LOTD: All Lancôme-d Out (Plus Site Migration Thoughts…)

I’m giving myself a little pat on the back for being more regular about LOTDs / Looks (ha-ha, as if it is truly deserving of a pat) because at one point I was primarily featuring products and diverted my attention to more ‘look feature’ entries. Which still feature my face, yes, but it isn’t as casual, rambly and ‘anything goes’ as my old-style LOTDs are.

While this look seems somewhat geared towards the ‘Look Feature’ segment, trust me I wasn’t keeping tabs on what I was putting on my face and it wasn’t until the last minute, sweeping across the products sprawled out on my vanity, that I realized….

oh hey, this kinda looks like a very Lancôme themed look so… let’s roll with that.

So, here you go – a Lancôme-ish face!

(pictured are the Lancôme products, I didn’t include the other non-Lancôme stuff)

If I had a mind to be more Lancôme about this, I would have truly kept everything to one brand but since the revelation was only made just before I donned my lipstick, I think some products kinda sneaked into the mention a little.

For the eyes, I didn’t have a color scheme in mind but I did know that I wanted to try to incorporate some Lancôme Monos because they have been sitting untouched in the drawers for awhile now and I remember they were pretty colors too, so it was about time I revisited them.

The eye look itself isn’t out of the ordinary – my usual neutral eye, this time leaning a little maroon with some shimmer and shine thrown in. Overall, still good enough for the day and fairly understated.

Though the difference this time was me exploring the Lancôme Kohl Liner (in Noir) as I used that to line the entire of my eye, not just my lower lashline so the overall effect is a much softer rim around my eye. Not as harsh as the usual sharp black liquid liner.

I’m going through a bit of a gloss-loving phase – not necessarily loving lipgloss, but loving that sheer-and-shine finish – so the Lancôme Lip Lovers are absolutely perfect for that with their balmy texture, glossy shine and lovely pigmentation.

The summer bug is not letting me loose and the killer weather these days – so warm and so dry – isn’t helping. I am constantly craving to put on a fresh and light face everytime I sit down to do my makeup.

Products Used:

 Shu uemura hard 9 pencil in Walnut Brown
 Shu uemura brow manicure in Honey Glaze

 L'OCCITANE Hydra Vital Gel (moisturizer) 
 Biore UV Aqua Rich Whitening Sunscreen SPF50 
 Lancôme Blanc Miracle Liquid Foundation 
 Urban Decay NAKED Loose Powder (to set)

 Lancôme Aquatique Eye Base on 01
 Lancôme Alber Elbaz 5 color palette - smokey eyes 
 Lancôme Alber Elbaz mono in I106 
 Lancôme mono in violine tresor P209
 Lancôme Kohl Hypnôse Waterproof in Noir

 Lancôme Blush Subtil in 032

 Lancôme Lip lover in 318

There you go! A simple little LOTD mention while shedding some accidental light on Lancôme.

Then again, given how generous the folks over at Lancôme are and how far we have come (from when they first contacted me and all), I do have a good amount of Lancôme within my stash and I don’t think it is all that hard to be all ‘Lancôme-ed out‘.

Thoughts of blog migration…

Either ways, a little off tangent rambling but I have noticed some, well okay, a lot of issues with Onsugar’s site of late. Aside from the whole RSS-issue, which to date I’m not even sure if it is solved or not, apparently there are also some site-script security problems. Which in turn has been affecting how my site (and probably all onsugar sites) shows up on search engines. Which is not at all.

To cut out the whole technicality of it, while yes I don’t crave to be number 1 on the search engine but if someone were to even google ‘icyabstract’ directly, there are instances where my blog doesn’t even show up. Probably the instances where the script’s security has lapsed but it is too glitchy and unreliable for me and has once again brought about thoughts of migrating.

I know I’m not for the whole ‘fame’ and being a widely recognised blogger. I am happy enough with my own pool of readers, some of which that have stuck with me through time but if the glitches are going to continually affect my blog to the point that even these readers do not know of content I have posted and information that I am sharing cannot even be found by those who wish to read about it, then it truly defeats the whole purpose of beauty sharing and such.

So yes.

