VitaMan (Skincare) For Your Man!

I know I’m cheesy but I swear I’m not being a huge cheese ball right now and try to sell you some oral supplements in this post because the brand I am about to talk about truly is called VitaMan!


VitaMan, as the name blatantly shows, is an australian brand specializing in mens grooming.

From the very manly thing to do like shaving and keeping up with your body hygiene (in the form of deodorant and washes), they also carry products that give men a chance to expand their skin and body care regimen with skincare products, added body pampering products (scrubs and all) and even some hair-targeted products.


Given that the holiday season is just around the corner, a lot of us are likely fretting what to give our dads maybe, or perhaps your father-in-law, that uncle you’re not too close to but he’s really nice, or maybe a cousin or male friend.

In today’s day and age, especially here in Singapore, it seems that most males are opening up to the idea of indulging in some skin pampering products – at least the males I know seem to be… – and most of the time it’s a mix of them not really caring or searching skincare up as much as us and also being a little less inclined to spend as much as we do where skincare is concerned.

You can’t blame some of them given all they’ve known is to wash their faces and they make do with body soap for that – egads!


That said, I don’t have a proper review of these items just yet cause my man is more ‘strict’ about his routine than I am – must finish something to open another – so instead of wait for him to get to it I thought I would do up a mention about the brand first.

It would help you a little with some of those gifting ideas, I hope!

Men… it’s incredibly hard to shop for them so instead of fretting over ties, socks or whatnot, get them something we feel a joy in shopping for and yet would also be beneficial to them!

What’s more if the man you’re gifting this to isn’t exactly big on shopping for his skincare, I think he’ll appreciate the sentiment of you taking care of his skin for him! Who doesn’t love a gift of skincare, right?

Heh, that’s what I think at least….


And if anything, you can’t argue about VitaMan being girly because the whole branding about it is meant to portray a tough, macho, sleek and manly vibe. I’m sure your man / the man wouldn’t complain receiving a sleek and no-frills tube of cleanser, deodorant or even a serum!


For me, at least, hubs was delighted to receive these to try, especially because I have been commenting that he needs to pay extra attention to his undereyes given I could spy the wrinkles forming already.

Hubs can be quite vain where looks are concerned and I guess I actually don’t mind that about him, because it means it’s less effort for me to convince him to start taking care of his skin.

In fact he bugs me once in awhile to ask if I have some masks he can use and such, so… yeah I think we’ll be able to talk about and showcase the sheet mask seen here real soon!

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Meanwhile at least, if you’re interested to pick up VitaMan for your man or any other men you know that you feel could benefit from some skincare loving (or if it’s because you have no idea what else to get for them) then head on over to Takashimaya Level 3 and give it a look!

You can have a look at VitaMan’s website as well but I can’t say if they’ve brought everything in so it’s best to head down and have a look!

VitaMan is available at Takashimaya, Level 3

Thanks for reading!


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