Aeon’s Spring Blossom Face Treatment – Spring-cleaning & Rejuvenating Your Skin!

Hey you guys!

I hope everyone is having a great Chinese New Year, if you celebrate it, soaking up all the festivities!

So… while we (girls, mostly) are usually quite diligent in prepping ourselves and our skin before Chinese New Year so we can put our best face forward meeting all the longtime friends or relatives, we often forget that our skin needs that extra touch of TLC after as well!



Well, long hours of wearing more makeup than usual, perhaps? Or the many late nights you spend catching up with a whole bunch of people be it friends or relatives? Some cases in which leading to donning makeup for more than 24 hours even?

Let’s not forget all the sinful snacking and meals that does take its toll on your skin due to fatigue, lack of water consumption, etc!

Thus wouldn’t you say it’s good to give your skin a good cleaning out after that that, a deep cleanse and a reboot, as you go about your everyday after the slew of festivities and walking out of the Chinese New Year flurry with brighter and fresher skin!


obviously this is a little fatigued and in need of cleaning!


The Spring Blossom treatment is aimed at deep cleansing the skin (I’ll go into detail a little later) as well as boosting your skin’s collagen production by both waking your cells and also through some collagen mask pampering. The mask is a pretty neat one so I’ll talk about it in more detail later.

While the treatment doesn’t out rightly proclaim for fresher, brighter, bouncier skin, all the steps included in Spring Blossom does work towards that and the end-result will differ based on how congested or in need of rejuvenation your skin is but I sure felt my skin a whole lot more refreshed, awake and perkier!

That’s saying quite a bit given the amount of love I’ve been giving my skin these days through various treatments / facial sessions!

So anyway, starting off this is the very first time that I had popped by Aeon Medical & Aesthetics Centre in the day and got to witness how the Chill Waiting Area looked like in the day.


My verdict? It’s definitely brighter and a whole different vibe from the chill evening setup but it’s lovely all the same – a quiet and nice area in the midst of the bustling Orchard Road.



Seeing pedestrians roam the streets like little specks while I was sipping tea in a relaxed environment added to the chill effect on my week day afternoon.


First And Foremost…

I probably don’t even have to photograph this anymore but somehow I always do. The first step, as always, is removing the makeup!




Deep Cleansing with Alginic Acid –

The first step in Spring Blossom, makeup removal apart, is the deep cleansing process.

This method of deep cleaning is a little different from what I know of deep cleansing as its not just targeted at removing dull skin from the surface and blackhead / dirt and congestion from under the skin.

You know how people often say that if you wear sunscreen you need to be extra good with makeup removal and face cleansing? They’re not wrong about that because metals (e.g. Zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide) commonly found in sunscreen, and most other cosmetics actually, tends to be quite tenacious to remove.

This is where Alginic Acid’s method of deep cleansing comes in and sets itself apart from your usual dirt and grime removal. Alginic Acid has a certain polarity that allows it to attract these tenacious metals (which binds themselves to the acid) and in this process gets removed from the skin. Sounds simple, right?


Metals aside, Alginic Acid is also able to exfoliate your skin and rid the usual dirt and grime as well as remove the dead and dull skin cells on the surface of the skin for a brighter and more glowy complexion after.


Apart from its very invigorating effects, you’ll be surprised to know that this complex is also capable of immense hydration (more so than hyaluronic acid) so your skin is left cleansed, exfoliated and plumped.


Talk about an all-in-one!

I have noticed that in shots I had snapped of my skin after the therapist was done with this step, my skin looked instantly brighter and glow-ier already. I had also felt a mild skin tightening and tingling sensation after this step was over.



It isn’t a bad kind of tingly, it’s the sort that makes it feel like your skin is getting all plumped up and cleansed sort of a tingly…. It’s a little hard to describe!


Off to the Treatment Room! –

After that really long and rambly explanation on the simple and quick deep cleansing step, I swear reading about it is longer than the actual step itself, I was ushered to the treatment room to meet with Dr Kim for the next step.

As before, I was helped into a robe and also these cushy and comfy slippers!


