On My Nails: CLIO Professional Neon Stylers in Bring It On!

It’s unbelievable how much work I have right now, from various sources (I have work-work, and then freelance stuff and not forgetting being a personal assistant to a chatty toddler), and on top of that it is even more unbelievable how amidst all that I still managed to squeeze out a little bit of time to paint my nails with all these matters on hand.

But what’s a girl to do?

When you have to perk yourself up to be ready to kick some work-ass (work, I mean, I’m not kicking anyone…), you’ve just got to do it because you wouldn’t believe how much that does for your state of mind.

A fresh coat of lacquer alone can make you feel all ready to take on the world. Women, we are so funny that way.

So, speaking of perking yourself up there’s nothing perkier to don than neons and I happened to have these CLIO Professional Neon Stylers on hand that I was curious about so I grabbed the green and slapped that on!


I didn’t know what to expect with these (I donned a base coat in the event of staining – which it didn’t seem to, thankfully) but they actually surpassed what little to no expectations I had of it.

Alas, nothing is perfect in this world so even though this color was intensely opaque in one coat, glossy and creamy enough to make me skip a top coat and dried relatively quick, the brush on the other hand… I have something to say about.

It isn’t a bad brush but it’s far from good too.

I think CLIO was on the right track with it but perhaps the material used for the brush bristles weren’t the most ideal because they felt quite prone to splaying should you be careless with dipping the brush back in the bottle. The bristles weren’t very densely packed too, a little fluffy almost, which made it quite scary to use for a polish brush – don’t want to get polish on the sides of your fingers!

But somehow, if you’re careful enough about application and also re-dipping, it works out to be okay. I just noted that the bristle quality was a little lacking and felt I should report on that but application itself was perfectly fine for me.

So after that very wordy description about this polish, did I also mention that this is a UV polish?

In the spirit of partying, booze, UV lights and smokey clubs (okay maybe not in that spirit but the term UV lights brings that to mind), CLIO had released a collection for you club-goers to find a way to stand out – very literally because these UV things glow like a scary hovering blob – amidst the dim situation of clubs.

This polish, Bring It On, happens to be 1 of 6 nail polishes launched in that collection and while I’m not going to a club anytime soon I thought I would just try and show you the UV aspect via the cool UV torch that CLIO had attached within the press kit.

It’s quite hard to gather what to look for from that image alone (as opposed to a club setting) but let me explain what you are looking at. Typically most shades will fall into the shadows, e.g. my darkened fingers, but the polish seems to have a UV base that gives it that stark white look.

If you are a club go-er I think this polish is going to be quite a lovely one to have given how it truly shines in a UV lighting environment. What’s more your friends will always, more or less, know where you are just by searching for hovering nails in the dark, ha!

The UV factor aside, I was also surprised to discover that these polishes carried a scent to them. It’s a soft and powdery fragrance which seems to bring Baby Powder to mind. It isn’t excessive but nice enough and it lingers on for about 4 days or so. It gently wafts by everytime I bring my hands to my face to adjust my hair, do my makeup etc and it’s just a nice touch.

Very lovely and the scent alone is reason enough to check this out!

Grey Divider

While we’re on the topic of bright and neon nails, I know it’s not quite the season for it right now given Fall is swinging in fast and furious but rule benders will be glad to know that these aside, Ciate has some neon nail offerings too!

For all y’all fashionistas who want to amp your outfit up with statement and bold nails.

I chanced upon this hawttt pink Ciate nail polish in their Neon Nail set (in super cute bottles) at Zalora should you want them!

Also, I’ve got a discount code for my readers – ZASARA15 – so plop that in for 15% off your order!


Alrightey so, this is a long ramble for a nail entry, pardon me I believe I got quite carried away! Neon nails isn’t a look you would wear all year round but it’s so seasonal and fresh to don one every now and then that it’s just perfect to have them in your stash, for whenever.

Thanks for reading!