Long story short, this time around I truly am considering options to move and while I can’t say I am keen on the whole dot com approach (I know, it is quite awesome to have your own domain, plus that is what I do for others at work… hurhur), because it’s a little too much time and effort etc right now. I am thinking it through on whether a move to wordpress (maybe?) is sufficient enough for what I want or should I genuinely consider a dot com.

It’s all in the works and research right now but I thought I would mention it to you all so when I announce a URL shift, you would have seen it coming ;)


All that lengthiness aside, I hope everyone is having a great weekend! This long weekend is especially awesome to me because there is a whole lot of fun and bonding involved and I absolutely can’t wait~

Thanks for reading!

LOTD: That Nude-Ombre Lip Obsession

So, even though words are failing me now, makeup sure isn’t and I have been going through my own fair share of… makeup phases. You could call it that.

One that I have been dabbling in for awhile would be the Nude-Ombre lip look. I have sported this on numerous occasions be it a more dressy variant or a more subtle one for a natural / daily look. It’s just that I haven’t quite gotten around to talking about it on here, word block and all.

Until now that is!

So… for those who may not have seen it, what is a Nude-Ombre lip?

Well, frankly it isn’t a very new look because I’m sure this has made its rounds on runways and the editorial makeup scene.

It is only of late that it is brought to the mainstream makeup scene, possibly by some K-Wave but eitherways I am not here to debate its origin or how this lip look got its shot to stardom.

I am simply here to express my love for it and in a very dramatic LOTD, no less.

I assure you, there are more natural ways to wear the ombre lip but lets start with a bang, shall we?

I will give you a product breakdown but if you must know, like right now, what I used for my lips is MAC’s Lip Erase in Dim (Pro) and Lancôme’s Lip Lover in 362 Bordeaux Tempo.

I happened to be in a dramatic crimson-toned eye makeup phase as well… hence the dramatic eye and equally dramatic lip mix up. Heh.

Well, makeup is about bending the rules, yeah?

If you ask me, what is it about this Nude-Ombre lip look that I like… it would be a little hard for me to explain. But something about them gives this slightly natural (ironic for a dramatic look), sensual and yet girly vibe. That, and I have always liked the ‘berry-stained’, post-kool-aid or ice-pop sort of a lip gradient.

Except this is doing it in a whole new and deliberate way with a pretty clear nude and color portion. As opposed to a gradient lip look with varying intensities.

As much as these give a ‘effortless’ (I don’t care to apply my lipstick properly y’all) look, it actually requires a little more effort than the usual color-within-the-lines way of slapping lip color on.

Depending on how dramatic you prefer it to be, there could be some lip concealing involved, blending after the color goes on and even more concealing to perfect the look.

So it isn’t as effortless as it seems… but it sure looks it!

Lancôme Le Sourcil Pro Brow Pencil

YSL CC Cream in Apricot
Urban Decay NAKED Skin Loose Powder

Lancôme La Base Paupières Pro in 01
MAC Eyeshadow in Real Drama
L’oreal Infinite Wear Eyeshadow in Brazilian Duo
Star Lash Liquid Liner in Black
MAC Powerpoint liner in Engraved

Model Co Cheek & Lip Tint

MAC Pro Lip Erase in Dim
Lancôme Lip Lover in 362 Bordueax Tempo

Frankly, this look would have been a lot more ‘put-together’ and not as avant garde-ish as it looks right now if I had thrown on some proper lashes or maybe even false lashes but with me and glasses these days, lashes just get in the way of things.

I have also noticed that, maybe it is due to me skipping out mascara for a good while but wearing it again seems to irritate my eyes a little. Grr. It isn’t expired / old or gross either.

Ah well.

Though enough of me and this, for now. I’ll probably be back with more nude-ombre lip looks that I have done and snapped during the peak of this obsession.

As of now, while I still love nude-ombre lips, I haven’t been throwing them on all that often. I have a bit of a new phase creeping up on me and that is the pink-red-hued eye sort of a look.

Almost like you’re tired, but it is kept edgy with a slick of eyeliner but overall not over the top because I still need to look normal for work.

So anyway, that will come soon so until then, thank you for reading!

