Review: YSL Youth Liberator Serum Foundation – Some Skincare In Your Base!


So tell me, how long as it been since my last foundation review post? Too long, I’m sure!

Though in the, hmm, festivities or rather in the spirit of this YSL 30 Day spam, I thought it fitting to revive foundation reviews on here because there are a couple of bases from the brand that I am really enjoying, both in their own and very different ways.


In this entry at least I’m going to touch on one that I’ve had on hand for a little longer – much longer, actually – and that is the Youth Liberator Serum Foundation.

I think I’ve had this fella for about 6 months plus, maybe? I only know it’s been awhile and I’ve been meaning to review it but never quite got around to it so it’s about time I finally did, within my 30 Days of YSL mention at that!


So, the Youth Liberator Serum Foundation is part skincare and part makeup, which is something that probably doesn’t surprise most these days since more and more brands are incorporating skincare benefits into their makeup ranges.

Though where this Serum Foundation stands is a little towards the front of the timeline when Serum foundations were first introduced into the market.

At that period, the smooth moussey and a little slippery dropper type take on serum foundations was all the rage so when YSL came out with a creamy and run-of-the-mill-feeling liquid foundation, and I mean that in a positive way, that applies so nicely and beautifully, it caused quite a bit of a stir.


Not so much in Singapore, strangely, perhaps because on our hot little humid island not everyone is as receptive towards a serum-infused foundation but trust me if your concept of serum foundations is thick, heavy, greasy and oil-slick-esque then the Youth Liberator Serum Foundation is far from it.

The only downside to this, which I’ll get to more thoroughly in a bit, is the wearing power. Or rather the lack of.

Though as I said, I’ll get to it.

First up, given this has skincare properties and a bit of science behind it, I feel it’s necessary for me to explain that a little just to give this sleek glass bottle some justice in that area.

The Skincare Science –


So, a little makeup branch off YSL’s Youth Liberator skincare range, the Serum Foundation functions largely like what the Youth Liberator range sets out to do which is provide nourishment to the skin, hydration as well as anti-aging benefits.

The key ingredient behind that is a YSL patented one called Glycanactif, responsible for aiding with skin regeneration and all prolonged hydration so your skin remains soft, supple and moist through the day. That’s mostly for skincare but with a little inclusion of the Youth Liberator Serum within this foundation, I’m sure it’ll provide some skin comfort to normal / dry skintypes.

While it’s not a foundation I will actively wave the oily skintypes to, I’m not saying you must turn away either because ultimately it’s still something I can wear on oilier days, albeit not as perfectly as foundations made for oily skintypes, but you get my drift.

If you are curious, it’s not a no.

So in the makeup science front, YSL had also included something called the ‘Color Tune-Up Complex‘ which is meant to aesthetically correct skin dullness and also refresh and brighten the complexion for that look of a fresher skin appearance.


So with that science done, let me talk a little bit more about me.

Or rather my thoughts about this foundation which is… frankly a little conflicted but a large part of it sways towards the scale of LOVE.


Yet I can’t entirely say it’s affixed there because while I absolutely love how this foundation feels on, looks on the minute I apply it and how comforting it is to apply – with that powdery soft scent and then the smooth glide that makes it feel like I’m applying skincare and not makeup – there are tiny flaws to it that prevent me from calling it a Holy Grail or something I’d reach for in any circumstances.


Yes, as you’ve guessed it, it’s the staying power. That darn staying power which may not be such a big issue if you have dry skin (it’s mainly oilier spots that wear down quicker) or if you live in a cooler and less humid climate because… you know, Singapore is a giant greenhouse.

Before we get to that, let me show you how it applies and goes on:


The Application –

The foundation has a pretty good amount of coverage, about a medium I would say and you can opt to build it up a bit more but as with most foundations I like to apply a thin amount all over and only choosing to build up on areas that need more attention (like cheeks for my blemish spots).

Even then, I don’t fancy building it up too much either.

Here’s a BEFORE so you know what I’m working with / on.



My favorite mode of applying this is using my fingers actually because, as I had mentioned, it gives you such a comforting experience and it’s perfect for mornings when you just want to indulge yourself a little more in some soothe and pamper but yet you’ve really got to get that makeup done and head out the door.

For the purpose of using a camera I used a paddle brush, so my hands don’t get dirty, ha.


I like how after application my skin just looks that much healthier, brighter, fresher and overall better. It lends a rather satin finish so it’s not especially dewy or supple looking on but it goes on looking just like skin, but fresher, and that’s good enough for me.


It seems to also do a pretty good job at refining the texture of the skin so no skin-blurring or smoothing primer is really required beforehand. Though you could use an oil control one if you’re especially oily at spots.


Of course after a coat, some little blemish spots still peek through but that’s fine by me because I don’t have to look super flawless every single day and speaking of, this is what I really like the Youth Liberator Serum Foundation for – the everyday.

It’s so easy to apply with the added skincare benefits that it feels like a perfect foundation for the everyday so you don’t feel so bad about constantly plopping on a base for the entire day.

Here’s more pictures of the foundation on, after I have evened it out on both sides.





If your skintype is on the drier side of the spectrum and you can afford it, the Youth Liberator Serum Foundation actually looks better without setting.

It’s not quite dewy but it’s got a nice, soft and natural little shine to it that makes the skin appear healthy and supple along with a satin-like skin finish.

Though personally I can’t go without setting my base, even the most cream to powder sort I’ll still need a dusting of something over to seal it all in so here’s how it looks once set.




Frankly, it loses a little of that satin and fresh skin finish but it still looks nice on nonetheless.


How the Foundation Wears –

So now, let’s get to the serious and mildly upsetting part of this foundation – how it wears.

