L’Occitane (Singapore) Launches Their E-Store!

If you’re an avid fan of L’Occitane with your racks filled with their shower gels and your dressing table littered with their body lotions then you’ll certainly love this piece of news!


For the rest of us, I guess we’re just really thrilled about the fact that you can now shop L’Occitane online in the comfort of your own home!

How awesome is that!

I’m not an anti-social person (really I’m not!) but I’ll admit that I do prefer the ease and comfort of shopping online.

Browsing the store is an enjoyable experience in itself – such that you can see, feel and smell products up close – something about shopping from behind the computer and googling up reviews in your own time feels that much more relaxed.


Plus I know how you girls (and guys!) are more prone to shopping up a storm online because it’s just that easy to add everything to cart, right?

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 11.05.39 am

Given that the holiday season is here, it’s all about the holiday now huh, that’s an added reason to pop by and check the e-store out!

Reason being,  there are some Online Exclusive Gift Sets which I’m sure would be perfect sweet little presents for your favorite gal pals! Or maybe even yourself… not judging here!


So, what are you waiting for, shop L’Occitane (online) toady!

p.s.  there’s FREE Local Shipping right now till 21st November!


p.p.s. If you haven’t taken part in my The Entertainer giveaway where I give away 10 subscriptions (worth S$95) to the 2014 Mobile Product so you can unlock awesome deals for yourself, then take part now! –– Here!


Thanks for reading!

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Take the ‘Angelica Challenge’ & WIN!

Boy do I have a good amount of promo news to dispense!

Promotions, competitions, we seem to be on this freebie roll right now~

For now, here’s a little Angelica mention about something that L’OCCITANE has running over at their Facebook Page (ending on 20th August, so hurry).



I’m not going to lie but I get a little shy about seeing my face plastered in places and even sometimes I get shy about plastering my face all over the blog so seeing things like this does make me blush a little. Though at the same time, I can’t help but feel a little proud and happy at this collab we have going on, being the Angelica Angel and all.

While I haven’t publicised it, I do have a new video up on my abandoned youtube channel, I kid you not, and in that clip I share my thoughts and opinions about the new kick-ass L’OCCITANE Hydra Vital Gel and Cream.


That should say enough about how much I like it, yes?

But I shouldn’t blabber anymore, if you would like to win yourself a Hydra Vital Gel (worth S$62) to give this new love of mine a shot and find out for yourself why I am raving about this, go watch the clip and take part in the contest!

Contest ends 20th August 2014 so, go go!

Go (clickkk)

Thanks for reading, and good luck everyone :)

Another Neroli Goodness – L'OCCITANE's Néroli & Orchidée Fragrance

Neroli, oh Neroli, what have you done to me that you have me wrapped about your delicate petals.

Before I dwell into the fragrance let me first explain this magical ingredient that I seem just about obsessed with of late. I have (temporarily) tossed my long-standing affection for roses to be deeply infatuated with this sweet, aromatic and softly floral note.

Neroli is a plant oil derived from the white blooms of the Bitter Orange plant, which is the reason why it usually goes by two names – Neroli or Orange Blossom. However the name Neroli, is somewhat an honorrific status given to this particular scent because in the 17th Century, the Princess of Nerola, Italy (Anne Marie Orsini) favored this fragrance, perfuming her bath and gloves with it.

So, with all that history said and done, let’s move on to L’OCCITANE’s take on Neroli, infused with a french flair.

Joining L’OCCITANE’s La Collection de Grasse is this exquisiutely beautiful fragrance that is… actually a little difficult to describe.

I am in no way a scent expert but I do like to write perfume entries because I feel it allows me to be… free. Very much like the abstractness of perfume ads, it’s always about the flow of the scent, the fluidity (or not) of how they transit, meld and work together to invoke the best of each other.

But of course not all perfumes are a delight to describe with some being way too complex to word and are best experienced for yourself.

In a way, Neroli & Orchidee is exactly like that.

For one, it isn’t extremely complex or very ‘cult’. It is simply a very very beautiful scent.

