MAC Toledo – Swatches of The Lips & The Eyes (Oxblood, Tarot & Opera)!

Hey guys!

I know, I know, it’s another one for MAC but what can I say, I’ve done these brand spams before and you know when I get on a roll with a brand, I really get on a roll.

I will repeat my whole stall and slowdown on the blog issue again (incase you missed my constant complaint and lament about leaving this space empty for too long) but I’ll keep it short: Yes, I’m still disappearing a little and that can’t be helped, sadly!

So much I want to say and post but time on here has been short so this space has been moving pretty slow, my bad!

I only hope that regardless my entries are still informative and helpful to those who choose to stop by and read (thank you :D)!

So… Toledo!


To cut to the chase, because Toledo is already so talked about, I’ll skip out on all the backstory of the collaboration and general product information (that is covered here actually) and go straight to the products I have on hand.


Now, Toledo is a pretty huge collection and there are many things to browse, swatch and consider but what I have here is simply some lip and eye stuff. Really simple and quick items to talk about and show so I assure you, it shouldn’t take up too much time.

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The lip items I have on hand would be the Oxblood Lipstick and Lipglass as well as a Lipglass in Opera.


Now when the term Oxblood is mentioned, in respect to makeup (or fashion even), we’re so wired to immediately bring to mind a deep vampy or mildly maroon red shade that would be stunning for the evening or a perfect fit for Fall fashion.

Though MAC apparently decided to throw a little curveball with their take on Oxblood and roll out a peachy-nude shade in that name. Trust me, that took some getting used to.


Oh you mean this is Oxblood? Hmm…


Choice of name aside, the color is actually quite a pretty one and definitely one that most would find wearable because while it’s a nude, it isn’t a dead-nude shade either and lends enough peachy hues to give your complexion some color.

Though it is still admittedly quite a nude lip look that not everyone will love but from the looks of it most do as it flew off the shelves when Toledo did their initial launch (on 1st March) at Sephora ION.


I find the formula of Oxblood, while creamy in application, a little patchy and some attention is required during application to ensure it goes on perfectly well.


However if it is any consolation, the patchiness I observed is me being critical and viewing the super close lip shots of this on. From a regular distance, as if someone were speaking to you but not in your personal space, it isn’t that glaring.



The Oxblood Lipglass (left nude one) is something I would recommend more than the Lipstick if you don’t mind gloss.


The gloss is opaque enough to lend color to the lips, and that’s pretty decent considering it is a nude shade, and the gloss aspect makes it go on in a finish that is easier to pull off as opposed to the matte one of the lipstick.


I wouldn’t recommend using both together unless a dab of gloss in the middle of your lips just to add dimension or a little smoothed out to make the lipstick less patchy is what you have in mind because given the pigmentation of both the Lipstick and Lipgloss it could end up looking like a whole lot of product on if you applied both liberally.

The next lip item is the Lipglass in Opera, one of the many reds launched with the MAC Toledo collection.


I can’t recall where Opera stands in the nuances and hues of the reds but I feel it’s an absolutely stunning red gloss to have.

Like the Oxblood Lipglass, Opera is equally pigmented in color with a nice glossy finish if that’s your kinda thing!


The one issue or concern I have with incredibly pigmented gloss is that I’m always wary about them migrating or hair being caught on the lips and then dragging streaks of gloss over parts of the face so… there these concerns are a little evident with Opera Lipglass but thankfully it didn’t seem to feather much with wear.


You may want to be a little cautious should you be wearing this and eating at the same time. My advice would be to wipe it off before so as to avoid mess.

Less is more as well with pigmented and strong colored glosses as they can get on your teeth should you apply too much.



Alrightey, I think I’ve rambled on a little too much about the lip items so I’ll try to keep the next part a little shorter. After all, it’s a simple lil mascara so there’s only so much I can talk about it since I’m not an avid mascara user right now.


So I believe there are 4 mascaras released with Toledo and apart from one of them being the mandatory noir shade, the other 3 are pretty fun injections of color.

The mascara even comes with a brush as quirky as the design of the collection itself. While adorable being all swirly and curvy, I did find that the intriguing shape did pose some trickiness when you’re trying to angle the bristles for certain lashes, namely the lower lashes.


I can’t really speak for how well the mascara volumizes or curls considering I got the pretty purple on in Tarot and my preferred choice for using this would be on the lower lashes instead of the upper ones.


Speaking a little bit of the color, I think Tarot is quite beautiful where purple mascaras are concerned. It isn’t the typical darkened kind and it has a pastel edge to it that brightens the shade up, but that also means it’s something that requires some thought as opposed to a darkened purple mascara that you can throw on any day for any eye look.