Though I will say that while it’s not the most ideal sort of wear time, it’s one that I can still deal with and one that I still choose to use and go through with because while it doesn’t stay pristine till the end of the day, it goes on nice enough and wears decent enough through the day.

It really is considered decent but in this day and age where all the foundations that are launching all over can last 8 hours, 12 hours and even more, this just feels a bit paler in comparison.

Though I’ll attribute it to – you win some you lose some. Perhaps adding in more additives for longwearing ability could hinder the skincare portion so… it’s something I don’t mind sacrificing a bit of, on days I’m just heading to work and then home.


Usually by a little after lunch, I’ll start seeing first signs of wear on areas I tend to perspire or produce a little more sebum at – typically my T-zone.


the rest of the face still wears quite alright with a blanket of coverage.

Though nearing the end of the day, and the end of the day, most of the coverage would have worn off leaving my skin a little fatigued looking because that ‘fresh’ base is not that evident, especially so around my eye and nose area.



It still lends some skin-tone evening, thankfully, and doesn’t completely disappear as if my skin went on a foundation buffet but it’s not a look I’ll wear out post-work. If I had to go somewhere, I would touch up my face to give it that more flawless and fresh complexion once more.

Here’s a better end of work day shot once I got home and had my camera on hand.



I think how severe the wearing off of it is will also depend on your natural skin condition and how much coverage you need from your foundation.

My main concern with foundation is lending that brightened appearance and concealing my undereye circles cause that’s where fatigue shows up most prominently and while that’s an area to touch up, I think the rest of my face still ends up being quite tolerable. Blemishes showing through and all but no redness or uneven skintone peeking out.


In Conclusion –

So anyway, I think I’ve rambled for long enough about this foundation, concluding this I will just say that the Youth Liberator Serum Foundation is one that conflicts me a little when I have to talk about it because while I do love every single aspect of it and would highly recommend many to try it because it feels nice, smells nice and looks really nice on once applied, there is that one downside to it I feel I need to explain and disclaim because it could impact a lot of people’s judgement about it.

So while it may not last the entire day nor will it leave you looking as flawless by the end of the day, it’s just one of those incredibly nice to have products (yes, nice to have despite the pricetag) for that luxurious bridge between a skincare product and a makeup one.

It’s almost like a guilty pleasure of sorts and the sleek darkened bottle and smooth glide of the product certainly has it’s own way of luring you towards it!

I will highly recommend you give it a look at least or have the YSL Makeup Artist demo it on you so you can have a look and feel of how it is on.

After all, the YSL motto is to have yo try and understand a beauty product for yourself, on yourself, before you decide!


So all that said and done, thanks for reading!

The Youth Liberator Serum Foundation retails for S$89 and is permanent.

Sponsorship disclosure

LOTD: Make Up For Ever La Boheme Stash-Revisit

Hello! Hello!

Phew it’s been so busy these days that squeezing out time to edit photos have been proving to be a little tough hence my posts are a little more word-centric and frankly the content a little more of the ramble sort than the substantial content-packed ones I used to do. I’ll also admit that I did get a little lazy at the thought of blogging given the annoyance of deadlines and work piled up, plus just the need to relax and recharge at home these days. Oops.

Though I’m still looking to be present on here as much as I can until I get dragged off into the darkness and abyss of New Job, ha! So dramatic… I know.

So anyway, here’s another ‘stash-shopping’ look for you.

I haven’t got around to documenting more stash-shopping posts since mornings are so sluggish (and hence rushed) for me these days but here’s a look (back) at the Make Up For Ever La Boheme palette.

Flipping it (Make Up For Ever’s La Boheme palette) open after so long made me very inclined to do a champagne-peach-deep chocolate brown combo because that’s easiest and a look I know would work.

Though I decided to challenge myself a little, if you would even call this meekly act a challenge (ha), and make myself use a little of the greens in some way – anyway.


As mentioned, I don’t always plan my looks beforehand, unless it is a specific look I’m thinking to explore, so some mornings I do stare at my palette for a quick moment before realizing I don’t have time for that.

What happens after is a series of color mixing, patting, blending and hoping that whatever look it is that I am putting together would end up presentable to go out in and also would look nice once photographed else that would be a waste of a experimental morning and experimental mornings are quite precious to me!

They are the only time that I get to play around with makeup and photograph the looks because otherwise I can’t sit myself down over the weekends to spend a whole day doing up various looks and documenting it. I wish I could but unglamorous mommy-duties beckons.


So anyway, before this gets any longer, let’s have a look at the look shall we?


I started with the peach because that one is a really gorgeous color and something in me thought that pairing the aqua with it would work (on hindsight I think maybe green would be more earthy-matchy) and of course the dark chocolate brown outer-corner is a no-brainer.

It’s the darkest smokiest color in the palette and one that would lend most definition.


Though in the end I think I quite like how it turned out. It’s more cohesive in person because my camera likes to make everything stand out more in all the slightly iffy ways but even then, I think this looks quite nice!


Not a look I’ll wear often because mixing 3 different shades is too tricky for my everyday-brain but its nice now and then.




Other MUFE items I’ve used within this look is the Contour Kit that I really enjoy using though I try to save this for travel because it’s such a slim and sleek compact.

On the lips is another piece from the La Boheme collection, I believe, in the shade Folk.


There was a time I was all over this color and I can see why. It’s somewhat bold but in a Day makeup way. It hints at coral but is also a little pink. It’s quite lovely this one and I think I’m going to start using it again.



That said, I think Make Up For Ever is a brand that has many gems but yet somehow one I don’t check out often enough. Maybe because the HQ is in an area I don’t often frequent and while they have counters in Sephora, everytime I am there I always drift off to everything else and forget to take time to check MUFE out.