Tell me, do you like to wear neon colors on your nails?


Sponsorship disclosure

On My Nails: piCture pOlish’s Blue Dog + A Whole Lotta Rambles!

Who knew that you’d find dogs at sea!

Pardon the randomness of that sentence and here, let me explain…

According to piCture pOlish, their nail color Blue Dog (which is a lacuqer in collaboration with Vampy Varnish) is termed to be the wolf pack of the sea.

Now, I don’t really know what that means but what I do know is that this is one gorgeous, gorgeous color.

On that note, if someone can explain to me the definition of a wolf pack of the sea that would be awesome. I am still trying to comprehend the association and also relevance of Blue Dog to that… Do they mean dog as in wolves and then blue being the sea? Cause that’s a lot of cheese going on in some small sentence.

So about the color, as gorgeous as it is this is one annoying bugger to photograph. It also happens to be one of those polishes that  look better in the bottle because it’s just that much more shimmery, sparkly and pretty.

Once on the nails, the shimmers do seem a little flatter and more microscopic given that we wouldn’t be holding our hands up to our faces most of the time but when you are going about doing your thing and an itty bitty piece of teal-blue shimmer catches the light and sparkles at you, it is quite a lovely sight.

For the most part, this polish applies well and is nicely opaque in 2 coats (1 will give you a translucent grey-ish base with shimmers suspended within). The brush that comes with is easy to work with and the polish seems to be lasting quite well on my hands even though they are about a week old now.

As for the color, it is a little hard to describe being a little blue and a little grey at the same time. If anything, it is almost like a greyish deep blue? In these shots it does appear a little light but in person, depending on lighting conditions, it looks a little darker.

Though regardless it is a lovely color to don and it is easy to match any outfit or situation. The shimmer bits are really fine too, so they don’t hinder the removal process and come off quite easily.

So, okay, the point of putting up a nail entry is so I don’t type a whole load of words so I think I’ll stop here.

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Of Suits Season 3, Battery Chargers & Mad Work Week…

Remember when I kept complaining about the word block issue that I was facing. About how I really wanted to write and mention about a zillion and one things but somehow when I actually got down to it no words would reach me and I’m left hanging, trying to paint a portrait of my mind with absolutely nothing?

Okay, I exaggerate but that does sum up the situation very well from my perspective.

Thankfully, that seems to have passed… a little. I still feel a little stumped for inspiration and when it comes to writing a certain type of entry but I think it’s not too bad now, words seem to be coming back to me…

I do attribute a little of this brain revival to the recent Suits marathon I had undergone.


I had spoken out Suits, way back along with Outsourced, and since then it’s been awhile since I had gotten my Suits fix and boy was it good to marathon whatever was left of Season 2 along with Season 3.

Though now I am a whole pile of anxiety because all of the western dramas I have been catching are in the works and I have nothing to see – Egads! No Walking Dead, no Orphan Black, no Orange is the New Black… I think I’ll have to get back to where I left off on Penny Dreadful.

That or Running Man…


In other news, I’ve finally gotten my hands on the XiaoMi battery pack!

I finally have juice on the go! Though frankly my iPhone 5S’s battery is still quite alright but there are some days I have to be out the whole time without any access to a USB or powerpoint and during those days, I die.

Or rather, my phone dies.

So I’ve been on the lookout for a powerbank for awhile and all my friends (along with reviews online and basically the whole world – almost) recommends this or sings praises about it. Given it is fairly inexpensive, okay… I mean dirt cheap, I had to pick it up to give it a go.

At the price of of S$13.99 for a 10,400 mAh charger, what’s more is there to consider!

I’ll be honest and admit that I haven’t used this fella yet, though I have been good and charged it up proper but given the madness at work to come – next week is a full out events week at work so, a lot of running around and moving things around, screaming at people… all in a days work – I think I’ll be able to properly put this to the test and hope it keeps me well-juiced up for the whole day of being in contact with people and running around!