Cool, huh?


The BBL Procedure for Skin Rejuvenation –

Okay… I can get a little technical here but I don’t want to lose you guys too so let me try to explain as much as I can without getting ahead of myself, alright?


This next step, BBL, is an aesthetic procedure that doesn’t involve any downtime and is noninvasive. In fact, it’s actually like IPL in the way it works – it’s still a pulse light – but the reason it is called BBL is because of this particular machine that Dr Kim uses.

The brand is one that one of the most innovative (and might I add costly) ones out there with a whole slew of features to make light treatment a whole lot safer and much more comfortable for the patient.


IPL is an aesthetic treatment that has been around for so long that it is quite a household name now, be it for good or for bad. I’ve had an experience with it (IPL) many years ago and I’ll say that if you ask me what I thought about it based on that experience, my thoughts would be – discomfort, mildly startling, a little scary.

Though this IPL experience, using this particular BBL machine at Aeon, does change what I know of Pulse Light treatments.


Firstly, the ‘head’ of it – the part that comes in contact with your face – has a precision thermoelectric cooling system running through it and it always feels cool on your face which definitely helps with reducing any discomfort you feel in the treatment. Dr Kim had also explained that this machine is reliable because the wavelengths it produces stays consistent through the entire process.

Which means if you select a certain intensity, it sticks to it.

I had no idea that some cheaper brand IPL machines out there actually fluctuate a little between ‘zaps’, now how dangerous is that! That is also the cause of some people receiving minor burns from IPL treatments.

Yet clinics do pass that off as ‘part and parcel’ of the IPL treatment and recovery process so… I’m telling you guys now that IPL shouldn’t burn the surface of your skin. It should bypass your skin surface and work in the skin, not work on the surface.


The BBL machine comes with cute little adaptors (that golden glint near the ‘head’) that Dr Kim had attached on for more precision when it came to smaller portions of the face. This way he can ensure that the correct area is targeted and he doesn’t risk burning the surrounding hairs in the process.

Overall, the treatment was comfortable and Dr Kim was patient to count down the first few zaps knowing my apprehension to IPL due to a prior experience and I’ll gladly say that this feels nothing like what I had encountered before.


Really, if you’re ever interested in any aesthetic treatments like this, RF or lasers, I urge you to have a go at it with Aeon because it is always a comfortable and effective treatment. Even when you’re doing things that would otherwise be a little unnerving.

One last note, the BBL machine is capable of treating different effects (by changing the light filter) but with this Spring Blossom treatment, the BBL is mainly targeted at rejuvenating the skin by stimulating your collagen cells for a refreshed complexion and lifted appearance.

It’s one of the milder treatments compared to the other procedures the BBL is capable of so if you’re concerned about how intense it is, you needn’t be.


The 92% Collagen Fibre Mask! –

So after the BBL procedure was done I was sent back to the facial room where the gel was promptly removed and my skin was nourished with a hydrating ampoule before we moved on to the next and final step of the Spring Blossom routine.


Before I started, I was informed of the steps and told that I’ll be doing a collagen fibre mask but I had no idea what to expect.

As it turns out, it really is a sheet of collagen fibre – with a concentration of 92% at that – that feels extremely silky, soft and smooth. Almost like velvet!


The true magic to this happens when it is applied to the face and a ‘stimulant’ is used to moisten the mask and bring forth the skin benefits.


This step is apparently a wildly popular treatment in Korea, especially so for Brides-to-Be as its quite an indulgent one using such a high concentration of collagen. The treatment itself is anti-aging and also serves to brighten and heal the skin as well as both infusing collagen and also stimulating collagen.



The end effect is really a brightened look and refreshed skin so I can see why brides-to-be would opt for something this lavish just before their big day so they can look their very best!


Here, this collagen mask step is also paired with a LED treatment which flashes 3 different kinds of light through the whole 20 minutes that you have the collagen mask on.

The lights are red, blue and infrared of which red and infrared are targeted at boosting the healing abilities of the skin while blue light zaps at bacterial (porphyrins, remember this?) within the skin.