Though if you’re like me you can have a look at Make Up For Ever’s Collection Online to browse their offerings.

If it helps, I’ve got a promo code – ZASARA15 – for 15% off at Zalora should anything catch your eye! The code is valid till 1st May 2015.


So, that’s that, thank you so much for reading!

I was hoping that the madness at work will simmer down a little after this weekend work event but I think some other things are finding their way to the surface D:

It’s like this never-ending cycle of work but such is life, right? I only hope I can afford to spend a little more time on here before New Job starts! Spend a little time, chat a little more before a hiatus if that were to happen.

We’ll see alright? In the mean time, as always, thanks for sticking by!

My Little Makeup Space (A Camera Test-Shot Series)


When I had first moved over to the hubs place (almost 3 years ago, wow) I promised shots of my new makeup space once I got settled but somehow, that didn’t really happen.

Both the entry and me fully settling down to the point of being contented with how my stash was arranged.


My bad, really.

I did feature bits and pieces of the stash once in awhile but never a formal entry about my stash setup and part of that would be because I felt like I never fully did unpack and set up my space to, what I deem as, perfection.

Even to date, as my stash is getting all messed up once more, I still have areas that are still ‘under construction’, so to speak. So they’re empty and housing a whole bunch of random stuff now because I had no idea what to dedicate that drawer to to begin with.

In short, I guess I never found my storage options to be unique and interesting that it would be something to talk about.

While I still feel the same now, this series of stash shots came about from me fiddling around with a new toy that I got my hands on. One shot led to another and what would you know, I’ve got a quick look at my stash!

It’s really brief and hardly indepth but it shows you how I store what and what goes where, in case anyone is interested to know.


It’s embarrassing to say that this is only a small amount of what I have and I mean that in no braggy sense (of course, you guys know me). It’s really more of a reminder for me to get my act together and start packing / sorting everything out.

Apart from these, the rest of the stuff are housed un-glamourously in A4 paper boxes stashed away in another room – out of sight out of mind, right? Heh…


Makeup brushes – the commonly used ones in front and the rest in another ‘stand’ at the back.


The rest of the stuff in easy access on my vanity – stuff I’m making myself use and more brushes stashed there. I don’t use these RT brushes enough.


Lipglosses and lip crayons at the back.


Lipsticks, arranged from the neutral and natural ones in front and the deeper bolder ones after the divider. But clearly it’s overflowing all over.


Eyeliners infront, mascaras inbetween and eye sharpeners / misc brow stuff right at the back.


Eyeshadow and eye palettes!


Blush drawer – this one I’ve really got to pack


Foundations (mainly liquid) and face powders such as setting powder, all over face illuminators etc.


Bigger palettes go into the second last drawer (nails in the last drawer, not pictured).

And look who waltzed into the room while I was snapping my pictures and decided that she wanted to have a go at ‘taking pictures’ too. Kids learn way too fast these days!


p.s. the phone is Hub’s old note that we don’t use anymore (it’s always off). She picked it up from the shelf while coming in, we don’t usually let her play with it.

I’m not one to make resolutions but it’s about time I do something about these overflowing and messy drawers and pack the place up proper.

So, if I’m going to make any resolutions this year, it’s going to be packing this place up, making sure everything sits nicely instead of being randomly chucked into drawers, etc.

I’ve got a mind on how I want some things done so now it all boils down to actually souring the storage options and see if they come together, shifting stuff around and such. It’s going to be a slow process (because I’m a procrastinator, heh) but I will make it happen in 2015!

If anything these pictures here are a reminder and look back, to me mainly, of the mess that my stash is right now and what needs to be done.


So, some may have questions about this so, I’m going to mention it as well.

The camera in question here is the Sony A7R (I know a new one is coming up) with a F1.8 55mm lens on it, hence the delicious depth of field. It’s definitely not going to replace the Olympus EM10 that I have, for many reasons and one of which being the Sony A7R isn’t mine but that aside I do have more options (lens-wise) with my Olympus and it has my preferred settings for eye / face shots etc so… yes.

The Sony A7R is something that makes a guest appearance every now and then but doesn’t replace the ‘regular cast’

It’s a lovely camera, this one, and truly worth it’s insane price tag. I feel.

Purple Divider

So, yes, new year and hopefully a new space (or rather reorganised old space) soon! I’ll see to it that it gets done amidst everything else that I’ll be busy with in 2015.

I’ll speak more about it in life updates to come. I’m feeling particularly nostalgic, reflective and rambly in this time of the year so I’ve got a lot of words and a lot about life coming up soon if you don’t mind all that.

So, wrapping this up, thank you for reading, love you all my beloved readers and as always, thank you for sticking around! <3

Have a great 2015 ahead and hope you wrapped up 2014 on a good note!

Tarte’s Got Just The Thing For Ladies Who Lash!

Hello, I’m back for a bit and I do want to say pardon me for the silence that was last week.

Work got the better of me with loads of deadlines to meet before the office closure so I hope I’m not too late with this gift idea / mention!


After all, I presume that many of you are probably busy wrapping it up at work too so last minute gift grabbing isn’t that peculiar a sight. You’ve got 3 days till Christmas – hurry and get your gift!


This one here is for all the ladies who love a little lash action going on so if you’re someone like that or you know someone like that, head on down to your nearest Sephora and grab this up before it’s all gone – either sold out or not stocked anymore.

Either ways, hurry!

Grey Divider

When it comes to the Art of Lash, curling is an absolute must in my books.

If I’m going to use mascara, I’m going to need my eyelash curler. While I’m thankful that my lashes aren’t the most problematic around, I do know that curl is not something they come with naturally.