So if you are looking about for a new juice pack, go give Xiaomi a look. Typically they restock every Tuesday at 12pm but it’s best to just check their Facebook page for more information.


So with that said, this entry has gone on long enough and I’ve also wrapped up another point about this week being mad so, I’ll see you when I see you alright but don’t expect much to come for this period and perhaps a little after while we unpack and get the whole post-event kinks ironed out.

I can’t wait to get this period over and done with! I swear every year I dread yet love (cause it’s quite fulfilling an event, really) this 1 week of September…

Are you a Suits fanatic?

Are you a XiaoMi User? Frankly their phones are not too bad (hubs has one)!

Picture This, A piCture pOlish Haul!

I really shouldn’t be doing this, and by this I mean hauling more polishes given how infrequently I paint my nails these days.

I still love having prettily varnished talons (who doesn’t, right?) but time is an obstacle and no amount of fast dry polish can help me when I need to tend to baby, stat.

That aside, another reason for the lack of nail mentions these days is because of the horrid eczema I had been plagued with.

Thankfully now things are way better (after 2 visits to the skin centre and medication stock ups), but there is still the occasional stubborn rash that pops up on some fingers – acetone is a huge B when you have open wounds on fingers – or unruly cuticles that I think shouldn’t be seen by the world.


But anyway, back to hauling these.

What can I say? When a girl’s gotta haul, a girl’s gotta haul.

My picks, after some deliberating and browsing on PP’s Instagram account would be Vampire and Blue Dog while Attitude is a gift from Eliza (thank you love!)

I was drawn to Vampire because of how perfect a blood-red it is. This is true blood right here, yo!

I know it sounds bizarre and maybe even a bit morbid (blood on your nails?!) but it is quite a lovely look and in some cases especially chic because it is so dark it is almost black / maroon but yet under light there is that jelly redness to it.

Forgot words, I slapped it on pronto so a nail entry is coming up!

Blue Dog captivated me with it’s multi-shimmers and intriguing cool dusty-blue base.

I am normally not a fan of shimmery bits within polishes because they can be a pain to remove but this was too gorgeous plus the bits seemed fine and small enough to not cause too much problems during removal.

Lastly, Attitude!

I wasn’t even aware of this shade but I’m so glad Eliza picked it out for me because this right here is a true reflection of some perfect cosmic galaxy!

Maybe the true world out there is a little darker, a little more blue but I love me some purples and the jewelled tones, darkened edges and shimmer / shine are absolutely stunning. I cannot wait to paint this on as well!


So that concludes my little hiatus from nail polish hauling, which frankly I was very good at. That hiatus I mean, not the hauling part.

Because a sensible part of me knew that in most instances if I majorly hauled polishes, they wouldn’t be getting much use so yes. It makes more sense to pick up a lip product on a whim than a beloved polish but in this scenario, it’s piCture pOlish man, how could I pass it up?

Thanks for reading!

Do share, do you have any piCture pOlish shades you love and would like to recommend?


piCture pOlish is available via their website and they ship internationally.

Prices do vary for different shades.


Nails: Bridging Spring and Summer (Lancôme Vernis in Love 343B)

Guess what! I am finally back with some nail polish!

I can’t even explain how amazing it feels to have colors painted on your nails after leaving them bare for so long.

For those who haven’t been following my skin rants, I had (and actually still sort of have) a pretty bad bout of eczema breakout on my hands and that caused me to stay off painting my nails because it was a total Bi— to remove.

Even an acetone-free nail polish remover (liessssss) would sting my wounds so I guess I would rather just do without all that fancy schmansy for a little while.

But it’s so good to be back to the land of painted talons and what better way than with a pop of pink – perfectly cheery but still so wearable!

I actually have a bag of Lancôme Vernis in Love sitting in a corner of the room, not receiving as much love as it should. I think I may have forgotten about them in the flurry of everything when I first got them but recently, while tidying the room, I uncovered these and fell (Vernis) in love with this beautiful pink.

