New LUSH Store at Orchard Gateway!

There’s a new scent in town! Or rather a new LUSH location scenting up the malls along Orchard Road.

I was kindly invited, by the LUSH folks, down to their new location at Orchard Gateway for a store opening party.

Yes, a part of me was thinking – What? Orchard Gateway? Where is that?!

As it turns out the little mall space that was perpetually under renovation somewhere between Orchard Central and 313? Well, yes that is where Orchard Gateway lies and if you ask me, it is a little bit tricky to describe how the mall is because a large part of it is still awaiting tenants and pretty lacking in human traffic.

That aside, I am also confused on how the landscape of it works because it is linked to Somerset station, yet also linked to Orchard Central…

Perplexing? I think so but all you have to know is… LUSH is there too!

The event was relatively run-of-the-mill, and I mean that by the usual introduction to their products and also a look at where everything is within their new store space.

I like that for some reason the whole store felt very spacious and roomy even though technically speaking it isn’t a huge square area either.

I think something about the glass panels on all sides, the bright lights and high ceiling really makes up for this illusion of space.

Here are some sweeps of the new store layout:

Did something glimmering and shiny catch your eye in the sweeps above?

Yes, you are indeed seeing what you think you are seeing – a tap!

In the prior LUSH stores, Suntec and Wisma, the issues they faced there would be getting a water supply since due to plumbing reasons they are not allowed to have a sink or running water within the shop. Thus, having an actual tap within the Orchard Gateway store is quite a big deal!

A very convenient deal for sure!

Everything within this new store has its own corner and I like how ‘spacious’ it feels. Sure the shop may appear lifted in appearance but the signature LUSH scent still hits you when you enter (it even wafts to the basement levels!) but for some reason the shop feels a lot less cluttered.

Perhaps the fact that most of their shelves are stacked a little higher here (hence reducing the need to clutter) helps with the cleaner display!

There was a little mingling before the store tour to give some of us an introduction to what LUSH carries as well as bubblin’ fun with bath bomb and bubble bar demonstrations.

All in all it was a really simple get-together that was really casual, laid-back and in good fun. We even had some super active fruit mascots dancing about the storefront! Kudos to them because it was really warm at Orchard Gateway.

So now if you happen to be at the opposite end of ION Orchard and need a dash to LUSH to stock up on some bath goodness, you now know where to go!

LUSH @ Gateway is located at #01-07
You can see the store from Orchard Central’s EwF

Thanks for reading and happy soapin’ up!