Lancôme Lip Lovers Look Book!

Initially the plan was to feature these looks within my Lancôme Lip Lover swatchfest but I figured that it’s probably a little much given how long and picture heavy that entry is alone.

What’s more it’s probably a lot easier if I were to just feature these looks seperately on their end, without the distraction of all the in-yo-face lip swatches.

So… we’re good? Here we go!

This ‘look book’ is really simple and if you came here thinking I’m doing looks for every single shade then my bad, I may have deceived you. Instead I am very simply doing a choice look from each of my self-created ‘batch’ of Lip Lovers.

If you are completely lost right now, chances are you may not have seen my Lip Lover swatchfest so do head over and check that out!

If you already have, let me properly explain myself a little more.


This is simply a collection of looks varying from the super natural (using a choice Lip Lover from a batch I had designated as ‘natural’), to slightly defined yet polished, dressy and even the all out vampy. As vampy as these sheer slick lip colors go, that is!

Within my swatch entry I focussed on the lips mainly to give you a close look at them and how they swatch. The purpose of this Look Book would be to take a step back and see how these Lip Lovers work in the whole of things!

Also, to see how you the range of colors can last you from day to night, casual to dressy!

So now, let’s have a look at the little ‘batches’ shall we?

Again, I stress that you check this post out if you are lost with the whole concept of batches and the colors within the batches etc, alrightey?

From The Soft Spoken Trio – 318 Abricot Tango

Well, it is no wonder that I would end up featuring this shade as it is my favorite (and the most wearable one on me) of the Soft Spoken Trio. The other two are gorgeous too, don’t get me wrong but because I am trying to do a representation of fairly natural looks to more dressy ones, Abricot Tango would be as natural as it gets for me!

The look here is quite – doh – straightforward. I hardly have anything on and this is actually when I prefer using the soft and natural shades. For weekends when I don’t have much slap on or don’t want to look like I am trying at all but want to prettify my lips a little.

On the Face:
Biore UV BB Cream, NARS Light Reflecting Pressed Powder (dusted on), Benefit Gimmebrow, 
Lancome Blush Subtil in 030 (lightly)


From The Playfully Subtle Trio – 333 Rose Des Nymphs

For something a little more than just ‘au natural’ but yet still relatively simple and casual, here’s my pick from the Playfully Subtle Trio – Rose Des Nymphs!

That may come to be a bit of a surprise given I often find pinks a little ‘dressier’ and not as casual on my skintone but somehow for Rose Des Nymphs, the raspberry pink in it helps to make it a casually playful lip look. It has enough color that it is fun but just enough that it isn’t too bold, is easy to wear and just brightens up a (really) simple makeup look!

On the face:
Guerlain Ecrin Sourcils Brow Powder, YSL CC Cream in Apricot, Urban Decay Naked Loose Powder, 
Dior Backstage Eye Primer, Rimmel Eyeshadow Palette (Neutral tones), 
Lancome Artliner 24H in Black Diamond, Lancome Blush Subtil in 030


From The Sophisticated Vibrant Trio – 355 Framboise Etoile

Now we’re talking!

Again a peculiar favorite of mine since Framboise Etoile (once worn on the lips) has a slight pink tinge to it amidst the juicy strong red. It is almost a deeper raspberry tone, but on the sheerer spectrum of things so it doesn’t look too unwearable nor vampy. Instead, it seems to add a soft dose of femininity which I quite like.

I do enjoy using both this and 353 (the more true red version) but somehow I find myself reaching for 355 a little more, perhaps because I find deeper reds easier to wear on myself.

On the face:
Shu Uemura Hard 9 Brow Pencil in Walnut Brown, Shu Uemura Brow Manicure in Honey Glazed, 
Lancome Absolue Sublime Rejuvenating Essence Foundation, Urban Decay Naked Loose Powder, 
MAC eyeshadow in Vex, MAC Extra Dimensions eyeshadow in Modern Pewter, MAC eyeshadow in Mineral, 
Lancome Artliner 24H in Jade, Starlash Liquid Liner in Black, MAC Mineralized Blush in Ring of Saturn


The Femme Fatale – 362 Bourdeux Tempo

This one probably needs no introduction since I have raved about it since the earlier swatchfest.