Describing it this simply is not doing it enough justice so I shall try to put it in some abstract context on the sort of emotions, and invoked thoughts that come to mind when this fragrance wafts by me.

This fragrance is a true beauty, radiant and lifting while being perfectly demure and calm all the same.

It brings to mind a poised individual with many facades, though notably someone a little older than their teens because of the soft musky aspect, though don’t think this wears heavily (ala Fleur d’Or & Acacia).

The scent wears pretty linear on me but given how beautiful it starts off and continues to wear (on my body chemistry), I don’t mind that aspect of it.

One intriguing and, well, beautiful (how many times have I used this?) aspect of this fragrance is how softly and yet evidently it lingers.

It isn’t an overpowering scent on, unlike (Penhaligon’s) Ellenisia for example, and what it does is work as a perfect ‘aura’ around you in as subtle a way possible.

I have gotten people asking “what’s that nice smell” when I am close by them instead of a “what perfume are you wearing?”. For some, who prefer their fragrances to work in the background a little, this is perfect.

As for the lasting ability, this lasts extremely well on me be it through a cool short day or a long and hot day at work. Though it does morph a little towards the end and develop a slightly more powdery, sweet musk edge but it doesn’t fade to nothing nor does it get overpoweringly musky.

While linear in a general observation this scent does have tiny twists and turns, hardly noticeable but still evident if you must pick it out.

The Scent Journey –

Starting with the top notes, the first spritz is very fresh, juicy and pronounced. It starts of vibrant and youthful with the Top Notes of Mandarin and Orange. Yet somehow with these citrus kickers, the scent still remains very creamy and smooth without being overly vibrant or tangy. Citrus scents aren’t something I particularly prefer so I am glad for this.

The Heart Notes kick in very quickly for me, almost immediately after the initial fresh burst, I get the meld of Neroli followed by a warm mix of florals. For the longest time I could not pin-point what this wafting scent was but I believe it could be the fusion of Peach with Lily of the Valley (one of my favorite perfume notes) along with Neroli amping up the warmth of this fruity floral mix. Quick note, perfumes always take a warmer turn on my skin, for some reason. There is apparently Fig Milk within this Heart Note mix but I can’t seem to pick up on it so I presume it has blended beautifully into the mix.

The base notes further play up the soft powdery florals of this as Orchid makes its entrance and blends in with Lily of the Valley, making it a more floral and powdery scent with Iris and Musk warming and sweetening it up. Though thankfully with Neroli still present at this turn, it prevents the scent from turning too sweet or musky / powdery on that it gets a little heavy and sickening.

Instead the blend by this point is absolutely beautiful and lasts well through the day with the florals taking a peek every now and then through the course of wear.

In all, this scent is feminine and soft while having a radiant personality and a soft spunkiness brought about by the strong presence of Neroli.

Overall it is a scent that i highly recommend everyone check out because of how perfectly wearable it is for everyday yet still dressy enough to make everyday feel special.

It is especially beautiful to wear to work, I feel, be it for client meetings or if you will just be within the office. It brings to mind this strong and productive career woman imagery, weird I know, that is confident and no-nonsense when it comes to work but can unwind and have a good laugh with colleagues when need be.

I know, it’s weird but yes, as I said, I think sometimes perfumes are best expressed with some situational imagery. Though of course this is my story, you should give the perfume a whirl and tell me what your story is!

L’OCCITANE’s Néroli & Orchidée Eau de Toilette retails for S$94 (for 75ml) and will be permanent to La Collection de Grasse

Thanks for reading!

Skin Rambles – My Current Skincare Routine & Eczema Battling

Hello you guys!

Hope everyone is doing well amidst our insanely warm and stuffy weather of late. Without a doubt, the hot and humid months are upon us. As if Singapore isn’t hot and humid enough already!

Nonetheless, this heat, humidity and stuffiness isn’t the only thing dampening my moods as I seem to be slipping into a state of constant drab-ness. I have been feeling so lackluster and uninspired of late, not just for the blog but at work and all. It seems like my well of ‘creative juices’ had dried up in the heat and I’m left with nothing but a void of words and a constant distracted / uninterested feeling.