Just for example-sake, I tried to snap some shots of me with Tarot on (my lower lashline) but as you can tell I applied it in some moderation that it gives a nice glimmer when it catches the light without making it look like I have purple-colored lower lashes.




It’s a pretty mascara, that’s for sure but if you are looking for something more unique, there’s a lime green shade within the Toledo collection as well!

Purple Divider

So there you go! My thoughts and also some snaps of the Toledo pieces that I have on hand.

This might have come a little belatedly and I sincerely hope some pieces are available still. If not, I hope it serves as a little reminder to give these a look again should you have picked up these pieces and perhaps chucked them aside forgetting about them!


Thanks for reading!

The MAC Toledo collection is Limited Edition and was launched 3rd March 2015.

The Lipsticks and Lipglasses retail for S$33 while the Mascara retails for S$40

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Look Feature: MAC Bao Bao Wan – Bao Bao’s Jewels On the Eyes & Forbidden Sunrise On the Lips!

Hey all!

I know you can probably feel the slow down on here already as New Job is now officially taking over my life…

Every. Single. Aspect of it.

Though what did I expect, right? I can’t promise more frequent updates, which is quite sad because I do have loads of exciting and upcoming stuff to share (that might not even be upcoming when I get around to talking about it) but I’ll try my best and write / shoot / edit pictures when I can alright!

So anyway, you aren’t here to read about that so let’s get on with this post!


This entry features a couple of pieces, and by couple I really mean 2, of the MAC Bao Bao Wan collection that I have on hand – namely the eyeshadow palette (Bao Bao’s Jewels) and a stunning coral lipstick (Forbidden Sunrise).


I think I had shared some sentiments about Bao Bao’s Jewels already but to reiterate, this palette performed so so so much better than I had envisioned.

Enough for me to end up being rather obsessed by it and sticking to it for about a week, which is considerably long if you consider the fact that it’s quite warm and quite shimmery.

But boy, it’s oh so pretty! Wouldn’t you think so too?


I love how deliciously warm the palette is, which ironically is also a reason why I would get a little sick of using it after a week straight but it’s definitely something I can still go back to given how neutral the selection is.




Now, I must also say that while I term this whole palette as beautiful and lovely, not all the shades within seem to be made equal.


I didn’t mention this in detail within my Bao Bao Wan overview but the top beige is a little dry so it doesn’t adhere well to the skin unless you have a good base. But it’s so sparkly and pretty though!

The next shade that’s a little iffy is the deepest shimmery charcoal (not used in this look) which carries a little grit to it as well but it isn’t as dry as the beige.


I feel for those two shades, the beige especially, they should be used like an accent shade that is dabbed or patted on or perhaps with a mixer so the shimmers hold better. Buffing them over the lid with a fluffy brush would result in the shimmer being everywhere else but your eye lids ;)

Though for everything else, aren’t they just magnificient?




That’s that for the eyes and for the lips I have on Forbidden Sunrise, which was swatched in the Bao Bao Wan overview, but here you can see how well it plays with and compliments a warm eye (and also a warm complexion).



I have very few true oranges in my stash and I’m glad to say that Forbidden Sunrise is a much welcomed addition to the stash differing a little from the other orange lipstick that I have (from Shu Uemura, was it?) by having a certain milky quality to it amidst its bright orange appearance.





It’s bright, it’s fun and it’s nowhere near red at the same time. Absolutely perfect if you’re on the prowl for true orange lipsticks!


So that’s that! I think having lesser time to the blog may help with my incessant rambling since I have less time to type things up I’ve got to cut to the chase, right?

Though I think writing isn’t the issues, it’s mostly pictures – both taking and editing them – that stalls the process given I just haven’t got the time for all that these days. So anyway, yes I’ve got a lot of drafts sitting around and alot of products waiting to be shot (plus some shot pictures waiting to be edited).

Wish we had more time (to ourselves!) in a day, yes? Ha.


Thanks for reading!

MAC’s Bao Bao’s Jewels Eyeshadow Palette retails for S$75. MAC’s Forbidden Lipstick retails for S$33. These are Limited Edition.

Find out more about MAC x Bao Bao Wan’s release information here.

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A Look At MAC’s Bao Bao Wan Collection (Photos & Swatches)

Hello you guys!

Well, because blogging is now a bit of a irregular affair, I’ve decided… to hell with keeping to the order of things, I’m going to put things up when I can even if it means jumbling about with collection release dates.