What’s more, my lashes are rather fine (as with my hair actually) so they have a tendency to droop and fall with certain mascara formulas. Thus, curl is a bigggg thing for me.



An eyelash curler is an absolute must and while makeup tools aren’t something you cycle through very often, it’s nice to pick up a new one if you have been using the same one for a good amount of time now!

Plus something pretty and new is always fun to sit on the vanity.


I’ve used a good number of eyelash curlers around (not all, of course) to say that I generally don’t have an issue with them. I find most of them relatively comfortable to use and the only thing I find myself having to get used to, with every curler change, is the grip. Not so much the crimping portion.


That said, while I can’t be the best judge of how comfy this opulent (their word, not mine) and pearly Tarte Lash Curler feels on the eyes, if I may share an opinion, lash curler handles like these are actually my favorite.


The ones with loops are cute and help with grip but given the way I’m used to holding and using lash curlers, I prefer those that look like this – simple, without loops, so it’s easier and quicker to use.

Do let me know, is it just me or are there others who prefer such handles too?


Lash curler aside – though that is the star of the show or in this case, star of the pack – Tarte had also included a miniature Lights, Camera, Lashes™ 4-in-1 Mascara.


One of their most notable mascara offerings, to me at least because I’ve heard so much about it, it boasts (and is proven too apparently) a 330% increase in lash volume.

That’s some crazy statistic to live up to and I feel a little sheepish writing this post up but saying I haven’t used the mascara but trust me, I’m curious and also excited to.

I have heard a good amount of things about this mascara and while a 330% increase in volume is a lot to claim, I think I’ll be happy enough if this holds my curls well and makes my lashes look fuller, deeper and my eyes more accentuated. At least that’s what it seems to do to bloggers that have reviewed it so I’m hoping the same for myself!

What’s more miniatures are perfect to travel with and where mascara is concerned I could hardly finish up a full tube even during my daily mascara-wearing days that miniatures should be more than enough to last you a couple of months, of which you’ll be able to test this well enough to know if you need the full size!


Cutting this very rambly and long entry short, this is a mention on a gift set that is absolutely adorable to gift a girlfriend who’s big on lashes and can’t go a day without her lash curler.

Or if you’re that kind of a girl, there’s no harm in picking this up for yourself. That pearl studded lash curler handle is absolutely darling!


If you ever need more incentive, Tarte products are formulated without parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, triclosan, SLS or gluten!


Thanks for reading!

Tarte’s Ladies Who Lash Picture Perfect Eyelash Curler set retails for S$34 and is available at Sephora Singapore.

This is Limited Edition (though curler and mascara sold separately are permanent)

Sponsorship disclosure

Announcing 2015’s Pantone Color Of the Year!

Okay, I hate to break the continuous thread of Naked On the Run articles but this just came in (to me, at least) and I’m too stoked about it to be chill and post it after I’m done with my Naked runs (geddit, hurhur?) so, here you go folks:

2015’s Pantone Color of the Year!

The official name of it is Marsala and it’s a reddish brown tone that I can imagine would look beautiful translated to all commercial aspects of makeup x pantone collaborations.

Ha, well sorry for that note but truth is as a graphic designer my encounters with the Pantone color system go back way to schooling days and my association with Pantones are really more work based than fun or exciting and new – because sifting out a pantone to properly translate CMYK and RGB to can really be quite a pain…

But modern commercialization has made Pantone quite, well, commercial such that the Color Of the Year gets its fair share of collaborations and spotlights and for that I really don’t mind. It’s like introducing the world to the term and idea of Pantones so at least everyone is one step closer to being on the same page of understanding color!


So anyway, back to Marsala. I’m not sure if Sephora still has that contract with Pantone but if so, I’ll be looking forward to all the great things they would be able to launch with this beautiful red-brown.

Red browns are my absolute favorites be it in an eyeshadow form, a blush, or even a lip color. I can totally see myself decked out from head to toe (okay, actually from eyelids to lips) in red-brown and not look over the top.

I think you can tell by now, I’m pretty excited about this color taking the spotlight, what say you?


Thanks for reading!

MAC Holiday 2014 – My Pretty ‘Keepsakes’ Pile!

You know for sure that the holidays are rolling about when MAC launches a mega-huge-I-can’t-even-keep-track-of-it collection in a wholly different packaging-take from their usual.

Since the old days (and I really just mean early 2000 era, when I was getting into MAC), the Holiday collections were always something special from the brand as we see special palettes, beautiful (tiptoeing on tacky in some years) packaging that would appeal to a good number of people and this year is no different.


I personally feel this year’s feminine and classic pattern with a dash of fun in the form of sparkles quite pretty and appealing to me, though I do know of some who would prefer an edgier look from MAC.

But to each their own.


The thing about MAC’s huge, and many, collections is that I’m at a point where I don’t keep up with the brand enough to learn every color that is coming out so I got a little confused over MAC Holiday being called both Keepsakes and Objects of Affection.

Though to break it down for anyone else who is equally confused, Keepsakes refers to the hella extensive makeup collection while Objects of Affection are the pretty ‘sets’ of glosses and pigments.


I know it still doesn’t do too much to sort out the confusion because this collection (Holiday as a whole) is huge and there are loads to check out so I would recommend you to if you feel drawn towards the shades or packaging!

It really is one of the prettier holiday offerings in awhile, I feel.

Of course, as with MAC, there are bound to be a couple of hits and misses but I’ll get to it when I talk about them individually.





For now, my work week is a little insane that’s why I’ve been rather quiet this week (as opposed to my daily spam last week) and if anything the busy-ness is giving me one of those mind block episodes again. It’s hard to write and when I try the flow of words and thoughts just feel a little bit off.