I hate this phase I am going through right now but I would like to think that perhaps it is just fatigue and the amount of workload getting to me – too much to think about my mind can’t seem to calm down enough to process my own thoughts.

Regardless, I just wanted to ramble aimlessly about nothing at all but yet about something in particular. It feels soothing to do this without having to assure that my rambles must be of a certain standard hence, right now, here I am taking the mic to ramble on about what I am currently using on my skin.

Are you interested to know? It can get a little lengthy, as if it isn’t already, hurhur.

So… skin!

Well, starting with skincare, I have been using the Jet Concepts Liquid Laser skincare for a good while and while that yielded pretty good results – I do genuinely see my skin recovering from zits and spots much quicker – my skin has been craving something a little milder, simpler and thirst-quenching.

With that, I have since popped back to my L’OCCITANE Angelica skincare routine because, as I had mentioned, this is a fail-proof, mild and great way for me to treat my skin to nothing but moisture and a gentle healing process.

It’s a great way to ‘cleanse my skin’s palate’ in a sense, in between any strong serums or harsh infusions I may be using.

Here’s a run down of what I am using in my current simple and fresh skincare routine:

  • Angelica Transparent Face Soap (not pictured, but see here)
  • Angelica Face Toner
  • Iris Angelica Essence Sublime (bottle #2!)
  • Angelica Hydra Vital Cream and Hydra Vital Gel
  • Oshairee White Wrinkle Filler Eye Ampoule

Most of the stuff I am using now have been featured on my blog at one point or another though there are some new-comers and contenders to this routine.

First of all, the Angelica Hydra Vital Cream and Hydra Vital Gel are new additions to the L’OCCITANE Angelica skincare range, set to replace the current Hydration Cream (that will be discontinued).

I will be talking about these proper in an entry to come but these cream and gel variants feature the good ole Angelica infusions (water, root oil etc), along with an inclusion of an extra nourishing ingredient.

All that, coupled with a new, light-weight and refreshing formulation, these are said to get along better with Singapore’s climate while still providing your skin with the same dose of hydration and a soft veil of protection.

Another new thing to my routine would be this Oshairee White Wrinkle Filler Eye Ampoule!

I am actually quite excited about using this because the people that have recommended it to me sing praises about it and how it does help with puffiness around the eye area and of course easing soft lines / wrinkles.

Unbeknown to many, fine-lines and creeping wrinkles about my eye area is actually a huge concern of mine. It isn’t noticeable from a distance (thankfully) but they are there and you will get to see them in due time, when I put my entry about this product up. I am still in the midst of testing it so I can’t speak for its efficacy just yet but I am keeping my fingers crossed!

Though the serum aside, I absolutely love the cooling roller-ball applicator used to dispense and massage on the eye serum. It makes it an absolute joy to use and I can easily look past any hygiene concerns I might otherwise have. It’s just too nice an applicator!

So anway, all that to come in due time but for now, at least here’s an idea of what I am using on my face as of now!

Face aside, I have been facing some skin woes and eczema annoyance of late.

That’s the reason why you see some redness and bumps on my fingers in some pictures and if you have seen me in person of late you would notice bumps and rash along my legs.

It’s really not pretty but I have been plagued by eczema my whole life that I am quite accustomed to this. Though of late they have been worsening to the point of the ‘outbreaks’ not even getting better.

Those familiar with eczema would know the rash typically comes and goes but this time around it has been coming and not going. In fact it seemed to be getting worst so I knew something had to be done and arranged a session with the National Skin Centre.

I haven’t gone there since I was 10!

I was prescribed a round of Fucicort (steroid cream with anti-biotic) and a milder step-down cream for when things got better, as well as a QV Flare Up wash because I had already put myself on a Cetaphil routine, the doc didn’t prescribe that for me.