All Done! Fresh Skin & A Brightened Look! –

So after that, we’re all done!

I was ushered back to the Chill Waiting Area for some tea and the sun was still out so I took this opportunity to snap some After photos with the best sort of lighting I could get – the sun!

But before we get to the selfies, wrapping up this Spring Blossom experience on the right (floral) note, I was served an exquisite Green Tea blend with rose and cornflower.

The tea itself is light and floral with the fragrance of green tea but without that strong sharp note of it that some people might not prefer. The tea is specially flown in from Jeju and if you’re interested to find out more about it (and the other teas this specific ‘tea house’ offers), Aeon has a coffee table book about it as well (pictured in the background)!


I really do miss snapping photos using the sun because you do get the most true color and imagery, without any harsh shadows from flash or lighting above.

I went a little overboard snapping pictures, as usual and while I didn’t have any makeup on (times like this I wish I had some brow embroidery done!) I think I still looked quite alright! My skin is nice and fresh, brightened in a healthy and lively way and also a little plumped and perky from all that collage stimulating and hydration.


I think the overall effect isn’t going to look like you’ve had a whole slew of treatments done, your skin will simply look ‘better’. It’s a different kind of effect from Winter Glow where you really have the multiple steps done to enhance the skin.

The Spring Blossom treatment truly leaves a lot up to your skin. Instead of trying to better your skin in appearance only, the Spring Blossom treatment cleanses and treats your skin from deep within so it naturally looks better. Whatever you see on the surface – that brightened fresh appearance – is a reflection of the state your skin is in, truly cleansed and awake!




As I had mentioned earlier, my face has been quite suitably pampered through many treatments of late that while I don’t see a world of a difference after each treatment, I do see some and I’m glad to just upkeep the maintenance of this glowy taut goodness.


Though the BBL treatment does focus a little on the neck and it is through my neck that I really saw the extent of the BBL skin rejuvenation.

My neck isn’t an area I focus a lot on, which I know is a sin because it still betrays the signs of aging, but I truly was a little surprised at how the skin at my neck did appear brightened and smoothed out, in comparison to its usual a little dull appearance with some fine lines even. Eeps.


Purple Divider

So phew, okay pardon my wordy ramble about a treatment again but I really like it that at Aeon Medical, Dr Kim does explain every single step in full detail and information to me so I truly understand all aspects of it and how it’ll benefit my skin.

Like Winter Glow, the Spring Blossom treatment is only available for a Limited Time only! Treatments will start on 1st March 2015 and it’ll likely run for 1 or 2 months. It’s best to stay updated with Aeon over at their Facebook page!

Trial Aeon’s Spring Blossom treatment at a special rate of S$190 (you’ll get the full works), exclusive to first time customers only!

Those interested (to book a slot or enquire if you’re not a first timer), please feel free to call Aeon at 6733 2002.

The Spring Blossom treatment commences on 1st March 2015 for a Limited time only.

Aeon Medical and Aesthetic Centre is located at:
9 Scotts Road #06-02 , Scotts Medical Center @ Pacific Plaza S228210

Thanks for reading!

Fixing the Icky Skin Situation – Acne Facial at Aeon Medical


Sorry I couldn’t get this post up sooner due to the many matters on hand right now but here’s a lookback at a facial session I’ve done at Aeon Medical about a week back when my skin was facing pretty dark times, breakout and all, and how Aeon Medical helped me through it by de-congesting my skin and nourishing it so that it would heal quicker and better.


So after my quick little introduction to Aeon Medical (shortened because it’s easier to type), my next visit – this post – is a treatment based on the skin results that we had received via the Skin Analysis.

Initially Dr Kim had plans for me to do one of their best-selling procedures, the Winter Glow, which from his description does sound pretty darn amazing. I can see why Winter Glow was one of their best-selling treatments and slots were snatched up so quick they had to halt the promotion.

I know this entry isn’t about Winter Glow but let me explain that a little about that first because it is the next treatment that I had done and I am absolutely in love with it and will write about it asap, because I feel this need to share.

