get – and when I get those pockets I’m always scurrying about thinking what I can quickly shoot or edit, or write / review.

So yes. I’m really glad to just sit down and word-vomit. So to speak.

I was just done with a major life update (at that point) which was New Job and thinking about it I kinda overhyped it up a bit with my worry and apprehension towards it because I’m facing another Life Update situation but I’ll get to that again shortly.

All in due time ;)

Meanwhile, thank you again to everyone for sticking by me and reading this wordy ramble about absolutely nothing at all. Heh!

I’ll see you all as soon as I can! In the mean time, you can always catch me over on Instagram!


Thanks for reading! ♥

HAPPY 2015! – New Year, New Path!

Hello hello!

Happy New Year everybodyyyyy~

I hope that everyone had a smashing 2014 that was both memorable and filled with wonder! Here’s wishing everyone a great 2015 ahead where you never stop laughing at the small joys of life, never stop being inspired by the wonders life has to give and may we all show some compassion in this already cold and cruel world.

Onward to 2015!

So now, the serious stuff.

I could have saved the rambles and lumped my Happy 2015 greetings together with the 2014 round up but I wanted to address 2 different train of thoughts – 2014 being the reflective one where I give thanks and 2015 being the one I give you the low down of future plans and what to expect (or rather, not expect) from this space.

It almost feels a little sad saying that *cue tear drop emoji*


So anyway, in this entry I want to explain something I had hinted at within my last few year-end posts (quite annoyingly, might I add)… well, I didn’t tell a lot of people around me then but I think it’s quite safe to say now.

With this new year, I’m going to be embarking on a new direction and a new path. Simply said, a new job.

It’s completely daunting, it really is, but extremely exciting at the same time. I’ve got a place and I’ve got the time (or rather date) to start and it’s not till after Chinese New Year (formally, at least) and… yeah I have to say I’m looking forward to it but yet not quite at the same time.

The apprehension is only because this new space, I know, will demand a lot more time and energy from me. It even requires out of town trips (hence I mentioned in my round up that Urban Decay’s On the Run is going to get a lot of love from me) fairly often so I know without a doubt that I’ll have to sacrifice something and that is the amount of time spent on my blog.

I love blogging and I love rambling about makeup, you guys know that, but ultimately it is a hobby and based on priority at least, time should be better spent on my career, family etc before I indulge myself in my interests. That said, I know I’ll still be reading blogs and keeping in the know with beauty because that much I can still do. I think.

I’ll still be wearing makeup every single day, talking about it to my beauty pals and hopefully still sharing more instant and quick beauty mentions or obsessions on instagram but where blogging is concerned – with the time required to shoot photos, edit them and then write up paragraphs to go with – that would prove a little tricky and time consuming and I’m not sure if I can afford that.

I really don’t know how things are going to work out once I start but if anything I’m thinking of the worst case scenario where I will be buried by work and be absent from this space for awhile but… that may not be entirely the case so, we’ll see once I start!

In the meanwhile, I’m trying to get as many entries as I can up, perhaps do some stash-shopping entries and feature looks from items that I have forgotten about since we haven’t quite kicked into full gear of new releases and begun the influx of Spring 2015 products just yet.

Truthfully, I still hope to be around as much as I can but I’m certain that I’ll have no choice but to disappear for the start of my new career switch. You know how it’s like with new places and the demands it has.

Grey Divider

So, I just wanted to share that life update with you guys, as with every step of my life that I have shared so far.

You all, and this space, is still very much a part of me and I can’t imagine being without it. It’s just that in various points of your life you’ve got to focus on different things and perhaps this is the time for me to take a step back from here (for now, at least) and look somewhere else first.

That said I’m still around and not gone, at least until Chinese New Year (mid-feb) so don’t go running away yet!

Thank you for reading my ramble and again, I wish each and everyone of you a fantastic year of opportunities and growth ahead!

Happy 2015 and may this be a prosperous year for all!