Gah. Maybe I should clear the tasks one at a time and hopefully I can think clearer (hurhur) then.

But anyway, I want to promise that things will get easier (or rather entries will get more frequent) but it’s a little early to say because next week could be hectic with me having to clear up my work before the mandatory break I have to take – long story short the inlaws are traveling so we’re home-bound and baby-sitting again.

I don’t want to start rambling about that whole temporary living situation on here so, that’s for another entry.

In the meanwhile, I do hope I’ll get to pick things up and share some necessary entries like the NAKED On the Run (in detail), with looks and also this pile of MAC stuff!

Fingers crossed!


Thanks for reading!

MAC’s Holiday 2014 Keepsakes & Objects of Affection Collections are now available islandwide!

These are Limited Edition.

Sponsorship disclosure

Sephora Hols 2014 – Sephora (The House Brand)!

Okie dokes.

So we took a bit of a break from the Sephora Holiday mentions to spam up some Vice but now it’s time to resume our program on this, especially when most of the collections will be hitting stores 6th November!

Don’t forget to mark that date down if you’re thinking to swing by Sephora to pick up some festive gifts – almost all brands are rolling out their X’mas goodies then!


For today at least, I’m going to be talking about some stuff from Sephora’s house brand (but of course).

While yes Sephora stocks up a mighty mean list of brands to shop from, let’s not forget that the house brand has some pretty good offerings as well, especially where the seasonal range is concerned.

What’s more most things are reasonably priced too so it’s a a good one stop shop if you’re doing a secret santa or looking for some stocking stuffers!

It’s quite a hefty list so… just keep scrolling ya?


The Golden Party Range (Makeup)

Sephora 4 Eye Look Books Set, $49

Sephora Chroma Color Eye Palette, $88

Sephora Color Festival 130 Color Makeup Palette, $69 (as seen here)

Sephora Fresh Beauty To Go, $42


Sephora Kiss Kiss Universal Pink Gloss, $10

Sephora Makeup Party Box Makeup Palette, $45

Sephora Ornament Lip Gloss in Universal Pink, $8

Sephora Party Color Hit Nail Polish & Nail Art Set, $55

Sephora Perfect Night Out Eye Set, $35

Sephora The Best of Sephora Box, $65

Sephora VIP Pass Eyeshadow Palette, $19


Beauty Toys Range (More Makeup + Nails!)

Sephora Creative Nail Art Set, $29

Sephora Festive Tattoos, $9

Sephora Gold Party Set of 4 Makeup Brushes, $36

Sephora Happy New Nails 6 Mini Nail Files, $8

Sephora Holiday 2014 Beauty Fish Mascot, $19 –– OMG IT’S SO CUTE

Sephora Makeup Bag Trio, $32

Sephora My Manicure Set, $36

Sephora Pinceaux Brushes To Go Set, $24


Bath Party Range

Last not not least, if you / your friend isn’t quite a makeup person then there’s always some nice-smelling bath stuff to gift! Everyone showers so… everyone needs a little bath stuff, no?

Sephora Bath Party Bath Capsules Set, $24

I really enjoy these bath capsules when I picked them up during their initial launch. It’s a simple concept of 1 (or actually about 2 for me) bath use in a capsule so you can easily bring this along if you’re traveling or maybe hitting the gym, without having to carry a full (or decanted) bottle of product with you.

The scents are lovely too! I can see this being a very practical gift for a regular gym-goer or if you know someone who is always on the go!

Sephora Bath Party Limited Edition Assortment Pouch, $30

Sephora Bath Party Premium Box Assortment, $45

Sephora Cotton Flower Bubble Bath and Shower Gel Set, $28

Sephora Hands Creams Set, $26

Sephora Mini Cotton Flower Bath Set, $17

Sephora Mini Mango Bath Set, $17

Sephora Mini Multicolor Bath Pearls, $10

Sephora Scented Fizzy Bath Bomb Box, $18

Sephora Silver Glitter Spray, $15

Sephora Bath Products (sold individually!). Left to Right – Body Lotion (S$15), Body Scrub (S$15), Shower Gel (S$16), Handwash (S$10).

Purple Divider

So… voila, there you have it! The whole shebang of Sephora’s house brand offerings this festive period!

The prices are reasonable and most of all there is a wide enough range from the nail lover, to the makeup addict or the bath product junkie!

Sephora’s house brand is typically overshadowed by the many many the other brands available but truthfully the house items aren’t lacking too! I’ve swatched a couple of beautifully creamy eye pencils, intense lip colors and more!

If you’re popping in to pick up something from any other brand, don’t forget to just stop by the house brand aisles and give these items a look ;)

Sephora’s house brand Holiday products launches 6th November 2014 at all Sephora stores. Items (packaging or product-wise) are Limited Edition.

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I’ve got a quick ramble about my recent FAV hair product right now, something my life completely depends upon. So dramatic, I know, but my hair is my life so that lowdown is coming up real soon. Like a few hours soon.

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What is Your Vice? – Urban Decay Vice 3 (Photos & Swatches)

We’re drawing close to the launch of this little guy (and okay, maybe little isn’t a good way to describe it) and I am mighty excited!

The Urban Decay VICE installment is actually one of the more exciting releases of the brand, I feel.

Of course the NAKED range will forever have my neutral-loving heart but out of all the whacky eyeshadow boxes and renditions that Urban Decay does, the only other one that I felt drawn to would be the Vice series.

So, why do I only have a Vice (Vice 3 at that) on my hands now?