So, Winter Glow is really all about getting that perfect lifted, lightened and fresh face appearance. It’s most ideal for people with pretty good skin already, looking to simply better their skin or perhaps address eensy-wincy problems of dullness and lack of radiance to the skin.

The procedure itself combines laser (for skin brightening), RF (for skin lifting and pore tightening) as well as a blend of Maria Galland products (only the best, nourishing and luxurious) while ending off with a Cocoon Mask (the one I’ve tried, to smoothen, repair and overall relaxation / energizing of the skin).

All that combined into 1 treatment when if you were to go anywhere else this would probably be 3 different treatments where 3 different sessions would be required. So, tell me, doesn’t this sound amazing?


Though, I shan’t get ahead of myself because while I was scheduled for that, my skin just wasn’t cooperative and was in pretty bad shape.

I don’t break out often these days and even then it’s that lone spot or two, hardly ever this bad! So, my skin really couldn’t have chosen a better time to freak out on me… though no matter because upon analyzing my skin condition Dr Kim had the proper fix for me.

Given, he did explain that what they do in the Acne Facial (the treatment prescribed for my current skin condition) isn’t entirely ground breaking or too far different from maybe deep cleansing facials offered at other places, the idea is that this is simply a stepping stone – Step 1 – to the final goal of having better skin.

What’s more to allow one place to continually work on your skin would give both you and the clinic / salon experience to see how your skin reacts and understand the different stages and phases your skin goes through.

That said, let me walk you through the Acne Facial session I had, best recommended for outbreaks or those in need of decongesting your skin, where my skin was properly cleansed of oil clogs and also given some acne-controlling and healing treatments.


The Holding Room –

Before I start, I want to introduce you to that other holding room I had mentioned during my initial entry.


The room that is decorated all plush, cozy and posh, complete with lovely diamante in the furniture, a stunning modern chandelier and even fairy lights to add to the atmosphere.

I haven’t seen this place in daylight but I am going to guess that it looks best at night.



And a frivolous thing to point out, but gives you a clearer idea of their meticulous nature, when they serve tea they provide you a saucer to remove the tea bag to.


After a little bit of photo snapping and tea sipping, I was ushered to the facial room after a quick conversation with Dr Michael Kim.



Makeup Removal –


As always the first step is to remove the makeup and while this step is quite commonplace everywhere, I think one thing I’ve noticed about Aeon Medical is that they are incredibly meticulous in everything that they do.



It’s not something I can simply pin-point and bring to light but the sense that you get through the course of the facial, the attention to small things and time spent on the smaller things as well shows that trait. It’s likely the Korean influence of things, where being efficient, meticulous, effective and also soothing is important.

Here’s a look at the bumpy and annoying spots that littered my face and plagued my skin for a whole week.




They don’t look that bad in pictures but in person, trust me, it isn’t pleasant.


Extractions –

While I have said that I don’t mind the idea of extractions and (in fact) welcome them, when my skin is flaring up as such I actually cringed for what’s to come when the therapist informed me that she would be starting with the extractions.


I think my treshold for pain isn’t too bad so I was able to sit through it and not disrupt or disturb the therapist when she was busy getting the gunk out of my face.

Even on spots where it did hurt a little more – and she always checked if I’m alright – I said I’m okay so that she would continue as per usual.


I’d rather sit through that short ordeal of pain and have the icky stuff removed than opt for the easy way out and compromise on that!


Ampoules & Ultra-sonic Machines –

The next step was an ampoule – specifically for acne skin because it was both healing and also acne fighting at the same time – that was first dabbed and massaged into the skin.



To allow even better penetration of the ampoule and amplified effects, an ultra sonic machine was used to further ‘massage’ it in.


The head of the machine is this huge and smooth metal ‘bob’ (for lack of a better description) that the therapist slowly massages across all surfaces of the face – nose and little nooks and cranies like the small space between the nose and lips.


The machine starts off feeling cool but slowly warms up. There is no pain or any sort of prickling sensation, it just feels like this bulbous massaging machine that’s actually quite comfortable. I’m sure the effects are transmitted via ultrasound that you can’t feel anyway.