So yes… after a few days my skin is certainly seeing a great improvement! I don’t want to speak too soon (like I always do) but… if this keeps up I’ll be back to nail swatching business in no time, yippee!

p.s. I don’t swatch my nails when my eczema is bad because removing polish is a pain, a true pain with the polish remover in contact with my rash and whatnot.

All you neglected bottles of polish, mama is coming for you real soon! Just hang tight!

You guys too, I’ll be back in action once I iron down this madness at work (I keep repeating myself, ha) but hopefully with that out of the way my mind can be more focused and calm in churning out posts.

Thanks for hanging by and thanks for reading, I’ll catch up again real soon!

Angelica duties – More Giveaways & More Angelica Comin' Right Up!

I haven’t been a very good Angelica Angel of late with my schedule and being way too busy / distracted to lay down some Angelica news for you all so I shall go ahead and spam it up in the coming May!

After all, I have some exciting news about changes to come to the Angelica skincare range!

Though, before that I should properly introduce you all to the remaining members of the Angelica skincare family!

Though the image above is an Angelica haul comprising of newbies as well as stockups – the likes of Iris Angelica’s Sublime Essence (I love) and Angelica Ultra Matte Fluid (hubs loves).

I’m sure you have all met the new and elegant older sister that is Iris Angelica, as well as the vibrant and spunky youngin, Angelica Lemon. Needless to say you are all a little acquainted with the standard products within the stable and always-there-for-you Angelica range… though there’s more!

Unmentioned in all my previous Angelica product round ups would be these little fellas – the Hydrating Mask, Gentle Face Exfoliator as well as a bar of Angelica Face Soap (my absolute favvvvvv item right now)!

I’ve been giving these items a run over the past few weeks and will be sharing my thoughts about them all real soon – with giveaways to come as well!

So stick around and find out more about what the L’OCCITANE Angelica household has to offer!

The L’OCCITANE Angelica range is a permanent skincare line. Check them out any L’OCCITANE store island-wide.

Thanks for reading!

p.s. I do owe you all some other stuff (Japan haul – small but exciting for me) as well but give me a while alright! This week has been brutal in all aspects be it work or home-matters (e.g. sorting and packing) as well as a little – though not so little – assignment I have undertaken which will lead to baby’s apperance on here again. So… stay tuned for it all, alright!

Celebrate Women's Day with L'OCCITANE – 'LIKE' to Help Donate!

You know how we always see the Facebook spam messages that go around about how every LIKE donates a certain amount to some bogus cause? Well I’m sure you also know that most of those sob stories are phoney and every share and like really accounts to nothing…

Though I know for sure the one I am about to mention here is not a phoney and for once you can actually help ‘donate’ to a fund simply by hitting the LIKE button!

Some backstory…

For years now, the L’OCCITANE Foundation has been supporting women entrepreneurship in Burkina Faso through Micro-credit and literacy programs, to help them better themselves and to learn more skillsets that would take them further in this day and age.

Today, over 830 women have benefitted from this project, receiving access to literacy programmes and receiving management training in income-generating activities in their 14 centres that they have built and equipped to give these women a place to learn and work.

This ambitious project needs continual support from the public to further their equipments and upgrade their services to ensure these women are still able to relate to the industry these days.

Thus, all L’OCCITANE requires from your end is simply to LIKE the following image – don’t worry, no monetary donation is required for liking it.

For every 1 LIKE, the L’OCCITANE Foundation will donate 1€!

Click here to visit that page post!

Aside from that, if you wish to do more for the Foundation and are in need of a new bar of soap, you can pick up this milk-scented L’OCCITANE Shea Butter Soap.

100% of the profits from the sale of this soap goes towards organisations that promote women’s entrepreneurship through enriching them with skills.

So if you’ve got 5 minutes to spare, head on over and drop a like on this page. It doesn’t take much effort to do and every LIKE counts!

Thanks for reading!


L’OCCITANE GIVEAWAY – 2 Sets of Angelica Lemon ‘Starters’

As part of my angelic duties (waha! – I’m cringing as I type that, heh) I am here to bestow upon 2 lucky readers a ‘starter’ set to the Angelica Lemon range!