P.s. A little late to mention but the surge in traffic here surprised me (after my instagram mention) and I hope the actual reveal isn’t as underwhelming. I’m not expecting again, nor am I relocating. A new job feels huge to me but maybe it’s not as huge as it sounds in the retrospect of life. Heh!

Top 10 Posts on Icyabstract (WordPress) in 2014!

Well, I wasn’t intending to do another ‘Most Popular on Icyabstract’ mention again, like I did last year with Onsugar, because I wasn’t sure if WordPress allowed for access to such statistics and all (since I’m on the free account) but as it turns out the WordPress team had sent out an incredibly cute WordPress ‘Annual Report’ for blogs.

It’s a lowdown of the happenings on your blog for the year (those with WordPress would know!) such as posting habits, the number of hits you get, demographic etc. Interesting stuff with a really cute design to boost so that sort of spurred me into creating this round up entry once more.

Though within the Annual Report, WordPress had only indicated the Top 5 entries so I went ahead to search through the statistical page and come up with a Top 10 instead! Because, 10 is more holistic, no?


The Top 10!

So anyway, here’s the Top 10 (ignore the home page before obviously that’ll garner most hits).

Now since you can’t click from within and you’re probably too lazy to search up said feature posts should you have missed it, I have them all linked below if you’d like to check them out.

  1.  Sephora’s Color Festival Blockbuster Palette For 2014!
  2. Surratt Beauty At Takashimaya! – Swatches & Pics
  3. New: YSL Baby Doll Kiss & Blush (Info)
  4. First Look: Shupette – Shu Uemura x Karl Lagerfeld (Again!) Holiday Collection 2014
  5. The Lowdown – YSL Baby Doll Kiss and Blush (Cheek & Lip Swatches)
  6. New: Shu Uemura Brave Beauty 2014 (Info & Swatches)
  7. Sephora Hols 2014 – Sephora (The House Brand)!
  8. Sephora Hols 2014 – Tarte Cosmetics!
  9. Sephora’s 2014 Holiday Collections Are Upon Us!
  10. A Throwback LOTD – Lancôme Fraîcheur Rosée Eye Palette

If you ask me, I’m actually a little surprised at the results, especially when a couple of the entries mentioned in the rundown are ‘migrated’ entries.

Which means they were brought over from my Onsugar so I didn’t expect them to have many dedicated views (e.g. the Lancôme LOTD and YSL Baby Doll mentions) but I guess these items are popular enough themselves to garner some searches.

That aside, it’s also quite apparent how hot Sephora mentions are as well. I was a little surprised that a couple of entries aren’t on that list but, given how is calculated, it could be because those posts were rather late in the year.

Ah well, nonetheless, I believe I said it last year as well but it’s so interesting to see statistical things like that and uncover things you least expect.


Top Commenters!

That aside, they had also rounded up the Top 5 commenters to the site and I thought that was a really nice gesture.

Given how these days a large percentage of readers prefer to lurk (nothing wrong with that, I do it too actually, heh), comments are all the more precious and to know that you guys have taken time out to actually drop a note and acknowledge my entries truly mean a whole lot to me.

More than you can imagine really when all it takes is a sentence and then hitting the enter button so thank you Genevieve, Sharmaintang, Arielle Tan, doseofrain and mybeautysanctuary!

Do check out their sites as its all about beauty lovin’ too!


That said, have a great New Year everyone! We’ve put one foot in 2015 and now all we’ve got to do is just keep walking or running through it! Onward everyone!

I’ll be back with a proper 2015 entry because that contains said cryptic life update that I’ve been hinting at. I wanted to wait one more day at least, and not disrupt the whole festive holiday mood, before announcing it proper :)

Till then! Happy New Year and thanks for reading!

Rounding Up 2014 on Icyabstract!

Hello again!

As we count down to the new year, 2015, let’s have a look at the highlights and happenings of 2014!

In some ways, I’m really glad for this blog because it allows me to look back at different phases of my life as I continually pen down my thoughts through the day.

Albeit it is about makeup but each product and each entry triggers a thought and memory of the period when I was writing the entry and while my goldfish memory can’t recall well enough what I had experienced through the whole year, this recap is good enough for me to sum up some highlights in the beauty realm (on this space) and also bring to mind certain events and situations that were referenced.