The Finishing Masks –

I like to think of a basic facial’s steps like a night time routine so the ampoule and ultra sonic step would be the the ‘active ingredient’ or the ‘serum’ part of the routine and this (masking) would be the nourishing and healing one which wraps it all up.


The first mask that was applied is a Sulfur Mask. Sulfur is a key ingredient for acne skin types to use because it helps draw impurities (like sebum and dirt) from the skin while tightening the pores and give your skin an overall clarity.


After the Sulfur mask was applied, the next step is to place a modeling mask on just to keep everything under wraps. It’s quite a common practice with most facials it seems as I remember even the old school facial sessions I attended as a teen doing something similar.

My guess is this helps to further nourish the skin and the encapsulating aspect of the modeling mask helps enclose it all and ensures absorption and all that.



I was left to rest, and let the mask set, for about 15 minutes or so before the therapist returned to remove the hardened masks and cleanse my face.

She also went ahead to put on some toner, and moisturizer (from Maria Galland, woots) to my face to help wrap up the facial session. Again, as with Maria Galland products, it felt really nourishing when she was massaging it into my skin and while it may feel rather thick initially, it sinks in eventually (relatively quick) leaving your skin soft, smooth and nourished.

I think I’ll really just cave eventually and get myself a Maria Galland moisturizer, they’re amazing.


That final step wraps up the whole routine and that was it but I wasn’t sent off empty handed with raw and sensitive skin.


Given my skin condition right now and how it requires special care, so they don’t clog or get inflamed, Dr Michael Kim ‘prescribed’ me a couple of Aeon’s house brand skincare products to use.

They’re pretty simple yet targeted (for Acne skin) stuff – a facial cleanser to properly clean out the infected areas (not to be used daily less it dries the skin out), a water-based moisturizer (so that normal moisturizers don’t clog the extracted spots) and a Spot Treatment that flipping hurts but I know it’s drying out the zits and killing the bacteria in the meanwhile.

I’ll do up a more indepth post to talk about their skincare products given that this post is running long and contrary to my usual impression of a clinic’s house brand, these aren’t basic in any sense and actually address the skin concerns in a very refined way – both purpose and also the texture / experience of using this. It could even standalone as a skincare range I’m sure.

So, more about these soon, alright?


Though meanwhile, back to my face!

Here’s a look at how it was right after the facial (which isn’t something I’m jumping to show because the spots are raw and red) and in comparison how much everything has healed in the span of a week.


Right after the treatment


Right after the treatment

Makeup-wise, I went with tinted moisturizers and lightweight yet nourishing stuff that offered a slight dose of coverage for skin tone evening purposes as opposed to a full coverage foundation. I even skipped concealer on the spots because – why clog them?

I didn’t know how I used to manage or prefer heavier foundation coverage on my bumpy breakouts back in the day but it’s not something I would feel comfortable with right now.

P1070057 copy

The next day, with tinted moisturizer (makeup)

P1070058 copy

The next day, with tinted moisturizer (makeup)

So after that scary ‘after’ image, here’s how it my skin looked a week after the Acne Medical treatment. With religious use of the skincare products provided to me, of course.



The skin healed incredibly quick, at least by my standards (I usually take awhile to heal), and I think the extraction definitely helped because all that congestion and gunk was removed so my skin can heal better without any ‘disturbance’. The treatments also probably provided some nourishment and help to nourish the skin and speed up the healing process.

Not to mention the skincare products I was sent home with that helped with after-treatment care as well.



Of course it takes the skin a lot longer to recover from the acne pigmentation (the slight darkness after a spot heals) that occurs even after the skin is healed and the bump is gone but I’m glad I got a little help Aeon’s Winter Glow facial treatment to lighten and brighten the skin! :)

That post is to come, real soon, because they’re only offering it (Winter Glow) for a limited time so the sooner I get it up, the better for you all!


Purple Divider

Thanks for reading!