It’s deep, dark, dangerous (okay not really) and absolutely stunning. Surprisingly for a deeper berry tone it is very easy to wear as well! Though that definition may differ from person to person since a nude-lip-lover may have reservations about it but if you love your bold lip colors, this shouldn’t be too much of a shocker once on.

Instead it is absolutely gorgeous, a plush brown-tinged plum that defines and deepens but not unwearably so.

On the face:
Guerlain Ecrin Sourcils Brow Powder, Shu Uemura Smooth Fit Fluid Liquid Foundation, 
Urban Decay Naked Loose Powder, Dior Backstage Eye Primer, Naked 3 Eyeshadow Palette, 
Shu Uemura Black Princess palette (purple), Lancome Artliner in Amethyst, 
Starlash Liquid Liner in Black, MAC Powerpoint Liner in Engraved, 
MAC Mineralized Blush in Grand Duo


And that wraps it up!

Hope this has motivated you to go check out these Lancôme Lip Lovers in person because while the swatch post was perhaps helpful in giving you the gist of the color, these look so much better from a distance (as per a normal person would look at you). That way the colors show more evenly, strongly even and definitely makes the lips appear a whole lot more lustrous and plush!

Perfecto~ I haven’t loved a lip formulation this much in awhile. These are absolute stars in my book, go have a look!

Lancôme Lip Lovers retail for S$40 a pop and are permanent. They are available islandwide at all Lancôme counters.

Thanks for reading, have a great week everyone! It’s back to work soon for me, boohoo…

Lancôme Lip Lovers – Lip Loving Formula with A Kiss of Color! (Swatches & Thoughts)

The makeup realm seems to be booming with lip product releases these days!

We have seen new ranges of lipsticks, revamped ranges, re-introduced shades, and now we are seeing hybrid lip formulas that seems to transcend varying lip categories we know of to bring us a whole new level of confusion. I mean category.

I don’t know if it is just my OCD-trait of having to understand everything but I can’t seem to wrap my head around these Lancôme Lip Lovers!

If you are already confused with the realm of lip products out there, the introduction of these Lancôme Lip Lovers (and another boundary crossing item, Dior Fluid Sticks) wouldn’t be helping you on your quest to understanding how the lip-world works.

I’m sorry y’all.

Though I have learnt to forget trying to understand and instead just embrace the presence of this ingenious product and thank Lancôme for putting out such a comfortable, decently pigmented and easy to wear lip product!

If your beef with the lip world is how drying some of them are and how unflattering some may be on cracked / dry lips, these Lip Lovers could very well be your new lovers!

If you would like to find out more (technical) information behind how lip loving these Lip Lovers are, then hop over to my introduction post about these.

For those who want a quick comparison to the Dior Fluid Sticks (for the purpose that these are ‘grey area’ products), I would say straight out that they aren’t the same at all.

Lancôme’s Lip Lover is closer to a gloss than a lacquer, with a jelly-like translucence that allows your natural lip color to show through. Yet, it is deliciously balmy, with a smooth finish on, lending a little more color-coverage than your typical sheer glosses, with a hydrating quality that doesn’t dry your lips out with wear.

The Lip Lover has a mild staining effect due to the color coverage and how the color adheres closely to your lips but that is the key point of this would be how hydrating and easy to wear (in all aspects, color and formula) it is.

Available in an array of 18 colors, I don’t want to be cheesy about it but there truly is a color for everyone.

Given the transluent nature of this product and how your own lip color plays a part in this mix-up, a single color will look different on everyone, hence it is best to check out these colors in person!

The translucent quality also ensures that no matter how bright, bold or dark a color is, it never looks overdone.

It would also mean that those craving for an opaque and clean pout wouldn’t be able to find anything here but this, soft and elegant color, is what Lancôme does best.

Dressing natural up yet have it appear so effortless, never ‘too much’ – perfect for everyday since how many of us are going to functions every single night, yes?

So, let’s get to it! Swatches, I mean!

Swatchin’ It Up!