Lancôme’s Vernis in Love in 343B Rose Pitimini is a perfect sort of brightening pink to wear that isn’t stark yet doesn’t go unnoticed.

You don’t need to prepare your heart to wear it since it isn’t a neon shade that could only work on some occasions, yet I did have some reservations before I thought ‘oh what the heck, I want me some color!’.

I love this color because of how cherubic it is, it just seems to put a smile on my face with how cheery, statement yet feminine it is.

For those who haven’t tried Lancôme’s Vernis in Love, these polishes are generally pretty good. They do not have as glossy a finish as Dior’s Gel Effet polishes but the creaminess and opacity of it is good and it paints on beautifully.

Not forgetting, the bottle is really dainty and feminine as well.

I had no issues working with the brush though for observation purposes I did find the bristles were a little softer than some so a steadier hand would be required.

Overall it shouldn’t be hard to grasp painting these on, here’s how the radiant Rose Pitimini looks on my currently chopped short nails.

I am currently embracing short chops because should I subconsciously or accidentally scratch a rash, it wouldn’t end up being that bad – because nails this short is fairly harmless.

That aside, somehow I feel a whole lot cleaner and lighter, almost like that feeling you get when you chop your long locks off. I am guessing it is mostly all in the mind but having shorter nails also mean lesser dirt and whatnot ‘trapped’ under them, yes?

Doesn’t this just look like Spring and Summer dancing about on your nails? So cheery, bright and fun, yet at the same time relatively work-friendly too (depends of course on your line of work…).

Lancôme Vernis in Love retails for S$30 at Lancôme counters island-wide
343B Rose Pitimini is a permanent color.

Thanks for reading!

On My Nails: YSL's Spicy La Laque Coutures / (N°41 – N°43 with N°47 Feuille d'Or)

About time, I know, and even then this isn’t a swatch of the full batch of polishes from YSL’s recent Spicy La Laque Couture Collection.

What can I say?

I’m trying and thankfully my fingers are recovering (thanks to seafood abstinence and willpower not to scratch), the eczema is starting to heal up.

I still don’t know what caused this outbreak and I don’t want to jinx it by rejoicing too soon, but I see light – a glimmer of hope that I’ll be back to swatching and switching polishes every other day… or something like that.

Anyway, about the Spicy La Laque Couture collection, here I have featured 3 of the 6 along with some special appearances of the highly sought after N°47 Feuille d’Or Topcoat.

That topcoat is one gorgeous polish to own and I can see why it was snatched up and sold out in a matter of moments. Though last I heard, it was restocked at TANGS (and possibly ION too) so do check again if you were told it was Out of Stock before!

I’ll get to the deeper and stronger tones in a bit but for those who love a ‘neutral’ / natural soft nail color (as far as the word neutral goes these days), this entry is for you!

About the polishes – how they apply…

One general observation I have noted with these polishes is that they appear to be thicker than what I am used to, than what I remember YSL polishes felt like to me as well. Though thicker not necessarily in a bad way as most of the colors slicked on nicely opaque in one coat. The brush allows for good control though do try and thin them out a little instead of laying too thick a coat on.

I personally would rather 2 thin even coats than one that is too plush and thick. With that said, these polishes are of good quality and I faced no issues with using them.

N°41 Eau de Rose

I am boring like this but I think this is probably my favorite of the 3 – it is the perfect nude with a hint of soft peach-pink. Almost like mannequin nails but not as grey or dead. Though given how light it is, some have experienced streaking with this shade. However if you lay it thinly in 2 even coats, you should be good to go.

I didn’t bother with N°47 Feuille d’Or over because I personally liked how it looked alone.

N°42 Saffron Leaves

The ‘it’ color this season, we can’t help but get a little intrigued when mustard colors like these come along. They are a bit of a rarity and something about them is so peculiarly ‘off’ that we feel tempted to try. That’s exactly what went through my mind though I will admit, no matter how much of an ‘it’ color it is, mustard does not belong on my nails.

