MAC's Mineralized Collection Gets A Facelift – Yay, or Nay?

See what I mean by I can’t stay away, or rather the minute I try to go on a break the inspiration and urge to write comes flooding back at full force. It’s almost as if I can’t even take myself / my thoughts seriously now.

But anyway, it’s still a little too early and a little too busy at work for me to come back entirely. I am still rushing matters, tying loose ends and dealing with a bit of the usual work annoyance but… what’s new?

Well in a cheesy spin of events, I can tell you what’s new!

If you haven’t already heard, MAC’s Mineralized products are going to get a little revamp and redesign for a more ‘durable’ hold. Or at least that is what MAC promises.

Here’s a look:

To cast some light to this packaging refresh and kick it off proper, MAC will be launching a Mineralized collection complete with new colors along with some old repromoted favorites.

Since they are pulling their whole Mineralized family into the spotlight, the Skin Finish Naturals will finally get a little bit of attention too! These workhorse beauties have been sitting around, quietly doing their job of smoothing skin with a softly sheened glow. They don’t get as much attention as their marbled and stronger hue-ed siblings but are a beautiful offering all the same.

I have one on hand (have had it for so long) and while I use it occasionally, because it’s a smidge fair for me, I do love that soft glowy skin look. Not quite as refined or as pearlescent as the Meteorites but hey, it’s a whole different ball game all together – finish, and price.

If you are a MAC Mineralized fan and would like to know the line-up (I feel like soccer terms are all I think about now in this World Cup season), head over to Temptalia to give it a peek!

Thanks for reading!

p.s. Have you voted? Yes, I’m keeping at this till it ends ;)