Which means Bao Bao Wan is getting mentioned before Cinderella and Toledo, though I still hope to get around to talking about Toledo eventually even though it’s all over the internet because it has been released in the US for awhile now.

So anyway, Bao Bao Wan!


The reason this gets bumped up is because I’ve come to really like the pieces I have from the collection which is a seemingly bejewelled and flamboyant eyeshadow palette and a vibrant tangerine lip color in Forbidden Sunrise.

In the scale of MAC collections, I’d say that Bao Bao Wan is considered small. Or maybe a little bit medium.

It’s a nice-sized collection without too much to overwhelm but just enough items within to catch your attention as well.


Just to put a personality to the name, Bao Bao Wan (for those who don’t know, me included prior to this) is a Jewellery Designer from China who is also a stylish socialite, or so I’ve heard. Hence it’s no surprise that her collection comes in a beautiful packaging twist!

Instead of MAC’s usual glossy finish, the packaging in Bao Bao Wan’s collection takes on a matte or rather more suede-like finish that isn’t flat in dimension either as it appears like a deep bronzey grey yet flashes green when it hits the light.


It’s stunning (to me, at least) and the darkened rose-gold accent running through the products (save the polishes of course) is a nice classy touch. The whole collection has a premium air to it while the prices are still kept very much similar to their usual – polishes and lipsticks are the same price as those in the permanent range.

Grey Divider

So anyway, enough talk about that, lets have a look at the pieces, starting with Bao Bao’s Jewels (S$75)!


My first impression of this, and by that I mean before putting my finger to swatch it, was that this is probably a highly impractical eyeshadow palette that looks good and grand but wouldn’t be of much use.

Boy was I so wrong!


It looks like it’s all shimmer and glimmer, which isn’t wrong, but underneath all that sparkle there is a decent amount of pigmentation to the colors making them discernible from each other.


I don’t know what I was expecting but I guess it was along the lines of getting the same golden sparkly wash of shimmer no matter which pan I swatched but it was nice to know that they are distinguishable and while scarily sparkly in the pan, they do swatch on to be wearable colors that can be paired together for a look.

Granted it’s a look that is going to be sparklier and shinier than your average but given the jewelry theme of this collection, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, right?

Especially when 2 of the 5 colors are all about jam packed sparkles – that very top pale beige and the starry charcoal beneath.




I’ll definitely be putting a look of this palette up because it is quite gorgeous and apart from the high shimmer factor the colors are something I would reach for and use. It’s so warm and beautiful my heart can’t take it.



Look to come, for sure, but in the meanwhile let’s move on to the lipstick!


There are 4 lip color variations in MAC’s Bao Bao Wan collection and they each other an aspect of the lip spectrum – oranges, reds, neutrals and purples.


Of the lot, I received the straight out orange toned lipstick in Forbidden Sunrise (S$33) and I couldn’t be happier about it because straight out oranges are usually a little rarer to find.

While they do take some thought and look contemplation to wear, as compared to a red which easily goes with many looks, it ends up being such a lovely and unique bold look that I can’t resist it.


It’s bright, colored and fun but in a different way and mood from the usual reds and pinks. I think orange lips paired with a peach or golden hued face is going to be my new thing!

So, Forbidden Sunrise is a little different from this other straight-out orange lipstick I have in my stash. My goldfish memory is forbidding me from recalling what it is right now – I’m thinking Shu Uemura, but I can’t be sure…


But anyway, Forbidden Sunrise is an mid-tone orange that seems to have a bit of a white base so it can appear a little stark if you’re quite deep in skintone. In my pictures it photographs a little more saturated in intensity but I do urge you to swatch it in person first incase it comes out a milky orange on your skintone.


Though that said, it isn’t pastel either and has a nice bright almost-neon quality to it.


It doesn’t seem to lean towards the red spectrum so it stays a true orange once on the lips and while it’s quite an acquired look I think it’s perfect when you’re looking to play up your makeup looks or want that perfect summer-ish neon orange pout.

Purple Divider

In all, I think the MAC Bao Bao Wan collection was one that really caught my attention and I wasn’t expecting that at all because firstly I wasn’t too familiar with the name of said designer they are collaborating with and secondly at a glance I guess it didn’t look like much but I take that back now.

The packaging of this collection is quite lovely and the pieces within are nice as well in terms of colors and formulation. The polishes do swatch a little runny and sheer at first but after some building up I think they’re not too bad as well.

If you’re interested in the MAC Bao Bao Wan pieces then check out where to find it below! Prices of the other products within the collection is listed within my MAC SS2015 Round Up entry over here.


Thanks for reading!

MAC x Bao Bao Wan will launch 6th March Ngee Ann City and Robinsons Orchard. 12th March at TANGS Orchard.