Well… you know me, eyeshadows aren’t actually a vice of mine. I can resist them quite okay because lovely as they are, I feel that I can get away with or replicate them with what I have. But of course, it’s always nice to have something new, something pretty and something like Vice 3.

When Vice 1 was released, I remember thinking to myself that the whole palette looked absolutely gorgeous – so edgy, so wearable (in my mind back then) and soooo nice.

Now, looking at Vice 3, I went back to see images of Vice 1 (and 2) and felt that of the 3, I think I like número tres the best.

This one. Vice 3.


Because compared to Vice 1 and 2 at least, 3 is a whole lot more wearable but don’t let that discount the edge because it’s still got plenty in the form of shades like Heroine, Bondage, Alchemy, Sonic and Dragon. The rest of the palette holds well in it’s own way and the neutrals are there with a good purpose too – to help gel this whole palette together.

I like that because you don’t get a whole palette full of pow-wow that you can’t use it alone since we’re all about portability and sticking with one sole product for a whole look these days.

If you’re a neutral sorta gal, don’t let Vice 3 scare you because it’s very simple to use. And if you are the sort that likes it vibrant and smokey, Vice 3 has just enough of that for you as well!

Before we get to the color and swoon about the shadows in terms of both shades and quality lets get the other stuff out of the way first.

Grey Divider

When you pick up a Vice 3 palette, apart from the 20 eyeshadow pans, you’re also getting a thin zip pouch (cute but nothing to shout about, really) and also a double-ended eye brush within.

The pouch helps to keep this very reflective palette from being imprinted with finger prints or scratched if you intend to bring this for travels. Otherwise, the pouch is also able to house tablets the size of an iPad Mini, should you have one.

It isn’t a cushy pouch in any way, really just fabric sewn together so it’s cute if you’re head over heels with the Vice 3 design – of motion blurred lights – but otherwise, I chucked mine aside a little unimpressed.

Cute, Urban Decay, but let’s get on to the real stuff!

The double-ended brush is good enough, since Urban Decay doesn’t disappoint with their synthetic fiber brushes. Though it’s worth noting I personally don’t use the brush within the palette unless I really have nothing else proper on hand.

It’s cute that it comes in the same lime-green that adorns the base of the Vice 3 palette.

On one end you get a blending brush looking… brush, which works great for buffing that crease color out.

On the other, you get a… shorter version of a blending brush? It’s almost like a stumpy crease brush which I have some of in my stash but those are often left untouched. It’s good if you like placing strong colors in your crease but the stiff nature of it leaves me from picking it up much.

I like my blending brushes a tad fluffier, but it’s a good brush no doubt.

Grey Divider

So, with all those said and done, let’s move on to the colors now, shall we?

While at a glance this palette can look very… messy, and I mean that in the whole “zomg so many colors” sort of way, you’ll be surprised to know that they are actually carefully arranged within the palette to give some semblance of an order.

Each ‘column’ is almost like a quad of its own, with colors that compliment and match each other well enough to create a look with. We have

  • the neutrals column
  • the vibrant column
  • the purple-gold column
  • the cranberry-hued column
  • the smokey column.

Does this now make a lot more sense to you?

As with most of Urban Decay’s eyeshadow offerings, a large amount of the eyeshadows in Vice 3 did not disappoint.

The mattes were buttery and smooth with good pay-off while the pearlised or metallic shades were intense in both color and shine with a creamy formula that imparts amazing pigmentation.

There were a couple of shades that seemed a little powdery or lacking in intensity when swatched but those were the rare duds of the palette because overall, this still feels like a gem to own.

I can’t help but think Din Tai Fung (a chinese restaurant) when I see that brown…

I especially liked the intense colors (the whole row of reds is love!) within this palette and felt the smooth matte neutrals were good enough supporting roles. They’ve lovely alone too, no doubt, but if you wanted neutrals only I think Naked 2 Basics is more up your alley (more info about that one to come!).

Here’s a close up of some pretty shades I zoomed into (well, literally with a camera) when I first marveled at the palette.

Enough said, I think you want to have a look at the swatches.

Column by column now, so you can see how the colors look when paired with their column, though of course you can always mix and match it up.

So, that’s that for the swatches and a look at the palette!

To countdown to the launch of this beauty, at Sephora, this Thursday (30th October) I’ll be dedicating this whole week’s entry to featuring looks from the Urban Decay Vice 3 palette – Whoop!

If you’re looking to get your hands on a Vice, this should be the one to get!

In other news, the rest of Urban Decay’s holiday offering will also be launched this Thursday (30th October) at Sephora!

That includes:

  • Urban Decay Shadow Box (Permanent)
  • Urban Decay Black Magic 24/7 Liner Set (LE)
  • Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics Palette (Permanent)
  • Urban Decay Aura Naked Illuminated Shimmering Powder (Permanent?)
  • Urban Decay Naked Basics Double-Ended Brush (Permanent)

Urban Decay’s Vice 3 Palette will retail for S$88 at Sephora starting 30th October 2014.

Vice 3 is a Limited Edition Palette.

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First Look: Shupette – Shu Uemura x Karl Lagerfeld (Again!) Holiday Collection 2014

I can almost envision the amount of work piling up for the whole of next week so while I still have a tad bit of breathing space, I might as well throw this mention up first!

After all, this is a really quick look which, if anything, may not be the most informative in terms of how the colors portray, how the items swatch and all but if you’re so smittened with the Shupette collection that you don’t mind seeing 90123989324 photos of the items then… here you go!

This is really a hit and run post given these images are fresh from a couple nights ago and fresh from the phone. Save for a bit of color editing because the lighting was quite horrid but, we make do with what we have, yes?


