Haul: Small Hakuhodo Purchase (from Beauty Asia 2014)

Well, hello there, isn’t this haul entry a little bit late?


Frankly speaking, given how teeny tiny my haul was I didn’t think it was necessary to mention it on the blog. After all I have already ‘accounted’ for it via a quick instagram snap.

Though I snapped some shots just in case I felt an itch to do a post and… what would you know, I guess that itch came along after all!

I wasn’t kidding when I said it was teeny tiny!

I didn’t want to go overboard with brush hauling because… in a practical sense I really don’t need anymore brushes. What’s more I’ll be heading to Japan in April and I can probably give them an even better look then.

Though I doubt I would be hauling a luggage’s worth of brushes back either since my willpower seems to be working relatively well without any hiccups these days. Plus food is always where all my money goes when I travel, heh!

Even with Japan in mind, I still couldn’t resist hauling these up from Beauty Asia because they felt like the ‘ones that got away’ from my earlier haul.

I had no idea why I didn’t pick these up then!

J5523 –

First up is this white-bristled Goat hair brush that seems to have been crowned the ‘MAC 217 of Hakuhodo’.

I don’t have my MAC217 with me (back at the parents’ place) so I can’t compare but I can see the similarities – it seems to be of a fluffy enlongated paddle shape. It is versatile enough to pack colors on, do a wash or blend colors into the crease.

Thus, as with how people seem to hoard MAC 217 brushes, I picked up 2 J5523s. Afterall, they were only S$19 each, what’s not to love!

I wouldn’t lie, I had debated picking up a third but quickly made my way to the register to pay and complete my purchase because that pounding thought made a dent in my willpower.

Such a dramatic situation over a makeup brush, ha!

While I was snapping shots of these brushes at home, I noticed that the J5523 is very similar to my previously hauled G5523 (now I am assuming the numbers are references to a similar cut?).

The obvious, doh, difference would be the G5523 is made of Blue Squirrel and Goat while the J5523 is goat alone.

Thus, while they are similar in shape, they tend to feel a little different on the hand which would lead to varying differences in usage. The G5523 does feel softer and a little ‘sleeker’, such that it isn’t as pouffy as the J5523, which makes the J5523 better for diffusing color and the G5523 better for blending within a smaller area.

I hope I didn’t lose you there!

In short, the only way to best differentiate between them would be to molest caress the brush during their upcoming fair at Takashimaya. More details on that in the end of this post.

G5522 –

Next is the G5522 which, if I had to put it in some sort of a MAC-context, would be similar to the MAC 224.

Similar, but I feel that the G5522 has more of a shape to it as opposed to just being a dome-shaped blending brush, as is the MAC 224.

I think the above angle best captures how this seems to have a bit of a ‘doe-foot’ shape to it, while when viewed from another angle it appears to be yet another dome-shaped blending brush. This one was S$30 if I remember right…

I think the doe-foot aspect helps a little with placement and blending though I am a little ashamed to say since I have gotten this, I haven’t yet used it. Oops.

Though these blending brushes do need a little ‘breaking into’ – depending on your preference because the display pieces were all a little fluffier than these ‘straight-from-the-pack’ ones.

So that is it, my little very restrained Hakuhodo purchase!

If you would like to see the brushes that I have already previously hauled, check out my first post on them!

Hakuhodo Pop-Up Store at Takashimaya!

I guess what changed my mind about posting this was remembering that Hakuhodo is said to have a pop-up shop in Takashimaya end-March 2014 (I remembered 27th March) at the same spot they had their pop-up store last year. Incase anyone is wondering what are some good purchases to zoom in on amidst their huge inventory of brushes, well here are some of my picks!

The Hakuhodo pop-up store is said to run for 2 weeks but I’m guessing things might get sold out so its best to hurry down during the first few days if you can!

Thanks for reading! Do share, what are some of your Hakuhodo loves? Or what are you eyeing from Hakuhodo?

Haul: the Two from THREE (Flash Performance Liner & Blush)!

I’ve heard nothing but raves and positive sentiments about THREE’s eyeliner products so when the opportunity presented itself, I just had to grab me some THREE products!

Special thanks to Eliza for hovering over the THREE counter snapping and swatching all their products for us! Aside from the liners, there is little news about the rest of their range (blushes, lipsticks etc) so while we were intrigued it’s all quite a mystery and hit-and-miss situation to us.

So with that, I settled with a very simple and humble haul of one eyeliner (cause I really don’t need anymore) and a blush – all of which have received some mentions online.

Better to be safe? Heh

Starting with the liner, named Flash Performance Eyeliner, these are raved to last well through the day and come in an assortment of lovely shades.

I exercised control and only picked up one from the eight colors available.

The THREE Flash Performance liners are pencil liners with a sponge-tip applicator on the reversed end to help with smudging and blending them out if you prefer.

The smudger was surprisingly dense and different from the usual sort that I am used to. This feels like a solid piece of rubber for some heavy duty smudging, instead of the foamy and soft sort I often see.

While I rarely smudge my liners with these, this time around the color I picked worked best drawn over the lids and then smudged out for a softer look.

The shade I picked is 07 Eye Doll, a medium…. well, I’m not sure how to describe.

It’s mostly olive but yet very neutral, has some gold reflects along with shimmery pink ones within. It’s generally neutral with a hint of murky along with shine.

In short, it’s beautiful; here see:

Aren’t those little flecks of pink just beautiful?

While it isn’t my usual deep dark shade for me to line my eyes with, or bold / bright enough to be used as an accent liner, this is lovely all the same and how I like to use it is messily drawn on then smudged out – gorgeous!

I promise you a LOTD one day though I’m guessing it’s not going to photograph as well and complex as it looks in person, which is sad. Though this shade is a true beauty, no doubt about that.

Another item that I threw caution to the wind and hauled would be the Color Veil for Cheeks.

I don’t know what made me want these THREE blushes given I’ve not heard much about these. Perhaps it’s curiosity?

Regardless what it is, I am glad I went ahead and picked this up because I love it, from the simple and sleek packaging to the color and the way it diffuses a flush on the cheeks. It’s so perfect!

The blush I have here is 19 Love Kick, quite a kick of color in comparison to the rest of THREE’s Color Veil shades available.

While this looks extremely bright and vibrant in the pan, what I like about the Color Veils is (as the name hints at) these go on like a soft veil on the skin. They are pigmented, but in a way that nicely diffuses color on the cheeks no matter what brush you use.

It’s beautiful, it’s delicate but yet it shows up. I can’t say enough about these and after my experience with Love Kick, I’m kicking myself for not picking up more!

Though I blame it on the lack of swatches online and inaccurate swatch images via THREE’s website. It makes it such a gamble to buy these Color Veils without seeing them in person!

In that hand swatch they are still swatched on rather heavily, here is how it looks (as a soft diffused flush) on the cheeks.

It’s so beautiful and hardly any blending is required for that soft look! If you’re a blush junkie, I highly urge you to give THREE’s Color Veil for Cheeks a look if you haven’t.

Of course, a good number of their Color Veils look relatively light in tone and Love Kick is one of their more pigmented and stronger ones, their target market is obviously for fairer skintypes. Though Love Kick would be able to show up nicely on skintones till about an NC 35 or maybe even 40 if you layer it a little!

It’s so soft and diffused it probably wouldn’t look patchy on either.

So that wraps up my first encounter, and certainly not the last, with THREE. I need more Color Veils in my life but I shall pace myself, perhaps give their lip products a little peek too in the mean while…

Thanks for reading!

Do you have anything you love from THREE to recommend?