I say starter but that’s just my own term for it because what I have up for grabs is 2 sets of:

  • Angelica Lemon Ultra Foaming Cleanser (150ml)
  • Angelica Lemon Ultra Mattifying Toner (200ml)


Now that I have them typed out like that, that’s a lot of ‘ultra’s!

If you are ultra keen to try them out, why not take part in the Giveaway that I am currently hosting!

Unlike previously, this will be an Instagram Giveaway so here’s what you have to do to take part (if you haven’t already seen it on instagram)!

– How to Take Part –
  1. Follow me on Instagram ! Simple enough?
  2. LIKE‘ the L’OCCITANE Giveaway picture (as seen above)
  3. Leave a comment saying “pick me!” (or something like that) along with your email address. This is very important as I will contact you here if you win.


And that is it!

The giveaway will run from 28th February to 14th March.

While it’s not necessary to re-gram and spread the word etc (complicated mechanics I’ll dabble in once I get the hang of IG-giveaways), you can feel free to share the Angelica love… if you wish.


Alrightey, thanks for reading and good luck everyone!

p.s. I thought I would get more time on my hands after wrapping up a major work event but who knew that after finishing that up, I’ve opened the floodgates of ‘pending projects’ that were shoved aside to revisit once the work even is over. KILL MEEEE. That said, there may or may not be a little silence on this space but I’m trying to at least have one new entry up a week! :)

NEW – L'OCCITANE's Angelica Lemon Range (For Oily / Combination Skin)!

Fairly new, that is.

L’OCCITANE’s Angelica Lemon range has been available for a month or so but if you are wondering what sets this apart from the existing Angelica and Iris Angelica that was introduced last year, well… read on!

If you have oily / combination skin that flares up with angry spots now and then, could use with oil control and needs a little love and hydration amidst repairing and ‘disciplining’?

Well, I think the Angelica Lemon range could be what you are searching for!

Back when I held my Festive Angelica Giveaway, I asked for participants to list their skin concerns. A good amount of the replies I got included oily / combination skin, pores, and in some cases oily yet dehydrated skin at the same time.

With that, I feel the launch of the Angelica Lemon range would perfectly address many of your needs and concerns!

How does Angelica Lemon Work? –

The added ingredient of Zinc along with Organic Lemon Essential Oils help to regulate sebum production and keeps oilies at bay (for as long as they can fend it off!), as well as purifying and tightening the pores. Thus with regular use, your skin should see an improved condition of being less oily with an overall better complexion!

All that aside, the base formulation of Angelica (Angelica Root & Angelica Water) helps with the nourishing aspect and improves hydration along with protecting the skin from free radicals (which damages your skin and speeds up the signs of aging, eeps!).

While the Zinc and Organic Lemon Essential Oils cleanses and fixes your skin concerns, the Angelica formulation provides comfort and soothes the skin so it doesn’t act up!

Voila, that’s the best way to explain this one-two combo found within the Angelica Lemon range as simply as possible!

Angelica Lemon, like the Iris Angelica range, is an add-on to the exisiting (and extensive) Angelica line from L’OCCITANE. What you get with this range is a few key items to introduce to your regime as opposed to a whole new routine from A – Z with Angelica Lemon.

The 3 key products found in this range would be the:

  • Angelica Lemon Ultra Foaming Cleanser
  • Angelica Lemon Ultra Mattifying Toner
  • Angelica Ultra Matte Fluid

Rightfully the Ultra Matte Fluid was the stepping stone to the Angelica Lemon range as it had been formulated with the key ingredients (Organic Lemon Essential Oil and Zinc) while being launched earlier with the Angelica range. To put it simply, this isn’t new but it is now roped in with the in-crowd and properly brought to light again.

Not to confuse anyone it will still stay named as Angelica Ultra Matte Fluid while it stands together with the Angelica Lemon range!

