New: Shu Uemura Brave Beauty 2014 (Info & Swatches)

Alrightey so this collection is already available at Shu Uemura counters islandwide (it has been out since 1st August) so I’ll try to keep the rambling to a minimal because you can always just pop by a counter and swatch / feel these for yourself if they catch your eye!

Or I am assuming most of you makeup addicts have already gone and given these a swatch.

However if, somehow, Shu Uemura’s Brave Beauty collection managed to slip under your Beauty Radar (if there ever was such a thing, I need it!), I hope this quick round up from me proves useful!



While I said this would be brief a little backstory has to be said about Volume 01 of Shu Uemura’s Vision of Beauty installment which features Mr Uchiide-san (International Artistic Director of Shu Uemura)’s take on exploring the realm of makeup and beauty.

Volume 01 – The Brave Beauty

Almost like a refresh and reboot to the creative style that Shu Uemura had undertaken all this years, Mr Uchiide-san’s vision of beauty is about playing on the bolds – rocking color, vibrance and fun in this dull concrete jungle.

Bending the rules and taking on the world in a feisty and colorful burst of personality and rebellion while looking picture-perfect all the time, Brave Beauty is about paying tribute to the female warriors of the world.

It feels almost like a loud declaration for all females to gather up, put their bright lippies on, paired with a work-appropriate eye look that carries a playful pop of color, along with glowy cheeks for radiance and confidence.

If you ask me, while this collection looks all youthful and fun in packaging (and also color choices), it is very much a perfect piece for you office ladies who want a little more spunk in your norm.


So much for a short introduction, I think I got fully carried away there so without further ado, here are the items in the Brave Beauty collection.

Shu Uemura’s Brave Beauty collection has you well covered and colored from the eyes to the lips. The only thing missing to complete a whole look would be a couple of base products but for that we have the upcoming Shu Uemura Lightbulb Oleo Cream Compact (excitessss~) so that’s to come!

Right now, let’s start with your peepers!


Brave Beauty Eye Palette

Available in 3 easy-to-use color palettes, the Brave Beauty Eye Palette is quite a nice mix of shades that can be worn simply or cleverly paired together for a bold look.

These palettes swatch with a good dose of pigmentation, enough for the color to carry through and are soft to the touch. What I like is the soft subtlety that these colors seem to have that allows them to still be very wearable while being playfully vibrant.

The mix of textures within this palette helps as well as you get a nice blend of pearly finishes, irridescent sheens or high-shine metallics with a soft and smooth matte thrown in.

Enough talk, I should just let pictures speak for themselves.

Pink Palette

Orange Palette

Green Palette

If you ask me, I think the Green Palette is probably the most unique of the bunch and also the prettiest with a nice combination of neutrals and also vibrant shades. The matte emerald shade is downright beautiful (even to the touch) and I can almost imagine that it would look fab with the olive and that darkened green for a sultry smoked out look!

Or you could always go neutral with the sage tone all over, that icy-mint color in the inner lids and perhaps a pop of lime in the middle and a little olive at the outer corners, just because.

The possiblities are endless and the combination of colors are so inspiring that I am thinking up eye looks just by looking at the swatches I had done.

Though alas, I didn’t leave with this in hand. I succumbed to my never-ending crave for browns and picked the Orange Palette. I seem to have also developed this curiosity in wearing Orange, like pure straight Orange, much like the one seen in the far left of the Orange Palette.

If you’d like to see how I wear that palette (I have no clue myself, really) then do check back!


Gel Eye Pencil

If eyeshadow is a little too much of a hassle for you to add some colors to your look then why not consider these Gel Pencils?

Available in an array of 3 shades that are dark enough to provide definition, yet saturated and colored enough to stand out from being black, these are perfect for the ladies who love wearing their colors through the flick of a cat-eye.

Somehow I forgot to take a photo of the pencils, hence the press picture above but I did get some swatches of these, so here you go:

I can’t decide if I personally like the Wine or the Violet Purple more but if those seem a little too ‘loud’ or colored for you, Green would make a nice alternative to black.


