Make Up Store’s Spring Assortment (Swatches)

I’m sitting here feeling a little like crap right now being all under the weather and also under a whole pile of work to be rushed out that I absolutely cannot afford to be sick right now so, what do you do when that happens?

Talk about pretty things like make up, of course!

Well, okay I’ll admit this is how procrastination works out but if I have to procrastinate at least let it be for something fairly useful and for the love of makeup, right am I?


So as I was saying, I have a whole year of Make Up Store to talk about and to keep things fairly in sync with the calendar year, let me talk about Spring even though we’re starting to dip our toes into Fall right now.

I have some Fall talk from the Make Up Store as well, freakishly cool stuff too, but that can wait because these Marble Eyeshadows that I am about to share with you are really cool too!

I have talked about Make Up Store’s wondrous Marble Eyeshadows on here before (here, if you forgot) and that was from seasons ago. So while it isn’t Spring anymore, and I’m not sure if stock of these particular Marble Shadows are still around, you can be sure to keep your eyes peeled for future Marble Shadows to come from Make Up Store because I am not kidding, these little pots are such beauties!

The first spotlight is on Blue Venato which is a marbled mix of mid blues, purple-ish navy, specks of lavender and also some silver grey.

While this could appear a little daunting for non-color wearers (like what I have become) you will be assured that this doesn’t swatch as intensely a blue as it may seem. Boohoo to the color lovers but the beauty of these Marble Shadows is choosing where to dip your brush to control how blue / not blue you wish the pay off to be.

Moving on, introducing a total obsession of mine right now, Rosso Asiago – a perfectly wonderful mix of gold, champagne, and a sprinkle of crimson. I am so in love with this one!

Last I heard (about mid August), this was still in stock but I’m not too sure about the stock situation right now.

If you are a fan of warm hues, fuss-free eyes and generally like how you can simply reach for one product but achieve different tones and depths in your look then this baby right here is perfect for you!

Here’s a swatch of both the products and for each product I tried to swatch from different points of the pot to show you how you can control the ‘outcome’ of the color by simply controlling what you choose to pick up.

Have I made my case about these gorgeous Marble Eyeshadows?


Okay, enough of me being a bit of a tease about those Spring items if they do happen to be out of stock (if not, yay, what are you waiting for!). With that, I shall make it up to you by throwing a little feature on some of Make Up Store’s permanent offering, a couple of colors off their Microshadow range.

Please meet, Tiffany, Thistle and Cava, a group of friends with distinctive and individual colors but somehow look so good when they’re put together like that.

For those new to Make Up Store, their usual pressed eyeshadows are called Microshadows and can be used both wet (preferrably with a mixing liquid) and dry.

If you like your colors bold and distinct then you would likely prefer using these wet because when used dry, they can be fairly unassuming. It is still pigmented but you will need to build it up to reach a certain point of distinction and even then they blend out quite easily (pro and con here) so be careful not to overblend these.

Here’s a closer look at these pretties so you can see the soft and glistening sheen running through each shade.




Make Up Store’s claim on these Microshadows is that the color translates true from pan to lid but I do have to hold up a stop sign for this. Now, I am not saying these are bad because I’m sure when used wet that claim will hold true but if you use this dry you will find that the color goes on a little less intense and more subtle / muted. Whichever you prefer.

It isn’t always a bad thing because it means you have a choice for softer intensity or pow-wow goodness on special occasions, with a little help from a mixing liquid.

I usually use saline eye drops for a quick fix and that works, MAC’s Fix + is great too but if you want to keep it within the family, Make Up Store has a mixing liquid of their own which I assume would be the best match for the job.

Though back to these, here’s a swatch on the back of my hand (done dry) with a primer on.

The colors are still just as beautiful once built up, this is about 2-3 swipes depending on the color, and still create great looks (which I will post in just a bit) so it really depends on what you are after.

If you ask me, I would say those who like the option of subtle washes, built up softness and also a chance to amp it up with intensity, you may just find yourself liking these.