Before we dive into the products, I want to preface this by saying my skin is currently in Normal and mildly Dry days so these products are not a match for my skintype. Even with that said, I am still sharing my thoughts based on how I felt they work on me though I can’t be a proper judge of the properties these carry (oil control etc).

Angelica Lemon Ultra Foaming Cleanser –

Everyone loves a foaming cleanser… right? It’s just so much more fun to squish a ball of foam around and smear that on your face? No?

Jokes aside, the Ultra Foaming Cleanser does foam and it certainly cleanses well. The foam it produces isn’t a watery drippy mess either and is actually a nice light-weight foam that while seemingly ‘dry’ does sud up well on the face and leaves you feeling squeaky clean. Yes, it does end up feeling a tiny bit drying for me, making my skin slightly taut post-wash though I’m sure oily skintypes would appreciate the thorough cleanse – though remember to moisturize after!

Digressing to the scent, for those who adore the fresh and crisp celery-like scent the original Angelica range carries, you’ll be sad to know the Angelica Lemon products smell fairly neutral with no celery whatsoever. Boohoo for me.

Angelica Lemon Ultra Mattifying Toner –

If the Angelica toner felt a little too hydrating for you, you’ll be glad to learn that this Ultra Mattifying Toner seems to be lighter in texture (not as heavy / hydrating on the skin) without as much of a stick after. It is still a western toner so it isn’t completely weightless and has some moisturizing elements to it, as opposed to the water-like quality of some asian toners. Though it is just as well because even though your skin is oily, it doesn’t mean it should be deprived of moisture!

In terms of the mattifying aspect, I can’t be the best judge but it did hydrate my normal / mildly dry skin adequetely. As a personal preference I still enjoy using the Angelica Toner more as it felt more hydrating and nourishing for my skin concern.

Angelica Ultra Matte Fluid –

A lightweight gel-fluid-like moisturizer to ease and introduce oily skintypes to using a moisturizer because often times when you have oily skin, most cream (or even gel) moisturizers can feel a little too thick or heavy on. For me personally, I feel this is really light weight and best for use during the day. While L’OCCITANE claims you can use this both day and night, if you sleep in drying conditions, it’s best to use a moisturizer that is a little thicker just for that extra moisture.

While the Ultra Matte Fluid didn’t really agree with my normal / midly dry skin (it made my skin feel dry and broke me out a little by day 2), Hubs with his oily / combination skin loves it. He uses it in the day and enjoys how light-weight it feels yet hydrating it is through the day. He has also noted that his face feels less oily by the end of the day and he doesn’t feel the need to splash or wipe his face through the work day, that’s got to be a good thing!

Since he has been using it for almost a month now, he has also noticed the effects of the Angelica ingredients as he noted that his skin seemed to regenerate and hea
l a
lot quicker and better – a pimple scar of his has smoothed out over use.

Not just hubs but a handful of people I have spoken to swear by this product, namely those with oily skin concerns looking to keep oilies at bay and to feel better in their skin through the day!

In all…

While my skintype isn’t the most ideal for test-driving these Angelica Lemon products, I can imagine that this range will easily be loved because it targets the concerns of a large amount of Singaporean women (and men) out there.

Hubs has been testing this range for me, after I did my initial 1-2 week run with it, and he’s been enjoying the benefits that he sees in his skin. Previously he would randomly mention mid-day that his face felt a little oily or that he wanted to splash up to refresh himself. Though these days he doesn’t seem to do that anymore and his skin does appear more hydrated and certainly less oily through the day!

I can’t say that if it works for him it will work for you since everyone’s skin is different but it is certainly worth a look.

If you’re considering only 1 item, why not start with the Ultra Matte Fluid!

Thanks for reading and stick around because, as you would have guessed, I’ve got a giveaway just around the corner! ;)

L'OCCITANE's Cerisier Rouge (Red Cherry) Fragrance for 2014

Love is in the air, or it could just very well be L’OCCITANE’s new Cerisier Rouge fragrance wafting about this Valentines’ Day!

Every year, L’OCCITANE puts their fun and romantic spin on Cherry Blossom and what we get is a special limited run of this Cherry Blossom with a twist.

