LOTD: All Pink-ed Out With MAC (Sweet Sentiment Blush & No Faux Pas Lipstick)

Hello and I’m back with another face!

As promised, this LOTD features the 2 pink numbers that I had just spoken about in an earlier entry – the MAC Sweet Sentiment Mineralized Blush and No Faux Pas lipstick.


Unlike recent LOTDs, the focus this time around isn’t on the eyes but rather the cheeks and lips. Though if you hone in to the eyes becuase it’s your preference, by all means go ahead too ;)

Though I do want to give some mention to the products used on the eyes, but I’ll save that for a little later on in this entry.

The look is very clean and simple. I want to say it’s an everyday look but I did try wearing this consecutively and by Day 5 my lips were crying out for a break from the matte lipstick. It’s not the lipstick itself but rather I guess my lips could only go so long without a smooth nourishing and buttery lip product while facing a longwearing matte that doesn’t exactly dry your lips out but doesn’t lend moisture either.

It’s a shame because wearing this feels very K-Drama to me, somehow, like the approach that koreans would take where professional makeup is concerned – clean and light but with a good dose of color.


The red eye strikes again, please don’t mind that…

I could ramble on and on about this look which was what I did when I first drafted it up but after re-reading what I wrote, I deleted it all and decided to just let pictures speak for themselves.

After all, it’s quite straightforward what a lovely vibrant pink lip No Faux Pas is and what a nice flush of color Sweet Sentiment can be so, here you go, the look!




Sweet Sentiment actually carries a soft reflective sheen. It’s hardly much of a shine to be called a sheen but it’s definitely not a matte blush either.




While not exactly the star of the entry here, I want to take a quick second to talk about the eyes.

It features some products I’ve yet to give spotlight to on here, I have no idea why myself, but yet are products I really enjoy using. They aren’t much to shout about, as you can see, but they are workhorse basics that get the job done and are there when I need to rely on them.


For the eyeshadows, I used the browns from Urban Decay’s Naked 2 Basics palette which I’ve dropped mentions of for awhile now but given that it’s permanent (I believe, right?) I haven’t gotten around to featuring it.

You know the fate that permanent products get on here, heh.



The eyeliner (on the upper lash line) is Eyeko’s Eye Do Liquid Liner, something I’ve had sitting around in my stash for awhile but I’ve only started using of late.

I don’t know what I delayed opening this but I absolutely love it – it’s gives such a perfect slick, sharp, crisp and dark line that I really can’t stop raving about it. If you haven’t tried this and you like your liner flick perfect to a tee then you need to give this a look!

For the liner on the bottom lashline I think I may have finally found something to replace the position MAC’s Powerpoint Liner in Engraved had in heart for the longest time (p.s. if you don’t know, that’s the liner I almost always use on my lower lashline for almost 5 years now) and that’s Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide-On Pencils.

I have on Zero here but I love both Zero and Perversion, depending on how deep and dark I want to go that day (Perversion being the darker one)


So, there you have it! Sorry to end of this entry with a creepy red-ish eye but yes, here’s a feature on these MAC pinks and also a little mention on some staples that I have been using and loving of late. I know they deserve an entry for themselves, I’ll try to get on that as soon as I can!

In the meanwhile do check these MAC lovelies out and have a great Christmas celebration you guys!


Thank you for reading!

MAC’s Sweet Sentiment Mineralized Blush and No Faux Pas Matte Lipstick is Limited Edition, available at MAC Counters now!

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MAC Holiday 2014: Heirloom Mix – Sweet Sentiment Blush & No Faux Pas Lipstick (Swatches)

Where MAC Holiday collections are concerned, I usually adopt 2 approaches to it. Okay, maybe 3, depending on the situation…

It’s either – I love it so much I learn every aspect and product of it or the sheer quantity and options confuse me so much I freak out and blank out at it.

This year, and in recent years, I’ve been adopting the second approach of steering myself away once the holiday collections hit.


Sure MAC puts out a huge array of options and products in beautifully festive and gorgeous packaging but I guess when faced with this many options, some of which resemble their permanent or pre-released items, I just get so confused I shut myself off entirely.

Case in point, I had no idea there was a third Holiday collection – Keepsakes and Objects of Affections aside – called the Heirloom Mix and that’s where these pretty face color pieces are from.