I feel Make Up Store doesn’t get as much love as it should for their stellar products so, please do check these out. Especially the Marble Eyeshadows! Those are a gem!


Thanks for reading!

Have you tried Make Up Store stuff? If so, what are your favorites?

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Of Site Maintenance and Make Up (Store) Piles!

Heyo everyone!

Before anyone thinks that I am abandoning this shiny new space this soon, fret not because I haven’t and I wouldn’t!

Or rather, as much as I can afford / help it, I wouldn’t want to be silent for too long on here because I have so so much to share and am buzzing with this newfound excitement to blogging.

I guess it does help to have a new layout, a spruced up and pretty site plus much better facilities to work with.

I feel inspired to blog once more!


But anyway, to account for the radio silence over the week and some oddity you may have noticed in your email or perhaps Blog Feed (like that generic ‘Hello World’ article?), it is because I finally got the help of some staff over at WordPress to fix my import issues.

I didn’t post much because this maintenance involved wiping the site of its existing content so to help with restoring it once the wipe is done, the lesser posts I have to replace, the better, yes?

While I had gone ahead and done an official ‘YAY NEW BLOG’ entry awhile back, there were a couple of kinks and hiccups that I didn’t quite smooth out and I wasn’t comfortable just waiting about this long for them to be fixed first.

The wordpress end of things were taking awhile to get back as well so a part of me did think that I would never get it fixed, hence the ‘early’ launch I suppose… I tried to move on from that and be enthusiastic about the whole New Slate thing though in truth I did want some entries on here; the more recent entries from this year at least.

Long story short, finally that has been sorted and I do have a wee bit of history on this shiny new space! At least this history allows more categories to show up, more tags to be present and of course, more related posts to be prompted at the end of every entry.

Yay to all that!


[Authors Note: My darn browser crashed just as I was typing that last sentence and it feels so good to be able to restart everything and still have this whole chunk that I had written! I would have gone bat-shit (excuse mah language) if this was done on Onsugar cause I would have lost everything…]


So anyway!

After all that Site Maintenence talk, I guess… I should just rejoice and round this post up with a Make Up (Store) pile! I have so so much to share from this generous and bubbly brand (because the brand person is so exuberant, hence the description) and I haven’t gotten around to it so a whole mountain is forming right now.

A Spring, Summer and Fall mountain, at that!


So yes… lots to talk about, lots to clear and now with everything set straight – no hiccups and glitches anymore backend – and this new space 100% to my liking, I can’t wait to power on with more makeup rambling!

Once again, if you haven’t followed me on Bloglovin’, go ahead and do so if you have an account! I have set this site’s feed such that you can read the blog from the Bloglovin’ mobile app, without having to ‘open original site’.

If you don’t get what I mean, get on Bloglovin’, follow me, get the mobile app and you will see!


Thank you for reading and I’ll catch you guys real soon!

pssst, notice the Haute Files image in the sidebar? That’s to come real soon!

The Camera ‘Testing’ LOTD

Frankly this isn’t a LOTD entry to be a LOTD entry but it was spawned from me testing a new gadget out.

By testing, I mean light testing which went a little like this…


No, I haven’t gotten myself a new camera just yet but given the issues with my 7-year-old extremely loved SONY A350, it is about time I looked around and invested in one.

I decided to go for a different ballgame altogether – brand and built – by delving in the realm of compact cameras. Yet a large part of me can’t give up on the need for manual customizability while shooting so… I am considering a couple of Olympus options.

Mainly the Olympus EP5 or EM10.

Before I decide to commit, a colleague / friend of Hubs decided to lend me her Olympus EP-3 to play around with just so I can get the feel of Olympus models, the menu, how the dials click and such.

While this specific model isn’t one that I am considering, it is almost like a way for me familiarize myself to mirror-less and point and shoot cameras once more after being so reliant on my DSLR all this while.

There are still a lot of functions and menu options / ease of accessibility I am not accustommed to but slowly but surely, I am easing into a simplified way to shoot, be it life or for the blog.

