K-Drama Musings… – Birth Of A Beauty & Inspiring Generation (Age of Feeling)


It’s been awhile since a K-Drama post because the dramas I’ve been catching these days are a little… so so?

One of them I really tried to like but eventually I just couldn’t get the hang of it and stopped. While the other, I do like and it’s a pretty good one but it’s not the usual genre of dramas I go for so there isn’t all that rom-com fluttery fun that makes me feel inclined to watch it, but yet its still quite good.

So… that is why I’ve been a little lacklustre to document them but I thought I would share my thoughts a little about what I’ve been watching on the tube right now (or what I tried to watch) before talking about my most recent obsession in another musings post.

So… Birth of a Beauty.

I had high hopes for this drama, very high hopes, because Joo Sang Wook!

I think he’s a pretty good rom-com actor, delivering a heartening and yet also comical role in Cunning Single Lady (I quite liked that drama) and then there’s also the incredibly gorgeous Han Ye Seul along with a plot of transformation from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan with revenge thrown in, that’s got to be something, right?

Wrong. For me, at least.

There’s just a little too much cray in the show and while Joo Sang Wook can be quite the exaggerated joker, I think the (probably deliberate and scripted) whackiness that he and his tag team partner Han Ye Seul delivered is just a little too much. Way too much. But on that up side, they’re both really talented to deliver such whacky and weird scenarios.

Even with a sombre over-arching story about an attempted murder and conspiracies, I just can’t start taking the show seriously because of all the cray. And I thought the amount of whackiness in Surplus Princess was over the top, this is tipping even ‘over the top’ over the edge.

But of course, that’s just my thoughts because this show does have its own fanbase that was sad to see it finish up and go so if light-hearted and at times embarrassing / exaggerated comedic antics are your brand of humor then maybe you’ll come to appreciate this show more than I did.

I was just so disturbed to see the beautiful Han Ye Seul act like a sampat mad-woman but… I guess she did really well in that sense.

*sampat – Singlish (or Hokkien?) lingo for someone who is… a bit whacky, crazy, kinda embarrasing but totally not in the endearing way. Unless you’re blind in love or something.


Moving on from all that fluffy cray cray to something completely solemn and different, the next show I want to share a little about is Inspiring Generation. Which is also known by another name as Age of Feeling.

Apart from saeguk (period dramas), the next genre I’m not the most keen on would be action-ish dramas.

The whole heavy mood, dark backstory and loads of killing / blood involved, set in a rather quaint time-frame sort of action dramas.

It’s usually a little too heavy and serious for me since I watch dramas to chill and laugh off the day’s stress. So why did I end up starting on Inspiring Generation even though I knew it was an action focused film set in the 1930s?

Well, part curiosity and part Song Jae Rim.


Even though I knew his role here was rather small and his screen time infrequent, I guess it also helps that the lead actor was one I used to fancy, Kim Hyun Joong (though my respect for him is a little tainted due to the abuse incident…).

So anyway, I would say contrary to Birth of A Beauty (and what a turn of events it is, choosing the action over rom-com) I actually quite like Inspiring Generation.

The story is captivating, the set up and props are quite mesmerizing and I love how Im Soo Hyang plays Tekuchi Gaya – she’s so badass and skilled a swords… woman(?) and yet poised and elegant at the same time. Plus her hair, makeup and wardrobe is always on point.

I think of the whole cast she’s probably my favorite character even when she isn’t actually the protagonist. It’s complicated… it always is with dramas like these.

But yes, it’s a nice show to watch along the sides and while I don’t feel compelled to watch it (I can go 2 days before deciding to watch the next episode), when I do I’m not disappointed with the cinematics, fight sequence etc. It’s all quite well planned out and I guess if you’re looking to catch something different or if action packed dramas are your thing, this is a nice watch.

Who doesn’t like meaningless (okay, there’s meaning but its all so shallow cause its ~back in the day) fist fights, somersaults all over and knifes flying through / slicing the air.


Purple Divider

There you go! That’s quite a ramble for some simple and quick drama talk. I just wanted to air my thoughts on the two things I’ve been trying to catch / am catching right now.

Though that said, I finally caved and just the other night Hubs and I sat down to watch our very first episode of Pinocchio (The K-Drama one).

This drama had been recommended to me by so many that I just had to watch it and I will say that I didn’t regret giving it a go in the end. In fact, I think this is fast becoming my next new drama obsession. I’ve never felt so compelled to watch the next episode of the drama since… Man From the Stars, maybe?

I’ll talk about this once I’m a few more episodes in. I’m not at episode 2 only and I’m so obsessed already! Are you catching Pinocchio too or have finished watching it already?


Thanks for reading you guys! And sticking by this almost ‘filler content’ period.

I’ve got a number of treatments to talk about real soon and I am excited to share (as I received good results from them) but I do want to know… how do you guys feel about treatment entries?

I know I tend to get quite lengthy and indepth in them because I feel that people want to know everything but do you all prefer a more skimmed approach and just focus on pictures and some before and after thrown in etc?

Would love to hear your thoughts and for those who love treatments (facials, hair treatments etc) entries, stay tuned alright!