Let’s have a look at the year of the horse (my year), 2014, shall we?

For the benefit of some, I have inserted ‘(➡︎)’ to indicate outgoing links because the link color difference isn’t very major with this current template of mine.

  • A little sad to say but I had a bit of a frustrating start to the year, and ranted about it (➡︎) but it all worked out along the way!
  • Another sponsorship for Baby and it’s pampers this time! I documented a couple of episodes (➡︎) of it and it’s nice to look back at how small and baby-ish she was then! She’s such a big girl now.
  • Discovered (because I was sent) a truly beautiful scent (➡︎) from L’Occitane that I’m glad to have in my stash. It has also piqued my interest for all things Neroli scented from here on.
  • Celebrated turning 24 (➡︎) with a spankin’ new gear (Olympus EM10!!) and of course lovely makeup pieces from my dear girls (Sophia, Mabel & Eliza!)
  • The move (➡︎) to this spankin’ new place. This is probably one of the best things I’ve done for my blog thus far, apart from the Olympus EM10 that is.
  • One of Lancôme’s biggest launch of the year (➡︎) – their swan-neck Grandiôse mascara that took the makeup world by storm with both the way it works and the way it looks.
  • Starting the K-Drama segment with this little post (➡︎) because I just needed an outlet to rant and ramble about what I’m currently obsessed with (watching).
  • The year I took really good care of my skin through loads of facial sessions. I think I got really lucky with this. I can’t link to just one but here’s the facial tag (➡︎) should you want to read more!
  • Allowed myself to be introduced to The Entertainer (➡︎) via an event and I will say, it’s one of my best money-saving (mainly where dining is concern) discoveries. Why was I not acquainted sooner!
  • Welcomed this amazing travel palette (➡︎) into my life and while at that point (of receiving it) I didn’t think much of it, I can imagine this being incredibly handy next year. You’ll know why next year, maybe ;)

Purple Divider

Wrapping Up 2014, Hustlin’ & Bustlin’ in 2015

So, phew, 2014 was some year huh! I think it’s probably one of my busiest blogging year in terms of how frequent, or rather how good I’ve been (ha!), with keeping this little space of mine relevant.

Backlogs are still aplenty of course but I’m glad to have been able to ‘keep with the times’, somewhat, and be able to put up multiple looks for certain product releases. It’s something I don’t think I’ve ever done so religiously on my blog before and frankly, I loved doing it. All the look features, look books and such.

A combination of both moving to a better platform (WordPress) and having more efficient tools on hand (Olympus Em10) to be able to quickly and easily shoot up images for entries definitely helped with it!

That aside, I also want to thank each and every one of my readers who take time out of their schedules, days and offer a couple of minutes to pop by my site. It may feel like nothing to you but it means a whole lot to me to know that my words, or pictures, are of help and interest to you!

I’ve been trying to ‘let go’ and allow my blogging style to be more candid, goofy and hopefully more light-hearted and easy to read! I mean, I’ve always had this rambly-ness in me but I try to keep a ‘clean’ and objective tone about the blog just to keep ramblings to a minimal, and have it sound more polished I guess, but these days I’ve found that an injection of personality and some humour isn’t that bad too!

That’s just me and my preference for blogs I read these days at least and frankly it’s not too huge a difference from the way I used to write since I’ve been progressively allowing myself to ramble more since my ‘polished’ starting days. There was a time I felt like I was writing a press release with each entry given my neutral tone and how I strived to be brief and eloquent, but with the amount of bloggers emerging from the boom of social media these days, I guess it helps to differentiate yourself a little even if it shows how much of a dork you can be (or rather I can be, hurhur).

Okay, too much words. As much as rambling is fun I still try to prevent myself from writing a novel, where necessary.

I digress, but really I want to thank you all truly and sincerely because I’m well aware of how the social media realm has changed and is changing. Instagram is on the rise and in some aspects – like quick information dissemination – it replaces blogging. New personalities are also emerging from Instagram along with this style of keeping everything pretty and perfect – perfectly posed products, perfectly new items, flowers, pretty outfits, poses, shots etc.