Since most of my camera usage is for blogging purposes be it pictures of myself or products, what better way to test how comfortable I am with Point-and-shoots than to well, take a LOTD!

Though granted the Lens Hub’s friend has on is a 12mm Prime Lens and not the most ideal for self portraits or product macros, I had a good feel for the way to handle a camera this built, no less.


With all that said, let’s have a look at what I threw on my face to test this camera’s #selfie capabilities.

The images here have of course been treated with some color correction and such, hence it does appear a lot more ‘polished’ (I feel, to some extent) compared to the gif above. But it is done so that the colors appear more true-to-life!

I usually treat some of my pictures in Photoshop after (mild color correction, crop and of course image sizing) and it helps to be able to have that knowledge especially when fiddling about with new devices but hopefully if I do commit to a new camera I can get the hang of it quick enough that I can eventually cut out a good part of post-editing!

Such as now with my DSLR, I hardly do much aside from crop and watermark followed by tweaking some white balance.

Okay, enough.

Enough about camera talk and back to the makeup –

Who says you can’t pair smokier-than-neutral eyelooks with a vibrant lip color!

But okay to be fair my definition of smokey is far from the actual smokey eye effect but compared to my norm of a pale champagne wash of color on the lids with some crease definition, this taupe-y grey eye look is considerably made up for me!

I grabbed and played around with a couple of new stuff I had on hand – a Make Up Store grey-blue eyeshadow (called Clouded Sky) and both of my Shu Uemura Pret-A-Palettes (Warm Browns & Pink Hues).

Of course I selected varying colors to use since we are talking about two full palettes here. In the case of Shu Uemura’s Pink Hues Pret-A-Palette, all I used from there was one sparkly pink carefully dabbed in the centre of my lids for added shimmer.

It is such a gorgeous sparkly pink.

Which defeats the purpose of using the silky smooth and matte grey-blue Make Up Store shade but… ah well, life is all about experimenting.

And now with said striking pink lip color, NARS Schiapp. A color I fall in love with all over again each time I use it.

It’s not everyday that you feel up for a cool-toned vibrant fuschia but once this color goes on, I am always astounded by how it perks up my entire complexion and looks dressy yet playful all at the same time.

Major love.

So here’s the product rundown again if my rambling lost you mid-way.


 Shu Uemura Hard 9 Pencil in Walnut Brown
 Shu Uemura Brow Manicure in Honey Glaze

 Biore UV Whitening Aqua Rich SPF50
 Lancôme Mat Miracle Liquid Foundation
 MAC Moisture Cover Concealer
 Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer Palette
 Urban Decay NAKED Loose Powder

 Lancôme Aquatique Waterproof Eyebase
 Make Up Store Eyeshadow in Clouded Skies
 Shu Uemura Pret-A-Palette in Pink Hues (pink shimmer color)
 Shu Uemura Pret-A-Palette in Warm Browns (taupe & deep brown)
 Starlash Lightning Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Black
 MAC Powerpoint Eyeliner in Engraved

 MAC Mineralized Blush in Happy Together

 NARS Lipstick in Schiapp

Well, I apologize for this post ending up waaaay rambly-er than what I had in mind, the simple task of showcasing an LOTD and having a little camera chit-chat as well.

It’s quite nice, nonetheless to be talking so casually in an LOTD post. Somehow I feel like I haven’t done this in a while since most of my looks these days ‘mean business’ with an evident product showcase or mention in them.

Eitherways, thank you so much for reading and well, you never know, you might just be seeing a difference in shots to come soon!

Make Up Store's Punky Persona – Amarillo Marbled Eyeshadow

For the longest time I was a little mistaken about this product, thinking it was released earlier this year with Make Up Store’s Spring 2014 collection.

Though upon doing some research – like just, as I was typing this up – I found out that this particular Marbled Eyeshadow was actually released last year I believe.

Released with their Punk Collection last September, Amarillo is a perfect blend of something a little smokey but generally neutral.

Almost as if a punk rocker wanted an effortlessly mauve-y and smokey eye look. The sort that makes it look as if they had partied a little too hard last night or haven’t slept for days.