It is lovely and I think a select range of skintones can pull it off but on me, it makes my skintone a little more sallow. Though compensating the manicure with N°47 Feuille d’Or does help!

N°43 Opulente Cannelle

This muted mauvey salmon color was quite a a surprise because I didn’t think much of it but once on, it was actually a lovely color to wear. It belongs in a fairly neutral category yet with just enough color to make itself known – the perfect balance between soft and vivid colors.

I quite like how it wore on its own but the top coat (N°47 Feuille d’Or) does give the manicure a little more glamour.

The reddish hues are coming through a little strong in my pictures but in person they are slightly more muted and milky.

So, here’s 3 out of 6 of the polishes from the Spicy collection and I know by the time I get to churning the second part out the collection is probably unavailable but for my own archiving sake, I guess, here they are!

After all, they are about a million nail swatches out there already, all done within record time – a huge kudos to those dedicated beauty bloggers.

I do envy the quiet time they have to paint and switch up polishes this often because the whole eczema annoyance aside, having a baby / toddler means not being able to sit around and let your polish dry. Painting is the no problemo part but drying… well, Seche Vite isn’t even going to save you there, unless your kiddo is asleep.

Ah well, that said, thanks for reading and keep a lookout for Part 2!

New! – YSL's La Laque Couture Spicy Collection (Info & Pics)

If you know how quickly YSL’s Limited Edition releases move then, ’nuff said, get yourself down to TANGS Orchard nao if you want to grab yourself some La Laques from YSL’s Spicy Collection.

A collection that seems (to me) born from the rich brown and warm tones of Fall adds a little spice (ahem, pun intended) of earthiness to the pretty pastels that are flooding the beauty scene right now.

The 7 exotic shades released with the Spicy Collection feature varying nuances of warmth – from a pale pink to mustard, a fiery orange and deep plummy reds.

Of them all, the standout will probably be the one you see on the far right, N°47 Feuille D’Or which serves as a gorgeous accent with gold leaf flakes suspended in a clear polish.

I haven’t been able to give that one a whirl yet but of swatches I have seen, it is absolutely stunning.

Here’s a run-down of the polishes:

  •  N°41 Eau de Rose – A soft and beautiful shell-pink color that is subtle in tone yet perfectly polishes up a whole look giving it a dash of feminity.
  •  N°42 Safran Sultan – An intriguing mustard color, one of those that colors you either love or hate. I can’t wait to give this one a go.
  •  N°43 Opulente Canelle – Not a color I typically reach for (do I even have one like this?) but this rose tan was favored by my tan-skinned bestie and it looked like a stunning neutral shade on her.
  •  N°44 Ambre Gingembre – The color heading this Spicy Collection’s campaign is one I’m actually afraid of. Orange isn’t a shade I like to wear on my nails but I think this has an edge to it, setting it apart from most orange / corals I have seen.
  •  N°45 Pimento D’allieurs – This color is beautiful, a slightly purple and muted red shade that exudes class in an understated manner. It is probably my favorite of the cream shades but with that said, this isn’t the most unique color. Though it is gorgeous nonetheless and something I can easily reach for – classic with a matured twist.
  •  N°46 Poivre Noire – My current obsession with deep plums makes me adore this darkened plummy maroon. This is another shade that is simple and classic to wear and while dupe-able, it is nice to have if deep maroons are your thing.

Last but not least, we have N°47 Feuille D’Or which I assume wouldn’t need much explanation. It is a brilliant top coat that would add an extra touch to a manicure and I can predict this selling out incredibly quick so hurry and get your hands on it!

Now I’m sorry for this being quite a sad excuse of an entry but I haven’t managed to swatch them all proper and I wanted to get the information up as quickly as I could.