Rouge Unlimited

Not forgetting the lips, this collection sees the introduction of 6 new (limited edition) lip shades, making sure there is a color for everyone.

These lipsticks boast a hybrid pigment and high color fidelity coupled with a melting texture that provides comfort and also hydration to the lips with wear.

The shades go on with some translucence and seem like a glaze of color at first swatch but they are build-able should you prefer to wear them more intensely on.

While they appear to have a glossy slick in these swatches (which were freshly made), they do settle down to a semi-matte (very natural looking) finish. The term matte can be quite alarming as far as lip products go but these wear really well and comfortably thanks to the light and moist texture of it.

It’s quite hard to pick 1 shade from the lot because they are all equally stunning and surely shades I would wear but ultimately I picked the orange because unexplainable orange kick aside, it seems to be a shade relatively unique to my stash and given the size of said stash, that’s quite something!

Though I think the red and fuchsia are absolutely darling and perfectly wearable since most people aren’t strangers to brights these days. The nude is quite lovely too, a soft beige with a hint of muted pink, plush and smooth, great for nude-lovers!


Satin Radiant Stick

Now that you’ve got the eyes and lips covered, what’s left would be the cheeks!

With a good amount of color going on in all the other areas, it’s enough to give the cheeks a very soft and muted flush. The key here is to play up on enhancing your complexion so in this scenario, radiance plays a much bigger part than color itself.

To get that done, Shu Uemura has introduced a new product (which sadly isn’t seeing permanent status as of yet) – a satin radiant cheek stick!

This emollient cheek stick offers a soft wash of pigmentation to the skin along with very fine shimmer strewn in to offer some shine to the complexion, not in the way of the unwanted disco-ball but in a very radiant and glowy manner.

They do swatch a little lightly on my hands but I believe if you wanted to build it up on the cheeks, that would be possible. Though again, the point of these would be subtlety so a little (slick) goes a long way!

Bronze Gold immediately caught my eye with the soft peachy pink hue and alluring golden sheen, very much reminiscent of NARS’s Orgasm which I haven’t used in awhile. I don’t have the multiple version of that to compare but off the top of my head, they do appear to be quite similar.

In fact, I am not usually a fan of cream cheek products because of the hassle (by the time I remember to use them I would have already set my face) but these do look lovely and I am willing to introduce some cream color products back into my life via these Radiant Sticks!


False Lashes & Face Studs

Of course, no Shu Uemura collection will be complete without a funky pair of false lashes to compliment the look.

The Brave Beauty False eyelash is perfect for a warrrior-chic look that blends edginess with some form of wearability though to be frank a false lash of this amount of volume is definitely pass the lines of ‘natural’. However, let’s just say as out there as this pair of lashes look, it’s not too daunting to wear this for a fitting situation and the little metal chain strip (can’t really see from the picture) adds just the right amount of edginess and glint to the volume of black.

If you’re feeling exceptionally edgy and punky, Shu Uemura also has these face studs for you to don should you wish to add a statement to your look, or perhaps match some hardware on your arm party / bag. Hurhur.


Artist Edition

Though if you are feeling extremely extravagant, or have this insatiable thirst to collect all of Shu Uemura’s very artsy and couture falsies, then may I interest you in the Artist Edition – a set of 3 lashes housed within an acrylic case that comes at a hefty pricetag of over S$500.

Gasppp, yes there is no mistake there.

These pieces are handmade and meant to cater to the true make up artists that use such couture lashes to put some edge into their editorial looks.

I especially love this pair which is inspired by the punk era, hence the colors, patterns and also the very DIY / hand-made vibe to it. It totally reminds me of a checkered punk-ish skirt that I have stashed somewhere in my wardrobe…

Purple Divider

Anyway, this wraps up the round up for the Shu Uemura Brave Beauty collection, which somehow ended up a whole lot ramblier than I would have expected.

I know I keep saying this but for some reason I am failing with words these days and writing a quick round up like this took me twice, or maybe even thrice the usual amount of time I would need. I think I need to find my words, somehow… and along with that clear the mountain of work I have in front of me both at work and also at home (in terms of freelance).