Regardless of that description, Amarillo is actually very wearable (even if you aren’t going for that editorial ‘druggy’ look) and very beautiful on.

But I do feel a little bad for this belated mention given perhaps you may not be able to readily find this at Make Up Store right now. You could try your luck because they do have a good amount of stocks on hand but otherwise, I do have more Marbled Eyeshadow mentions coming so wait up for those!

Given that, I will quickly explore and showcase the wonders of these Marbled Eyeshadows first and shan’t rant on too long about Amarillo lest it isn’t available and not easy to find.

Amarillo is a speckle of burnished red, dusty blue, pale pink and some taupe hidden in the mixture of everything.

These kind of shadows are interesting and really fun because depending on where you put your brush, the color you get from the swatch will differ.

Of course the gist of the color is there – a taupey sort of base color – but the nuances do shift.

In the case of Amarillo, you can either achieve a cool mauvey taupe, a burgundy tinted brown, or perhaps catch a glint of icy blue within the mix.

It is quite lovely and sometimes one Marbled Eyeshadow is all you need for a smoked out look with shifted tones.

Could you believe that the varying swatches above are all derived from this lone Marbled Eyeshadow?

I didn’t manage to snap any looks with this on to show but I believe that’s for the better, given this was released awhile ago. I don’t want to be any more of a tease than I already am.

Though, if these Marbled Eyeshadows seem interesting enough to you, I have a few pieces from their Spring 2014 collection to share and from what I know, those should still be in stock!

I haven’t gotten down to shooting and using them yet but expect to see them on here soon!

Make Up Store’s Marbled Eyeshadow retails for S$27

Thanks for reading!

Makeup I Packed for Tokyo!

Hello again everyone!

I’m back with a bit more of a proper entry as opposed to the quickly churned out mention about Summer Blues earlier. I was catching up on my feed and couldn’t help but notice that color being so prominent this Summer I just had to do a quick share, even if I didn’t have much time to do up a proper one.

So anyway, thank you all for being patient with my absence and I am afraid I will request for even more patience to come, since returning from a (fairly) long trip always means a crapload to clear at work.

Le sigh.

To tide you over, I figured I would quickly share some makeup items I had packed along with me on my journey to Tokyo.

Though I know a lot of you are probably shouting at the screen saying, “Why pack? Buy it all there!“.

Yes, in an ideal situation where money grew on trees and drawers are bottom-less, I would love to.

Alright, maybe the money on trees part is an exaggeration since their cosmetics can be considerably priced as compared to Singapore’s cosmetics but… I really didn’t need more (and then there’s the haul to come…), so I would rather pack as well as I can and if I happened to forget anything there is always Matsumoto Kiyoshi!

First, let me introduce you to my makeup space, which I am so happy for because it’s by the window with daylight!

So many times I’ve been to hotels and all they offer you is that horribly dim and orange vanity light.

Who in their right mind would install dim orange lighting for the vanity, I have no clue… Well, it was the same for this hotel but I liked that they offered a ‘table mirror’ and a ledge by the large windows (overlooking the train rails too, so interesting) to perch that mirror on.

Well, no trains in the background at the time of the shot but check out how awesome the daylight is (for makeup)!

Pardon me if I sound a little deprived but back at where I stay, a daylight lamp is all I have to keep my makeup in check as I slap it all on in the morning. So now, a little sun is quite liberating.

Randomly snapped about mid-way done with the Lancôme Fraîcheur Rosée Eye Palette, pre-liner.

Right, where were we?

Yes… my makeup pouch, here we go!

Covering the Bases…

From Left to Right (sadly not application order…)

Urban Decay NAKED Skin Ultra Definiton Loose Powder
Talk about a long name… I brought this along because it was the only trusted loose powder (for keeping make up on and oilies relatively at bay) I had open in my stash at that time. Though given the amazingly cool weather in Tokyo, I think any of my other pretty okay powders would have worked just fine too.