In some respects it works but how much can a pretty picture tell you about how a blush would look on, or how an eyeshadow would work when paired with another hue? And in some examples of the, well, examples the actual showcase of makeup wearing is dubious and reason why these personalities never made it their practice to show products in the way we do. I believe there’s bound to be some fatigue from this trend and I don’t know about you but I’m starting to feel it. So while I do my share of posting product pictures, I try to accompany it with a follow up of how it looks or even a long-winded blog post about it.

It’s a whole new world out there now but like Sophia mentioned in her 2014 round up as well, we’ve been around before that trend arose and we’re just still here keeping it real and showcasing products as truly as we can – how they work and sharing our thoughts on how they feel as opposed to just posing them prettily accompanied with generic text so… I guess we’re (or at least I am) glad for people who still feel that blogging and the good-ole beauty sharing is the best resource and those who feel our mentions and entries are credible and chose to stick by our sites even after all these years! Not forgetting the new visitors, followers and readers who share the same mindset. Truly, a very big thank you given, as I had mentioned in 2013, the blogging society is fleeting and fickle so for us to still be present today in the blogging realm and to brands makes a credible claim on what we’ve been doing so far!

Grey Divider

I know I’m getting especially sappy (and long-winded) in this year’s round up but let’s just say there may be a period of disappearance next year (I’ll talk about it) and if anything I want you all to know that I appreciate each and every one of you, really I do. I’ve been blogging since 2008 and I have never regretted the amount of time I’ve put into it because I know I enjoyed every second!

I’m not religious but I genuinely feel blessed for everything I have experienced and received on this blogging journey of mine thus far. All the love and products from brands, friendships forged from fellow blogger pals or brand personnel and receiving encouraging comments or emails from you readers! It’s hard to describe and I never thought that blogging would end up meaning so much to me but it has and it always will.

Okay, too many feels, I’m going to sign off now! After a long and mushy post, I’d suggest to read some awesome travel rambling by Mabel in her annual round up!

Look out for the Hello 2015 post for more information on that cryptic life update I spoke of!

Have a great year everyone! Who’s off to countdown and who’s off to wake up to 2015 instead? Ha!

The Pampers Round Up – VOTE for Baby K's Pamper-ing Journey (& win for youself)!

So this is it you guys.

The time we bid farewell with moisture clouding our vision and hot warm tears streaming down our faces…

Or not….

Well, okay maybe it’s not that dramatic because while it is the end of me documenting Baby K’s pampers journey, it certainly isn’t the end of the relationship between her and Pampers!

Through this stint, we have definitely grown to love the Pampers Baby Dry series for so so many reasons, all of which I have constantly highlighted and reiteriated through My Pampers Journey so if you’re feeling up for revisiting some moments, you can definitely check them out below:

Now, I’ll try not to make this too long-winded, sappy and whatnot so I shall share some of our experiences with diapers. I had initially wanted to write this in the first post but given how that was primarily focused on sleep, it could have ended up way too long and unnecessary.

Thus, this wrap-up actually seems like a pretty good spot to reminisce.

The Light in Our Diaper Tunnel…

So, our initial diaper journey actually looks like this…

A couple more hidden in bags, but there’s Merries somewhere in there too…

We have been to the extremities of diaper-purchasing – feeling that the cheaper ones are good enough, followed by thinking otherwise and investing / trying a whole bunch of varying diapers.

We even found ways to acquire the more ‘exotic’ packs of diapers that aren’t easily or readily found locally just because we were on some quest to find the best.

See what I did there? ;)

While I think we are still a long ways away from calling ourselves diaper connoisseurs, I believe we have sufficient experience with a good number of diaper brands under the sun to easily point out perks and flaws across the brands.

Thus, with all that experience, knowledge and also exposure to varying brands of diapers (Pampers included actually, but the Japan variant), we decided to take on this Pampers Baby Dry adventure to evaluate these diapers and see how good they actually are, compared to what we already know of diapers.