I believe the work along with the pressure / lack of time and whatnot just amounted to leaving my brain very distracted and short on words. I believe, at least.

I may fall a little silent on here, I hope you don’t mind! I just need to get things sorted so I can come back with full spammin’ force!

But back to this, thanks for reading and the Brave Beauty collection is now available at all Shu Uemura outlets island-wide!


Press File Disclosure

Dior Backstage Studio – New Boutique with Opening Promotions!

Look who’s got a new space in town!

Opening along the stretch of beauty boutiques at ION Orchard (B2, right infront of Orchard MRT), Dior edges an edgy dash of Backstage flair amidst the other white and brightly lit beauty stores.

It’s exciting to see this part of ION Orchard becoming quite the beauty hub with Shu Uemura, YSL, Chanel, Estee Lauder and more, all in a row! Who would have thought!

Though back to Dior!

This new flagship boutique titled Dior Backstage Studio is just that – meant to mimic the energy, spunk and of course artistry that happens backstage at a runway show.

(click to enlarge)

From the decor of the the store space, you’ll see it is quite a different vibe from your usual Dior counters with glossy black walls and bright strip lights running across the walls and floor. It seems to be pulsating with vibrancy even though much of the store is dark.

The store space isn’t too huge but comfortable enough to browse in and the thematic display helps too as you have a corner for nails, another space for all the lip products and another with all you need for an eyelook!

Speaking of which, this is also the only Dior store in Singapore that carries false lashes!

The lashes are displayed with these unique ‘hooks’ that allows you to preview what your look would be like with each pair. It’s quite genius really, and great fun to try!

Apart from the exclusivity of these false lashes, Dior’s Backstage Studio also boasts exclusive products (such as the much talked about Air Flash), services and will also be the exclusive distributing point of some of Dior’s special collections to come.

We don’t have much word on it yet but all you have to know is if you truly want to shop Dior’s product line, this is the place to come.

We got to play around with the Air Flash Spray Foundation (retailing for S$88 at Backstage Studio only) and I was quite impressed with how it felt and looked in person. While mostly invisible, it has a soft sheen that looked very appealing.

I liked the idea of being able to use this as a quick ‘foundation’ for the body given how easy it is to work with for large areas of skin.

I’m still deliberating this but if you’re interested, you can head down to give this a try!

To best fit the Backstage concept, the makeup artistes (or Backstage Artists) here are cream of the crop, not only with their makeup skills and knowledge but also their vivacious personality so you can be assured that you’re speaking to people who know their stuff.

I’ve gone on alot about this little darkened space but, honestly, this isn’t all!

The Dior boutique is actually of an L-shaped and in a tiny corner there is a doorway to the otherside which, while still very Dior, is a whole different environment from the dark and neon set up of the Backstage Studio.

(click to enlarge)

The opposite side of the boutique showcases Dior’s skincare products and also fragrances.

Unlike the whole hustle and bustle of the Backstage portion, this side isn’t as busy and feels quieter, even. You can get settled in a corner and have a fragrance consultation or slowly browse the display of scents available.

(click to enlarge)

Continuing the exclusivity of this space, Miss Dior’s new Blooming Bouquet ad campaign is seen here and will only be launched in other Dior counters island-wide in March 2014.

So in all, this new Dior boutique, Dior Backstage Studio is exclusive space of sorts with first peeks, special launches, special services and generally a whole different energetic vibe coursing through this uniquely designed space.

It’s hard to put across in images because everything is just static and this space is best felt for yourself so do head down to B2 at ION Orchard and give this space a look!

Here’s even more reason why you should pop by:


From now till 14th February, stand to get a full sized Dior Lip Maximizer (S$44) just by popping by Dior’s new Backstage Studio, snap a shot of the space and upload it (to instagram) with the hashtag #diorbackstagesg!

The first 25 everyday (till 14th February) will get the Lip Maxi!