This year, Cherry Blossom gets a tint of fun and personality as Cerisier Rouge is steering clear of the soft dainty romantics and instead is bursting with freshness, juiciness and yet still poised and mature enough with its soft touch of musk.

Before you dive into this bed of Cherry Blossoms, let me first tell you that maybe you want to shake any preconceived scent-expectations of Cherry Blossom because this sure isn’t the soft, sweet and airy blooms that you would be accustommed to.

Or at least that was what I expected with this Red Cherry, and not quite what I got…

Though that’s not exactly a bad thing!

“As evening falls on the first summer nights on the Luberon hills, cherry blossom petals turn red in the setting sun. Soon the branches of the trees will be covered with juicy fruits glistening like deep-red pearls.”

A beautiful accord of floral and fruity notes, the Cerisier Rouge Eau Intense comes in a gorgeously gradiented bottle – transcending from a sheer pale pink (almost clear) to a crimson and deep red.

It is almost as if every aspect of this fragrance is aimed at getting a transitional message across, the shifting of seasons from the soft spring to vibrant summers and from an innocent crush to a playful and slowly maturing relationship.

I’m getting ahead of myself now but to me, that seems to be what Cerisier Rouge is.

As compared to the soft and dainty pale pinks of Cherry Blossoms, this seems to be a playful and and bright take on what Cherry Blossoms would be like when you inject a little color, a little personality and a whole lot more juicy fruity notes in.

While it has a fruity twist, it doesn’t over-power the floral bouquet of the fragrance and in fact it allows this fragrance to thread very carefully between flashing a berry scent at times and exuding a soft floral note in others.

On me, the fresh juicy opening of Cerisier Rouge, sadly, doesn’t stick around for too long – my body chemistry tends to fast forward fragrances and bring out the base / warmer nuances more than their fluffy and fun top notes.

For those worried about the longevity of this, I am quite happy to report that with my experience, this lasts and lasts and lasts… After all, it is an Eau Intense / Eau de Parfum.

One reason why I enjoy using this is because I absolutely love the creamy and smooth mix of how this particular scent wears on me. While I usually steer clear of blackcurrant in scents like plague (because my skin seems to amplify sweetness of berries by ten fold, making it the only thing I can detect), the mix of blackcurrant in Cerisier Rouge is actually quite refreshing.

What I love about Cerisier Rouge is how the scent morphs and seems to cover all bases, going from a fresh burst to soft florals, a dainty sweetness one second and a playful peek the other before mellowing down to a beautifully creamy base scent that has a dash of floral, musk and a peek of green-ness (thanks to Olive wood).

It is evident but wafts with a beautiful fade that prevents it from being too overpowering in its musky state; present but peeking, absolutely lovely.

Cerisier Rouge is a beautifully transitional scent and perfectly portrays what the perfumer (Karine Dubreuil) had in mind when she created this scent: to celebrate the beauty of Cherry Blossoms and the bearing of its fruit.

I’m certain this is something you must spritz on yourself to discover because given the spectrum of notes, there is so much potential for it to pull different on everyone.

Top Notes: Lemon, Orange, Blackcurrant
Heart Notes: Wild Lily of the Valley, Red Cherry, Raspberry
Base Notes: White Musk, Heliotrope, Olive Wood

The Cerisier Rouge collection is available with a whole line-up of shower and body products if you wish to immerse yourself in the Red Cherry fragrance and layer it up.

Cerisier Rouge Prices:

Eau Intense (50ml) – S$72
Fragrance Touch – Roll on (15ml) – S$37
Shower Gel (250ml) – S$33
Beautifying Lotion (250ml) – S$48
Hand Cream (30ml) – S$15.50

The Cerisier Rouge (Red Cherry) is Limited Edition and is now available at L’OCCITANE stores island-wide.

If you’re upset about how Cerisier Rouge is only available for a limited time, fret not as L’OCCITANE does have a permanent range of Cherry Blossom available.