Nail swatching isn’t an easy task for me, time and annoying eczema combined, though I will go through the lot and swatch them as soon as I can! I personally can’t wait to try out the shades too.

The La Laque Couture Spicy Collection is now available at YSL TANGS Orchard.

Run down, RUN.

Thanks for reading!

My Marc Jacobs Beauty Haul (From 2013) – Part 1

Seeing how there’s word (and pictures) of Marc Jacobs’s beauty line is trooping to our Sephora Singapore soon, I thought this would be a good time to share the few pieces I have!

If some of these catch your eye you’ll know what to zoom in on the minute these are let loose in our stores!

My MJ (shortened here on) items were acquired through some bugging, pestering and, in short, CP (custom-purchasing) from a Sophia’s friend. See the lengths we go to for makeup?

Okay I kid, I don’t think there was any bugging and pestering involved. It was, however, hard to decide on what to get since we did our bulk haul about a month into the launch of Marc Jacob’s Beauty line last year – there were hardly any pictures to reference for shades!

Things have since changed and reviews / swatches are aplenty, especially so for the HOT favorite shades so here’s dropping mine into the sea of them out there.

I wanted quite a few things but seeing as we were going in (slightly) blind, I decided to take caution and settled for safe (aka colors I know I would use) nail polish shades and also one lipstick, just cause.

In this post I’ll show you snaps and swatches of the 2 lacquer shades I picked up.

I’ll do up a separate entry for the lip gel (lipstick) because it’s so beautiful and deserves a bit of a pic-spam, so ’till then!

The MJ polish line (Enamored, as its called) has a nice selection of bright pinks, jewelled blues and other lovely bright hues. Though, as a start I skipped past all the bling and settled on these two simple, understated shades.

Grey seems to be a shade I am naturally drawn towards, especially when exploring a new (to me) brand’s polish line. I like how it is neutral without being nude and offers some depth without being too dark in some cases.

It’s just grey, really, I don’t need to write an essay about it.

The murky olive on the otherhand, I had not planned to get but was drawn to it because of the name – Nirvana. Smooth move there MJ!

The grey shade is called Evelyn, by the way.

The MJ polishes were a lot bigger than I had expected and I wasn’t sure why I imagined them to be small to begin with.

From pictures online, the bottles didn’t look like much, but once you see and hold them in person, they are actually quite nice. The bottle is slick and slender without being too thin; curvy without being too round.

Perfectly smooth and chic!

Now if you aren’t huge on packaging then lets talk about the product now.

The cap of this pops off to feature a handier knob, allowing for an easier grip on the brush, which isn’t too fanciful or revolutionary but works well all the same. Length-wise, it is considerably ‘short’ allowing for better control of the brush.

The polishes applied smoothly on without any streaking, though it could also be attributed that the 2 shades I have are of a cream finish – no need to deal with metallic sheens.

Evelyn –

Nirvana –

And here they are swatched!

  • Evelyn went on a lot darker than I had expected, looking almost like a charcoal grey than the creamy mid-tone grey from the bottle. It required 2 coats for an opaque finish.
  • Nirvana stole my heart once swatched, it looks exactly like how it appeared to be from the bottle and was easily opaque with 1 coat. Though as usual, I laid a thin second coat just because. It’s a yellow-green that is actually quite unique in my stash.

My verdict is that the Marc Jacobs Hi-Shine Lacquers are worth a look if you’re into polishes. I don’t know what their price tag will be like once they launch in Singapore but at 18USD, these aren’t too bad an investment!

Thanks for reading – stay tuned for Part 2!

p.s. forgive the fact that my fingers have some icky scabs. I just dealt with a pretty nasty (painful and inconvenient) bout of Eczema outbreak and am still fighting to keep it at bay hence I’ve halted nail swatches for a little while; it became too painful to remove polishes due to the acetone and alcohol in nail polish removers. Though I’m slowly back to swatching now that my fingers feel a little better! :)