K-Drama Musings… – You’re All Surrounded

It’s all K-Drama rambles on here so if you’re not interest in this one bit, I suggest you skip this post! :D


So, I don’t think I explicitly mention this (not much at least) but I am very much bitten by the K-bug. Or what they call the Hallyu Wave / Korean Fever.

It’s a lot better these days, that’s for sure because back in the day I was obsessed with a capital O. It all started with me chancing upon Big Bang’s Haru Haru music video back in ’08 and… somehow the rest is history.

But anyway, my point is I am quite an avid K-Drama fan these days and have sinced move on from solely catching variety programs (my favorite of which are Weekly Idol and the good old Star Golden Bell, I do miss that).

So, as I was saying… Yes, right now I am completely all over You’re All Surrounded, a show I didn’t think to catch until my husband mentioned that he wanted to. Only because it was so highly rated, so here we are.

I’m not the biggest fan of Lee Seunggi given that I couldn’t even sit through Episode 2 of My Girlfriend is A Gumiho – I know that drama is well-loved but sorry, it’s not my thing… – but I would say he did really well in this show! Albeit seeing him as the typical pissed-off, arrogant and emotion-less lead actor thing is not generally his style but… he did well and he looked suave.

I think what did it for me is this show as a whole, the whole cast and storyline – it all seems so suspense-filled but yet cute and funny at the same time. It has the right mix of everything that I’m surprised it’s not raved as much outside of frequent drama-watchers.

This could rival your Do-Manager y’all! Except for all that super powers business.


But anyway, yes I was just rambling away about what I’m watching right now. I’m only on Episode 7 of this drama and all over it already. If you’re a drama lover, you must watch this!

I watch this over at EP Drama, even with all the darn click traps and all.

What dramas are you catching now? Has anyone caught Doctor Stranger, is it any good?