This range, Fleurs de Cerisier, is much softer and portrays the trademark dainty and airy Cherry Blossom bloom – very feminine and a lot more subtle.

The Fleurs de Cerisier range had recently undergone a facelift and here I have showcased is the Soft Petal Cream, a beautifully dreamy moisturizer that goes on lightly yet hydrates the skin well.

It is also gently scented with the Cherry Blossom scent, making moisturizing your skin a very delicate and pampering affair.

I really can’t decide which of the Cherry Blossoms I prefer because they have a different personality to cater to your different moods. If layering the Cerisier Rouge scent alone is a little too fruity overall, why not mix and layer the more floral Fleurs de Cerisier with Cerisier Rouge and create your own Cherry Blossom scent!

Fleurs de Cerisier (permanent) is available in quite a huge array of products – see them all here.

Thanks for reading! Do you favor Cherry Blossom scents? What’s your favorite?

L'OCCITANE Festive Giveaway Winners & Angelica Skincare Workshop Round Up!

Instead of spamming you with bits of pieces of my recent eventful interactions with L’OCCITANE, I figured I would just lump it all into this one entry. So, here’s annoucing the winners of my recent L’OCCITANE Angelica Festive Giveaway along with some shots and thoughts of the Angelica Skincare Workshop I had conducted at TANGS Seviin!

In lieu of more L’OCCITANE Angelica giveaways to come (no solid promises but that is my plan!), the giveaway I had just wrapped up will be termed the ‘Festive Giveaway’!

First of all, thank you to all that have taken part and took time to jot your skin concerns down, sharing with me your skin woes. I’ve been through my fair share of skin problems along with good skin times and likewise I feel a skincare routine is crucial to both bettering and maintaining your skin.

With that, L’OCCITANE is bringing to light the fact that they have a good range of skincare products ready to help you tackle your skin concerns be it hydrating, oil control or combating redness.

While the brand isn’t famed for their skincare, it’s never too late to start discovering and learning about what they have to offer – trust me, their stuff is pretty good!

Angelica Festive Giveaway Winners

Enough said, I’m glad to be able to share some L’OCCITANE Angelica products with the 3 lucky winners below!


Congratulations to you lot and for everyone else that didn’t win, fret not! Like I said, I have plans for more giveaways coming up soon – after all, it is my duty as the Angelica Angel to spread the Angelica love!

The 3 winners have been notified via emails, please check your inbox (maybe even spam / junk mail) for further instructions! Should anyone fail to reply within 48 hours, another winner will be drawn.

The Angelica Angel Workshop

On the note of sharing, I was excited (and totally anxious) about the L’OCCITANE Angelica Angel Workshop though thankfully I think everything went relatively smooth! I did have my bouts of nerves and little hiccups with my presentation but I think overall I did pretty okay.

I can only hope that the participants present had a great time discovering the Angelica products and loved the whole experience of it!

Of course I also have to thank the L’OCCITANE Team for being such awesome people and handling every aspect of this workshop such that I needn’t have to worry about anything at all.

The workshop was held at a lovely and cozy room at SEVIIN at Tangs – the setting and deco was perfect and the little bites added a nice classy touch, I couldn’t be more glad about how my first ever beauty workshop went and I’m happy to share this experience with a bunch of jovial and enthusiastic team!

Oh hello Sophia (makeupblogette)!

Overall, it’s hard to sum the experience up but I can see why some would get addicted to holding such presentations, workshops and/or hosting. Not for the attention (unless that’s your thang) but rather the feeling of conveying information, helping people understand a product better and hopefully allowing them to have enjoyed the session yet learnt from it at the same time. It’s really quite priceless :)

With that said, this doesn’t mean I’ll be doing workshops anytime now because I need to keep my nerves and heart rate in check! I can’t deal with this presentation anxiety on a daily basis! Ha!

Thanks again everyone!

p.s. Putting a little pause button on my blog right now because work is a total killa but you’ll hear from me as soon as I can! As usual, loads to shout out and talk about but not enough time. No time, never enough time! Ha!