I guess my point is, that there’s nothing wrong with a smaller festive collection and that’s what I have been preferring these days but, of course it’s not like MAC to do it since they thrive on options on quantity so, let’s have a look at 2 items from MAC’s sea of holiday makeup.


Someone needs to hand me a directory already!

Grey Divider

The Heirloom Mix collection houses a more individual approach to products, as opposed to the sets and bags in the other two so if you’re looking at individual lipstick pieces or blush, this collection should be a good place to start.


These aside, I do have one more item from the Heirloom Mix collection, a kohl liner I think, which I’m still hesitant on featuring. I haven’t gotten around to using it and fear that by the time I get to it could be too late so, we’ll see how that goes!

But back to this, the 2 items I am showcasing here are similar in tone – of being pinks – hence I decided to feature them alongside each other instead of individually.

To give you a little more backstory about the Heirloom Mix collection, you’ll find 5 matte lipsticks released with it and 2 Mineralized Blushes. Of that lot, I have 1 matte lipstick and 1 Mineralized Blush to talk about – Sweet Sentiment (the blush) and No Faux Pas (the lippie).


First up, let’s have Sweet Sentiment, the Mineralized Blush, because I want to take this time to talk about how far MAC’s Mineralized Blushes have come!


I remember when I was crazy about them back in the day, when they were still relatively new and only starting to crawl about in the makeup realm.

Even then, when their textures were not as refined and sometimes felt a little gritty on, they were snatched up all over and in such demand.

These days it seems like MAC has learnt to step up their mineralized releases despite their huge initial success even with a fairly crude, or should I say unrefined, formulation.

Though here and then there are still some pieces that are reminiscent of their starting baby steps, Sweet Sentiment isn’t one of them. This mineralized blush comes in a perfected dome that is smooth the touch, not powdery at all and blends really nicely on the skin with a brush – no powder kick up or powder cloud with use.


Of course this smoothness cannot match that decadent buttery and creamy feel you get with certain brands and certain products, it’s a fair improvement no less.


The color is a nice dusty mid-pink which doesn’t appear too unique but I like that it straddles nicely between being a nice pop of pink yet with a soft enough dusty tone to prevent it from being too ‘bright’ on.

The dusty tone of it doesn’t seem to turn ashy once on the skin either which is a plus for those with tanner / deeper skintones since most often dustier shades can turn ashy and cool on them.


I’ve found myself reaching for it quite often because it picks up well on the brush and a quick dab is all you need to blend some colors on your apples!



Moving on to a lipstick that compliments this blush so well, No Faux Pas which certainly is no faux pas!


A vibrant pink lipstick, this has a bit of red to it to keep it from being too stark or too bright and allows it to work well on deeper skintones too.


In the case of hot pink lipsticks, sometimes tanner complexions struggle with how ‘pink’ and stark fuchsia can be but this is a nice pink option that is actually rather wearable. It’s funny to say that a loud fuchsia lipstick would be wearable but it truly is, if you’re up for a pop of color of course.


I don’t have many (or any… actually) of MAC’s matte formulas because I usually prefer their Amplified and Satin finishes but I will say that I was pleasantly surprised with this. For a matte, it glides on smoothly without any tugging and while intense the color is controllable too.

You know how some lipsticks are so intense you just need a lip brush with it for that precise application otherwise it seems to just get all over the place and smear everywhere? Thankfully this doesn’t seem to be like that.

It didn’t feel lip-sapping on through it’s very long wearing period but it’s definitely not a hydrating lipstick either.


Overall I was really impressed with its lasting power and, of course, love how bright a pop the color is.

You can get away with quick neutrals on the eyes, a crisp black cat-eye, a sweep of Sweet Sentiment blush and this on the lips – that’s a perfect and fresh look right there!


In fact, I took a cue from the sudden ‘look inspiration’ I got while drafting this up to create said pop-pink look with clean and neutral eyes so that entry is coming up next!

I’ve also talked about a couple of other much loved products that I haven’t gotten around to featuring singularly so you can read about that ramble very soon!

Though in the meanwhile, if you’re looking for a last minute gift or still thinking up that perfect holiday look then I suggest giving these pop colors a look at your nearest MAC counter!



Thanks for reading!

MAC’s Sweet Sentiment Mineralized Blush and No Faux Pas Matte Lipstick are part of the Heirloom Mix Holiday 2014 Collection. This is Limited Edition and had launched 24th November 2014

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