Comparing them across the board with all the brands we have tried, I think it’s quite to safe to say that Pampers Baby Dry works out to be one of our top picks for a multitude of reasons.

Though to sum up this whole experience, I’ll list down quick points about the Pampers Baby Dry series that I particularly like. I’ll try not to ramble but as always you can head over to my previous Pampers Journey posts and read it all in detail for yourself!

I like Pampers Baby Dry because it is…

  • Thin and soft!
    Feels comfortable and also sleek when worn (see here)
  • Breathable
    So it allows baby’s skin to breathe
  • Highly absorbent, staying ‘dry’
    So baby’s skin isn’t exposed to a damp surface (see here)
  • Absorbent & Leakproof for hours!
    It’s one thing to be absorbent and it’s another to be able to absorb for hours while remaining comfortable and leak-proof on!
  • Leak-proof frills
    Frilly protection to prevent poop or pee from spilling over (see here)
  • Comfortable fit
    So it hugs baby closely but not uncomfortably so (see here)
  • Baby-friendly fit
    With flat seams, soft panels and STRETCHABLE EARS! I can’t get enough of that one. (see here & here)
  • Easy & quick to wear!
    Now the perfect answer to parents with a squirmy kid. Pampers Baby Dry is something I personally can wear in record time due to how convenient the folds, stretchable ears and such are!

Though, all these are just my own thoughts. Let’s hear it from the person who is actually wearing these Pampers, shall we?

“Well baby, what do you think about Pampers Baby Dry?”

Wow, I think baby probably feels the same about Pampers Baby Dry as I do, but perhaps a little differently since she doesn’t have to worry much about leaking (since she doesn’t clean up), how easy it is to wear (since she probably just lies there) though it is crucial that they feel it is comfortable on because diapers are things that kids will have on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Basically for the whole of their babyhood so it is important to pick a good one else you will be facing even more problems on top of the many you already have when you enter parenthood!

To commemorate this little Pampers Journey that Baby K had undertaken, I decided to do up a quick video compilation, with hopefully a slightly home-video yet still decent film-ish quality sort of a clip for you!

I tried capturing important moments of Love, Sleep & Play because Pampers has you covered during these beautiful moments of life!

Help Vote for Baby K & Win Some Pampers! –

But before you go, Baby has a very important favor and announcement to make!

She needs all your help to vote for her to win more Pampers (you can too) to prolong her wonderful Pampers Journey thus far because now that she has had a taste of how lovely these are, I think it’s going to be hard to get her to switch out any time soon!

All you need to do is:

Apparently you can do this every single day (1 entry per person a day) until 19th June 2014!

Of course it’s quite a request to have you vote every single day but that would also mean you have up’ed your chance to win 2 packs of Pampers Baby Dry (of your choice of size) to give these awesome diapers a go!

Yes, you heard that right!

10 lucky voters will win 2 packs of Pampers Baby Dry each!

So what are you waiting for, start voting (for me!!) right away!


Feel them for yourself!

If you are curious about how these Pampers Baby Dry feel, how soft and smooth they are, you can actually try checking out your nearest supermarket because they may have some size samples laid out for you!

I found these at a Cold Storage near my place.

Thank you for reading and following on with baby’s Pampers Journey, it was a fun month of laughs, exposing baby’s little theatrics and such. I don’t think I have ever shared this much about my baby girl before but it was quite a fresh change from my usual content.

I hardly share about baby online because I deem private life as private but just for you Pampers, here’s a bit of a glimpse into our family-time / family-life and also Baby K!

I hope everyone had as much fun as I did through this and if you like the idea of parenting tips and such, I could keep some coming. Though perhaps in a smaller scale than this little adventure :)

Thank you again!

To give you a special goodbye, here is Baby K dancing to one of her favorite tunes – Mr Roboto by Styx. Take it away little bugger~

Special thanks to Pampers and OMY once more, do pop over to the Pampers Everday Me site for more information about the products!

And don’t forget to vote for Baby!