This is Limited Edition

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MAC Cosmetic Mentions – Upcoming and Already-Out Collex!

Hey y’all!

Now that I’m facing a move and living life from packed boxes, okay I exaggerate but it is a slight move to my parents place due to renovation works where I live. Life is as per normal otherwise and nothing much should change but in the scenario that somehow I don’t get to shooting the products I plan to shoot and posting about them during this period, I thought that I should at least give these items some semblance of a mention before it gets too late!

So, with that here’s me elaborating a little more on the MAC pile that I had posted on instagram.

And yes, as you can see, I’m still dragging my feet around proper ‘official’ wordy press release sorta entries. I just want to ramble, y’anno?

Grey Divider

So, first and foremost are things you can buy now!

A Novel Romance

This collection may make you squirm just from a glance at the promo visuals and while some might be going gaga over it but that’s definitely not my reaction.

I’ll admit that whole hunky ‘romantic’ approach is cheesier than a cheese burger but the products within the collection are worth the look! If you can get past the mental imagery of the promo visual that is.

Oh, why, MAC, why…

So from that collection we have

  • 3 Eyeshadow Quads
    – which I have 1 on hand and am racing against time to feature (before MAC takes this collection off their racks),
  • 6 Lipsticks
  • 5 Lipglasses
  • 2 powder blushes
  • 6 Nail Lacquers
  • 7 Fluidline Eyepencils
  • 8 Electric Cool Eyeshadows (not pictured here).

That’s quite a hefty collection, not to mention the Mascara and Eye pencil Brush inclusion just to amp up the collection a little more. Not that it needs it!

This collection has been out for awhile, if you haven’t caught the cheesy visuals via MAC’s huge lightboxes out and about town / malls then I don’t know where you have been but I have swatched a polish from this collection so far and I will have a couple more mentions from this collection to come, so stay tuned!

I fear by the time I’m done with the mentions, amidst moving and busy-ness, it could be too late but MAC has a knack for repromoting things to death so perhaps I can bank on that…

The A Novel Romance collection has been out for awhile, go grab it right now!

Next up is the one collection everyone has been talking about!


MAC x The Simpsons

I am going to be honest here and say that I don’t watch The Simpsons. I’m not going to pretend to be all, omgawd the simpsons~, but I will admit that I like MAC’s take on the collection. The feature on Margie, the colors and the quality / pairing of everything within this collection is actually quite pretty.

I had the initial impression of this being a marketing gimmick but gimmick or not the pieces are lovely and I think that has since softened my cynical outlook on it and made me find this quite endearing.

Especially when everyone talks about how beautiful the peachy-pink blush is, I just had to get on that bandwagon.

The MAC x Simpsons collection features:

  • 2 Eyeshadow Quads
  • 4 Lipglasses
  • 1 Powder Blush (available to us)
  • 1 set of Nail Stickers
  • 1 set of Margie’s False Lashes

It’s a collection that could go horribly cheesy (again, I hate that that word comes up so often when I describe MAC) but thankfully it turned out really cute and really nice as a whole.

Now, I just really want that Simpsons tessellation as a wallpaper for my computer! It’s so adorable.

The Simpsons collection is currently available at MAC Bugis and MAC TANGS (out today – 12th September!)


A Rocky Horror Picture Show

Moving on from cute, MAC’s got Halloween all planned out already. After all, being a makeup house for fun, bold and loud looks, how can they not join in where Halloween is concerned!

This collection ended up being way more extensive than I had imagined and I guess that makes it extremely handy too.

If you’re stumped on where to start shopping for some Halloween makeup essentials, why not check out the Rocky Horror Picture Show collection first!

The collection comes with:

  • 4 Lipsticks
  • 1 Lip Pencil
  • 1 Eyeshadow Palette
  • 2 Glitters
  • 1 Pigment
  • 2 Chromagraphic Pencils
  • 2 Greasepaint Sticks
  • 1 Powder Blush
  • 1 Sculpt & Shape Powder
  • 2 Nail Lacquers
  • 1 Set of False Lashes

Phew, isn’t that a lot of stuff for one collection? Given some are permanent items from the Pro range, repromotes and all but there are some lovely Limited Edition pieces too.

From the lot, I think the red lipsticks appeal most to be because I’m not the best smokey-eye wearer these days with my frames and preference for neutral browns. The Sculpt and Shape powder seems really pretty too and considering I don’t have one, plus this one being Limited Edition, that’s pretty much makeup speak for must-get… right?

The Rocky Horror Picture Show collection is likely to be launched late October.