While Lancôme designates their Lip Lovers into 2 categories (Basic Chic and Creative Chic), I had taken the liberty to further segment the 10 shades I have on hand to 4 ‘batches’.

What I will do with each batch is showcase a half lip and full lip swatch per color, since these run sheer you’ll have an idea of how much they color up my lips.

I had initially wanted to do a ‘look’ per batch but I’ll save that for another entry to come (hint, Lip Lover Lookbook!).

The Soft Spoken Trio

3 perfectly soft and natural lip colors that pack a little punch of color and a lot of juicy shine. These are a no-brainer to wear and perfect for days you want to dress up your lips with the look of nothing but yet something ;)

313 Rose Ballet – A milky pink that appears a little pale against my skintone, this gives you a lovely nude-lip-ish finish without the whole dead-out look.

316 Rose Attrape-coeur – A rather vibrant pop of pink amidst a translucent mix of gloss and shimmer, great for the pink-lip lover to take a break from the vivids and embrace a natural look.

318 Abricot Tango – The most natural against my skintone, this milky coral tone gives a perfect MLBB finish with a sprinkle of gold shimmer within. Very much like a NARS Orgasm meets Lip Lover situation, heh!

313 Rose Ballet

316 Rose Attrape-coeur

318 Abricot Tango

The Playfully Subtle Trio

For those looking to subtle define yet keep a rather neutral canvas on, nothing too strong nor vivid and bright but just enough statement, shine and gloss to have your puckers looking perfectly polished!

321 Rose Contre-Temps – A bit of mauve and a bit of plum, this shade is the perfect neutral for giving your lips some definition so it isn’t nude yet keeping it from looking too ‘bold’ either. I can see that this will be a universally flattering color across all skintones.

333 Rose Des Nymphs – A juicy raspberry pink that brightens your smile but isn’t too bright that it would scare neutral lovers away. It is shimmer-laden with gold, purple and silver sparkles but isn’t gritty at all.

336 Orange Manège – This looks like a fire-engine red in the tube but goes on a jelly-like watermelon tone. The translucence gives it a casual look, making it easy to wear for those taking baby steps towards a red lip look!

321 Rose Contre-Temps

333 Rose Des Nymphs

336 Orange Manège

The Sophisticatedly Vibrant Trio

If you are a ‘pop’ lip color lover through and through and must have your slick of striking red or flambouyant pink at all times, less you feel naked, then maybe you will find solace in either (or all) of these three Lip Lovers. Perfectly pigmented with just enough shine, just enough gloss and a jelly-like translucence that doesn’t take away from the color, these are great for those who live for color.

337 Lip Lover – A glassy medium pink that seems to thread between the lines of neutral and ‘pop’. Depending on how you pair this up, it could be a perfect compliment to a simple neutral eye or a smoked-out sultry cat-eye. This hints a tiny bit metallic in bright light but is still very wearable.

353 Rose Gracieuse – Not quite rose in terms of hue but this bright blue-based red slicks on a juicy and strong shade, with fine purple and gold shimmers to add dimension while hardly being noticed.

355 Framboise Etoile – A medium raspberry red, this leans towards pink but yet stays with a strong red tone, adding a playful burst of color to the lips. For days you want to be dolled up but yet not too serious / sultry. After all, make up is about fun!

337 Lip Lover

p.s. this is also the color I wore for the ‘cover photo’ in this entry !

353 Rose Gracieuse

355 Framboise Etoile

The Femme Fatale

Because this color is so tempting and heart-stopping (to me), I have decided to give it a batch of its own, given it is also the only ‘deep dark tone’ within the Lip Lover range. The next closest plummy shade for you purple-fans is 357 Bouquet Final (which I don’t have on hand to feature).

I have also featured this numerous times on my instagram, given I wear this shade so much.

362 Bourdeux Tempo – A lovely burgundy shade that is frankly, quite neutral for a vampy tone. It has hints of a darkened cherry red, a little brown with a soft plum twist. It’s a perfectly wearable vamp, if there is ever such a thing.

Much like Lancôme’s Gloss in Love, these feature the same dispensing method of pushing a little button to ‘pop’ open the lid, instead of twisting the cap as per usual glosses.