I didn’t bother with swatches at the cozy event we had with Zee and Fuan of Shu Uemura because lighting conditions were quite blah but I did swatch some pieces, for the feel of the product, and while they carry through with the soft effortless touch of color and whisper of sheen / shimmer, the shadows and creams are nice and smooth to the touch.

Easy to blend, soft and natural pigmentation with easy color build up – great for a fresh faced look especially since it is likely that this collection is aimed towards a younger demographic given the cutesy imagery and packaging.

Not to say the mature ladies cannot indulge in their cat-woman feels with this! Especially with the bolder, but still fairly wearable, lip colors within the lip bons bons or Shupette Has It All Palette.

Okay, enough talk, here’s the lovely makeup mess we had the joy to play with that night!

It’s quite a rapid picture spam so… just scroll on, check the names / prices (which will be captions) and, enjoy! I’ll try to skip out on text from here on.

Shupette’s Flair Eyelash Curler – S$30

Silk Cushion Cheek Colors – S$45 each

Fairy Fantasy Premium Lash – S$125

Eye Need Shu Eyeshadow Trio & Rouge Bonbon Fantasy Lip Trio (S$55 each)

Eye Need Shu Eyeshadow Trio – S$55 each

Eye Need Shu Eyeshadow Trio in #01

Eye Need Shu Eyeshadow Trio in #02

Shupette Has-it-All Eye & Lip Palette – S$128

Shupette Has-it-All Eye & Lip Palette – S$128

The Shupette Has-it-All Eye & Lip Palette comes in a box, with the adorable furry pouch

Pam-pearl Me Face Powder & TSYUA skin UV Underbase Mousse (S$68)

Pam-pearl Me Face Powder – S$60

With Love From Paris Brush Set – S$125

Eye Need Shu Liner Pencil – S$33 each

Eye Need Shu Liner Pencil – Midnight Black & Gala Brown

Grey Divider

One focal point of this collection, Shupette / Choupette the cat aside, would be the emphasize on her sapphire blue eyes which gets played up with the packaging of this collection.

If you take a closer look, her eyes (in the illustration) flash a beautiful metallic blue when it hits the light. Otherwise, her eyes are also made the star in the super adorable furry pouch that comes with the Shupette Has It All Eye and Lip palette.

I’ll be back with more information and of course swatches of the items I have on hand even though there are loads of in-depth mentions, swatches and all online already given how highly anticipated this collection is.

This collection is just calling out to my inner crazy cat lady (I lurrrrrrve cats. LOVE) and the stylized illustration of Shupette is absolutely darling. Though the kitty cat herself seems a lot less wide-eyed and innocent and a lot more grumpy / bratty but… she is a diva who eats on the table with Karl Lagerfeld so, what can we say, heh!

If you want to get your hands on some Shupette, here are the details of where to find her and when!

Shupette will be launching 24th October at Shu Uemura ION and 1st November island-wide


Thanks for reading!

I can’t wait to get swatchin’ with the little bits of Shupette I have on hand!

New: Shu Uemura Brave Beauty 2014 (Info & Swatches)

Alrightey so this collection is already available at Shu Uemura counters islandwide (it has been out since 1st August) so I’ll try to keep the rambling to a minimal because you can always just pop by a counter and swatch / feel these for yourself if they catch your eye!

Or I am assuming most of you makeup addicts have already gone and given these a swatch.

However if, somehow, Shu Uemura’s Brave Beauty collection managed to slip under your Beauty Radar (if there ever was such a thing, I need it!), I hope this quick round up from me proves useful!



While I said this would be brief a little backstory has to be said about Volume 01 of Shu Uemura’s Vision of Beauty installment which features Mr Uchiide-san (International Artistic Director of Shu Uemura)’s take on exploring the realm of makeup and beauty.

Volume 01 – The Brave Beauty

Almost like a refresh and reboot to the creative style that Shu Uemura had undertaken all this years, Mr Uchiide-san’s vision of beauty is about playing on the bolds – rocking color, vibrance and fun in this dull concrete jungle.

Bending the rules and taking on the world in a feisty and colorful burst of personality and rebellion while looking picture-perfect all the time, Brave Beauty is about paying tribute to the female warriors of the world.

It feels almost like a loud declaration for all females to gather up, put their bright lippies on, paired with a work-appropriate eye look that carries a playful pop of color, along with glowy cheeks for radiance and confidence.

If you ask me, while this collection looks all youthful and fun in packaging (and also color choices), it is very much a perfect piece for you office ladies who want a little more spunk in your norm.


So much for a short introduction, I think I got fully carried away there so without further ado, here are the items in the Brave Beauty collection.

Shu Uemura’s Brave Beauty collection has you well covered and colored from the eyes to the lips. The only thing missing to complete a whole look would be a couple of base products but for that we have the upcoming Shu Uemura Lightbulb Oleo Cream Compact (excitessss~) so that’s to come!

Right now, let’s start with your peepers!


Brave Beauty Eye Palette

Available in 3 easy-to-use color palettes, the Brave Beauty Eye Palette is quite a nice mix of shades that can be worn simply or cleverly paired together for a bold look.

These palettes swatch with a good dose of pigmentation, enough for the color to carry through and are soft to the touch. What I like is the soft subtlety that these colors seem to have that allows them to still be very wearable while being playfully vibrant.

The mix of textures within this palette helps as well as you get a nice blend of pearly finishes, irridescent sheens or high-shine metallics with a soft and smooth matte thrown in.

Enough talk, I should just let pictures speak for themselves.

Pink Palette

Orange Palette

Green Palette

If you ask me, I think the Green Palette is probably the most unique of the bunch and also the prettiest with a nice combination of neutrals and also vibrant shades. The matte emerald shade is downright beautiful (even to the touch) and I can almost imagine that it would look fab with the olive and that darkened green for a sultry smoked out look!