Lancôme Mat Miracle 24H Liquid Foundation
Also one of the reasons for long-lasting fresh-face-ness would be another trusted base product. In Singapore, I feel I don’t give this enough love because I seldom yearn the need to look flawless for over 12 hours. Though when you are abroad and snapping images all the time, the last thing you want is for your skin to look ashy and dull! While the coverage is more than I require, it doesn’t feel heavy on and I would rather be ‘safe’ in case my skin started acting up while abroad (which it actually did by Day 4 – the weather is a little dry in Tokyo).

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage in SC03
A concealer palette I reach for very often, it gives long-wearing coverage to conceal those pesky spots and blemishes without caking or appearing dry on the skin. I also like that it comes with a corrector tone if I feel my undereyes need a more heavy-duty touch.

YSL Forever Light Creator CC Cream in Rose
It’s funny how I haven’t posted a proper entry about this yet am using and featuring it all over the blog. I brought this along as a substitute for SPF given its SPF35 protection. Aside from that, I also like how nourishing and moisturizing this feels through the day which could sometimes mean mid-day blotting in Singapore but I figured in Tokyo, it would be the perfect answer to keeping my skin ‘supple’ under makeup.

MAC Moisture Cover Concealer
A concealer I typically reach for for my undereyes (on good days) because it is light-weight and doesn’t cake or crease though it provides only subtle concealing and minor brightening.

And then the Cheeks…

YSL Baby Doll Kiss & Blush in No 9 Rose Epicurien
I found myself reaching for this a lot during the trip, mainly using it as a flush of color on the cheeks. I believe I had only used it on my lips on one occasion. It’s a perfect soft and brightening pink glow that looks natural yet present. There’s something about wearing cream cheek products (without setting) in a chilly and dry climate that just works, as compared to the humid heat we have here…

Make Up For Ever Sculpting Kit
Genius of me not to photograph the inside but it’s basically a contour and highlight shade within which was perfectly compact enough to slip into my makeup pouch for this trip. While I have been easing out of the contour phase of late (I somehow like the whole glowy fair and less sculpted / tan look these days), I still feel dependant on lightly carving in some cheekbones to be that much more picture-ready. Heh.

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12H Blush in Blissful
I brought a powder brush along, just because, though I only used this once or twice, often ditching it for Rose Epicurien instead.

All about the Eyes…

Dior Backstage Eye Prime
An eye primer fairly new to my stash that I have been trying out. I have a love / hate relationship with this fella, which I will explain in its proper review but it works well enough to keep my shadows and liner lasting through the day.

MAC Powerpoint Eye Pencil in Engraved & Star Lash Automatic Gel Eyeliner
Okay… this is excessive because I use both of these on the same area (my lower lashline) but let me explain. The Star Lash Gel Eyeliner lasts incredibly well on but isn’t dark enough while the MAC Powerpoint Eye Pencil is a nice rich black but lasts only decently well, smudges a little by evening. So I would draw Star Lash on first, to ‘prime’ the area and then darken the look with MAC. In the end it all works out and it is not as excessive as it sounds, trust me.

côme Hypnôse Doll Eyes Palette Fraîcheur Rosée

I have mentioned it before but yes, this is one of my favorite all-in-one palettes and the sleek compact (and really nifty magnetic bit) makes it easy to travel around with. This truly is a palette that first pops to mind whenever I am packing my makeup bag for travel.

Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen Mascara Feline Blacks (Waterproof)
This is reaching its end of days, given how much I have used and love it, but for this trip I mainly used it on my lower lashline as a ‘back up plan’. I’ve noticed that having mascara on helps keep my liner from fading or smudging. In the scenario that such tragedy still manages to happen, the mascara-combed lower lash will offer enough definition so my eyes don’t disappear in a picture. See, the woes of having watery eyes that devours eyeliners…

Shu Uemura Calligraph:ink Liquid Liner
I bought this on the trip without having used it prior, but trusted in Shu Uemura for having a kick-ass liquid liner that can deliver a rich black as well as stay on all day and I wasn’t disappointed. Though I actually did a double-take when using this liquid liner for the first time because of the unique brush tip – truly like a calligraphy pen – but it worked well to draw a nicely defined cat eye. Not too thick nor thin, my favorite sort.