Though to put it in some perspective, these are a whole lot smaller than the Gloss in Loves, making them quite adorably compact.

I don’t know about the volume comparison but I would say giv
en t
he smooth balmy texture and intriguing technology that allows for color to adhere better to your lips, the Lip Lovers aren’t all about fighting the big boys volume to volume.

After all, good things come in small packages?

The applicator of Lip Lovers isn’t much to talk about except that the flat, enlongated doe-foot works perfectly well in gliding color on while tracing a precise lip line with the tip.

Some Things You May Want to Know…

Pardon this getting incredibly long but here is the review portion though… I don’t really have a whole lot to say because I think this is a fantastic lip product if you are seeking it for its purpose – balmy, smooth, lip-perfecting and glossy color that lasts comfortably on.

These seep into lip line a little

Which you can probably tell from the close up shots above but I want to disclaim this by saying it is only this noticeable because the shots are so so close. Given a normal person’s distance the glossiness and plush shimmery color manages to conceal the lip-line issue well and give your lips a lusciously smooth (and glossy) look.

The color lasts, if you don’t eat / drink

Simply said. The technology Lancôme implemented somehow works… I don’t know how the color pigments know to adhere to your lips but even after all the gloss and shine which fades away (with talking etc), you will have color left on your lips. It doesn’t all fade away like gloss. However the minute you eat / drink or wipe your mouth it does get wiped off given it isn’t a stain.

Here’s a after-hours shot of how these look with wear.

Pretty impressive for a balmy lip loving formula!

Summing it up, these Lip Lovers are definitely great inventions and I welcome these boundary-bending, lip-product-confusing products with open arms even though I did have a moment with coming to terms with their purpose for a bit.

I highly urge everyone to give these a look because there truly is nothing quite like it out there (right now).

Here’s me signing off with my favorite of the bunch, Bordeaux Tempo!

The Lancôme Lip Lovers retail for S$40 and are available at all Lancôme counter islandwide

These are permanent.

Thanks for reading!

Introducing My New Lover & How You Can RSVP Yours Now! ;)

So, I have someone new I want you all to meet…

A new Lover that has crept into my life a good while ago, that I had taken notice of but never really initiated any contact with.

Though recently we met again, in closer proximity this time… what started as a simple ‘click’ of the button turned on to be quite an experience with me learning so much about this Lover, every aspect, every touch and every sensation.

It’s quite overwhelming how something so simple could have stolen my attention in this way but the many facades of this Lover – catering to casual home-bound nights, or days where I dedicate my time to work, or even occasions I want to be all dolled up and hit town – is wondrous.

Without saying a word while you shop, this Lover casually lingers by… making you feel confident in your smile, putting a shine in your look.

Comfortable, casual and dressy all the same, I think everyone needs a Lover like this hence I shan’t be selfish and keep this precious gem to myself…

Introducing, Lancôme’s new dewy intense Lip Color – the Lip Lover!

A one-of-a-kind hybrid formula that combines refined color effects, shine and lasting comfort.

Well, what were you thinking?

If you are getting very confused with the recent spew of lip products and reinventions from varying brands, the concept of Lancôme’s Lip Lover isn’t going to make matters any easier for you but slapping these on makes things very easy for your lips, no fret.

After all, as the name goes, they are Lip Lovers – made to caress and pamper your lips with wear.

The Perfect Alchemy of Color, Shine & Care –

Infused with the comfort of a balm, the dose of color of lipsticks and a shine of a gloss, the Lip Lover is ready to conquer varying fields to be the most reached for item on your vanity (or your makeup pouch)!

  • Color: Infused with lipstick pigments, the shades melt into your natural lip color, allowing that to personalize the slightly sheer quality of the Lip Lover to a shade that looks best on you.
  • Shine: With a quick slick, these go on subtle but can be built up to a glossy shine. The silicon-infused oil allows for a non-sticky finish, smoothening out any irregularities giving a look of perfected, plush and plumped pouts.
  • Lipcare: The star quality of the Lip Lovers is the emollient and moisturizing agents that make up for a third of the formula. This lipcare results in an 8hour moisturisation, ensuring that lips are nourished with wear.