Well, after all of that makeup galore, what’s pretty lips, cheeks and such without a perfected base?


Matchmaster Concealer

I’m quite unsure about this one, I don’t know if it’s out soon or already out but it is an addition to the existing Matchmaster range which consists of a liquid foundation that uses an intelligent shade technology to give you a flawless demi-matte finish.

The Matchmaster concealer comes in a twist-up stick form with a matte-steel barrel that makes it easier to clean than if it were a shiny silver.

I can’t speak for the shade selection and availability for this but I heard it has a fairly thick formula and works great with a combination of both fingers and a brush.

It’s best you check this out in person once it’s out, or if it already is!

Purple Divider

Wow phew, that concludes my MAC round up and it was sorta fun to just ramble about newly released and upcoming makeup, especially from a brand I used to stalk incessantly!

I should get back to some proper looks, mentions and such as soon as I can. As usual, so much to share with you all but no idea where to start!

I’ll get on it, I promise! Even if it’s boring press releases that are, while dull very very useful for making decisions when it comes to technological breakdown, or rambling about hauls, showcasing of stuff, I’ll get to it asap!

Thanks for reading!

On My Nails: MAC’s Sunset Sky (Hola, I’m Back~)

Hello there!

Whoa, it feels as if I had just crawled out from under a huge rock, a huge rock called work and life madness that is! I can’t say that things are all good and sorted because after one turmoil comes another but lets just say the bulk of the chaos, hustlin’ about and days of hardly any sleep at all are likely to be over for now.

It’s a different sort of busy-ness on hand but one that I can deal with enough to at least pop by and say a quick hi!

I’m still getting my brain back on track and getting myself oriented with beauty news, beauty loots that have come my way thus far and whatnot. I’m sorting out mentions so I can kick this space alive again but in the meanwhile… when in doubt, post a nail entry!


Though another reason I want to put up this mention as quick as I can is also because this should be available right naooo. Now!

I don’t know the take up of MAC Cosmetic’s Limited Edition product as of now (I need to be in touch with my inner MAC a little more these days) but if it’s anything like before, you better hurry down to a counter if you like what you see!

This nail polish – Sunset Sky – is a piece from the overly cheesy MAC’s A Novel Romance collection and I will admit that the promo visuals have me at a big NO. Though give the products a chance because there are a lot of gems within this collection, this being one of it!

Sunset Sky, this little reddish number, is one of the 6 polishes released with MAC’s A Novel Romance collection. All of which have a slightly cheery colorful yet smokey appearance.

In the photos above, this polish photographs a little lighter but I wouldn’t say this color is that dark either. The press visuals seem to picture this on the edge of vampy but it depends – under varying lighting conditions it actually appears a little lighter and more maroon/brown than purple/black compared to typical vampy tones.

Perhaps this picture below is a more true-to-life example:

I haven’t used MAC’s nail polish in such a long time (the last time being just before I delivered my baby girl, hurhur) that I wasn’t sure what to expect with regards to the formula but it’s safe to say that I was pleasantly surprised.

The formula was nicely opaque, creamy and easy to apply with one quick coat. The brush was great as well and helped the application along. It isn’t the most unique or special of brushes but it worked just fine.

While 1 coat is really all you need, I applied 2 just for the sake of it and also because I wanted to try and see if I could get that gorgeous pink sheen you see in the bottle on my nails.

Though sadly the verdict to that is, no.

I believe that is my only gripe with this nail polish because otherwise, it is pure perfection. The color is beautiful, the application was a breeze and if anything you can even skip a topcoat if you’re not particular. It isn’t high-shine but it doesn’t dry down that flat and muted either so it’s good enough.

I personally love shine so I went ahead with a top coat anyway but what you see pictured here is without the topcoat.

I think we’ve come quite far as far as MAC Nail Polishes are concerned and it could very well be a hit and miss situation but Sunset Sky is a true hit with me! I highly urge you to check this color out because it is a perfect transition to Fall nails if going straight out vampy is too much for you.

If red is too loud, vampy is too sultry and browns are too boring then this is a perfect combination that is lightweight enough for day, perky enough for color and yet deep enough to be chic.

On the note of A Novel Romance, here’s is another beauty that I have on hand and am trying / loving. I didn’t even wait to shoot it first before using it because it’s that lovely. I’ll talk about it as soon as I can but in the meanwhile I have a luggage to pack and lots of cupboards to tape up. Tataaa for now!

Have you got your hands on one already? Have you tried MAC Nail Polishes before?


MAC’s Sunset Sky retails for S$24 (if I’m not wrong) and is Limited Edition.

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