Introducing My New Lover & How You Can RSVP Yours Now! ;)

So, I have someone new I want you all to meet…

A new Lover that has crept into my life a good while ago, that I had taken notice of but never really initiated any contact with.

Though recently we met again, in closer proximity this time… what started as a simple ‘click’ of the button turned on to be quite an experience with me learning so much about this Lover, every aspect, every touch and every sensation.

It’s quite overwhelming how something so simple could have stolen my attention in this way but the many facades of this Lover – catering to casual home-bound nights, or days where I dedicate my time to work, or even occasions I want to be all dolled up and hit town – is wondrous.

Without saying a word while you shop, this Lover casually lingers by… making you feel confident in your smile, putting a shine in your look.

Comfortable, casual and dressy all the same, I think everyone needs a Lover like this hence I shan’t be selfish and keep this precious gem to myself…

Introducing, Lancôme’s new dewy intense Lip Color – the Lip Lover!

A one-of-a-kind hybrid formula that combines refined color effects, shine and lasting comfort.

Well, what were you thinking?

If you are getting very confused with the recent spew of lip products and reinventions from varying brands, the concept of Lancôme’s Lip Lover isn’t going to make matters any easier for you but slapping these on makes things very easy for your lips, no fret.

After all, as the name goes, they are Lip Lovers – made to caress and pamper your lips with wear.

The Perfect Alchemy of Color, Shine & Care –

Infused with the comfort of a balm, the dose of color of lipsticks and a shine of a gloss, the Lip Lover is ready to conquer varying fields to be the most reached for item on your vanity (or your makeup pouch)!

  • Color: Infused with lipstick pigments, the shades melt into your natural lip color, allowing that to personalize the slightly sheer quality of the Lip Lover to a shade that looks best on you.
  • Shine: With a quick slick, these go on subtle but can be built up to a glossy shine. The silicon-infused oil allows for a non-sticky finish, smoothening out any irregularities giving a look of perfected, plush and plumped pouts.
  • Lipcare: The star quality of the Lip Lovers is the emollient and moisturizing agents that make up for a third of the formula. This lipcare results in an 8hour moisturisation, ensuring that lips are nourished with wear.


The most innovating aspect to the Lip Lovers is the intelligent bi-phasic formula and while that is totally foreign terms to me, all you have to understand is that the Lip Lover’s formula cleverly seperates itself on application – the pigments adhere to your lips ensuring as long a wear-time as possible while the glossy film rises to the surface for a plush and plump shine.

A Declaration of Love for PINK –

Reinventing what you know of Pink, Lancôme releases 18 feel-good shades to cover every aspect and spectrum of pink possible – even the pinks that have a slight tinge of coral coarsing through them.

Divided into two families to best categorize the selection of shades available, we have the Basic Chic Shades and Creative Chic Shades.

Who said that pale rose pink alone was the only way to represent femininity?


From a whisper of color in a blush pink to a mauvey easy-to-wear rosewood, the Basic Chic shades consist of 9 delicate subtle lip-beautifying numbers.


A cascade of 9 resolutely pop shades to offer you a daring twist amidst the translucent juicy offerings of Lip Lover.

While I don’t have lip swatches for you right now, here’s a quick arm-swatch that I had done (of the 18 shades) when I got to preview them.

While these are marketed as being a watery burst of color and a nice balmy slick of shine, I was surprised to see that they seem to swatch rather pigmentedly.

Though for glossy pieces like these, arm-swatches do differ a little from when it is worn on the lips so stay tuned for the lip-swatches!

The Allure of Fragrance –

If you need any more reason or persuasion to give these Lip Lovers a look (I don’t know why you would, just go already!), Lancôme has decided to switch things up by tingling your senses with 2 feminine and alluring fragrances infused into their Lip Lovers.

The Basic Chic shades are swathed in a delicately fresh and crisp aroma mix of rose petals, vanilla and juicy raspberry.

The Creative Chic shades on the other hand have a voluptuous and full-bodied composition of opulent rose, powdery iris and violet accents.

A gentle waft of fragrance, a smooth slick of color and a glossy plush pout – completely intoxicating and yet so comfortable.

Lancôme’s Lip Lover retails for S$40 and is currently available at Sephora stores, stated to launch island-wide (at Lancôme counters) on 15th May.

The Lancôme Lip Lover will be added to the permanent line up.

Interested to pick up a Lip Lover of your own?

Why not RSVP your shade online first before heading down to Sephora to pick it up!

Reserve a shade of your choice over at and receive a little beauty gift with your purchase!

Hurry and reserve your shades online (and purchase it in person) before the 8th of May!

Thanks for reading and happy Friday everyone!