Aeon Medical & Aesthetic Centre is located at Scotts Medical Centre @ Pacific Plaza (9 Scotts Road, #06-02/03)

Call 6733 2002 for further details on treatments, pricings and to make appointments.

For those curious about the Acne Facial I had done, mine was a little customized for my skin condition, breakouts by slightly dry, so what you get should you sign up may vary pertaining to your skin’s needs.

In terms of price, it’s around the range of S$1,000 onwards for a package of 5 sessions because where acne is concerned, follow-up is best but they do have individual sessions should you want that. Where skin is concerned, it’s always best to call to enquire for more accurate information!

Introducing Aeon Medical & Aesthetics Centre

So… whenever aesthetic clinics come to mind, people usually think – sterile, clean, efficient and, well, effective.

Typically the words, pampering, comfortable, and thoughtful (in terms of service and amenities, I mean) aren’t things that would go hand in hand with the initial impression of aesthetic clinics.

While I’m not quite one to say, given I have limited experience with aesthetic clinics and hardly any (truly) aesthetic procedures done, I will say that I have experienced clinics that aspire to be more aesthetic focused hence the vibe of the place is centered around the efficiency of their state-of-the-art equipment and clean surroundings as opposed to the soft, plush comfort and service you’ll get at your regular spa / beauty salon.


Why am I bringing this up? You may ask.

Well, since my introduction to Aeon Medical and Aesthetics Centre, I have popped by their place twice and in those 2 short experiences that I had with their staff and also the doctor (Dr Michael Kim), I will say that it has largely changed my mindset about aesthetic clinics.


Sure Aeon is efficient and very much still an aesthetic clinic with lasers, needles and all sorts of aesthetic procedures (they do Medical Facials too, btw) but somehow the vibe of the place is attentive and largely service oriented so that you feel comfortable and welcomed at all times.

I am always warmly greeted when I step into Aeon and the facilities offered in the Centre are thoughtful and cozy (classy too!).


Now, I don’t mean for this entry to get too loaded with words but I feel that some points need to be highlighted and explained because, contrary to what we mostly know of aesthetic clinics, Aeon really stands out with their hospitality, patient staff and of course effective treatments.

As of writing up this post, I haven’t tried the treatments for myself (yet) but am scheduled for some, to better my skin and self, so I’ll share about them once I’ve gone through with it.

I can’t wait, really!

I know it’s almost funny to say that you can’t wait to get procedures, aesthetic or medical, done because it can be daunting and, truth be told, scary but trust me that at Aeon you will be well taken care of and pampered – in true Korean aesthetic clinic style, according to Dr Michael Kim.

It’s quite hard to really capture the feel of the place in pictures so I tried to do up a little video, that hopefully is fun for you to watch as well. After all, I have to make up for this wall of text, right? Ha!

The video is right at the end but I suggest you read more walls of text first! So you’ll know what I’m actually doing within the video and what I would like to showcase!


The Visits And Discussions Thus Far!

To give you an idea of what I had gone through thus far.

My first visit was really a get-to-know-me and consultation session where we discussed what my skin concerns were, what I wanted to do or fix, that sort of a thing. I think generally a lot of my concerns were more prevention than fixing a ‘problem’.

I think ultimately there are little bits and pieces I would like to be perfected (don’t we all?) but for the most part I am comfortable in my skin and confident of my own appearance. Plus, if I whined too much about my skin concerns I know some of you guys out there would kill me for it, heh!

So, the second visit was a skin check and I had to be present with zilch makeup so the doctor will be able to properly analyze my skin using the Visia machine.


I’ve actually tried a skin analysis with a similar machine a couple of years ago.That was the wakeup call to start slathering on sun block and take better care of my skin so needless to say I was nervous about seeing my skin this closeup and on so many different levels once more.

Nervous but yet also curious.

Now I’m not going to divulge too much about the happenings because this trip was the one that I video-ed a little about, just to really show you how comfortable and nice the clinic is. There is also a separate room for an even quieter and chill alone time but that isn’t pictured because it’s mainly for patients to rest after a treatment or to wait while letting their numbing cream take effect so I didn’t want to go there and disrupt anyone if they were there.