The most innovating aspect to the Lip Lovers is the intelligent bi-phasic formula and while that is totally foreign terms to me, all you have to understand is that the Lip Lover’s formula cleverly seperates itself on application – the pigments adhere to your lips ensuring as long a wear-time as possible while the glossy film rises to the surface for a plush and plump shine.

A Declaration of Love for PINK –

Reinventing what you know of Pink, Lancôme releases 18 feel-good shades to cover every aspect and spectrum of pink possible – even the pinks that have a slight tinge of coral coarsing through them.

Divided into two families to best categorize the selection of shades available, we have the Basic Chic Shades and Creative Chic Shades.

Who said that pale rose pink alone was the only way to represent femininity?


From a whisper of color in a blush pink to a mauvey easy-to-wear rosewood, the Basic Chic shades consist of 9 delicate subtle lip-beautifying numbers.


A cascade of 9 resolutely pop shades to offer you a daring twist amidst the translucent juicy offerings of Lip Lover.

While I don’t have lip swatches for you right now, here’s a quick arm-swatch that I had done (of the 18 shades) when I got to preview them.

While these are marketed as being a watery burst of color and a nice balmy slick of shine, I was surprised to see that they seem to swatch rather pigmentedly.

Though for glossy pieces like these, arm-swatches do differ a little from when it is worn on the lips so stay tuned for the lip-swatches!

The Allure of Fragrance –

If you need any more reason or persuasion to give these Lip Lovers a look (I don’t know why you would, just go already!), Lancôme has decided to switch things up by tingling your senses with 2 feminine and alluring fragrances infused into their Lip Lovers.

The Basic Chic shades are swathed in a delicately fresh and crisp aroma mix of rose petals, vanilla and juicy raspberry.

The Creative Chic shades on the other hand have a voluptuous and full-bodied composition of opulent rose, powdery iris and violet accents.

A gentle waft of fragrance, a smooth slick of color and a glossy plush pout – completely intoxicating and yet so comfortable.

Lancôme’s Lip Lover retails for S$40 and is currently available at Sephora stores, stated to launch island-wide (at Lancôme counters) on 15th May.

The Lancôme Lip Lover will be added to the permanent line up.

Interested to pick up a Lip Lover of your own?

Why not RSVP your shade online first before heading down to Sephora to pick it up!

Reserve a shade of your choice over at http://lancomesg.com/lip_lover and receive a little beauty gift with your purchase!

Hurry and reserve your shades online (and purchase it in person) before the 8th of May!

Thanks for reading and happy Friday everyone!

The Trend in Makeup…

No, I’m not exactly talking about the whole BB / CC Cream bandwagon though to a certain extent those do help me a little with stating my point.

What I am talking about is if you’ve been an avid makeup / beauty junkie and always reading up blogs about new ranges from brands, new products etc, you would know what I mean about this whole beauty trend thing.

Though, it’s a not a new logic… fashion has trends, phones have trends, so why not makeup?

It’s just, if you asked me a few years ago, I probably thought that most brands just go about doing their own thang. Maybe I wasn’t that well-versed with the makeup realm or maybe it wasn’t as competitive years before but these days once a certain brand puts the wheels in motion for a new range or product, you’re bound to see 2 or 3 other brands popping up with their take on the concept.

It’s not wrong. It’s fun actually, for beauty lovers, and sometimes it can get a little tacky and out of hand – hello tinted moisturizers disguised as BB Creams…

Anyway, I just wanted to create a pointless article about what struck me again as I chanced upon the article about Lancôme’s new Lip Lover. We don’t have much news about it locally but from what I have heard, we will see it making its appearance this year.

Though to my knowledge I know of another brand with a similar balmy glossy lip-oil concept. I can’t say who yet since no word is out and we did get a majorly sneak peek but I’m guessing that after the whole lipgloss wave, this is probably the next lip trend to follow.

I haven’t tried Lancôme’s but I can’t wait to and I can’t wait to see if other brands will start popping on this bandwagon!

Ah well, that’s that for a makeup ramble. I’m glad Friday is just around the corner; it’s about time!

Thanks for reading! What other makeup trends have you picked up?