Shu Uemura Hard 9 Brow Pencil & Brow Mascara
My trusted eye brow sidekicks! Though I have strayed a little of late and going back to the Shu Uemura Hard 9 Pencil I get a little frustrated at the sheer pigmentation (which is a good thing for control) but I’m getting the hang of it again… I am sorry to have strayed! ha.

Make Up Store Marble Eyeshadow in Amarillo
While I do love Lancôme’s Fraîcheur Rosée, I brought this marbled pan of shadow along incase I wanted to throw in some variety to my looks. After all, while I can do 6 days with the same eye palette it is in our nature to stray, mix and match and play around with more. Hence our ever-growing and ever-exploding stash.

Let’s Talk Lips…

Dior Lip Glow
This hot favorite needs no explanation, I stashed this in the bag I carried about incase my lips felt like they need a slick of moisture any time of the day.

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Fiore
The last time I used this I remember it lasted and lasted and lasted, not even showing signs of giving up after lunch! Thus I figured long-wearing lip colors is the way to go when you’re on a holiday and never know when you may need to snap a selfie after a meal! The bright hot pink was also a fun color to bring along, incase I felt up for a hawwwt pink.

NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Mysterious Red
I can’t forsake my reds so I just had to stash one long-wearing (see a pattern here) smooth and perfect red lip color. While not everyone is fond of how matte the Velvet Matte Lip Pencils can be, I actually love the finish – so bright and bold without a sheen or shine. It’s almost retro but definitely not dated.

YSL Glossy Stain in Bourgogne Artistiq
Aside from bold reds, I have a love for slightly deeper vampy reds too, thus the YSL Glossy Stain in Bourgogne Artistiq. One of my favorite vampy-er reds that I own. While glossy and slightly translucent on, it leaves a nice stain long after the initial glossiness wears off. The slight vampy edge throws a nice twist to an otherwise girly and soft get-up.

Dior Fluid Sticks in Pandore
Another red lip I had recently acquired. I brought this for the trip to get better acquainted with the Dior Fluid Sticks and I do love how glossy, lightweight and easy these are to wear. My only gripe is that they don’t stain or last as tenaciously through the day but… all the better to whip out and re-apply?

And there you have it! I forgot to snap the brushes I brought along but figured, they really aren’t all that interesting either (as compared to the makeup) because I do pack quite minimally and light as far as tools are concerned.

I have this OCD about fraying or damaging my brushes with transport hence only the hardy and (ahemahem) slightly cheaper ones get to tag along.

So, with all this talk about the makeup I bring, why don’t I actually show you how I wore them through the days, yes?

Day 2

Cheeks: YSL Rose Epicurien (layered)
Lips: Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Fiore

Day 3

Cheeks: Tarte Blissful blush
Lips: Dior Fluid Stick in Pandore

Day 4

Cheeks and Lips: YSL Rose Epicurien

Day 5

Look 1

Cheeks: Tarte Blissful blush
Lips: YSL Glossy Stain in Bourgogne Artistiq

Look 2
(because we went back to the hotel to put stuff down and refresh ourselves before heading out for dinner in Shibuya)

Cheeks: YSL Rose Epicurien
Lips: NARS Mysterious Red

I skipped out on pictures for Day 1 and 6 but generally, these were the looks I wore!

This post turned out to be way lengthier than I had intended but I hope it is informative enough and interesting enough a read! I will have a couple more mentions of my trip, namely a haul entry on here, and post a travelogue on the shared blog that hubs and I both share – recently renamed (again, hurhur) to .

Something about writing a travelogue is just such a perfect way to wrap up a trip, revisiting the moments and keeping it all alive on a platform so I can go back to it when I feel wanderlust creeping up.

So yes, stay tuned to that! In the meanwhile, hurray to the long weekend ahead!

Thanks for reading and do ask away if you have any questions about the products or Tokyo!