Or you could always go neutral with the sage tone all over, that icy-mint color in the inner lids and perhaps a pop of lime in the middle and a little olive at the outer corners, just because.

The possiblities are endless and the combination of colors are so inspiring that I am thinking up eye looks just by looking at the swatches I had done.

Though alas, I didn’t leave with this in hand. I succumbed to my never-ending crave for browns and picked the Orange Palette. I seem to have also developed this curiosity in wearing Orange, like pure straight Orange, much like the one seen in the far left of the Orange Palette.

If you’d like to see how I wear that palette (I have no clue myself, really) then do check back!


Gel Eye Pencil

If eyeshadow is a little too much of a hassle for you to add some colors to your look then why not consider these Gel Pencils?

Available in an array of 3 shades that are dark enough to provide definition, yet saturated and colored enough to stand out from being black, these are perfect for the ladies who love wearing their colors through the flick of a cat-eye.

Somehow I forgot to take a photo of the pencils, hence the press picture above but I did get some swatches of these, so here you go:

I can’t decide if I personally like the Wine or the Violet Purple more but if those seem a little too ‘loud’ or colored for you, Green would make a nice alternative to black.


Rouge Unlimited

Not forgetting the lips, this collection sees the introduction of 6 new (limited edition) lip shades, making sure there is a color for everyone.

These lipsticks boast a hybrid pigment and high color fidelity coupled with a melting texture that provides comfort and also hydration to the lips with wear.

The shades go on with some translucence and seem like a glaze of color at first swatch but they are build-able should you prefer to wear them more intensely on.

While they appear to have a glossy slick in these swatches (which were freshly made), they do settle down to a semi-matte (very natural looking) finish. The term matte can be quite alarming as far as lip products go but these wear really well and comfortably thanks to the light and moist texture of it.

It’s quite hard to pick 1 shade from the lot because they are all equally stunning and surely shades I would wear but ultimately I picked the orange because unexplainable orange kick aside, it seems to be a shade relatively unique to my stash and given the size of said stash, that’s quite something!

Though I think the red and fuchsia are absolutely darling and perfectly wearable since most people aren’t strangers to brights these days. The nude is quite lovely too, a soft beige with a hint of muted pink, plush and smooth, great for nude-lovers!


Satin Radiant Stick

Now that you’ve got the eyes and lips covered, what’s left would be the cheeks!

With a good amount of color going on in all the other areas, it’s enough to give the cheeks a very soft and muted flush. The key here is to play up on enhancing your complexion so in this scenario, radiance plays a much bigger part than color itself.

To get that done, Shu Uemura has introduced a new product (which sadly isn’t seeing permanent status as of yet) – a satin radiant cheek stick!

This emollient cheek stick offers a soft wash of pigmentation to the skin along with very fine shimmer strewn in to offer some shine to the complexion, not in the way of the unwanted disco-ball but in a very radiant and glowy manner.

They do swatch a little lightly on my hands but I believe if you wanted to build it up on the cheeks, that would be possible. Though again, the point of these would be subtlety so a little (slick) goes a long way!

Bronze Gold immediately caught my eye with the soft peachy pink hue and alluring golden sheen, very much reminiscent of NARS’s Orgasm which I haven’t used in awhile. I don’t have the multiple version of that to compare but off the top of my head, they do appear to be quite similar.

In fact, I am not usually a fan of cream cheek products because of the hassle (by the time I remember to use them I would have already set my face) but these do look lovely and I am willing to introduce some cream color products back into my life via these Radiant Sticks!


False Lashes & Face Studs

Of course, no Shu Uemura collection will be complete without a funky pair of false lashes to compliment the look.

The Brave Beauty False eyelash is perfect for a warrrior-chic look that blends edginess with some form of wearability though to be frank a false lash of this amount of volume is definitely pass the lines of ‘natural’. However, let’s just say as out there as this pair of lashes look, it’s not too daunting to wear this for a fitting situation and the little metal chain strip (can’t really see from the picture) adds just the right amount of edginess and glint to the volume of black.

If you’re feeling exceptionally edgy and punky, Shu Uemura also has these face studs for you to don should you wish to add a statement to your look, or perhaps match some hardware on your arm party / bag. Hurhur.


Artist Edition

Though if you are feeling extremely extravagant, or have this insatiable thirst to collect all of Shu Uemura’s very artsy and couture falsies, then may I interest you in the Artist Edition – a set of 3 lashes housed within an acrylic case that comes at a hefty pricetag of over S$500.

Gasppp, yes there is no mistake there.

These pieces are handmade and meant to cater to the true make up artists that use such couture lashes to put some edge into their editorial looks.

I especially love this pair which is inspired by the punk era, hence the colors, patterns and also the very DIY / hand-made vibe to it. It totally reminds me of a checkered punk-ish skirt that I have stashed somewhere in my wardrobe…

Purple Divider

Anyway, this wraps up the round up for the Shu Uemura Brave Beauty collection, which somehow ended up a whole lot ramblier than I would have expected.

I know I keep saying this but for some reason I am failing with words these days and writing a quick round up like this took me twice, or maybe even thrice the usual amount of time I would need. I think I need to find my words, somehow… and along with that clear the mountain of work I have in front of me both at work and also at home (in terms of freelance).

I believe the work along with the pressure / lack of time and whatnot just amounted to leaving my brain very distracted and short on words. I believe, at least.

I may fall a little silent on here, I hope you don’t mind! I just need to get things sorted so I can come back with full spammin’ force!

But back to this, thanks for reading and the Brave Beauty collection is now available at all Shu Uemura outlets island-wide!


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