Aside from that, spend S$120 at Dior Backstage Studio and you’ll receive a S$135 Kim Robinson voucher (valid for a wash, cut and style) – while stocks last!

The folks at Dior shared a little ‘cheat sheet’ with us to look perfect for an evening out – purchase a Dior makeover (redeemable with products) at S$120 and then head for the Kim Robinson pampering hair session with your voucher after!

That’ll leave you looking all ready and prepped for perhaps a date night after? After all, Valentines’ Day is coming right up ;)

Dior Backstage Studio is now open at B2-44/46 ION Orchard, right infront of the Orchard MRT gantry. Hurry down and snap your shots!

Thanks for reading!

YSL Spring – Pivoine Crush Eyeshadow Palette (Swatches)

Hello you guys (or girls / ladies)! I’m still alive and well though I’ll admit that I’ve been putting blogging off because I just haven’t got the ‘mood’ to churn anything out due to work and the constant paranoia of deadlines, not sending a certain file across, not finishing something up in time, etc.

Basically there’s too much on my mind to think about blogging right now.

Though sometimes, just sometimes, blogging creeps into the picture and that’s when I realize I could put a pause on my blog but the world is still buzzing about and time still flying by.

With that, let me briefly shed some light and love on the Pivoine Crush Eyeshadow palette that was released with YSL’s feminine and flirty spring collection.

Bathed in a whirlwind of flowers and the breathe of Spring, YSL’s Spring collection artfully features the feminine color palette of spring amidst a dash of sultry smokiness.

The palette design is, as always, stunning with a jibe of youthful-ness, taking a nod at the contemporary femme fatale – liberated, unafraid and yet delicate in persona.

It could be our Chinese culture and the fact that Chinese / Lunar New Year is occuring a lot earlier this year but the palettes released in YSL’s Spring collection feel in-theme with the Chinese festivities – almost like an exquisite red packet design.

Now, if only YSL distributed red packets in this print, that would be lovely.

Though do not confuse the Spring palettes with their special and very Limited Chinese New Year blush palette (Beauty Blossom Palette)

The shades in the Pivoine Crush palette are undeniably Spring-themed with hues of soft rose, coral, pinks, champagne and a sultry maroon all dancing in tune and in the light as each shade is well-shot through with refined shimmer.

While it may appear daunting, the shimmer actually takes on a relatively subtle role (as you will see in swatches later), working to enhance and capture light more than obnoxiously blinging up the lids.

The palette appears to be such a beauty that I couldn’t help but help feeling a tad disappointed at the quality of the shadows.

Though to its own credit, it is the typical formulation and pigmentation of YSL shadows – not the creamiest though decent, picks up moderately and the boldest of shades go on as a sheer peek of color with a notable translucence.

Though in light of spring time and its daintiness, this palette would work beautifully for those that fancy sheerer work-safe shades that allow for layering and better control over the pigmentation.

In fact, when I went by the YSL boutique (at ION), I approached the Makeup Artist for tips on how to best utilize this palette and his immediate reply was to layer the colors because that allows for each shade’s complexity to show up better. While they cannot compete individually, the result of layering is a whisper of colors perfectly complimenting each other and enhancing your eyes.

I haven’t tried this out on myself but the Makeup Artist demonstrated the techniques and I am intrigued – I cannot wait to try it out. I hope the natural look photographs well so I can showcase it to you all!

My favorite of the 5 shades would be the coral (2nd from left) because that works well worn on it’s own or paired with the darker maroon for a quick look in my usual style.

In fact, I do have a look coming up though this was before I learnt the secret and technique of layering so, I would say it’s not the best representation!

Unfortunately the last I checked, the Pivoine Crush palette was already out of stock at the YSL Boutique (in ION). Though I am uncertain if they have more stocks to replenish the shelves. You could also go by TANGS and give it a look or try your luck at ION again!

It’s not a must-have palette but if you are an avid collector of pretty packaging or the shades / usage of the shadows are right up your alley, this would be an exquisite palette to have in the stash.

Thank you for reading!

Now, let me hurry back to the land of paranoia and give my to-do list a one over again.