LOTD: Simple Sage!

Another day, another look of the day!

In truth I have loads of new stuff to share and I know I have been mentioning that non-stop, it’s about time I stopped talking and start showing, right?

Unfortunately I haven’t managed to sit down and shoot the growing pile of products I have yet to mention / feature and that pile is adding up to the point that I’m not even sure where to start!

There are also a couple of items I can’t wait to share about but yet I haven’t gotten my hands on them. I have previewed them but the press pieces haven’t reached me though once I get a hold of them, along with a little time, I guess they could be cutting the photo queue!

Heh, so wrong of me but I’m sure you would like to see those soon as well.


Anyhoo, as I was saying…

I have been taking my makeup quick and simple these days and I had a mind to document my usual 1 – 2 eye look (quick and swift – 2 colors is all you need) but a torrential downpour happened this morning in the West side of Singapore and it put me in a full out Fall mood.

Sans the deep dark smokey eyes and vampy lips but I did take the tone down a little from my usual irridescent champagnes and glossy corals.

You can still argue that this is threading in neutral grounds and you’re not wrong. Like I said, my makeup is truly a yawn these days.

A yawn I do like, but all the same I understand it’s not knocking anyone’s socks off.

Because it was gloomy and dark out, I felt like dreaming up my own little garden and reached for the long forgotten Stila In the Garden palette.

Though… if I were to be honest I actually had in mind to reach for the Naked 3 palette but somewhere along the way I went off course and settled for this.

Highlighted below, with little purple tabs, are the shades that I had used.

Another day, Naked 3, another day…

Products Used:

 Vichy Tri-Activ Anti-Imperfection Hydrating Care
 Dior Capture Totale Multi-Perfection Makeup Base 25 SPF PA++
 MAC Select Moisturecover Concealer
 Dior White Reveal Pure Transparency Loose Powder
 ELF Bronzing Powder in Warm
 Lancôme Aquatique Eye Base
 Stila In the Garden Eye Palette
 - Breeze, Bark, Sage, Chinois & Nectar
 Starlash Lightning Liquid Liner in Black
 MAC Powerpoint Eyeliner in Engraved
 Sleek Makeup Powder Blush in Pixie Pink
 Lancôme Rouge in Love in 365N

Sidetracking from the color play – face-wise, I dug up a couple of sample tubes that Dior had handed us a good while ago and realized that some of them were actually the Dior Capture Totale Multi-Perfection Makeup Base that I had my sights on a good while ago!

I have heard some positive mentions about this, the glowy complexion, softened skin appearance and just overall healthy prep it gave the skin and I have to agree that with this one use, I am completely smittened with it.

I’m in love and it is deadly because I believe the Capture Totale range is anything but cheap.


So… let’s just see how this plays out but if you are intrigued, you should go check this out and hopefully ask a nice enough BA for a sample because this pink-tinged cream is quite a thing of wonder on the skin.

You will love it!

psst, I only have the base on followed by concealer and some (light coverage) loose powder over.


Thanks so much for popping by this LOTD!

Do let me know if you have any particular entries you would like to see more of! Product mentions (that I have been saying I would do), reviews, more LOTDs etc.

I feel like these days I have been doing what comes to mind so much I have no clue what you all would really want to see.

Are these okay or… too many LOTDs? Too much rambling?

Let me know!