That room will have to wait for another post!


Hotel-esque Powder Rooms and Lounging Areas!

But anyway, I guess I’ll highlight a couple more things that I genuinely liked and feel comforted about Aeon Medical & Aesthetic Centre upon speaking to Dr Michael Kim and being there myself.

Firstly, I love how luxurious and well equipped their powder room is. It’s where you are brought to wash your face prior to your treatment (if you’re doing a facial they will cleanse your face too, no worries) should you want to and it’s got super cute headbands and hair ties for you to choose from! All just to help prop your hair up while you wash your face, too cute.

What’s more they provide combs (that were really clean, I must add) and even hairspray for anyone to fix their hair with after a facial or aesthetic treatment. The whole room feels like a toilet walkway in the hotel, so luxe and so pretty.

The ‘general’ waiting room is also a favorite of mine because of how chill and bright the whole place is, almost as if it were a hotel lobby. There are drinks by the side you can help yourself with or have the kind staff prepare for you. The whole chill and comfortable vibe of the place really takes your nerves off any procedure that you’re looking to do.

Dr Michael Kim had explained that with this clinic, what he had aimed to do is to properly bring over the Korean culture of clinics. Not just the treatments and the efficacy of it but also the service and the vibe because in korea, service in clinics is a huge thing! I agreed that local aesthetic clinics aren’t quite the same as Dr Kim’s description of Korean clinics. The treatments itself is the star attraction and focus isn’t placed as much on service since the idea is if you’re visiting a doctor, you can’t expect to be treated like royalty, right?

In a way there’s nothing wrong with that general aesthetic centre mentality but I guess Aeon Medical & Aesthetic Centre is bridging the gap between clinical efficiency and also indulgent pampering.

If you, or anyone you know, are/is looking for a place to consult for aesthetic procedures or for skin bettering options, I do highly Aeon Medical & Aesthetic Centre.


Objective (and Comfortable!) Consultations


I know this is getting lengthy but I do want to mention a final point – unlike other places where consultation can feel a little daunting either because the doctors are looking to sell you treatments or not properly listen to your concerns before recommending a treatment, I will say that is completely not the case here.

Dr Michael Kim listens extremely attentively about all your concerns and objectively consults with you about how much of a concern an issue is and to what measure should treatments be done.


Such that you don’t have to go through with too invasive a procedure when the result could be achieved through a milder way, or if a certain treatment would leave little to no effect on you (psst, I had no idea that people with chubbier cheeks should actually not go through with Botox because it’s not as effective, no aesthetic doctor would tell you that!).

Truthfully Dr Michael Kim will discuss all matters with you objectively and his presence and tone is calm and comfortable to be around too so trust me, it will be a completely changed aesthetic experience from what you know or have experienced before.


The Nitty Gritty Stuff…

If you need anymore reassurance about Dr Michael Kim, a little backstory about him was that he started as a Family Physician when he first arrived to practice medicine in Singapore.

It is required, by law, that all foreign doctors are registered and licensed before they are allowed to practice privately and own a clinic and Dr Michael Kim is fully registered and also a member of the Singapore Medical Association and Society of Aesthetic Medicine of Singapore.

He had also explained that his time as a family physician has also allowed him to treat other common illnesses and further understand how the body works which helps give him a more holistic idea about aesthetics. While not completely related, a good doctor is one that understands the whole aspect of the picture and sees the whole being, rather than skin being skin and hair being hair separately.

Purple Divider

If you’ve always been too afraid to step into an aesthetic clinic but yet so curious about it at the same time, I really recommend Aeon Medical & Aesthetic Clinic.

In this day and age where almost everyone is getting some aesthetic treatments done to better their skin (be it IPL, Laser or others), it’s really not so much a taboo anymore to consult and understand your skin a little better.


I think being informed about how you can better yourself (with the right person, definitely) is good to know and whether you want to carry through with it is a choice you can then make after.

There’s no harm in knowing, right? ;)


Okay, enough talk, here’s the video! Enjoy! :) – Watch it on Youtube here.


Thanks for reading!